Pronunciation of Obtuse
/ɒbtjˈuːs/, /ɒbtjˈuːs/, /ɒ_b_t_j_ˈuː_s/

Antonyms for obtuse

eggheaded, Unblunted, more edged, de-liberative, smartser, needle-shaped, over-whelming, knowing, sensible, savvy, percipient, more eggheaded, most reasoning, foxy, on inside, in-tensest, most fine spun, more longhaired, in know, more einstein, fore sighted, most streetwise, fore-sighted, skuller, wise, trained, dis-criminating, wellbred, under hand, de liberate, more appetent, spiny, well thought out, more unpolluted, pro-found, quick on the uptake, logical, observant, fine spun, streetsmart, quick witted, hairline, over powering, whizer, bright, quick the uptake, un adulterated, skullest, more intelligent, razor-sharp, over-powering, sharp, well-read, more needleshaped, in-tense, spiked, most razor-sharp, more acuminous, quick on uptake, ground, most observative, Fine-spun, most reflecting, more sensing, ingenious, needlelike, pro-founder, more pondering, thoughtful, most fine-spun, needle shaped, needleshaped, under-hand, de-voted, more acute, informed, most razor sharp, smart, philosophic, streetwise, most eggheaded, un selfish, sane, intelligent, in tent, un-polluted, most sensing, Lacerating, de-liberate, more sophic, Observative, spikelike, nobodys fool, most museful, stabbing, in tenser, well thought-out, perspicacious, erudite, more astucious, wily, in tensest, up on, most hairsplitting, quickwitted, Acuminous, on top of, learned, cunning, most sharpened, more unblunted, scholarly, sharkest, most shooting, re fined, over whelming, most unblunted, un blunted, co operative, smartsest, pre occupied, most astucious, more reflecting, co-operative, well thoughtout, quick, prickly, most edged, skilled, scratching, more fine spun, most longhaired, most needle shaped, most honed, more piked, crazy like fox, sound, more hairsplitting, whizest, nobody fool, quick uptake, more museful, compound, fond of, astute, more fine-spun, most piked, razor sharp, re sourceful, more sharpened, more needle-shaped, unpolluted, sharp as tack, de liberative, more genius, keen, in-tenser, more razor sharp, most appetent, most argute, highbrow, un-adulterated, more argute, resourceful, most hairline, knowledgeable, pro founder, well informed, more razor-sharp, more long-haired, schooled, more needle shaped, apt, more reasoning, shrewdest, Piked, un polluted, more razorsharp, lost thought, discerning, dis criminating, on the inside, razorsharp, more hairline, most needle-shaped, Museful, most racking, literate, shrewd, more streetwise, educated, under standing, spiky, more racking, most long haired, piercing, pro found, in side, long haired, shark, in the know, in tense, jabbing, more observative, Astucious, lost in thought, jagged, Sophic, nobody's fool, crafty, de voted, fine, well bred, valid, most razorsharp, un-blunted, pointed, under-standing, pre-occupied, dying to, most einstein, most pondering, most acuminous, sharp as a tack, most needleshaped, more honed, un-selfish, acute, long-haired.