Pronunciation of Old-Fashioned
/ˈə͡ʊldfˈaʃənd/, /ˈə‍ʊldfˈaʃənd/, /ˈəʊ_l_d_f_ˈa_ʃ_ə_n_d/

Antonyms for old-fashioned

even now, most contempo, out of luck, knife-edged, more forwardlooking, new fashioned, un-familiar, zestful, un trained, under consideration, more acuminous, re-freshed, de-signing, swank, last-minute, un familiar, more last-word, decalescent, faddish, un mixed, most well-received, un-trieder, quick on the trigger, more horned, well bred, most uncontaminated, ground fine, most cutting-edge, more forefront, most forefront, most drilling, over done, most last-word, ex animate, beingest, more new-fashioned, like oven, in-animate, late, modish, un-ethical, un-known, more honed, faddy, in experienced, sweltriest, most decalescent, most in-thing, cutting-edge, quicktempered, most faddish, de-calescent, more exclusory, exanimate, un-triedest, revolutionary, trendsetting, Exclusory, Unblunted, Latterday, in, most strongflavored, contemporary, more needle pointed, in the lurch, cliquish, most selling, more penetrative, in style, fresh, most with-it, redesigned, more igneous, more strong-flavored, in flamed, socially correct, more double edged, most horned, re fined, more last-minute, zeitgeist, by gone, more forward-looking, most tined, in process, vinegary, split-second, highly flavored, more eleventh-hour, most honed, more recalescent, most run-after, withit, newfound, de signing, most recalescent, behind time, most soughtafter, more keenedged, up to date, more coexisting, ex cited, in duration, horned, more with it, more aroused, tined, this seasons, be gun, be-ingest, un conventional, current, needlepointed, present, LASTWORD, crowd pleasing, state-of-the-art, the latest, more doubleedged, keenedged, most lastword, posh, wellliked, spikier, most thermogenic, most needle-pointed, more knife-edged, more lastword, most leading edge, dressy, pre-sent, in-dependent, more inebriating, un scrupulous, more unmixed, dressed to teeth, most new fashioned, un-scrupulous, re freshed, most modernized, un trieder, un-liker, more recherche, more split second, fore-front, up minute, in lurch, more voguish, keen-edged, more eleventhhour, Deviceful, up to minute, un-tried, most stylized, avant garde, more suffocating, sweltry, most splitsecond, most strong-flavored, most unmixed, a gogo, on the spot, in animate, state of art, more well liked, in-tensest, dressed the teeth, un blunted, openminded, most associated, most novel, pronged, new, recherche, more splitsecond, more ex-, most newfashioned, more abreast, sharp edged, in-experienced, quick on uptake, most inthing, un-trodden, most wellliked, state the art, more wellliked, more smoking, most unpunctual, more exclusionary, well-liked, brierier, ovenlike, Acuminous, doingest, quick uptake, on-the-spot, more happening, un diluted, more split-second, leadingedge, most strong-smelling, with style, more last word, un-gracious, be lated, up scale, in dependent, more well-liked, knife edged, most cuttingedge, igneous, chic, most razor-sharp, a go-go, more tapered, un-ceremonious, strongflavored, most crowd pleasing, un-mixed, more behind, more strong-smelling, full bodied, for time being, most eleventh-hour, two faced, more developing, most edged, be-loved, more splintery, most sought after, un seasoned, dis similar, stylish, more another, most ornamented, most trendsetting, more runafter, re sourceful, presentday, young, co-incident, Newfashioned, most on-the-spot, more promoted, pre ceding, brandnew, most exanimate, smoking, more gimmicky, de-finite, most leadingedge, present day, originative, most commenced, most cliquish, in circulation, re generated, looking sharp, more edged, fullbodied, recalescent, un-blunted, more feverous, un contaminated, uptown, more up, more keen edged, most acuate, under hand, rager, more leading-edge, unpunctual, more newfashioned, re designed, most with it, clearcut, more peacocky, most keen-edged, dis criminating, crowd-pleasing, most today, going around, more well received, more strongflavored, wellbred, feverous, elegant, most deviceful, be-lated, modern, un triedest, ex-animate, be-gun, spick and span, more synchronal, exclusive, more commenced, most ex-, more sought after, most razor sharp, more on the spot, more sharp-edged, quick trigger, today, most forward looking, nobody fool, recent, common knowledge, be loved, most another, most comer, in-creased, more needlelike, strong flavored, untrodden, flyest, voguish, most wellreceived, more tipped, dappest, upscale, apical, keen edged, most strong smelling, Needle-pointed, peacocky, in demand, Thermogenic, more crowd pleasing, most luxury, untried, most neoteric, most keen edged, more wellreceived, more leading edge, in the mainstream, well liked, most well liked, in good taste, in news, un-likest, more cutting-edge, most inebriating, crowdpleasing, most beginning, unfamiliar, up-scale, red hot, hot, pre sent, un-diluted, more modernized, twofaced, dressed to the teeth, just out, more refreshed, more unblunted, more paralyzing, clear cut, most refreshed, most smoking, la di da, strong smelling, most stayed, present-day, cuttingedge, up and coming, forwardlooking, more uncontaminated, more strong smelling, more harefooted, de parted, co-existing, co existing, more beginning, most double edged, dressed to nines, for the time being, most already, quick the uptake, most split-second, most acuminous, most strong flavored, dressed kill, dis-agreeable, most parching, contempo, strong-smelling, well-received, more stylized, nowadays, faddier, un ethical, in progress, more razor sharp, more drilling, snazzy, in-flamed, behindhand, thinger, more knifeedged, double-edged, most regenerated, un divided, ultra-modern, more today, most in thing, be-ginning, gimmicky, with-it, more circumscribed, most double-edged, missed the boat, most exclusionary, hot fire, REDHOT, most pronged, more associated, spikiest, more tined, most calescent, highclass, un-used, hip, knifeedged, caught on, dewiest, Neoteric, fore front, more with-it, doinger, penetrative, un-accustomed, more faddish, more eleventh hour, smart as a tack, pre vailing, in-tense, at moment, class, calescent, most cutting edge, most peacocky, razor-sharp, most newborn, more calescent, in use, de calescent, up to the minute, most untrodden, trig, classy, most split second, illtempered, more withit, more sought-after, nobodys fool, more sharp edged, more prevalent, more needle-pointed, de finite, mod, most gimmicky, newfangled, unmixed, fadder, brand new, what's happening, under-hand, soughtafter, strong-flavored, more in-thing, most last minute, most voguish, breaking new ground, more trendsetting, more whetted, co existent, dis-criminating, be ginning, most whetted, ex-cited, most aroused, by-gone, most needlepointed, more thermogenic, most new-fashioned, un tried, most tapered, un-spoiled, whats happening, up-town, snappy, most knife edged, splitsecond, swanky, un touched, most originative, un-divided, hot off press, more razor-sharp, double edged, most knifeedged, most well-liked, needle pointed, un accustomed, most runafter, high class, more keen-edged, more untrodden, un trodden, quick the trigger, dewy, most upscale, in-thing, most last-minute, un-contaminated, most abreast, in the news, most tipped, de-luxe, runafter, re-cent, more decalescent, most keenedged, eleventhhour, un-skilled, most doubleedged, at this moment, un-touched, more forward looking, new-fashioned, ex-, avantgarde, open minded, more lastminute, most synchronal, de-parted, more newborn, nowest, the rage, most unblunted, most ovenlike, more ornamented, most exclusory, hot off the fire, fashionable, forward-looking, more redesigned, quick on trigger, over-due, more double-edged, all rage, ultra modern, dressed the nines, more already, most zestful, in-tenser, most redesigned, pre-ceding, twenty-first century, a go go, more selling, more crowd-pleasing, nower, in tense, this season, most sometime, popular, de-ceased, re-designed, in favor, hot press, De Luxe, on front burner, un gracious, more last minute, having smarts, dressed teeth, brieriest, last-word, twentyfirst century, re cent, synchronal, in mainstream, more stayed, most withit, smart as tack, first class, most needlelike, most up, firstclass, acuate, this season's, un-premeditated, over due, un usual, most sharpedged, more in thing, most sharp-edged, more sharpened, inthing, most uptown, more run after, more neoteric, strong, more contempo, in tenser, more uptown, most shooting, more innovational, most happening, un-trained, doubleedged, just now, spiky, more run-after, most sharp edged, most lastminute, more luxury, more regenerated, more upscale, more cutting edge, in thing, un-conventional, up-to-date, most apical, up town, more vinegary, all the rage, most recherche, most innovational, latter day, instant, ex, most suffocating, most coexisting, thingest, un known, more apical, un liker, more knife edged, more inthing, dis-criminative, dressed nines, sought after, un skilled, Exclusionary, more sometime, leading-edge, more exanimate, in vogue, pre-vailing, most ex, briery, more well-received, dressed to kill, un spoiled, more new fashioned, un-processed, be ingest, un processed, more advancing, more ex, dis criminative, in fashion, more strong flavored, in bind, well received, in candescent, faddest, most igneous, needlelike, most splintery, up the minute, un-seasoned, ragest, de ceased, dis agreeable, twenty first century, most leading-edge, more cuttingedge, lastminute, most last word, most sought-after, un-usual, trendy, prevailing, more leadingedge, co-existent, dewier, most sharpened, most vinegary, more soughtafter, beinger, more razorsharp, sharp, most circumscribed, hot the fire, in a bind, faddiest, hot the press, more deviceful, re-generated, most harefooted, out luck, quick on the uptake, uncontaminated, re-lated, like an oven, most behind, sought-after, un likest, most well received, newest, most forwardlooking, dis-similar, most on the spot, co incident, most advancing, sweltrier.