Pronunciation of Obscure
/ɒbskjˈʊ͡ə/, /ɒbskjˈʊ‍ə/, /ɒ_b_s_k_j_ˈʊə/

Antonyms for obscure

in substantial, beetle, more unalloyed, metaphrases, pointing out, re turn, getting to meat, more true to life, de-ciphered, figured out, transliterate, most shoestring, most rehabilitated, dis tribute, calling spade a spade, out the open, spreads around, more wellmarked, salt of the earth, called a spade a spade, de livered, de-terminate, screaming, re-veals, for certain, solve, un subtler, striking match, un-conditional, acted out, pro-duces, well lit, more well-marked, re produces, for a face, big gun, illuminate, telling on, argue, gives a pointer, pre-scribing, un cluttered, light, making visible, more screaming, un concealed, most strongflavored, hardnosed, more dirtless, enlarged up on, sounding off, Unfaded, plainfeatured, knowable, un-wound, de nominate, pro vide, re cognized, gives facts, dig, hitting upon, most distingue, lives as, un-disputed, well-built, in vest, more lightfooted, doest into, dis covered, calling a spade a spade, re-enacting, call a spade spade, hardly any, most arrestive, un disputable, more applauded, more good-sized, re-peat, concretize, more picnic, most uncontestable, ragest, hitting the high spots, dis closed, un troublesome, dis graceful, sharpcut, in-distinct, streamlining, disclose, pre scribing, boil down, lucid, more bushytailed, un riddles, get on soapbox, flying down, un coiled, under-lined, in-disputable, pro-claims, Tendering, dis-closed, co unselling, figuring be, uni vocal, de fending, gives tip, inform, draws a picture, most bared, re-presented, most evidenced, expose, re sounding, re presentational, more attestable, floodlights, touched upon, un-mixed, open, improves mind, spic and span, shed light on, up lifting, protrude, boiled down, showing ropes, Familiar, de liberate, trans lucent, gets the bottom, more well organized, de clare, striking, in-tended, in disputable, more arrestive, meta-phrases, made visible, strong flavored, more lighthued, spieled, un ravelling, told on, uncloak, most wellmarked, perceptible, most big name, strutted stuff, most unfaded, most big gun, dis coverable, para-phrase, pure and simple, more unobscured, in-spirits, in controvertible, dis-embark, to the fore, most bare-faced, fore warned, sets right, most apparent, parse, most blocked-out, trans late, re presented, dis-tribute, world-class, call a spade a spade, Roosted, be-tray, alight, catching the eye, more translucid, bull-eye, fore told, be-speak, Inferable, de-plane, figures out, exhibit, most murder, attestable, more promoted, gave the big picture, nailing it down, in-dubitable, in nocent, clean, most recognizable, most floatable, more relucent, be spake, nearby, memorable, bright eyed, more muchpublicized, iron willed, ex tending, something else, hit up on, made a dent, no kicker, set on fire, on money, give up, clear up, edify, in augural, more light-toned, well lighted, gotten down basics, in spiriting, hearable, un-twists, sets fire to, un sealed, made available, cut the frills, make vivid, go in to detail, set down, lets know, polish up, re-levant, trans lucid, more crystal clear, most electrifying, reveal, pounds in to, dis-close, re produced, most pushover, highly flavored, simplify, most iconographic, most undemanding, reified, para phrased, lets sunlight in, de plane, de ciphers, thinks out, ex-plains, confess, giving the word, noteworthy, de-livering, de fine, be speaking, more heavy duty, un ambiguous, un riddling, cleans up, untwisting, give pointer, de-nominating, puts a nutshell, no trouble, Lionlike, bigname, undimmed, reenacts, were striking, setting forth, more invigorated, well-kept, giving two cents, un-censurable, more shoestring, more told, unassociated, got down to basics, more defined, pre-paring, getting meat, ex-plicates, most confounding, commentate, figured it to be, pro-fess, shoestring, ex tended, ex plicates, true-to-life, co-ached, show one face, going in to detail, highlighted, uncombined, bodacious, de duce, de-scribes, unveil, more flagitous, straight out, disseminate, hitting up on, asservated, got to meat, re splendent, highranking, bigtime, pro fesses, being visible, Re-present, within earshot, in-substantial, betray, sur face, super starrer, un-contaminated, un-deniable, hits the high spots, made of, most identified, uncovered, more well-organized, de planes, much publicized, fore tells, re citing, more pictured, ex-pounds, detrains, wieldy, gets meat, pre-aching, most esteemed, gat soapbox, made conversant with, re-solute, re liablest, precise, chirpier, like new, seethrough, un-shaken, ex tensional, majorleague, most divulged, in-vests, most told, more crystalclear, trans parent, gives big picture, sits down, velocious, all there, de-training, divulge, trans-lated, ex pounds, re-marks, get right, unfold, stick out like sore thumb, gave back, Transpicuous, acting like, distinct, shedding light on, acting out, self-evident, Metaphrase, cause understand, de-noted, brighten, bull'seye, most juridicious, make see daylight, sets down, dis course, unmingled, most sylphlike, gets soapbox, not much, de-formed, patently true, spreads it around, dis-entangle, de duces, draw picture, makes known, straighten out, figures it be, gave the word, more stand out, wellestablished, bulls eye, flagitous, floodlighted, Disporting, inter posing, de fends, re pay, de-tailing, head most, dis missed, break it down, ex-tending, most alight, marked, up-lifting, be speak, in-arguable, glitzy, dis-involved, sit down, illustrational, dis-play, most splendent, more blocked-out, more well thought of, made scene, more white bread, manifest, called spade spade, up-date, straight from the shoulder, think out, detrained, pounded in to, get meat, throw light upon, un equivocal, most unblurred, more neverfailing, re producing, most famous, gat to meat, enlarging upon, caught the eye, light-footed, good sized, more well-lighted, re-produce, more unmasked, uplight, Tendered, lighted up, out lined, un impeded, glitziest, namest, no mistake, easily read, gotten the meat, pure, most tow headed, most wellestablished, pre-tended, re duces, superstarrer, more bigname, glaring, un contaminated, speckless, personizing, most enunciated, unadorned, Emblematize, more graspable, more big shot, on display, shows tell, in-vest, relevant, un-important, wellbuilt, being distinct, testifying to, most inebriating, throw light up on, reasserting, un-covering, dis-entangled, in flames, Allegorizing, in spire, got soapbox, de scribe, un polluted, razzle-dazzle, getting soapbox, made vivid, more tow-headed, shows ropes, common, to fore, catch the eye, gives the lowdown, red hot, radiant, struck match, act like, give the lowdown, un-substantial, de lineated, more welllit, well built, no problem, unbosom, apprehensible, got a soapbox, blockedout, in formative, de fend, allegorize, de-coded, demonstrate, more fluorescent, gives pointer, enlarge up on, makes sense of, super star, more elucidatory, de-livered, under stands, catching eye, putting in nutshell, blowing in, de planed, sunny-side up, letted hang out, most witting, re-stored, un wavering, dis-plays, more highspeed, bodying forth, un forgettable, big-wheel, translate, most well marked, most embossed, no ifs or buts, make known, re-fulgent, most applauded, un-soiled, give two cents, ex pose, hominify, in-adequate, puts appearance, most hot dog, finding the key, crystal-clear, most blocked out, fair-skinned, most protruding, most comprehendible, doeth into, well known, re peats, re presents, witting, more redoubted, hypostatizes, eyecatching, de-finite, one best guessed, more undarkened, fore tell, un tarnished, eggheaded, sure, detraining, out lines, conspicuous, caught eye, pre eminent, most sounding, inter pose, cleaned up, more person-to-person, in high favor, sat down, opened up, throwing light up on, be-stowing, breaks down, most iron-willed, more well kept, wave around, enlarges up on, pre-destined, ablebodied, enciphers, most informing, de-liver, give insight, end owed, most headmost, lets in on, most certified, talked about, illumine, establishable, dis involve, no strings attached, reaffirming, easy, un-compromising, setting fire, un-answerable, caused understand, up-dating, most bigwheel, fresh, uncoil, de-fending, matter of fact, neverfailing, wised, opens up, infamous, lightskinned, in flamed, concretized, sunny side up, most relucent, made known, most gossamery, bigwheel, going into detail, lay out, more white-bread, light-toned, reaffirmed, un affected, salt earth, more unanswerable, get the meat, giving back, dis plays, hit high spots, pre-determined, most white-bread, most seen, showed tell, un-raveled, strike match, red letter, hit nail on head, passed the word, lighten, un furling, most well liked, in spires, most clear headed, blew in, re served, most well-lit, points up, more laundered, uncoiling, up-lights, pure simple, bathe, most lightfooted, personify, out-spoken, in corporate, most tissuelike, letted in on, extra ordinary, dis entangling, more seen, gat to the meat, most discoverable, talked of, on target, expound, Unwithered, doest in to, in forms, de-planes, more silvery, re marking, more representational, most unalloyed, dis playing, more soughtafter, de-trains, gets to the bottom, paid back, dis tributes, more good sized, un-obscured, more declarative, sur-rendering, ex-posed, be striking, leonine, most establishable, strikes a match, commentates, distinguished, re marks, show the ropes, most light-skinned, dost in to, cutting frills, incarnates, warm, most workaday, giving instruction, put forward, un-withered, talking in to, most aglow, gets to meat, un-faded, more unspotted, gat right, re-stores, under one nose, de fines, up-lift, most extensional, cleancut, in spirits, ex posed, more evinced, draw a picture, gets a soapbox, more plain-featured, trans literates, meta-phrasing, most well-marked, most unsealed, showcase, diagrammatic, de pict, white, letting know, marking out, calls spade a spade, dis crete, ex changing, re-produced, re-fining, dis embarking, Personize, observable, more faddish, shoot mouth, in-flexible, meta-phrase, put in nutshell, ex plicate, bringing forward, more never-failing, un-concealed, most apprehensible, more undeviating, hued, Metaphrased, re-solving, one's best guess, figured to be, unraveled, got on a soapbox, out and out, dis-embarks, most light-hued, recognizable, wieldiest, Told, in the mainstream, figured it be, reaffirm, un-taxing, out-standing, up-dates, de scribes, more bared, re-sting, un constrained, well-defined, Allegorized, dis-united, un lock, personizes, un-furled, more razzledazzle, doped out, re hearses, dis covers, were distinct, most bare faced, most ascertainable, marked out, hit with light, para-phrased, clear-cut, ex-tolled, un-darkened, most luculent, give big picture, are visible, highspeed, cinchest, most inaugural, pro-vided, hits with a light, point blank, in form, gets on a soapbox, formalizes, more evincible, de-scribe, much-publicized, more confirmable, un-riddled, let hang out, Imponderous, dis entangled, re-worded, most obvious, most good sized, un commonest, in-tensest, ex-pose, letting it all hang out, nails it down, conveys image, made apparent, re presenting, bushy tailed, being highlighted, let it all hang out, most light skinned, de-tails, more well-received, be spoke, de-planed, giving a tip, most exegetical, ex-posing, went into detail, de-ciphers, un conditional, nothing it, art positive, ex act, opening eyes, co aching, gives lowdown, most velocious, ex pressed, quick witted, more celeb, most world-class, out righter, un fold, light up, pre determined, dirtless, in-nocent, discernible, more monster, gives lessons, re-fine, calling spade spade, more phosphorescent, shot mouth, more inferable, unscrambled, prearranged, more up, touches up on, pro vided, dis played, un-ravelling, most unsmudged, salt of earth, more strong flavored, big-gun, make visible, more illumined, dis involving, un common, bold, throwing light upon, gives the word, un subtle, improving mind, pro-pounded, photo graphing, sub lime, un erring, more unhampered, figures it to be, was positive, most undimmed, un commoner, most guiding, more exonerated, more discoverable, hit the high spots, more sunlit, strong, most achromic, un-winding, boils down, most hot-dog, hypostatizing, sur-render, polished up, ex-act, drawing a picture, makes conversant with, more well-kept, un-troubled, shouting out, more bigshot, wert positive, in tenser, bull eye, celebrated, shining, more auroral, in-forms, more velocious, shoots mouth, send word, runafter, ex-changing, more rubric, re-cites, give faith, putting across, high-profile, re-presentational, in stances, un-winds, making explicit, more wellbuilt, sound off, un-riddle, pro-pounds, more confounding, more transpicuous, un-tangling, more tinged, pre pares, apparent, more sought-after, well marked, un troubled, hit nail head, more light footed, be visible, acts like, re-marking, letted it hang out, wellfounded, undemanding, facter, sounds off, update, drew a picture, pro-vides, most bigshot, in vests, most burnished, in the limelight, de-fends, scintillant, hardly enough, uncoiled, un-restricted, most unhampered, wast striking, de training, de-nominated, non-stop, lighttoned, up dates, ex-plaining, more admitted, flaunt, more uncensurable, fore-warns, showing face, most high-profile, decided, welllighted, un-twisting, more apprehensible, inflame, un-defiled, more bouncing, spread it around, illumined, give the word, most ascertained, talk in to, un folded, in-consequential, re cites, translucent, de-fined, flew down, parting with, in distinct, under stood, showed ropes, ex tolled, broke down, un smudged, dis porting, figures to be, improve mind, thingest, more unmixed, explicit, high-principled, re affirming, most bouncing, re asserts, giving word, part with, causing to understand, more tissuelike, more pronounced, pre sent, Disported, one best guess, touched up on, parted with, hard nosed, doing into, rich, gotten meat, gotten to bottom, called spade a spade, honorable, nail it down, emphatic, most expositional, aglitter, most muted, most illumined, finds the key, most pictured, makes scene, put in appearance, un-ravels, un dimmed, be stowing, pro duces, more revealed, does in to, catches the eye, pro-pound, went in to detail, tell, ex tend, get to the meat, in-stances, hominified, more unassociated, out of ordinary, decipher, clean up, is visible, re paid, commentating, un-associated, ex-press, in tended, more page oner, make clear, un locks, ex-positional, de-nominate, lighthued, most unveiled, nower, more light-skinned, more diagrammatic, deplaned, trans-lucid, un-yielding, in escapable, most attestable, explain, more cognizable, un-complicated, factest, co-aching, more agleam, re-served, most substantive, unmistakable, ex tends, graphic, most nameable, re-words, un-cluttered, ex plained, more unmingled, open eyes, un-dimmed, re-cognized, fore telling, gave word, kindle, most big-shot, un-bending, re-enact, makes the scene, set forth, switch on, makes clear, do into, in-vested, frosted, figured be, most protrusive, silvery, un obscured, giving lowdown, exact, lustrous, able bodied, more run after, gave facts, in spired, agleam, letting it hang out, in-considerable, approachable, dis-covers, showcases, no strings, disciplined, most wellkept, most illustrational, finds key, most unmingled, undeniable, giving insight, gave a pointer, more pageoner, gotten the bottom, one best guessing, clear, un taxing, big-shot, gives back, puts one straight, more much-publicized, markedout, bespeak, un-contestable, Sharp-cut, most solved, discover, in-flamed, doth into, un-subtler, most biggun, throws light upon, re-duce, give out, pounding into, re-doubted, uniform, ostends, re-lucent, be loved, most bushy tailed, most designful, flagrant, point up, most confessed, showed one face, dis-cursive, puzzle out, more hot-dog, enlighten, pronounced, gives the facts, hard the eyes, trans pose, canorous, w k, inspire, re-word, causes to understand, strutting stuff, make available, be-token, in-escapable, unheaviest, gotten down to basics, un-folds, dis involved, un yielding, in vested, un-riddles, dis entangle, gotten on soapbox, un-furling, dis-porting, toward edge, more extensional, having smarts, out standing, re counts, de-fended, detectable, over-hanging, most extrusive, let know, wert distinct, gotten right, show tell, more iron willed, more recognizable, drawn fine, cincher, more inebriating, pre scribed, glossy, in consequential, superstar, is highlighted, giving the facts, light-hued, gave pointer, more sketched, elucidate, top-pest, most dirtless, most stand-out, dis cover, trans literate, super starrest, Bodying, most coruscating, to eye, re-state, un-tarnished, stand out, de-fine, lay it out, sur-prising, great, gets on soapbox, un riddle, un scrambles, intelligible, drew picture, un-deviating, dopes out, putting nutshell, letting hang out, in contestable, de-ciphering, fess, make conversant with, more resolved, more semblant, poles apart, touching up on, more nonpareil, cleaning up, puts two two together, loose, more achromic, un riddled, out-lines, putting plain english, untwist, most much-publicized, un-troublesome, no ifs and buts, acted like, most well lighted, ostending, cuts frills, un-equivocal, sets fire, discoverable, more bright-eyed, Enucleated, most selling, extrusive, doping out, most big shot, most well organized, blocked-out, so called, untangle, Pictoric, more cleansed, un involved, tenders, no catch, in-dividual, crowd-pleasing, most expressed, more floatable, re-strained, featherweight, pre-pared, de finite, light skinned, most absolved, dis coursing, let sunlight in, in-tense, over powering, enlarges upon, most annotative, gat down basics, more rehabilitated, brighteyed, obvious, untwists, de-clare, unspotted, most stand out, most well-thought-of, put a nutshell, out in open, more stipulated, un-stained, most white bread, crowdpleasing, got to the meat, showcasing, bare-faced, most big-gun, open up, putting to, more bushy tailed, pro pounds, getting to the meat, put in a nutshell, un folds, de cipherable, trans-literate, most razzle dazzle, putting a nutshell, more hearable, attracts attention, most frosted, top drawer, call spade spade, re-fines, in-corporate, selfassertive, in bag, glorious, was striking, strook a match, thinger, more razzle-dazzle, furnishes with light, most rutilant, hits high spots, Re-mark, more delineated, co-unselling, light hued, unambiguous, pre-scribe, more well lit, be distinct, more protrusive, most sharpcut, allegorizes, puts on to, more plain featured, give lowdown, more rutilant, more murder, passed on, gives word, un-mistakable, showed the ropes, more identified, more uncluttered, explicate, give a pointer, neat as pin, un-forgettable, Roosting, asservates, make perfectly clear, most leonine, gotten a soapbox, popular, gave tip, most heavy-duty, gotten bottom, be-speaking, in-tenser, pointed out, un veiled, does into, act out, crowd pleasing, de tailed, palatable, dis involves, sent word, out lining, out spoken, most accented, more sylphlike, de livering, having down pat, more iconographic, re-liablest, am striking, teach, in evidence, threw light upon, wising, in limelight, re asserting, evidence, traded, more light toned, most never-failing, shoots off mouth, un alterable, agree, goes into detail, opened eyes, most beetling, makes perfectly clear, showed face, de ciphering, giving tip, well-lighted, got down basics, most razzledazzle, tells why, un-mingled, de tails, setting on fire, being positive, bulls-eye, brought home, most cleansed, more ascertainable, re porting, un-diluted, de noted, most unhidden, make scene, most tow-headed, on the button, one's best guessed, re counted, re-storing, under one's nose, unblurred, most bleached, cause to understand, super-starrest, more leonine, un-spotted, up date, expositional, make dent, touched down, in forming, puzzled out, out side, re-turning, most diagrammatic, put appearance, more portrayed, most highprofile, uttered, unanswerable, unscramble, be tray, no ifs ands or buts, definite, wast highlighted, most fairskinned, re-solve, beetling, pre vailing, un-veil, are positive, in-dependent, pre-scribed, more unsmudged, gives insight, hypostatized, making clear, in significant, dost into, most celebrious, putting forward, floodlit, de-fines, more unexacting, more exegetical, more sharp cut, sharp cut, more wellestablished, most unobscured, un-impeded, lived as, lets all hang out, in demand, more circumscribed, meta phrasing, for show, most well lit, strikes match, put nutshell, figure it be, get down to basics, quickwitted, in-spirit, most circumscribed, more pictoric, comment, re stored, gets to the meat, fore-most, un clouded, pre-ached, more univocal, re-liable, conveyed image, un-roll, more revered, are highlighted, transliterated, more einstein, plain as day, near, most flashing, doeth in to, well kept, unmixed, pre ached, most sketched, influential, dis-graceful, most laureate, ex pounding, be trays, de-cipher, most well-lighted, more markedout, Uncontestable, more silhouetted, wert highlighted, un-rolls, uncluttered, world class, more canorous, un-questionable, un-scrambles, twenty four carat, re-affirms, dis united, more eggheaded, most underlined, passing on, be-tokens, more well-liked, firm, hard as nails, de-train, topdrawer, ex pressing, Celebrious, fly down, more fulgid, pre-sents, light toned, find key, welllit, more stand-out, most screaming, ex plicating, de scribing, be-spoke, tow-headed, shows and tell, un masked, tell why, writing up, more disunited, putting appearance, pre-scribes, putting two and two together, in flexible, most bushytailed, meta phrased, making perfectly clear, setting down, trans-lucent, well-marked, re state, giving lessons, being striking, most einstein, childs play, ex-plicating, concretizing, re-habilitated, gave faith, un locking, most canorous, razzledazzle, telling why, re-cited, most well thought of, homogeneous, most brighteyed, roll out, more uncontaminated, un covers, more flashing, most evincible, uncontaminated, bare faced, stand-out, sylphlike, spreading it around, getting on a soapbox, puts to, most unwithered, dis close, blows in, more undubitable, re solves, pro claimed, showing and tell, more precise, more big gun, never-failing, more tralucent, moony, am visible, ex change, more strong-flavored, re fine, nailed it down, most big-wheel, gives the big picture, calls a spade spade, de picts, super-starrer, makes visible, diagraming, re late, Cinched, in spiring, doing in to, re doubted, most purported, un wearied, switching on, unhampered, un-changeable, most worldclass, para phrases, bodies forth, in sight, reenacting, be spoken, direct, flies down, more predestined, ex-plicated, more speckless, strike a match, cuts the frills, hits with light, diagrammed, ostensible, dis-coursed, be-stowed, more big name, more aglow, most up, de notes, out right, lightest, not stale, more pushover, re enacts, most well-kept, understood, pound into, friendly, most well-established, polishing up, more wellreceived, brings forward, deplanes, most wellorganized, letting daylight in, furnished with light, on button, art visible, cut frills, most faddish, makes human, most irradiated, most graspable, inter-posed, simple, most disunited, meta-phrased, un usual, the end, more unwithered, more evident, head-most, un folding, well received, de-planing, getting to bottom, more much publicized, loud enough, pro claim, true to life, wellmade, pass the word, prominent, not burdensome, not vague, mark out, more gossamery, show ones face, plain, make plain, un-subtle, more well-built, commentated, laid it out, over-powering, legible, pre pare, get across, de-livers, de fining, most untroublesome, more undemanding, give tip, be stowed, dis-cover, un-common, meta phrase, endest, highlighting, was highlighted, make sense of, most crystal-clear, more well-lit, re-doubtable, all out, well-received, hot-dog, more annotative, got to bottom, re-turned, opening up, more high profile, more brighteyed, most never failing, easily understood, more peeled, un-twist, living as, communicate, open and shut, in-spirited, un-ambiguous, talked in to, on the spot, metaphrasing, makes plain, making dent, noted, talks into, more page-oner, give instruction, in-flames, nailing down, ex-pressing, most bigname, be-spake, highprincipled, de-trained, most unexacting, Enucleating, figures be, strook match, more untaxing, dis-coverable, most strong flavored, more enunciated, thinking out, ex-tends, pointed up, de clares, bigshot, Emblematized, de terminate, ex-plained, resplendent, made manifest, letted daylight in, most big-name, re-solved, shoot off mouth, breaking down, more undisguised, out rightest, Parsed, allow, in-spiriting, more well marked, self explanatory, re levant, more confessed, most unassociated, most uncontaminated, pre-eminent, trans-posing, de cipher, re turns, found the key, puts in plain english, comprehensible, one's best guessing, more world class, hominifying, white bread, Emblaze, attracting attention, more bare-faced, re veals, most illusory, breaking it down, re-affirm, mightiest, throws light up on, be token, caused to understand, un coil, de-scribed, dis-crete, pre-arranged, more heavyduty, under-stands, reenacted, dis closes, struts stuff, re-counted, most unmixed, undisguised, most assigned, broke it down, prestigious, hard on the eyes, in-spiring, Incarnated, most marked out, most portrayed, most undubitable, uncompounded, more runafter, didst into, most painless, most well-organized, un-heavier, snappest, well-known, un-commoner, construe, un-smudged, most high-speed, cognizable, in famous, in tense, in dependent, in flaming, catches eye, getting on soapbox, worldclass, most transpicuous, Tralucent, bring forward, most hued, fore most, of note, un contestable, is distinct, reifies, out ordinary, superstarrest, putting in a nutshell, un mixed, un-exacting, re-states, re-hearses, most well-received, limpid, more worldclass, more big-shot, give, ex press, gat the bottom, goes in to detail, dis charged, un dubitable, more frosted, enciphered, letted it all hang out, under standing, strong-flavored, un shaken, diagramming, are striking, undeviating, showed one's face, made explicit, more illustrational, trans-pose, most bright eyed, most lionized, de-lineated, put on to, exceptional, most fulgid, splasher, dis similar, most semblant, told why, parses, Parsing, most redoubted, un sheltered, straightforward, un qualified, ex pound, un-veils, re fined, most moonlit, more unquestioned, aglow, most extolled, most high profile, laid bare, more designful, logical, lights up, are distinct, passes on, gotten to meat, more high speed, gets the meat, dis ported, dis-involving, blow in, most razzle-dazzle, overt, sunnyside up, un rolling, Designful, co ached, switches on, let all hang out, super-star, most revered, palmy, paying back, portray, can't miss it, Beetled, parade wares, most undisguised, re solve, de-bunked, gave insight, more etched, trans-literates, made see daylight, in-formative, render, un ravel, more selling, most wellbuilt, unquestioned, brilliant, hit upon, deplane, most page-oner, see through, most wellliked, more lighted, Formalizing, attract attention, un-scrambled, de lineate, more lionized, most uncensurable, finding key, ex-pounded, most somebody, ostended, dead set on, distingue, bring home, put two two together, clarify, making available, ones best guessing, showing tell, un obstructed, more marked out, de-notes, more debunked, protrusive, re affirms, untwisted, patent, un-hidden, well thought of, most representational, re habilitated, un roll, straightens out, un heavy, in adequate, ex-tend, most lighttoned, on the numbers, de-pict, re-presenting, de codes, Ostend, under lined, eminent, most plain featured, pro viding, more bodacious, bodied forth, defined, on view, touch up on, hard eyes, laying it out, set right, interpret, un-obstructed, unalloyed, wieldier, to be seen, un changeable, streamlines, put plain english, most heavyduty, de-note, more inaugural, most monster, put to, more painless, fore warns, be-stow, de-lightful, puts in a nutshell, de code, un-blemished, talks in to, de fended, getting down basics, acts out, un-alloyed, un locked, be-loved, selfevident, more well liked, declarative, well-thought-of, meta phrases, more welllighted, more light-footed, un flinching, un-mitigated, un-disputable, re aching, pro claiming, Gossamery, pro-vide, more witting, Semblant, un soiled, more plainfeatured, more assigned, dis-covering, light footed, un-raveling, most muchpublicized, public, un mistakable, person to person, most unmasked, razzle dazzle, self evident, art striking, making of, get on a soapbox, most unquestioned, coherent, more depicted, un compromising, re-cognizable, ex plain, most imponderous, lit, dis-course, sur renders, art highlighted, made dent, be speaks, most exculpated, more world-class, dis-charged, rager, end-owing, up there, related, didst in to, most hearable, spreading around, sur-renders, most welllighted, more purported, de nominated, most well received, up-lighted, threw light on, more goodsized, fore warn, more heavy-duty, never failing, make explicit, un tangled, un heaviest, dis-coursing, in-ordinate, putting in plain english, admit, more cinched, re-presents, most high speed, photo graphed, un ravels, un bending, more informing, re pays, made human, out open, more embodied, enciphering, time honored, self-explanatory, re-ached, re-assert, high ranking, putting on to, touching down, in public eye, de-fining, letting in on, more electrifying, show one's face, most ironwilled, pre-pare, gat bottom, fulgid, putting straight, most true-to-life, gat down to basics, show ropes, de formed, most crystalclear, more bushy-tailed, re worded, thought out, de-scribing, most sharp-cut, beyond doubt, more ascertained, brake it down, ablaze, diaphanous, most well-built, re wording, un-wearied, most blockedout, most person-to-person, be tokening, testified to, selfexplanatory, un sullied, re cognizable, more bare faced, demonstrable, un-masked, un-ravelled, showing ones face, glitzier, ones best guesses, un-dubitable, unmysterious, most true to life, para phrasing, calling a spade spade, de tailing, re stated, most evinced, furnishing with light, most well built, more untroublesome, outward, Re-turn, sending word, de coding, sur-rendered, Arrestive, ex-changed, re-duces, in-spires, de scribed, more imponderous, rolling out, plain featured, exegetical, luminous, makes available, dis-playing, de-duces, un-veiling, re-counts, pay back, more understandable, more hot dog, show, un winds, distinguishable, re-lated, un twist, un-blurred, pre aching, grodier, re states, most highspeed, cutting the frills, most rubric, Translucid, more divulged, de bunked, more disclosed, furnish with light, un varnished, setting right, most admitted, re-counting, fair skinned, splashest, most elucidatory, re affirmed, more clear-headed, letting sunlight in, emblematizes, pro fess, letting all hang out, more exculpated, un-assailable, most unanswerable, palpable, bright, made perfectly clear, most declarative, most stressed, most taintless, diagramed, highpowered, sub-lime, un-usual, payed back, on spot, up-lighting, sunshiny, most strong-flavored, in dubitable, de-codes, gat a soapbox, more blockedout, in-fallible, well made, unheavier, bigleague, un veil, most defined, phosphorescent, in candescent, marks out, in right mind, sur rendering, Incarnating, most welllit, un covered, makes vivid, in-sufficient, up lifts, ex plaining, more comprehendible, most tinged, clean it up, get to bottom, make apparent, figuring it be, most fluorescent, de-noting, tells on, most clear-headed, fore-warn, more razzle dazzle, brake down, confirmable, clearly defined, twenty-four carat, most cognizable, makes dent, lays it out, settling down, re-producing, no ifs buts, more expositional, re lucent, not rich, received, gave a tip, end owing, make the scene, most runafter, dewiest, plain-featured, more high principled, un spotted, pre pared, real, fore-tells, person-to-person, causing understand, body forth, ex-tended, in dividual, most embodied, most well established, un veiling, figure out, enucleate, calls spade spade, most world class, be tokens, de ciphered, Lights, pre meditated, un veils, more strongflavored, switched on, floodlight, express, give the facts, de-picts, out-lining, give the big picture, re ached, re solute, waved around, un winding, re-asserts, un twists, un feigned, un coils, re-pays, tell on, un-alterable, most depicted, dewier, more somebody, reenact, most univocal, call spade a spade, re doubtable, in spotlight, most speckless, strut stuff, soughtafter, putting in appearance, re mark, spieling, re sonant, cut fine, out-righter, let daylight in, mirrorlike, un-attached, unobscured, re-paid, wideawake, the rage, limelighting, in fine feather, is positive, dewy, re-sonant, more beetling, un doubted, pounded into, illume, un-coils, lit up, most untaxing, wellgrounded, mindblowing, calls a spade a spade, animadvert, more unblurred, be-speaks, more dynamite, univocal, well established, un-questioned, good-sized, workaday, reaffirms, mind blowing, figuring to be, reassert, did in to, holding water, wellknown, fore-tell, chirpy, re-liabler, un furled, un-wavering, ex-plicate, re-affirmed, de livers, un-riddling, fore-telling, be stows, uni-vocal, throw light on, para-phrases, un-coiling, up-lifted, to the eye, take charge, give a tip, easily done, most plain-featured, open shut, bare, up dating, catch eye, most lauded, most scintillant, made the scene, hit with a light, in-flame, define, more run-after, puts in nutshell, pounds into, un faded, uncover, ex-plain, re-aching, out in the open, wellliked, Pouching, on surface, numero uno, one best guesses, most bright-eyed, de tail, most confirmable, make no bones, enlarged upon, most undarkened, certain, re counting, un-folding, gets down to basics, more celebrious, was distinct, straightout, comprehendible, allegating, attracted attention, most light-toned, reputable, sheds light on, gotten soapbox, wert striking, re present, dis play, give back, trans-parent, more well lighted, dis courses, letted sunlight in, most possible, shouts out, ex plicated, wrote up, breaks it down, more big-name, more unpolluted, bushytailed, un-involved, un-lock, para-mount, more high-principled, making scene, re-porting, enlarging up on, un stained, more sounding, circulate, in tent, let in on, drawing picture, re-enacted, known, un-veiled, waves around, more luculent, throwing light on, pre paring, showcased, more guiding, un raveling, more mirrorlike, more esteemed, outstanding, clear headed, make bright, opens eyes, re stating, re asserted, outspoken, most person to person, up light, in-spired, most bodacious, pound in to, out line, be positive, un-tangle, straightened out, gives faith, letted all hang out, brings home, lighting up, de nominates, representational, in view, un blurred, re-stated, whitebread, clearcut, namer, sunlit, luculent, conveying image, more well established, re-paying, preferred, more lightskinned, threw light up on, talk into, detrain, re-enacts, crystalclear, touching upon, throws light on, of good repute, auroral, more evidenced, no sweat, highly regarded, re-pay, more bigwheel, pass on, fore-told, de note, showing one's face, more burnished, dis-entangling, am highlighted, lets it all hang out, sets on fire, down pat, de-fend, photo-graphing, dis-embarked, were visible, putting one straight, un mitigated, redletter, ascertainable, settles down, re marked, grody, touches upon, de planing, sur prising, faddish, re-ported, shows face, un tangle, more high-profile, un-subtlest, more clinched, re fines, trans posed, dis coursed, concretizes, concede, get a soapbox, inter posed, re-asserting, unriddles, tow headed, in-controvertible, most good-sized, ignite, over hangs, more hotdog, shouted out, perspicuous, more bright eyed, pro-fesses, dis closing, most predestined, pre-meditated, polishes up, educate, touch down, big-name, on the surface, most nonpareil, appreciable, Elucidatory, nowest, gets to bottom, dis-involve, more absolved, more crowd pleasing, fore-warning, under nose, allegated, be-tokened, makes explicit, pre-sent, most goodsized, pounding in to, setting fire to, neat as a pin, most crowd pleasing, aural, marked-out, un rolled, sought after, snapper, pro pounding, understandable, making apparent, un rolls, most silvery, get to the bottom, settled down, widely known, piece cake, most sunlit, un-feigned, gives two cents, gat on soapbox, getting to the bottom, most laundered, un-sullied, un disputed, un substantial, exemplify, most soughtafter, allegate, animadverts, ex-pound, more irradiated, re-asserted, bullseye, more tow headed, high speed, re-turns, more prominent, re store, live as, got meat, specific, break down, rolls out, pointblank, pro duce, paraded wares, most high-principled, puts forward, lets daylight in, asservate, most disclosed, full bodied, asservating, puts straight, out-right, bringing home, most lionlike, more extrusive, un-locks, explanatory, makes apparent, enucleates, un tangles, un-cover, un-tangles, gives a tip, encipher, un-disguised, pro-pounding, timehonored, ex-tensional, Splendent, un-twisted, re sting, exposed, more muted, re-stating, beyond question, most agleam, white-bread, sur-face, re words, de fined, dead on, acknowledge, gotten to the bottom, most light-footed, re affirm, goodsized, in-corporates, Clear-headed, more undimmed, most peeled, on numbers, un hidden, makes see daylight, un-covers, showed and tell, getting down to basics, evince, most exonerated, hitting with a light, more alight, pro pounded, un restricted, wide awake, hits upon, un-heavy, readable, eye catching, more big-gun, signal, unconcealed, de nominating, re-affirming, beamy, Undubitable, de-lineate, well-lit, un cover, most etched, be seen, puts two and two together, inter-pose, biggun, shows one face, giving the lowdown, ex plains, develop, got the meat, not beautiful, illustrate, formalized, in the public eye, laureate, palmiest, lets hang out, most neverfailing, re peat, celeb, wast distinct, most nailed, well-organized, was visible, un-rolling, un complicated, un questionable, un-flinching, Iconographic, hard on eyes, ex positional, clear as bell, un-coiled, Evincible, brought forward, doth in to, re liabler, audible, de trained, beetles, find the key, noticeable, un-demanding, let it hang out, floodlighting, un deniable, talked into, dis embarked, puzzles out, in considerable, de-code, well grounded, more sharpcut, deplaning, more substantive, un-scrambling, got on soapbox, up beat, tissuelike, dis-closing, out-line, dis embarks, de-coding, most phosphorescent, un-locked, boiling down, be stow, more accented, connected, de-tailed, strongflavored, propagate, out-lined, re-sounding, dis-entangles, deal with, most sunshiny, un-doubted, de-clares, set fire, un darkened, get down basics, light-skinned, dis-tributes, un-varnished, un-adulterated, more nailed, more expressed, reify, re ported, pre scribe, most denuded, para mount, in-vesting, un-rolled, inter-posing, in spirit, enlarge upon, untroublesome, up-lifts, more well built, most invigorated, determined, more justifying, most unspotted, improved mind, clear cut, bright-eyed, more scintillant, visible, be-tokening, de-tail, be-spoken, most run-after, more unveiled, embody, de-liberate, is striking, more person to person, called a spade spade, figure to be, de-cipherable, stripped down, un wind, giving facts, un adulterated, dis-similar, most light footed, more blocked out, set fire to, unmask, heavy-duty, allegates, de noting, most auroral, most resolved, pre destined, letted know, de lightful, Floatable, footnoting, in corporates, most light hued, in-spire, up lighting, no bother, making conversant with, un-ravel, unpolluted, clean cut, show face, making bright, draws picture, gave big picture, un wound, protuberant, un tangling, most light toned, un-used, cleaning it up, gave the lowdown, Redoubted, up-light, most revealed, Extolled, easily seen, Headmost, Disciplining, more lighttoned, more self-evident, describe, painless, dis-covered, giving the big picture, welldefined, de train, puts across, wises, bodied, newsworthy, nurture, Uncensurable, making human, extensional, under stand, palmier, re strained, enkindle, dis embark, uplighting, hotdog, un defiled, revealed, showing one face, more wellkept, in-forming, giving a pointer, para phrase, dis-criminating, give word, dis-embarking, un scrambled, give lessons, parades wares, un mingled, re-solves, silhouetted, makes bright, bushy-tailed, go into detail, gave two cents, more unfaded, ex-pounding, up lighted, dis cursive, pointing up, extra-ordinary, up-dated, evident, under ones nose, un-coil, most justifying, more true-to-life, un ravelled, end-owed, under-standing, found key, un diluted, transliterates, graspable, wast visible, got right, illuminated, un demanding, Bulked, most celeb, more underlined, un twisting, in favor, spic span, more sharp-cut, most silhouetted, broadcast, caught on, notable, in spirited, cant miss it, figure be, un coiling, de-nominates, more lionlike, sur rendered, leading, pageoner, in-augural, un-reserved, vivid, un-shakable, unconditional, starlit, Unriddle, dis-courses, dis-involves, pro vides, most sharp cut, most inferable, more fairskinned, straight from shoulder, declare, un-sheltered, more bleached, Animadverted, dis criminating, convey image, wellmarked, well organized, un associated, sets forth, am distinct, unexacting, Relucent, un-polluted, reasserted, making see daylight, sparkling, broad, dis-played, de coded, ex changes, unriddling, more moonlit, un disguised, un hampered, be tokened, most marked-out, re-splendent, un-protected, were highlighted, dis-missed, child play, be-trays, giving faith, in-candescent, blatant, most wellreceived, para-phrasing, up lifted, re sourceful, getting the meat, clear as a bell, most reasoned, un heavier, pro claims, Imaged, more marked-out, un-tangled, put across, uplighted, well liked, making known, unscrambling, up lift, re-peats, spell out, most mirrorlike, most much publicized, big as life, more laureate, cleans it up, un scrambling, got head together, most uncluttered, legendary, famous, making plain, un-fold, re storing, dis-closes, more well received, dis-ported, most fair skinned, de trains, more splendent, dope out, in flame, most flagitous, made plain, up dated, no ifs and or buts, up lights, pouched, unequivocal, more headmost, limelighted, in the foreground, pro-viding, more crystal-clear, make human, fabulous, most aural, more refreshed, one's best guesses, re-veal, most highprincipled, fullbodied, no ifs ands buts, rolled out, un-hampered, more well-thought-of, hitting with light, Animadverting, under-stood, made clear, passed word, Emblematizing, most markedout, up-beat, highprofile, ones best guess, most hotdog, write up, well-liked, de liver, re stores, un-folded, causes understand, relatable, prevail up on, most eggheaded, dis entangles, muchpublicized, ex pounded, uncoils, pass word, getting bottom, gave instruction, getting the bottom, fabled, dis covering, moonlit, most pictoric, parading wares, passing the word, do in to, sate down, personized, gave lowdown, more crowd-pleasing, transliterating, lightsome, waving around, more highprofile, socalled, not hidden, did into, de-duce, un-qualified, pro-claiming, am positive, more whitebread, hominifies, more big-wheel, un covering, re duce, juridicious, re cited, be-stows, made bright, in-stance, re-hearse, uplights, un-heaviest, proclaim, cleaned it up, re paying, were positive, renowned, re-produces, un-limited, chirpiest, most delineated, most crystal clear, un raveled, bull's eye, the eye, Bulking, re-marked, passing word, more coruscating, bulleye, re turning, gets down basics, giving big picture, be highlighted, lets it hang out, puts plain english, streamline.