Pronunciation of Open
/ˈə͡ʊpən/, /ˈə‍ʊpən/, /ˈəʊ_p_ə_n/

Antonyms for open

clouded over, dropt anchor, put a band aid, pro-scribe, more pathless, barricaded, mops up, more full-toned, dis-assembled, be dizens, puts on a false front, tight lipped, dis-missing, see through, dis concerts, taking out of play, in haled, most skintight, under lying, fore-stall, most two-by-four, leave lurch, unassured, most nailed, in-discriminate, put end to, inter twining, firstclass, de luging, run for it, in glorious, gyring, de-clines, roll back, over burdened, pre served, more moralistic, most winnowed, turning away, throw for loop, dis-heartened, doeth the sly, beat around bush, becomes embedded, antiqued, beating down, demark, draw in, confirmed, stops oneself, dis gracing, un-declared, more low-profile, come the end, Stive, contrary to fact, it's deals, gat the way, de mark, in-closing, become indebted, covered up, selfsatisfied, keeps under one's hat, carrying through, mortared, get out of way, lost one's interest, close-grained, pre tend, tucks away, blockaded, more deviceful, Gated, pro portions, most backstairs, forced into space, more holding, inter mixing, burked, Stringed, blinded, wind down, gave word, seeing through, grabbing hold of, hook on, lost interest, more fatheaded, more amaurotic, closes down, inter-lacing, unrevealed, girthed, accepting offer, giving lie to, having meal, inumbrated, detouring, ex-plain, spreadeagle, puts a false front, has for, be-means, Clingy, overfilling, kept under wraps, took break, stuffed, more nimble-witted, raimented, most close knit, gives lie to, inter feres, brings down curtain, un-sounder, more exclusory, puts smoke screen, de-camps, hang it up, making one sick, dis loyal, fourflushing, more visionless, blind as a bat, more astucious, putting in a hole, most gridlocked, ride shotgun for, syncopated, unachievable, drave in, Sprucing, inter twines, close fitting, lose one interest, burke, jam pack, putting bandaid, manned, un-dependable, thrifty, most fatheaded, mingier, dis crediting, kept safe, over-loaded, un-usual, jivey, fraudulent, kept under one's hat, hole and corner, making fast, close lipped, gave runaround, in-effectual, brought to maturity, unreceptive, mean, feasting on, end, more lidded, Sentinelled, made difficult, turned under, putting to bed, more stale smelling, over flowed, in violate, slackening pace, contrary to reason, bringing to naught, more intelligence, un earthly, most perdu, most nit-picking, insidious, more imperceptive, resolved, more pretend, more safeguarded, doubletalking, doeth sly, most stuffed up, choke, inter-lace, brings to standstill, streetwise, ran out on, lays low, draw together, up-held, had a meal, drew in, inter cept, telescoped, going through with, cause setback, came to an end, not straightforward, laid aside, CLADS, befogs, over-cast, keep under one's hat, dis-continued, gotten in way, holds bay, cuts and run, close-lipped, Worldlywise, most focused, doeth battle, more cidevant, more gummed, most near-at-hand, over lap, be deck, be-decks, circuitous, most squeezed, baritone, more interred, screwed up eyes, cashed chips, pro duces, Pinioning, jammed, over stocks, creepest, dizen, fussbudget, rein in, in decipherable, Franchised, subjective, more smothering, sardines, most closegrained, Entrammel, associative, made like, leaving holding bag, re-solve, keep arm's length, steadied, hairy, cramped one's style, fell away, counter-balance, put in a hole, drags ones feet, calling a day, calloused, dis patched, most unpiercable, Jacketing, dis-ingenuous, kept from, most imperviable, sieved, Inc, in-definite, in sincerest, mop up, setting aside, Cinctured, becoming smaller, vetest, un-aware, Finicking, shady, un usual, Chambering, more soft pedalled, rode shotgun for, more cliquish, two by four, cut it out, dropping curtain, bleeps, de lays, took cover, more within, jellifies, viscerous, in vest, without exit, hard core, more deceiving, call day, Inclosed, bringing to fruition, faking out, de-limit, gives one word, putting shelf, dost sly, closelipped, more taper, digressory, more choking, re tire, in distinct, muffle, hath bite, more buttressed, keeping safe, held together, re-treated, encumbered, dis guised, stayed out of sight, Inked, more groping, secured, hoggish, dis allowing, pumped up, ravening, not open, limited, Ruching, puts bed, massed, Jellying, carries off, wast preoccupied, eating like horse, blot out, co-oked, holding out on, was bogged down, obstructed, beat off, envelop, more ungettable, unrecoverable, Padlocking, obscure, proofer, squint, be-lied, un-earthliest, slackens pace, post pone, self sustaining, Freighted, in visible, counter acts, Ridging, overclouded, had done with, mowing down, keep oneself, didst the sly, dis arranges, more unperceiving, getting out the way, force into space, de-motes, Mantling, bedizening, dis-continue, keeping in, haddest a meal, post-pones, strewn with, blots out, turns under, bungs, antiquing, pro scribes, lunching, closed in, Dizening, put on front, closeted, leaving high dry, miscolors, eat, re-main, co oked, in-house, more gorged, un-realizable, un accompanied, incing, un-ruffled, Bunking, more stiffnecked, blue penciled, hid out, glosses over, sardined, dashed hope, dis-heartens, with-draw, signs up, prelimits, sub-sides, un-plugging, riding shotgun for, most finicking, counter balances, dis-heartening, caulking, took down peg, in closes, more tight-fisted, not big, come together, sneaks away, most ensnaring, be bogged down, put an end to, cramp style, un-soundest, out-maneuvers, muddies the waters, became indebted, Seclusive, dis-solve, put cork in, stows away, more revered, de posited, de solations, sanctimonious, be-dizens, isolated, becomes smaller, de touring, inter fere, underhanded, dis simulates, un-sound, out-line, dis assemble, de positing, GRAYS, giving the runaround, put a hole, more selfsufficing, have a bite, out of view, clandestine, take under ones wing, un clearest, tucked away, de livers, in-approachable, defending against, padlocks, pro-fuse, re mains, de lineate, cramped one style, dis-order, re-cedes, shaking hands on, Caseharden, zipped one lips, confine, dis-countenances, caring for, scarf down, Hazed, giving one's word, put on a front, strangulating, forces into space, pack in, stashed away, more dissembling, veil, pathless, un-friendliest, pro cessed, brings to close, more emeritus, dudded, glozes, de grade, more varnished, lumps together, torpedoing, counterpoised, gotten in the way, does voraciously, looked cross-eyed, dis-concerting, more shut, takes wind out of sails, get the way, dis commode, most pent, in fixed, over stocking, dis charge, run out on, circuiting, most no go, counter poises, Crisping, most coated, dis unite, pretexting, bring fruition, pass on, folded up, give refuge, choosy, hinders, more choked, un reasoning, most imperceptive, most buddy-buddy, shaking hands on it, boskiest, going whole hog, put hole, most figured, over-flow, hadst meal, dost battle, unperceived, rimmed, clannish, locking up, qualified, calcifies, putting out the way, de fining, Inexecutable, sign up, most strengthened, mis representative, de livered, brick wall, came to end, de-positing, hammers out deal, take a breather, dropt the curtain, most flowered, cocked eye, keep out, more catechized, fix, its a dealing, runs for it, super-imposes, frugal, Bottled, choiciest, dummy up, more jam-full, de-marked, more under the counter, tacitly assumed, doth the sly, enclosure, selfish, puts out the way, more black market, cramping style, pro-rogues, shooting ones wad, most nowin, work out details, most nonpublic, un-safer, uncharitable, gobbling up, Agglutinated, most god-knows-where, comes to an end, out lining, un revealed, be fog, de-luges, did the sly, cover bases, kept arm's length, Gelatinate, more vestigial, un safest, black-market, de creased, hooking on, causing setback, rise to crescendo, goes over mountain, called it a day, more imposturous, dis heartening, rivetted, pre-meditating, over stocked, cincturing, super pose, slow witted, re fine, buttoned down, de feats, de-tains, out maneuver, cease, brings to end, doubledealing, hanging it up, close grained, dis concerted, over-lapping, bemeans, most linear, most weeded, in-credible, kept quiet, Rucked, pinion, in-attentive, most submarine, more hole-and-corner, most dissimulated, not in sight, Vitrifying, thicken, in stalling, dis-interesting, in violation of law, bringing to close, dummies up, glued, playing for time, surreptitious, pro-found, most innovational, un reachable, re-vising, snacked, beat down, prorogates, kick bucket, it's dealt, over burdening, sophistical, re strictions, holds down, forfending, in bred, un-distinguished, be-cloud, tele-scoping, Intermitted, mortar, keeps arms length, dis interesting, cutting to quick, dis-played, in-extricable, drags feet, unemphatic, most jam packed, more nit picking, passes on, up holding, zipping one lips, sent up, hammer out deal, doth thoroughly, making good, in validates, de-camping, bemeaned, dams up, takes care of, puts writing, be-dimming, most stiff-necked, taking food, un ostentatious, out fits, in-flexible, latent, on the q t, re peal, more detouring, no go, keeping dark, beats around bush, blind as bat, burn midnight oil, leading a merry chase, hep, put in a nutshell, does on the sly, tie one hands, bundles up, stamps on, un sung, re-solves, Jacketed, de cease, abnormal, more powdered, most chartered, get out way, un-plugged, more stretched, more hole and corner, make like, most typhlotic, prevailing over, in-convenience, Manacled, close-fitting, slackened pace, Cudgelled, dog-ear, claustrophobic, keeping arm length, most okayed, un divulged, avant garde, four flush, dis enchanting, winding down, calcify, inter-mix, mums the word, un ripe, in-validating, over feeds, re-buffing, freezes to, glommed onto, sub-marine, be fogging, pre serving, disguised, more stuffedup, de fending, re-solved, de means, demarks, double-talking, over-coming, Acroamatic, flag one, letting fall, dis-pleases, hem in, endogenous, dummied up, hold on, de-ranging, screws eyes, re pulses, beats the system, in correct, un official, dis countenanced, quietest, dis band, de-based, make good, nails down, it a dealing, hide, unlicensed, shutting in, more pent, dashes ones hope, lose interest, dis-proves, Rucking, pre-achy, de-solation, be girt, Decocted, hole-and-corner, under neath, brought standstill, dis enchants, firming up, dis heartens, not telling, puts in a nutshell, torpedo, over-comes, dis-countenance, more closet, pro-long, drove out, sware to, selfseeking, counter-poising, dis concerting, draw to close, war-horse, bringing to end, picked out, snubbest, more near-at-hand, ties one's hands, colls, carpeted, gloss over, counter-acts, re fusing, hanged fire, un pierceable, shot one wad, getting away, Cudgeling, keeps at arm's length, pre-achiest, prelimited, considerate, dost the sly, begging question, leaving out, smooth-spoken, chock full, brought to close, clabber, over turns, signed up, un seeing, most below, over running, duplicitous, lock, in-violate, topping off, trans-fuses, dis appointing, de-stroy, calling it quits, drawing in, tuck away, de-limits, mopping up, over-indulging, most deluding, does thoroughly, hog-tie, stingy, come head, made tracks, more skintight, over-nice, dissembling, more close-fitting, most dirtydealing, looking after, thick as thieves, put false front, stale smelling, led on a merry chase, earned wings, do compulsively, makes one feel small, cease fire, logs off, defend against, gat out way, Double dealing, shotgunned, keep in, keeping at arm length, having a meal, syncopate, be lying, un-ripest, bond, more folded, bundled up, bringing to an end, lead merry chase, most centered, more handpicked, most apostate, most isolate, brought to fruition, terminated, grudging, it a dealt, evasive, make, putting in nutshell, dog eared, put a stop to, tele-scoped, mowed down, cover up, no-go, dis-pleased, keeps arm's length, single minded, lying, looked askance, dis interest, putting on false front, bung, off beaten track, dis-tending, holds off, re solute, keep at bay, put on act, destitute vision, squinch, most franchised, dis play, pro-rogued, screwed eyes, un enlightened, intolerant, lays hands on, dis simulate, keep quiet, un makes, most attenuated, Muddy Waters, un-scrupulous, downreaching, counter balance, fore-stalling, un-obtainable, strook dumb, most smooth spoken, unplugs, more recherche, befogged, not tells, over loaded, dis-assembles, dis comfit, most black-market, more war-horse, be fogs, putting a smoke screen, lay hands on, re-did, most blocked, dost on the sly, freezing to, over-eating, going into hiding, de ducted, drag one feet, more circumscribed, un-sure, in-born, un perceived, be-yond, off beaten path, gets in the way, running for it, most entitled, hitched on, Scarfing, most conniving, took apart, un-acknowledged, tamp, pro cessing, un earthliest, chocks, cement, re pressed, more strengthened, mis-representing, presses together, cramp, dis-gracing, overclouding, most tight-fisted, bring close, more unreceptive, super-imposed, pro cess, gives over, most immured, more restricting, be-jeweled, mini, more mini, un-respectable, dis-concert, dandifies, over-powered, screw up eyes, most close-grained, waterproofed, stoppered, padlock, more incog, mercenary, sur facing, evade, closeknit, lefthanded, keeping at arms length, fend, more caviling, Freighting, pre limited, counterplot, give one's word, over shadowed, makes getaway, agglutinate, pre venting, over whelmed, inter-cept, Moored, use up, re tains, blipping, snacking, caused setback, popped ones balloon, bassest, most agglutinant, pack em in, un-detected, most uncandid, counter plot, Housed, slapping on, desirous, call it a day, more nailed, most autogenous, saddles with, most cooked up, un-imaginable, selfsufficient, leaved holding the bag, self-sustained, dis-tends, buttoning up, un ventilated, over-flown, proofest, clammed up, bear hugged, drink in, being preoccupied, came the end, more unlicensed, is engrossed by, became embedded, counter poise, Enswathe, chokier, Refusing, covert, dis ingenuous, astringe, Enfetter, more nonpublic, jamfull, grow less, re-pulses, puts in the hole, clings like ivy, marked out, marking out, more unventilated, un-frankest, feast up on, rendered null void, puts a band aid, in sure, dis arrange, re-cede, more sub rosa, laid over, keep at arm's length, doctors up, closed one end, over coming, swallow whole, more bristling, more linear, give over, Shying, Starched, alluded to, re-vise, shot wad, wast engrossed by, most lowdown, un noticed, in soluble, dis courages, mis lead, bring a close, boxes up, more hermetical, more black-market, de-fends, brings an end, keep distance, putting the shelf, un generous, put band aid, more perdu, more enshrouded, more inhouse, un friendlier, causes setback, more coated, pull plug, un sure, knock back, looks after, looking crosseyed, more shadowed, over-stocking, behind scenes, bringing an end, cloud up, more deadend, in background, more contriving, smooths over, up-holds, more unacknowledged, dis-guising, least, pre scribe, dis-arranged, uncommon, in-validated, more no go, pro tract, most cliquish, led a merry chase, nimble-witted, more near at hand, more charlatan, steer clear of, most piled, mum word, pulls the plug, slipt on, de hydrated, hadst a bite, up-tight, bind, plug, un franker, recherche, un plugging, fore shadowed, in-stilling, taking under one wing, drave out, more misrepresentative, calls a day, sur mounted, obstruct, gumming, tacked on, keeps oneself, gat through, bolting down, beat system, made light of, inviolate, fly, breeches, de hydrate, box in, boxing in, make getaway, most black market, dis organized, most closelipped, shoot one wad, under ones nose, hypo-critical, muddying the waters, shoot ones wad, un-earthly, fuzzing, over casting, doctored up, dis-graceful, more unanxious, more confining, over grown, give up, Cockling, enspheres, de finite, stay put, logging off, stealing away, Calcifying, put up a front, mugged up, pro scribe, bear hugging, on quiet, over cloud, counter-plots, cares for, covered all bases, whiting, scarfing down, most trackless, mis-stated, most catechized, fortify, dis-patches, out-fitted, ruches, in extricable, sewing up, dis-solves, world-class, put out of way, retracted, more dissimulating, scrimpiest, doest thoroughly, made firm, more understated, de fine, puts shelf, retarded flow, overspreading, reclusiveness, re duces, over-feed, make sick, most feigning, more attenuate, bring to standstill, de-fined, de camped, pre-served, inter mixes, un-reasoning, cramp one's style, re fuses, knocking back, runs like scared rabbit, more snapped, more closegrained, cloak and dagger, un profane, leave flat, having for, folds up, in-significant, throwing on makeup, more stashed, condense, more endogenous, dis patch, roping, more irrealizable, chows down, low pitched, out lines, Chocking, more god-knows-where, more bastioned, dis-guises, more deluding, cuts run, took care of, be-fogged, pass up, selfsustaining, most stickling, de press, over-lays, humorless, more jamfull, drive out, cancel, having a bite, dis-credits, give ones word, more stale-smelling, kissing goodbye, barely sufficient, entrammeled, with-hold, came an end, more imperviable, constricted, gives shelter, keep at arm length, re-fuses, co-loring, lose one's interest, Shotguns, hundred to one, takes under wing, take five, self satisfied, dis patches, more noway, more close-lipped, sate on, most stuffedup, curtained, un-accompanied, de solation, more buddy-buddy, shuttered, stole away, gives the lie to, bided time, rendered null and void, counter-poises, in-haling, most within, glopping up, megabook, cramping one style, laying on the table, re-serves, uses up, pops ones balloon, Bracketing, most revered, coming an end, Uncandid, Furrowing, be-girds, more glutted, camouflaged, enswathing, becomes immobilized, de limits, enfettered, sneaking away, more peppered, slip into, dash one's hope, smallminded, like a snake in the grass, shoot wad, ex act, be-fog, bedrape, leaving high and dry, gelate, rigidifies, gave the runaround, most contracted, most feline, illicit, de-bar, in validating, ex plained, dis-please, destitute of vision, end-owing, capsulize, Ravened, enfettering, ward off, sidelined, cramping ones style, gives first aid, re pealed, dashing one's hope, doest sly, more focused, gave refuge, loppers, inter-twine, get in the way, more twisting, defends against, cramps style, cramp ones style, over-burdening, slips into, put on a false front, lock up, signs for, more padlocked, out lined, cloud over, chokes off, nip in bud, most adherent, blowing whistle on, more self supported, most noway, dis-prove, made a break for it, gibbet, cocking the eye, steals away, de-mean, togging, re-fusing, congest, clouding issue, Walling, most hermetical, more self-sustaining, left high dry, Proroguing, laconic, most mobbed, more premeditating, circle, didst battle, pre-occupied, leaned over, cloistered, beating around bush, re-cessed, dis-tend, de-grade, in violation law, bite dust, un-enlightened, ex-cursive, de stroying, re buffing, throw up smoke screen, laid hands on, mis-colored, more incapacious, un disclosed, going limit, up die, de mean, re fines, getting done, mythomaniac, out bounds, puts a front, four-flushed, dis-simulate, doublespeaked, fourflushed, grasping, tack on, packing em in, snuggle up, render null and void, in the ball park, straitest, most unobserved, most recherche, re strained, most overfilled, waterproofing, more swarming, cloud the issue, keeps within bounds, de-cline, staking out, untrustiest, most zipped, re buffed, selfsupported, most god knows where, cramp one style, put shame, pro visional, densifies, more dead end, bringing naught, wolf down, quickwitted, in tern, in hale, fuzzed, going the route, in discriminate, dis-loyal, more close lipped, dis-credit, densen, drawing together, over-stocked, prejudiced, take cover, do the sly, re-tain, de-limiting, unfitting, keeps from, was preoccupied, unavailable, out business, dis pleasing, keeping arm's length, got way, more fair weather, comes an end, draws close, de-ducting, dusted over, be through with, counter-balanced, non-public, inventorying, more low profile, doublespeaks, dis-uniting, most close grained, de-lineate, gets way, puts in nutshell, pack it in, super posed, decocts, in commode, more ensnaring, up sets, thick with, more advantaged, more nit-picking, over spreads, demarking, brought to standstill, gird, finished off, brought a close, de-range, waterproofs, puts hold, de-creased, in-sensitive, give or take little, going underground, with-drawing, adhesive, over crowding, most elect, unscrupulous, in accurate, most under the table, more truncated, make quick exit, most unconcluded, brake, over-cloud, bar, in gest, over throws, came together, re-done, garrotes, gum, un-plug, dis-crediting, dis arranged, de ducts, drop it, re-plicate, drinking in, most attaching, casts shadow, inter laced, taking five, dragged ones feet, hardly possible, un trustworthy, more muted, it deal, over-riding, sardining, hasten away, un-communicative, re ceding, pre scribing, double over, more plugged, dis charged, put lid on, de-graded, stuffy, dis-banded, spiralling, delimitating, more nogo, hundred-to-one, more enveloped, hastened away, hided out, dis bands, more unsighted, inter twine, in executable, combine, grapple, out-flanking, rising to crescendo, moor, dogears, un candid, dirtydealing, fast, swilling, ex plaining, fences in, slipping in to, de luged, ups and die, over-spreading, gimped, shaking hands it, pro duce, getting in the way, in-bred, doth voraciously, cookedup, self seeking, hold bay, caparisoned, ensconce, most unperceiving, in born, unacknowledged, re adies, over nice, keeps to oneself, un-candid, more occluded, most choked, giving first aid, out maneuvered, blue chip, it dealing, cooked-up, putting hold, mis-colors, blue pencils, on sly, concretes, in to, out question, laid on the table, de barred, most hole and corner, send up, de-solations, refused admittance, more war horse, winking, interfering with, blimp out, under taking, puts on band-aid, more suffocating, havening, under nose, spiralled, keeps secret, put on band aid, bedrapes, puton, more okayed, pre limits, de-luge, lay low, mis-state, deadbolting, dis credit, sub dues, makes ready, most crammed, un principled, interior, harbor, steps it, most confounding, wind up, bigoted, dis mantle, dragging feet, most frontier, under cloud, brimmed over, with drew, most enveloped, over-crowded, ties loose ends, hardly any, not sight, hold in, sneak away, un related, twofaced, keeping at bay, Corrugating, most swarming, unannounced, goody goody, skunking, hidden, deadend, most cached, made quick exit, un earthlier, fourflushes, art bogged down, under takes, firm up, beg the question, de-stroyed, Ballasting, leading on a merry chase, up to rafters, snafuing, feasting up on, pinkslip, over rides, keeping within limits, boxed in, cozy with, Sentineled, doest on sly, ties hands, most gummed, refuse admittance, mingy, co-heres, be-clouded, de-lay, coming to an end, glom onto, cuts it out, topsest, pro-rogue, gives runaround, super impose, going over mountain, be-girded, be leaguered, de-fine, going in to hiding, corrugates, curling up, join, most twisting, more unobtainable, intermit, dis-simulates, in conveniences, sur-mounting, throws smoke screen, de-tain, nose out, more under-the-counter, most stuffed-up, more warhorse, over-loads, most massed, cared for, Garroting, Exclusionary, envious, chowing down, being engrossed by, took wind out sails, most glued, bagged it, de grading, be cloud, taking apart, inter-mixes, Shoaling, zipped ones lips, dis-pose, Embargoing, more bulwarked, in considerable, dis appeared, no way, re-plicates, fore stall, expire, de barring, counter-acted, Blanked, giving shelter, most resolved, coming to the end, pucker, dis pleased, more overspread, more rascal, most ungettable, by-passed, dis-appoints, more conspiratorial, habilitate, keeping bay, Brazing, go whole hog, come end, hits the switch, un-thinkable, cut and run, dis arranging, puts up a smoke screen, hast a bite, most unanxious, cooling down, more no way, putting a false front, logged off, out fitting, more finicking, mantled, re-pulsed, de tains, in conceivable, Garrisoned, most self-sufficing, un-ventilated, gloat over, in-close, swallows whole, prettifying, rucked up, un-pierceable, more unpiercable, most beyond, wadding, un-bowed, be jeweled, un-revealed, buttons down, cock the eye, brims over, keeping arms length, bound, most spangled, un distinguished, brazes, more slinking, more chartered, putting in writing, cutting quick, most explored, remands, re-does, dis-unite, gets through, shadowed, most fulltoned, keeping to oneself, with draw, more unhonored, most cooked-up, over-power, be dizened, out-fitting, didst sly, mugs up, pecks at, Unpierceable, in undated, held over, most folded, pick out, most backdoor, put a lid on, most worldclass, pegged down, made eat dirt, dis-graces, Noosed, putting on hold, de-camped, Prorogued, glut, turn aside, dis enchant, shrimpiest, look cross-eyed, summate, most blockaded, de ducting, union, closed up, more cloistral, be decked, leans over, mis-represents, drops the curtain, dis prove, self-sustaining, drives in, tie loose ends, gat out the way, in-surmountable, pre-serves, vet, persnickety, puts up front, drank in, Robing, re-fining, wedge, Prorogate, dashes one hope, put a smoke screen, most secreted, be dizening, contrary fact, screen, adjourn, de meaning, quitted cold turkey, most nimblewitted, muddied the waters, braze, more numskulled, un-reachable, un touchable, amoral, comes to the end, privileged, sur mounting, de limit, be-decked, Counterpoising, take under one's wing, de parting, un worthy, come to an end, look crosseyed, most shadowed, with draws, bring to a close, togged, worldly wise, packs 'em in, doth battle, fair-weather, in commodious, most exclusory, re-solving, become immobilized, takes break, counter poised, dis-united, de laying, feast upon, most curtained, covers bases, un-solvable, more softpedalled, throwing for loop, put kibosh on, densify, begging the question, more chiaroscuro, de fended, co hering, damming up, Overstocked, begged question, dis pose, becoming embedded, more mercentary, more unobserved, most interred, pre-tending, put to, ran from, in-corporate, over-lay, un bending, carried through, de camp, un truest, most exclusionary, dis-orders, walled, partaking of, dis pleases, prelimiting, dis-graced, transmundane, keeping under hat, lay aside, came around, takes nourishment, in direct, boil down, de-hydrate, dropped the curtain, makes quick exit, superpose, in-sincerer, re-pressing, lays on table, in surmountable, sur-mount, de-parts, leave holding bag, in feasible, unexcited, go in to hiding, calling day, be-girding, tags on, off-lying, withdrawn, finish off, stabilize, shutting the door on, shake hands it, unattainable, Embedding, gotten through, close-mouthed, making eat dirt, playing politics, pro cure, more fairweather, stabilitated, overclouds, hung it up, loses ones interest, counter-balances, saddled, dis-composing, most undivulged, called it quits, threw smoke screen, Breakfasting, out-lawing, more enfolded, NOGO, in-sufficient, more delphic, untrodden, under ones hat, lie low, fairweather, in-visible, brought to end, gelling, came end, make pig oneself, is overcast, turning aside, enchaining, creamest, call it day, putting in the hole, miscoloring, more concluded, more overfilled, under-stated, dis-appointing, inclose, inced, in-fixes, over-rides, pre tends, give sanctuary, most puton, more resinous, most varnished, Undivulged, Blanking, in-sincerest, low key, Deviceful, gets in way, avantgarde, shadow, pre tending, in hales, be-draped, puts band-aid, un settled, uncleared, putting to, putting on a band aid, miserly, lowprofile, had meal, blue penciling, liverying, unplug, pre achier, doing voraciously, fold, firmed up, un-thinking, stinting, leaving holding the bag, overrun, mis represented, re-sonant, devour, bought it, under-neath, short lived, curdled, in-closes, un-discerning, blocked, contrary reason, were overcast, most detouring, Squashing, dashing hope, counter-balancing, roofed, puts false front, out-fits, made terms, Prelimit, bury, narrow minded, cover all bases, god knows where, over crowds, more brick wall, more picked, most safeguarded, un-approachable, makes a quick exit, shoot one's wad, sub due, suiting up, lay over, have tight chops, most vestigial, picking out, shook hands on it, most unrealized, over-runs, bringing fruition, give cover, puts on back burner, makes fast, locked out, un-does, overfill, un-intelligible, doest the sly, more closeknit, in fix, de posit, overfills, most deceiving, puts on false front, over rode, puts back burner, dis tended, retarding flow, in-active, Starching, encircled, stealthy, bring an end, chary, out lying, dis proves, re-ceding, sticks together, dis-simulated, contrary law, more suborned, seclusiveness, signing papers, come to end, pre-vented, tighten, most concluded, left high and dry, sub-merged, ruckle, more cramping, dis-plays, make one feel small, more bejeweled, re cessed, re-striction, suppress, de-feat, grayed, disingenuous, dudding, near at hand, re-fused, most culled, guarded, tricky, rounding out, most powdered, de marking, most exploitative, dis simulating, un-discovered, close to chest, mingiest, gave run around, takes wind out sails, de-fines, pre-pared, profound, trumps up, keeps at bay, mis-represent, putting on band-aid, silenced, calls it quits, dragged one feet, sur ceases, most moralistic, beyond pale, Befogging, ensphering, more beyond, de-mark, bulged out, losing ones interest, more dirty-dealing, make one sick, ruckles, dis assembled, more squeezed, pinioned, more self-supported, laying low, sticking together, walled off, gummed, in-commodes, more backdoor, secretive, in conspicuous, dis-continuing, chokiest, Initialing, sur-ceased, jellify, dis-grace, ex-plaining, leaved flat, re buff, most self-sustaining, dis tending, encase, mis-color, dis-appeared, cash in chips, bolt, exclude, takes under one wing, most indulged, cashed in chips, cloud issue, unassuming, re-pulsing, de bars, off the mark, not large, packed it in, dis-mantled, more hugging, un-realized, becomes indebted, more streetwise, crawling with, re serving, un-natural, it a deal, stopt up, like snake in the grass, inter-mixed, make feel small, scarfs down, laying hands on, circumducted, dis-organize, bulges out, brought fruition, dis charging, Hoovers, more underneath, most walled, dis appoint, mark out, un make, prorogues, dis-pleasing, counter-poise, more secreted, in terns, de stroys, wall in, in ball park, dis continuing, step on it, pre-scribes, re moving, growing less, close one chest, bolted down, smooth over, most acroamatic, more cached, enchain, renders null and void, over shadow, hangs up, close knit, held out on, wrap, finicky, gotten the way, congested, in significant, pull the plug, deadbolts, rises crescendo, dis-allows, sub-due, Dulling, under-hand, dis-enchant, most incapacious, stepped on it, un recognizable, revel in, dis-hearten, kept lid on, force in to space, cutting and run, tacks on, more unconscientious, pro mise, Ultimated, running out on, be clouded, in-decipherable, re-serve, ex acting, leaved high and dry, bag it, gotten out way, un receptive, go along with, seal, close ones chest, partook of, Jellifying, didst on sly, shies, co-oped, pump up, doest compulsively, mis representing, more flowered, double-talked, feasted upon, most unobtainable, turns aside, more suppressed, calling it a day, in-hale, self centered, guised, with-drew, lowdown, warhorse, buttoned up, re corded, re plenish, keeping under ones hat, turned key, wordless, fatheaded, in-disputable, low-profile, god-knows-where, earns wings, un-reasonable, out witted, take wind out of sails, close-knit, Syncopating, re duce, it dealt, in-vested, in side, more cropped, packing like sardines, crafty, put on hold, hobble, canny, de posits, taking out play, defeat, de-pressed, in fixes, most suppressed, dis-posing, rose to crescendo, had bite, blew whistle on, un sighted, put on a bandaid, went underground, in-explicable, more self-sufficing, over-stocks, puts to, walls off, umbraging, Astringing, make light of, Casehardened, over-grown, resolve in to, pressed together, dis credits, gave one's word, dis-appearing, in validated, mis colored, most bulletproof, deaconed, most caviling, Shipwrecking, tight-fisted, most overlaid, walling in, pro-cess, mis stated, un assuming, sub sides, self-sufficing, made getaway, zipped one's lips, more starred, inumbrates, grabs hold of, end owed, over-filled, bush up, going over the mountain, dis countenance, become smaller, Cudgeled, come to head, girthing, keeping under wraps, in dark, go over mountain, Obscured, goes underground, winds down, re-moves, most cropped, rendering null void, muddies, full-toned, be draping, smoothtongued, un troubled, out-lining, most associative, throws for loop, counter plots, gives the runaround, more garrisoned, unrealized, Bunged, by-passes, select, turned the key, Concreted, gelled, brings maturity, clouded issue, de-laying, sewed up, giving runaround, lay the table, most wedged, dragging one's feet, calling quits, dis order, barrier, un truer, dis guising, unapproachable, sur mount, up to the rafters, putting writing, dis perse, wear cheaters, avid, be girded, more unsolved, passes up, pasty, in-feasible, in-separable, up set, took out of play, dis-arranges, most cookedup, mugging up, vitrify, inter mixed, be means, snafued, hanged it up, dashed one's hope, making tracks, masked, prevent, more under the table, sur rounded, gains time, lay on the table, drop the curtain, more sophistical, cuts to the quick, contrary to law, sur faced, more blocked, hitching on, in-valid, feasted up on, gobble up, re-view, gotten done, in-tern, cutting the quick, over powering, trans-fusing, under-stood, plicating, staunching, dropt it, hold, be-dizened, more slammed, holds in, board up, holds over, impervious, first class, un-trusty, more individualizing, un-correctable, hoovered, more put on, kept off, un-defined, sweltry, most suffocating, packs em in, de clines, dis-guised, un imaginable, sneaky, de-crease, under-cover, zipping one's lips, Ensphere, over-clouds, un feasible, pro-cures, resolves in to, exclusive, over hangs, most nit picking, more amoral, in determinate, packs like sardines, un-conscionable, dis appear, un plugs, getting through, fit out, un done, dis tort, went through with, buttons up, looking askance, keeping within bounds, doctoring up, buried, over-lapped, step it, de parts, socalled, trackless, more crammed, hooks on, be neath, drew to close, do on the sly, de-barring, dis mantles, gave sanctuary, over stock, takes flight, staying out of sight, got away, dog ear, jampack, stop, tied one hands, unplugged, most soft-pedalled, clamp, most shrouded, dis allow, quick fixed, closed down, porks out, dropped anchor, in vested, over spread, most deviceful, packed like sardines, in fixing, Loppered, most unforthcoming, handpicked, not give awayed, de duct, made fast, megabooked, re treats, socially correct, impassable, getting the way, be decks, most shoestring, goes in to hiding, un-believable, getting way, privy, resolving in to, most tight fisted, cling like ivy, offlying, pro-roguing, Impostrous, re-treats, dis-continues, ex-pire, saddling with, pro cures, be-decking, pro portion, blotted out, most snapped, put in nutshell, most low-profile, cramping one's style, firstrate, cashes chips, more sown, clogged, stuffed-up, most truncated, more scoundrelly, de-basing, giving run around, Lunched, monkeying with, with drawn, more inhumed, holding at bay, Dandifying, pre achiest, dropped it, slowwitted, crazy like a fox, in-activated, in-conveniences, more brick-wall, tightfisted, sweeps under rug, unforthcoming, Chocked, keep within limits, more spattered, taking cover, de-barred, exploitative, co oping, hinder, most charlatan, re plicated, forces in to space, un ruffled, kept arms length, more uncandid, deep, put on back burner, made pig of, made a quick exit, over-flows, more subaqueous, corked, packed em in, give take little, blipped, de-bars, like sardines, not give aways, reined in, provide refuge, rejoicing in, genial, doeth compulsively, end owing, over-laps, taking break, went over the mountain, keep secret, out wits, laying table, de-luging, most mini, between lines, most close-fitting, put bandaid, leaving flat, hitches on, puts stop to, doth compulsively, more infeasible, shrimpy, ex pire, small minded, in-stalling, most no-go, choky, dis-solved, packing 'em in, passed on, using up, Ultimating, hitch on, doubled over, Incapacious, out flanked, bringing to standstill, most rascal, dirty-dealing, cooled down, most under the counter, non public, wrought out details, keeping under one's hat, gobbles up, feasted on, murked, gyred, de liver, be-dizening, be sting, deep seated, were engrossed by, shorthanded, most amoral, firms a deal, singleminded, keep lid on, re-strained, over clouding, limit, rendering null and void, more sequestered, hooked on, de-ducts, middle of nowhere, pro longing, dissolve, over thrown, most astucious, put writing, Burkes, take care of, making feel small, shut, summates, re-peals, gelated, forced in to space, slow down, holds on, dis assembles, stood guard, sheltered, un-sung, more piled, squinched, more typhlotic, pulled the plug, take down a peg, putting ice, over laying, re does, preventing passage, over indulging, co here, cloak, clouded the issue, most bejeweled, fossilized, un safe, jam, selfsustained, carry off, peck at, un bowed, de-luged, more low down, ex cursive, freezes out, hadst a meal, Flanked, out of the sun, de luges, re tain, ambiguous, got in the way, glopped up, stuck like barnacle, dis-allow, not give awaying, rejoice in, most subrosa, dandify, un-seeing, dashed ones hope, stays out of sight, went route, keeping under one hat, most self sustaining, draws to close, de-press, kept under ones hat, kept distance, un trustier, put out way, Cinched, keeps in, making a pig of, went into hiding, hard to understand, refined, more digressory, orphic, overfilled, Burking, gotten around, staid put, Cockled, behind the scenes, most stop at nothing, mercentary, in definite, signing up, more adhering, Closeting, over flowing, left handed, tie hands, it's deal, fortressed, set on, de-posits, de-fend, takes under one's wing, farflung, feasting upon, scattered with, pre pares, un-assailable, un satisfactory, keep arms length, most orphic, puts a nutshell, bring to fruition, overspreads, most shielded, selfcontained, out line, runs from, most yawning, pre texts, in-distinct, deceitful, most unconscientious, costive, keeps at arm length, unventilated, inter-feres, shoots one's wad, put an act, apologize for, cast a shadow, most submerged, brick-wall, drawing to close, go over the mountain, re-strain, mis represents, lowkey, summated, pro-mise, pre-serving, puts one away, more winner, stowed away, re probate, take a break, intimate, put back burner, inter dict, most significative, most connoted, stunting, dead-end, more no-way, holds out on, drags one feet, in-haled, zipping lips, comes to end, sacramental, flags one, stayed out sight, uncompromising, unite, striking dumb, with hold, hard to please, cut to quick, most contained, most smoldering, most unsighted, un-worthiest, more consolidated, Whites, in separable, humble, cut to the quick, makes feel small, stealther, drinks in, out flank, make pig of oneself, out order, most streetwise, bides time, bringing a close, dis composing, most brick wall, Caked, cramped ones style, keep safe, penurious, quit cold turkey, most padlocked, inner most, significative, battens down, most peppered, chock, more lowprofile, putting out way, call it quits, gives run around, glossing over, dis-banding, swears to, more spangled, more shoestring, secluded, over feed, jellied, more tapered, art overcast, hook up, un-did, re plenished, choked off, shucking and jive, putting in a nutshell, keeps the lid on, putting on the shelf, wolf, Make short work of, most retreated, hath a meal, more entombed, most picked, more cover, became immobilized, un does, un-exposed, eats like horse, bottlenecked, far off, around the corner, cladding, over-stock, overfed, most taper, densens, beats off, gat away, more forsworn, de lay, draw close, advantaged, kept arm length, hoovering, in judicious, shotgun, un-typical, linear, un-ripe, lays the table, check, Imperceivable, take apart, sends up, taking ten, re-strict, make eat dirt, dis-commode, leaves flat, un uttered, bejeweled, more unexcited, disenchant, keep under ones hat, am preoccupied, dis uniting, most bastioned, re-mains, making ready, re-served, drop anchor, over-throw, in effectual, transfuse, culminate, keep under wraps, un-spoken, forces out, weighting, makes a getaway, muddied, decoct, bulge out, sign papers, imperviable, strung, clamming up, dis organize, compress, un solved, Inventoried, put the shelf, makes short work of, re-cessing, leading on merry chase, nosing out, wearing cheaters, casts down, dash one hope, scarfed down, certain, more blackmarket, keeps within limits, counter act, unmake, pumps up, belie, Tamping, gives ones word, safeguarded, puts on the shelf, fettered, ramming in, counter poising, hanging fire, keeping quiet, rapacious, over turning, more buzzed, passing on, de-lineated, lowtoned, tie one's hands, pretended, Inclosing, dammed up, more contracted, astringes, un-anxious, its deal, pro tracts, put on band-aid, in sensitive, Apparelled, sneakest, pre vents, turning the key, Bunked, Caparisoning, tacking on, established, quick fixing, tying loose ends, Counterplotting, locking out, letted fall, over-flowing, accepted offer, forcing into space, staying out sight, over-shadowing, Strangulated, took out play, starry with, most cramping, gave the lie to, most slammed, turns away, counter-factual, bring to close, put bed, bastioned, un-comfortable, un published, dis-tended, hold out on, cuts quick, sign for, de-hydrating, dis-enchanting, more mythomaniac, closes off, fore stalls, un-compromising, its a deals, puffs up, hogtie, vague, pro fuse, rose crescendo, mortaring, brings a close, made a pig of, most unrespectable, out-lying, de-hydrated, re-corded, most impostrous, laying away, dis criminatory, appareled, un-made, dis united, up the rafters, most downreaching, re ached, up and die, Gelatinated, Gorging, in-grained, battened down, makes difficult, co loring, over-casts, politic, dummying up, halt, un-honored, restrained, hadst bite, in corporate, stands still, un-solved, bosky, makes brief, became smaller, itchy, gat in the way, robed, more foreshadowed, biding time, firms deal, dis credited, in activating, shut in, more gridlocked, sets bounds to, more irresolvable, call quits, calls time, in stilling, blow the whistle on, lead on a merry chase, most close-knit, Cinching, Wedging, went in to hiding, more overparticular, be girds, more puton, nearliest, put off, go route, trump up, lowpitched, double talked, giving ones word, Padlocked, got out of the way, bass, mend, hold off, re-move, be gird, shucks jive, in-terns, subtle, most attached, more constricted, rigidifying, Agglutinating, more exclusionary, mis colors, mis-leads, most no way, de-stroying, mis-leading, un made, did voraciously, Gluing, scanty, trans fusing, blue pencilling, most cloistral, Hermetical, more indulged, holier than thou, didst on the sly, most brickwall, sealed, inter mix, most closeknit, four-flush, brings standstill, in activated, hold together, squinching, makes one sick, throw on makeup, comes around, ungettable, inter lacing, most undiscerning, Hooding, keeps under wraps, Hazing, coagulate, drops it, dis continue, provides refuge, more peanut, cocked the eye, dis ordering, look askance, earning wings, re-mote, threw up smoke screen, more blockaded, doing battle, like snake grass, took under wing, go limit, war horse, un-authorized, kept in, privateness, more cooked-up, over-indulge, carry through, overspread, in abeyance, keeps at arms length, secluse, carries through, held down, take under wing, stiffnecked, Stickling, suited up, most two by four, more bolted, charge, out the sun, most dead-end, Flanking, most skulking, more full toned, re move, in dependent, pre limiting, shook hands on, gets out way, did on sly, rolls back, over-throwing, Manacling, most selfsupported, coadunates, refuses admittance, in sincerer, most crushing, slipt in to, covetous, unfair, sieving, squinting, un-wavering, Crisped, glops up, most low-toned, de-liver, Bitted, put on the shelf, dog-eared, leads a merry chase, re did, bringing to a close, guzzle, inter lace, By-pass, Garroted, improper, fenced in, Bracketed, over-crowds, by pass, Muddying, de signing, pre-scribing, un-lawful, swear to, drag feet, Concreting, incloses, mis-representative, tied hands, tight, self sustained, clean up, telescope, more jam packed, draws together, de marks, low toned, un spoken, costumed, ups die, palliate, more unforthcoming, un-real, re-pealed, Buttoning, sending up, most boondocks, brought down curtain, Summed, inactive, un safer, most dissembled, loses interest, saddled with, dis-compose, more close grained, most dissimulating, sur-facing, puts an end to, umbraged, putting out of the way, doubletalked, cashing in chips, dis-courage, hath for, throwing smoke screen, in comprehensible, most barricaded, more lowtoned, over powered, snubber, Thronging, with holds, by passed, dis appoints, puts in a hole, setting on, moralistic, brought close, Inking, hanging up, re viewing, smooth tongued, dogeared, quiet, grew less, unsuitable, counter-plotted, cramps one style, like a snake the grass, on qt, closed off, Sentineling, more stuffed-up, swallowing whole, calls day, gat done, retired, most suborned, opaque, more self sustaining, is bogged down, blockading, slips out, un realized, beating off, unfrankest, packed in, de tailed, re tiring, hypo critical, unprofane, INCS, keeping distance, dash ones hope, close one's chest, more self-sustained, dost voraciously, skunked, dis interests, cleaned up, like a snake grass, blinking, circuited, most handpicked, Disinteresting, low down, densening, deadbolt, de-contaminated, Glozed, more downreaching, re peals, brings fruition, left flat, furrowed, layered, blinding, more shammed, over-feeds, ceasing fire, narrow, un-concluded, more smooth spoken, blimps out, most lidded, over-fills, scrimpy, mis-stating, re strict, came to the end, more secluse, counter acting, graying, interfered with, kept out, amaurotic, clung like ivy, top off, raven, shifty, most sequestered, drag one's feet, middle nowhere, in the background, wast through with, de-creases, eat like a horse, un-noticed, wears cheaters, out maneuvering, getting out way, clear as mud, gives cover, tops off, most into, iced, de moting, dashes hope, in tent, becoming immobilized, picks out, crazy like fox, keeps quiet, more lowdown, most buddybuddy, more fussbudget, most gorged, under-taking, getting out of the way, re solved, Brazed, puts a bandaid, delimitates, un reasonable, sticked together, put the lid on, more insulated, sur rounding, be-mean, most abutting, putting on a front, got in way, shade, most emeritus, un-conscientious, re sourceful, leaves out, fits out, off mark, be engrossed by, Liveries, dis played, more dead-end, over whelm, not give away, over-thrown, enchains, more obliquitous, Caking, de camping, counter plotting, made feel small, deceptive, dog-ears, more resolved, Secreted, popping one balloon, reining in, out-witting, most close-lipped, de ceased, be-clouding, in privacy, wound about, begged the question, pulp, more skulking, ceased fire, in closed, de fends, put on ice, cracking down on, un solvable, puts bandaid, glossed over, more smoldering, under sized, going route, most endogenous, unheard of, pro cured, more disciplined, more unemphatic, in discernible, de limiting, re-fines, post-pone, over-spreads, bottlenecking, de-parting, drive in, bearded, inter-laces, more studded, pre vent, boozing, gelatinous, led merry chase, mis taken, bring naught, most obstructed, un accountable, over-indulges, pro-longs, quits cold turkey, doth sly, parsimonious, rendering void, be girding, shutting out, buys it, low-down, look after, be-girt, coadunated, pulling the plug, close mouthed, Agglutinant, beats down, re-ached, bringing maturity, be-clouds, dis-torts, limits, grooving, used up, dis-credited, clinging like ivy, dropping anchor, un-attainable, like snake in grass, putting on ice, in violable, dis comfits, dis organizing, out-maneuver, looks crosseyed, most misrepresentative, de fined, does battle, upping and die, over turn, more rascally, put ice, muddy the waters, putting lid on, emeritus, gloating over, un conventional, torpedoed, inter-laced, in-formation, most choking, switch off, most untrodden, putting the hole, in-commodious, hard please, most stretched, pops balloon, brought to naught, over crowded, up-set, off record, over-turn, shoots wad, out of bounds, more confounding, comes end, cheap, more trackless, sews up, in-fix, goes route, in-judicious, un-touchable, wert engrossed by, pinned down, harden, roofing, in holes and corners, un-feasible, GIMPS, pre-limiting, most pretend, over indulged, more sub-rosa, bleeping out, bolts down, makes break for it, more attached, fine, putting a band aid, called it day, frustrate, more low-toned, tie ones hands, more umbrous, be dimmed, sneaked away, unobserved, more world-class, in-violable, brickwall, does sly, jive, Irresolvable, un-perceiving, Coll, putting bed, threw makeup, putting up a smoke screen, under-ground, more unperceived, most bamboozling, re-tains, most chiaroscuro, pro roguing, pro-duces, un worthiest, out view, cutting run, pulls plug, brought maturity, most manned, un-friendly, sur ceased, sur-ceases, Noway, enfetters, un frequented, putting finishing touches on, kept at arm's length, upping die, de-presses, rams in, more away, shrimpier, nosed out, made pig oneself, more transmundane, super-imposing, goes into hiding, took nourishment, carpeting, dashing one hope, with drawing, un believable, like a snake in grass, winds about, Miscolor, be overcast, covering bases, stepped it, hiding out, carrying off, get out of the way, over-flowed, un-forthcoming, made break for it, leads on a merry chase, re views, keep at arms length, went limit, leaves holding bag, most blackmarket, counter plotted, on q t, more manipulative, more inexecutable, interned, delimitate, spiraling, out fit, in chambers, slipping out, restricted, hast for, re served, strangulates, most stiff necked, de marked, trans fuses, most glutted, gets done, civil, stall, over ride, strangulate, steers clear of, Preventing, keeps dark, are overcast, be-fogging, come around, out fitted, encumber, foxy, un acknowledged, Bitting, bland, tied down, dis solute, more diminished, stamp on, doubles over, under stated, overcloud, shoots ones wad, ex-cept, squinches, more buddybuddy, go bat for, Mortising, occupied, stickumed, dis-enchanted, stick together, blue pencilled, un-achievable, more seclusive, de-ducted, garrote, mums word, un honored, boarding up, mis states, more franchised, call time, Hepper, un exposed, get away, dis-charged, Stoppling, lost one interest, sur-faced, partial, de-meaning, encasing, dis-composes, keeps bay, more unrealized, obliquitous, box up, more close fitting, more immured, am overcast, re-plenished, de adens, rises to crescendo, keep off, achieve, Ballasted, ex plains, most eclipsed, brings to naught, under-developed, most amaurotic, haddest meal, more capped, lied low, over-clouding, bringing to maturity, take out play, inhibited, un concluded, more no win, most fathomless, takes a break, putting a bandaid, umbrous, held on, pre-text, un faithful, hushhush, more associative, un-observed, de-fended, de-stroys, stickum, over flows, re-straining, run from, sub marine, backdoor, interning, more nimblewitted, Jellified, brings naught, doctor up, un-available, unperceiving, keep bay, most circumscribed, ties ones hands, renders void, most deadend, kept secret, signs papers, most palatine, out of question, un-settled, most selfsustaining, provided refuge, log off, put on bandaid, pro rogue, ex tent, get done, insincere, mis-lead, made pig of oneself, brings to fruition, beyond the pale, most quizzed, most buttressed, on top each other, blimping out, most spattered, un-inhabited, reduced speed, closed at one end, enchained, Apparelling, stymie, most offlying, most numskulled, dis missed, un ethical, un resolved, over-ride, syncopates, over riding, making pig of, un-generous, puts in hole, throwing up smoke screen, took a breather, bluechip, cock eye, de graded, un workable, pro-tracts, more hermitic, over-particular, clinch, make a getaway, privatenesses, buddybuddy, covered bases, breeched, sate down on, most holding, be-sting, constrict, vitrified, most inhumed, taking nourishment, sardine, de-part, most war horse, taking under one's wing, selfsupporting, holds together, re-duces, de basing, doeth on sly, staying put, more jam full, drag ones feet, put finishing touches on, dis torts, tucking away, puts band aid, de-grades, skintight, most soft pedalled, dis-perse, post pones, up tight, smoothing over, slacken pace, inter-dict, putting a band-aid, more wedged, caulked, over flow, give take a little, slip on, over-lap, bolt down, Swilled, firmed a deal, hath meal, Exclusory, pack 'em in, closed, inactivated, by passes, puts on bandaid, most self sufficing, put to bed, close up, pressing together, stay out sight, most lowtoned, sur face, re pulsing, be dimming, closegrained, self contained, over-burdened, miscolored, enshroud, shuck and jive, most smoothspoken, clabbers, dis-missed, up rafters, ultimates, keeps off, tensed, demarked, more in to, re solve, squash, de-moting, un-satisfactory, overnice, fill, Stiving, monkey with, blanket, habited, canopied, most close lipped, most full toned, un-sociable, de pressing, puts ice, puts on band aid, nowin, putting on back burner, re sonant, compass, stays out sight, trans fused, holding down, grabbed hold of, in backwater, in-vesting, dissemble, most advantaged, on the quiet, kept bay, pop balloon, making short work of, putting on bandaid, casting shadow, cuts to quick, sets aside, took a break, got through, doest battle, more hairsplitting, puts on front, more hundred to one, stopple, more topped, disenchanting, most transmundane, basser, dis posing, partake of, pro scribing, sur-face, put act, froze to, cloistral, mills around, under-the-counter, pro-longing, most watertight, bedizen, begs question, un comfortable, kept within bounds, un emphatic, in-accessible, dishonest, clouds over, give or take a little, dis-patch, hast meal, curdling, most tightened, hog tie, crack down on, under-the-table, held in, intermits, vitrifies, do on sly, more nowin, dis orders, slipped into, lopper, over-loading, did sly, four flushes, being through with, pre-scribe, give run around, rolling back, ex-tent, prevail over, in-operative, slipping on, most fair weather, more significative, dis-concerts, gets around, un-moved, its a dealt, dis-ordering, most overparticular, dis-criminatory, apologized for, un friendliest, running like scared rabbit, kiss goodbye, re plicating, coming the end, bundle up, un seen, more worldclass, in-executable, inner-most, goes over the mountain, stopped up, dis-ordered, closefisted, un-receptive, impeded, habilitates, put on false front, kept at bay, more watertight, put a false front, de-finite, hit switch, counter-plot, un conscientious, most dirty-dealing, kept at arms length, milled around, drops curtain, shuttering, coming together, pre-limit, cram, had for, more backstairs, keeps out, more cooked up, over whelms, over casts, shucked jive, dis banded, left holding bag, over clouds, dog ears, Numskulled, in-glorious, over throwing, in ambush, over feeding, re plenishing, most empowered, Visionless, more entitled, in scrutable, it a deals, re-moving, resolved in to, comes the end, popped one balloon, un founded, shelter, cloud, puts on a front, most cidevant, closed end, defended against, seeming, prettify, re tires, un obtrusive, coming to end, most conspiratorial, more jam-packed, un affected, be yond, most nimble witted, lays on the table, deaconing, counter-plotting, more skinflint, protect, over-ridden, keeps under hat, false, pops one balloon, in-conspicuous, ruffle, more under-the-table, most secured, in holes corners, un authorized, marry, re pressing, be-meaning, re pealing, selfrighteous, most cherished, over loading, de-duct, re-strains, be-deck, puts a lid on, playing games, more agglutinant, up-holding, Casehardening, revelling in, tele scoping, most humorless, dis appears, close down, un-founded, sur-mounts, over filled, shotgunning, far flung, sur-rounding, Imperceptive, more sheathed, doubling over, densified, un reliable, most lowprofile, shakes hands on it, prevent passage, de feat, having done with, having fancy footwork, most underneath, bringing close, most close fitting, most skinflint, over shadowing, dis-arranging, in-stalled, un realizable, un-marked, get around, got the way, hugging, cleans up, un-published, Roped, re mained, stopping up, self sufficing, in corporates, with holding, de aden, off limits, discriminating, firming, TAMPS, slipt into, un-conscious, de-touring, bushing up, re-viewed, most constricted, mis-represented, unpiercable, hangs fire, four-flushing, more close knit, be mean, brought to a close, de stroy, dragging one feet, cidevant, taking under wing, re tired, more no-go, deal with, most obliquitous, casts a shadow, sub-dues, uncorrectable, over indulge, doing compulsively, de-aden, putting back burner, hard by, most shut, impenetrable, popping ones balloon, most occluded, Gloze, more surfaced, muddying waters, expurgate, more massed, buddy buddy, over-load, dis criminative, bedizens, cooped up, nonpublic, un-official, goes through with, dis-patched, snuggled up, re strains, finish, out of way, untrustworthy, un expressed, set bounds to, dis composes, be drapes, gloms onto, dog earing, gloats over, dis tends, tag on, be clouding, bring to maturity, shortlived, gave shelter, de-base, dis graceful, curled up, Riveted, more submarine, pre-texts, stowing away, more feline, puts out of the way, un disturbed, out sun, screws up eyes, choicier, indurate, hanged up, make terms, was overcast, prevented passage, falls away, putting on a false front, misunderstand, hermitic, complete, pecked at, hard line, freezing out, boils down, are bogged down, lose ones interest, re-adies, pulling plug, mortises, Loppering, puts to bed, loses one's interest, over-filling, Coadunate, more feigning, corking, sandbagging, was engrossed by, in-undated, not hand, in-gest, puff up, de base, more nimble witted, cast shadow, more tightened, take food, in validate, de-contaminating, cash chips, more two-by-four, Curtaining, putting nutshell, close to ones chest, finishing up, shooting one wad, begrudging, cache, turning key, is preoccupied, constringe, jam full, sandbag, have bite, more undivulged, secret, cracks down on, putting up smoke screen, pro scribed, un making, slips on, pro-founder, most unventilated, de ceases, un compromising, Stives, re-serving, gain time, most confining, more figured, with held, remote, un scrupulous, most brick-wall, drew close, more wordless, unsolved, most subaqueous, more granted, laying aside, in-vulnerable, more world class, un-excited, polished, spare, finishes off, took under ones wing, pegs down, quitting cold turkey, thickening, doing on the sly, in famous, be-draping, more below, spread with, overcrowd, inhibit, un-mindful, bleeped out, cloaked, fore stalling, dis-comfit, bide time, un-plugs, stamped on, out-flank, de-marks, inter-mixing, rigidified, took under one's wing, re pulsed, more into, shut door on, blotting out, has a bite, un forthcoming, under a cloud, dis honorable, sub-rosa, sat down on, stashing away, boxes in, sandbagged, terrain, buying it, gotten out of way, drew together, clam up, up-sets, un-noted, reveling in, turn under, takes out play, under ground, dis solving, superposes, call a day, most irrealizable, counterplots, more culled, Bottling, closemouthed, most clasped, be dizen, mortise, dis courage, giving word, pecking at, co-here, put a cork in, in haling, driving out, making quick exit, inconspicuous, Appareling, be lied, most low profile, in credible, most tapered, most closet, reclusivenesses, spiraled, re done, clingiest, more stickling, slam, un-known, over cast, rejoices in, re-duce, drawing close, more obstructed, shucking jive, counter acted, come an end, shot one's wad, over particular, upset applecart, Gloomed, inks, ceases fire, keeping secret, re butted, in vests, most sheathed, more compressed, doest voraciously, gloated over, put hold, Telescoping, dis-charges, putting kibosh on, inter laces, put shelf, most world-class, Shrouded, overparticular, dis-charging, close chest, over throw, nip the bud, kept under hat, drawn, self important, over-crowd, were through with, stays put, cutting to the quick, more cherished, under-lying, most unreceptive, make tracks, whitewashed, be-dizen, closed at end, embarrass, smoothspoken, stealthest, un thinkable, buttoning down, throws up smoke screen, in-stilled, clog, most roofed, take flight, most forsworn, circumscribe, buttoned, doing the sly, covering all bases, wert bogged down, most sub-rosa, tiny, off-limits, most hairsplitting, go the limit, putting band aid, blimped out, over fill, de hydrating, Havened, looks askance, getting around, cools it, more stiff-necked, most dead end, acquisitive, occults, sees through, more concocted, gorge, untrusty, goes the route, in explicable, under one nose, shook hands it, delay, most beleaguered, pork out, be meaning, dis graces, sur mounts, dis please, froze out, made one feel small, over-whelm, most unreasoning, chockfull, overcrowds, looked cross eyed, most manipulative, over-whelms, Bulwarked, un-gettable, staunched, blowing the whistle on, most irresolvable, in sincere, more eclipsed, shooting wad, re-strictions, un-principled, pickest, walled in, overcasts, un-bending, finkest, marks out, by-passing, interferes with, over indulges, took wind out of sails, pre-vent, hang up, most delphic, shutting door on, prevents passage, super-pose, more beleaguered, purse, covers up, mis represent, co-oking, delimitated, over laid, did on the sly, hermetically sealed, put front, giving the run around, finished up, niggardly, un-professional, inter-twining, dis hearten, pro long, over-spread, un-accountable, dis missing, putting up a front, dis continued, un assured, block, accept offer, most starred, un aware, are through with, chow down, habilitated, more glued, come to the end, tight chops, prevails over, lay table, stopping oneself, more walled, more populated, not at hand, un-make, most premeditating, puts cork in, stand guard, putting smoke screen, between the lines, leave holding the bag, does the sly, giving refuge, giving cover, has a meal, more autogenous, rivetting, re viewed, Shelving, re-fine, packing it in, out lawed, go the route, comes together, boxing up, bleep, un friendly, coming around, knocked back, de cline, be clouds, with-holds, boskier, in-vest, dis-mantles, de-posit, most jamfull, jam-full, up setting, pre-tends, shot ones wad, looking cross eyed, signed for, putting on front, de-contaminate, more offlying, puts a cork in, struck dumb, keep within bounds, most infeasible, finish up, pro-tract, by passing, dis proved, most shammed, shoots one wad, plicate, de luge, un yielding, un-trustier, most resinous, four flushing, over-eaten, un-expressed, doubletalk, personal, hitting the switch, most under-the-counter, counter balancing, over-shadows, most signified, choking off, more dissembled, fitting out, covering up, un-ethical, un did, tactful, equivocal, enigmatical, dis-commodes, camouflage, over-crowding, de presses, most unexcited, calls quits, over-whelming, made sick, casting down, tenses, over powers, more smooth-spoken, wily, choicy, most selfsustained, in stalled, un-profane, art through with, puts up smoke screen, coops up, courteous, apologizing for, densifying, Tamped, more cookedup, be drape, be preoccupied, un-earthlier, de-livers, more impostrous, most certified, ex tract, dis ordered, dis-comfits, shake hands on it, laying on table, dis grace, in-dividual, de-parted, more stuffed up, putting end to, kept within limits, wert through with, shuts in, co-oping, more plotting, put crimp in, more adumbral, cooling it, mill around, dis unites, packs in, hooking up, break up, laid on table, brought to an end, most nimble-witted, didst thoroughly, stiff necked, un-disclosed, put a front, curls up, rising crescendo, in-corporates, super-impose, reducing speed, more manned, most stalesmelling, dis-appears, dis-allowed, up-setting, reserved, resolving into, boiled down, over flown, be-fogs, self supporting, boards up, Domiciling, un typical, steps on it, more boondocks, blew the whistle on, freeze to, quick fixt, pre serves, slows down, more brickwall, pops one's balloon, gimping, Summing, pro longs, un-yielding, re-tired, de ranging, bummest, Trammeled, backstairs, Diked, cocks the eye, hast done with, blow whistle on, de creasing, un divided, un noted, close off, de lineated, sub sided, worldclass, cast down, mortars, set stone, more soft-pedalled, keeping lid on, dis solved, porking out, most selfsufficing, over come, entrammels, ex-plains, not prayer, pack like sardines, hide out, de-fending, turn off, puts on ice, go underground, more submerged, most put-on, un-divided, winded down, run like scared rabbit, unreachable, over ridden, de stroyed, more selfsupported, leave out, more close-grained, more fulltoned, un clear, put out of the way, dis-allowing, dog-earing, make brief, Domiciled, most pinched, dis-enchants, telescopes, deadbolted, strikes dumb, inaccessible, keeps arm length, fence in, more low-down, dis-interest, un-related, slipped on, dam, with-drawn, reduces speed, got out way, sets on, most illusory, palsy walsy, pro-scribed, slowing down, ties up loose ends, stopples, brings to maturity, put a crimp in, un anxious, in-dependent, setting bounds to, un-reliable, dilly dally, go through with, more unprofane, in spitting distance, putting a nutshell, sew up, banqueting, feast on, dis-playing, re-ceded, un doing, most buzzed, more pinched, hamper, leant over, cut the quick, took ten, Gibbeted, more roofed, dashes one's hope, clouds up, across the street, fakest, sub-aqueous, more crushing, cashes in chips, pop one's balloon, standing guard, earn wings, re-doing, over eating, firming a deal, de-ceases, bring down curtain, over-turning, mows down, smooth spoken, sweltriest, Gels, goes limit, draw line, most bolted, shipwrecks, un respectable, most consolidated, handcuff, in dividual, slipped out, out-flanked, pre-paring, under false pretense, in-closed, hast a meal, for eyes only, be-gird, have done with, palms, under cover, dogearing, in-stall, thick, glooming, sure, retard flow, bring maturity, Occulted, most beneath, rendered void, keeps under one hat, let fall, Canopying, most enfolded, in gests, zipping ones lips, Shoaled, pro-cesses, dis allowed, over-laid, puts a stop to, more unrevealed, most apart, close to one chest, puts out of way, most hermitic, bagging it, prorogated, staid out of sight, most attenuate, turn the key, un frank, went the limit, most digressing, be fogged, dropped curtain, re-sting, de-ranged, re-solute, become embedded, muggy, most cover, Decocting, brimming over, under-handed, most self supported, under developed, sur cease, dis concert, lead a merry chase, swore to, brings close, un frankest, dashed one hope, de-adens, pinning down, milling around, did compulsively, de voted, most smothering, dis-proved, Girdled, un-friendlier, put a band-aid, tight fisted, held at bay, impede, dandified, de based, pre carious, over-whelmed, ex-tents, most entombed, tied one's hands, Bemean, rid shotgun for, disciplined, un-trodden, have for, re cedes, drape, more selfsustained, sur faces, battening down, un-conventional, blows whistle on, holding bay, becoming indebted, Cudgelling, no-way, ink, de pressed, gained time, selective, scheming, undercover, more empowered, be-drape, selfsufficing, re-plenishes, taking a break, Screened, hairline, hast bite, up speed, dis banding, little, scoundrelly, re-aching, taciturn, Stringing, un-worthier, most capped, in darkness, befog, more attaching, making it with, hammering out deal, packing in, re-vised, beg question, two-by-four, drags one's feet, winding about, wert overcast, wrap up, remand, sweep under rug, more mobbed, stands guard, putting a stop to, bring end, guising, with-held, up hold, pre-limited, up-hold, dash hope, calculating, re-presses, de-creasing, toyest, trammel, most dirty dealing, Rimming, put up smoke screen, lumped together, lump together, Bunging, more in house, gets out the way, most crabbed, cashing chips, watched over, switched off, dis-assemble, re plicates, are engrossed by, more apart, brings to a close, dis-appoint, ungenerous, stopped oneself, turns key, blank walls, gelating, Trashed, cools down, Perdu, dis compose, Colling, nit picking, doeth voraciously, re-buffs, gave cover, unjust, hadst for, tying one hands, most intelligence, dis-solute, dam up, out of line, more put-on, un-observant, gelatinates, most jam-full, re strain, more frontier, in-direct, sits on, weighted, dis-organizes, leaves holding the bag, Dizened, re ported, put a bandaid, dis-composed, got out of way, inumbrating, stiff-necked, shooting one's wad, faking one out, dropping it, counter balanced, re-probate, de motes, Glozing, un-ostentatious, sur-cease, clouding the issue, taking down peg, puffing up, initialling, dis-appear, hit the switch, Stabilitate, losing one's interest, most concocted, dis continues, un recoverable, not told, clabbered, slick, de-hydrates, over-powering, cuts the quick, disguise, revelled in, inter-twined, pro-cure, in-gests, reins in, hastening away, most bulwarked, putting stop to, Trussing, counter factual, deepseated, biased, Remanding, most beguiling, in vulnerable, ate like horse, dis-honorable, devious, bring standstill, secure, not for publication, re cesses, out sight, makebelieve, in decisive, prettified, dis posed, beating system, enswathed, pro-curing, de-tailed, un-divulged, dogear, re-lated, inactivate, restrict, went the route, corrugate, bedraping, stickuming, counter-act, de crease, over loads, rolled back, un inhabited, re lated, pro found, coop up, unnoted, un lawful, hooks up, most self sustained, classified, re fused, unheardof, turning under, vestigial, de-grading, turn key, topped off, re-butting, tying hands, dis-mantle, puts kibosh on, screwing eyes, un-makes, callousing, cooping up, over-hanging, dis proving, lay away, trans-fuse, be-drapes, seclude, caulks, definite, un-safest, more enshrined, most uncorrectable, un-obtrusive, more signified, rounded out, called day, makes firm, slapped on, un fathomable, un-truer, buy it, more conniving, over clouded, un dependable, gets away, topser, super imposes, fencing in, in-vests, leaning over, puts the lid on, out-lined, re-plicated, four flushed, most insulated, un conscionable, mum's word, sidelining, most carpeted, more acroamatic, most softpedalled, un perceiving, under taken, re view, compressed, re-fuse, up holds, re-views, dark, stops up, keeping at arm's length, dis plays, most stoppered, Breeching, carried off, dragging ones feet, went whole hog, in closing, most no-win, holds fast, most clumped, de-fining, re striction, costuming, un-safe, make firm, shielded, sitting on, ex tents, feasts upon, dropping the curtain, up to snuff, more barricaded, choke off, mis-coloring, four-flushes, ties down, Occulting, over shadows, un-developed, most baritone, Stoppering, out-lines, jammed in, unconscientious, re buffs, swearing to, bringing end, sit on, pro-cessed, brought naught, prettifies, more sacramental, subrosa, wolfed down, un-riper, un attainable, out wit, un plugged, Noosing, more secured, most sunk, overcrowding, not tell, varnish, brings end, un available, keep from, cutting it out, un-trustworthy, veiled, straiter, de-marking, more unrespectable, slips in to, putting out of way, firm deal, peg down, resolved into, makes a break for it, most peanut, top-pest, more innovational, most seclusive, haddest for, take breather, gave ones word, boiling down, Torpedoes, put out the way, not a prayer, dis commodes, forfended, jiviest, flighting, shoestring, stick like barnacle, make ready, super-posed, doing thoroughly, puts crimp in, de terminate, beats system, latch, covered, cut run, fold up, packs it in, come a head, un interesting, re presses, over lapping, cramped style, stepping it, de grades, barricade, under stood, stay out of sight, over whelming, in-hales, take ten, de-cease, suspend, render void, stuffed up, Intermitting, mask, most unsolved, lidded, recess, unexposed, clothe, de-livered, unfranker, buddy-buddy, over fills, glop up, un excited, stamping on, mendacious, two faced, laid low, most digressory, get through, beating the system, callouses, dost on sly, un-assured, be-neath, more meant, more exploitative, screw eyes, double-dealing, out the question, laid away, turned aside, beat the system, makes light of, tie up, keep under one hat, ingenious, casuistic, steering clear of, staunches, sparing, didst voraciously, dis allows, counter-poised, boxed up, in most, avaricious, end-owed, takes apart, be-leaguered, on the sly, put on a band aid, bulging out, tied ones hands, drove in, un-recoverable, be draped, pin down, more zipped, de-livering, shakes hands on, called time, pre pare, watching over, confines, Incog, dis-arrange, most unpierceable, taking down a peg, shrouding, most under-the-table, dis solves, most compressed, in stilled, pro mises, Imposturous, hung fire, ruckling, most war-horse, dis appointed, made short work of, farout, re-cess, making a break for it, most surfaced, takes five, feasts on, dis-appointed, batten down, lying low, blind, making terms, decided, up to speed, more fair-weather, calls it a day, de ranged, getting out of way, Spruced, in-cog, ties one hands, repressed, conspiratorial, eating like a horse, cool it, de-ceased, suits up, most fair-weather, looks cross eyed, dis-bands, in-considerable, crooked, finishes up, under one's nose, set in stone, fore-stalled, ex-plained, stuck together, Circumduct, renders null void, taking a breather, have a meal, hastens away, dis-proving, plugged, bring to an end, stayed put, kept to oneself, densened, re butting, more unnoted, most muted, inter-twines, under-sized, dis countenances, sly, takes down peg, watertight, gave first aid, overfeed, are preoccupied, dis-band, keeps safe, clouds the issue, pro rogues, over comes, hadst done with, taking wind out of sails, caulk, most trustless, off lying, in depth, out-lawed, without egress, dis-tort, most hundred to one, takes down a peg, locked, dis playing, more shriveled, trans fuse, Astringed, un-seen, pre meditating, cramped, more overlaid, pre limit, quick witted, locked up, cover, dis organizes, un communicative, most self-supported, cocks eye, bushed up, made a getaway, puts front, stood still, give the lie to, bringing down curtain, bedraped, dulls, initialled, most unperceived, called quits, strike dumb, taking care of, more trustless, bode time, make a break for it, over-run, closes up, un trodden, stalesmelling, eat like horse, making pig oneself, most put on, more reclusive, keeps back, pre text, dis solve, circumducts, more stiff necked, dost thoroughly, more self sufficing, most meant, it's dealing, out way, gat out of the way, kissed goodbye, throw makeup, putting false front, agglutinates, re-treat, bundling up, puts the shelf, self supported, prim and proper, packed 'em in, over-throws, tie down, pre pared, de-ceasing, stow away, bring pass, accepts offer, in-tended, summating, most disciplined, am through with, de-mote, turned away, Habiting, in formation, dirty dealing, most surveyed, co oking, dis mantled, impish, creamer, swallowed whole, most casuistic, pleating, over-rode, curl up, leading nowhere, trans-fused, hath a bite, gone fishing, more stop-at-nothing, super posing, most scrutinized, most incog, doth on the sly, holding in, brings to an end, sticks like barnacle, looking cross-eyed, contract, unmaking, pennypinching, inactivates, in close, dense, INDEPTH, dis graced, pacted, fly by night, leads merry chase, in activates, puts a hole, button down, falsehearted, Inumbrate, dizens, most unhonored, dis criminating, re-butted, un-truest, putting a hole, making a getaway, fossilizes, switches off, clouding up, beyond reach, resolves into, fathomless, make difficult, gives sanctuary, studded, occult, closing up, tele scoped, bedizened, interfere with, Superposed, pre-carious, re plenishes, super imposing, implied, casehardens, re-tiring, un-trustiest, un-sighted, snide, took under one wing, top notch, un defined, more undiscerning, in-decisive, palsywalsy, slap on, tying down, coadunating, takes under ones wing, ruckled, counter-acting, pop ones balloon, keep dark, made brief, did thoroughly, snuck away, unclear, more shielded, dashing ones hope, wind about, most enshrined, un-troubled, didst compulsively, made ready, dis-organized, staid out sight, insusceptible, in disputable, laid the table, de-feats, losing one interest, gowning, un-frequented, un sounder, nit-picking, most restricting, reduce speed, dis-guise, ex plain, un trustiest, dis-countenancing, cloudy, looked crosseyed, fasten, winded about, most enshrouded, most stale smelling, un-faithful, popped balloon, doeth thoroughly, retards flow, more dissimulated, bulletproof, most imposturous, re vising, dis-play, under hand, prim proper, ruck up, watch over, most purported, nip bud, did battle, care for, grows less, closing off, unhonored, fore-stalls, fortified, unrespectable, pro-portions, doing sly, went over mountain, most world class, self-supported, sandbags, trumping up, over filling, in commodes, has done with, sequestrate, gat around, muddied waters, cocking eye, un-important, de-voted, tagging on, de range, most dissembling, fourflush, most no-way, drives out, world class, was through with, habilitating, dis-solving, private, dis-assembling, un thinking, fastened, tied loose ends, boarded up, autogenous, in-formations, co oped, Diking, de-camp, wound down, sur-rounded, more digressing, more clumped, nimble witted, prorogating, makes a pig of, out lawing, hath done with, cut quick, ex-acting, co-hering, de fines, de-posited, un-doing, pre-tended, more unreasoning, shield, dis composed, cleaning up, shucked and jive, noses out, tying up loose ends, keep to oneself, taking flight, pro-mises, finishing off, under take, breech, chowed down, takes cover, terminate, un obtainable, re maining, bleeps out, de ranges, withhold, pre-tend, lost ones interest, Counterplotted, most overspread, more contained, unobtainable, more insinuated, de bar, wore cheaters, slip in to, spruces, shake hands on, muddies waters, making firm, most slinking, re moved, art preoccupied, de-contaminates, most niggardly, re straining, over burdens, un discerning, more isolate, puts out way, more clasped, more no-win, dis-unites, in tended, closing down, signing for, Stived, re-plenishing, more curtained, seclusion, Quieter, mum the word, unconcluded, bringing standstill, more centered, in sinuated, in-sincere, Forfend, forcing out, leave high dry, unmakes, resentful, Scarfed, nearlier, filibustered, ex-act, has meal, doest on the sly, prevailed over, in-soluble, gave over, makes pig of oneself, most inhouse, sub jugate, de tain, un sound, un-perceived, pre-achier, un-franker, re cessing, stashes away, un discovered, passed up, sweltrier, putting on a band-aid, making light of, make fast, throwing makeup, most unlicensed, first rate, starred, give first aid, put up a smoke screen, over-laying, dis mantling, Saddling, breakfasted, in-activates, softpedal, Mortised, bleeped, grooved, pre-limits, re-plicating, dis guise, being bogged down, rammed in, un detected, sacred, more carpeted, Misrepresentative, super imposed, clouded up, re aching, de parted, out witting, gat in way, put up front, most insinuated, pre serve, popped one's balloon, kept back, colled, keeping out, heavy booking, self sufficient, hit books, tucked up, threw for loop, holding over, so called, in-exorable, keeping oneself, re solves, more two by four, doublespeaking, more self sustained, makes good, cramps one's style, in-conceivable, un-resolved, close to one's chest, cool down, most adhering, begs the question, fulltoned, doeth on the sly, airtight, over crowd, shut the door on, put nutshell, un-workable, un observed, putting on band aid, re serve, chiaroscuro, gelates, near-at-hand, under-taken, more inviolate, works out details, furtive, goes whole hog, looked after, most plugged, dis charges, lays away, ran like scared rabbit, dress, dis countenancing, most garrisoned, un wavering, ignore, give word, re fined, most hairline, un conscious, blank wall, in accessible, self-centered, dropt curtain, threw on makeup, de-pressing, over-fill, rounds out, most plotting, gridlocked, entrammeling, Overstocking, dis-simulating, Toyer, Palming, stakes out, most umbrous, over lays, it's a dealing, occlude, close, most in-house, putting one away, casting a shadow, de-means, un achievable, ex cept, across street, most off-lying, brought end, be-lying, dis-charge, pinions, most jam-packed, de limited, sew, most imperceivable, wert preoccupied, hold down, dis-concerted, blackmarket, rise crescendo, trans mundane, un suspected, final, pre occupied, un-truthful, in valid, withheld, gives word, dis-courages, determined, gat way, clams up, pre-venting, re sting, de contaminating, double talking, made one sick, saddle with, more fathomless, dis tend, de contaminated, dis heartened, pulled plug, dis-interested, bring to naught, bleeping, most in house, pro-cured, in-sure, more unconcluded, gotten away, subaqueous, more imperceivable, un worthier, gives refuge, hold over, concealed, dis appearing, inter-fere, un-emphatic, over runs, cracked down on, dis patching, switching off, more uncorrectable, over burden, losing interest, urbane, most sown, bleep out, de creases, pre-vents, de-signing, most sacramental, Trustless, nailing down, gat out of way, firmed deal, dis-patching, de camps, dragged one's feet, trans-mundane, like snake the grass, dis-mantling, pro-portion, more adherent, am bogged down, swank, tight-lipped, more buddy buddy, upped die, more stalesmelling, Cloistering, CRISPS, making with, most stiffnecked, re vise, take under one wing, most unassured, more low toned, un-clearest, de part, is through with, stuffedup, puts end to, clasp, full toned, steadying, most hole-and-corner, am engrossed by, most no win, ruched, stop up, ravens, under-takes, Bulwarking, more closelipped, most jam full, un observant, brought an end, ex-tracts, more regarded, finalize, de mote, in activate, keep arm length, in-validate, more close-knit, unseen, bring to end, dis guises, over-indulged, de ceasing, freeze out, overcasting, in private, making a quick exit, wall off, kept at arm length, low-toned, gets out of way, off the beaten track, screwing up eyes, called a day, dis assembling, in flexible, dis interested, over eaten, de-lays, pre paring, more unpierceable, de-ranges, throw smoke screen, rucks up, most adumbral, takes out of play, most inviolate, more overnice, took five, Palmed, rides shotgun for, firming deal, un known, more selfsustaining, re press, most sub rosa, fore-shadowed, sur-mounted, keeping back, suppressed, pacting, holds at bay, stabilitating, cliquish, Sentinelling, porked out, hits switch, most hundred-to-one, sitting down on, most unacknowledged, un-frank, dis enchanted, putting a crimp in, de hydrates, unreasoning, doublespeak, mow down, its dealing, pleated, putting on a bandaid, dis-posed, underground, conceal, wast overcast, tying ones hands, drunk in, looks cross-eyed, be-dimmed, apologizes for, adumbral, complicit, more shrouded, trussed, clouding over, VETER, Peppered, passing up, being overcast, bemeaning, diplomatic, under took, de-limited, co heres, keeping from, putting up front, Embargoed, un-licensed, re vised, coming end, draws in, resinous, healed, hypocritical, ex-tract, out of sun, calling it day, do sly, prorogue, pre-scribed, lean over, enter in to, most racket, in-scrutable, taking under ones wing, sur-ceasing, holding fast, in-validates, pro founder, taken out, de livering, has bite, chambered, un approachable, button up, un-clear, tensing, more hairline, most visionless, give shelter, up held, most unemphatic, look cross eyed, polite, turn away, circumducting, dis simulated, most unrevealed, in operative, all around, calls it day, kisses goodbye, most hugging, brim over, more stoppered, pins down, pro curing, puts on a bandaid, out-wit, get in way, most contriving, de fend, more attenuated, conclude, in cog, most fussbudget, insoluble, slowed down, most pathless, going the limit, monkeys with, give the run around, de-terminate, in contestable, most adumbrated, dis-countenanced, most secluse, de contaminates, clabbering, pro-longed, stifled, dis-criminating, rascally, put in the hole, Banqueted, out-wits, unplugging, Ruche, Astucious, walling off, more retreated, gibbets, overgrown, more baritone, re-buffed, ate like a horse, clingier, re fuse, most unachievable, most topped, re-ported, more elect, more fortressed, de contaminate, dis-criminative, most stashed, put the hole, sub side, puts a band-aid, define, kept dark, go into hiding, lays table, sweeping under rug, disenchants, hush hush, zipped lips, stick, around corner, take out of play, blue pencil, it's a deals, had a bite, stop oneself, dragged feet, closed to, pre-pare, folding up, mis-states, tied up loose ends, held fast, clouds issue, putting a lid on, rucking up, ensphered, feasts up on, most overnice, more untrodden, secrete, un ripest, tie up loose ends, mis leading, re main, most near at hand, bags it, over-burden, blows the whistle on, most self-sustained, un-assuming, out-flanks, dis-organizing, snuggling up, keeps under ones hat, forced out, tape, dis-interests, in-activate, drops anchor, it deals, undiscerning, most fortressed, giving sanctuary, Hindered, Calcified, in formations, cramps ones style, be decking, give one word, makes tracks, selfcentered, most wordless, put a nutshell, Stoppled, getting in way, more subrosa, covers all bases, out-fit, hitting switch, palm, lies low, under handed, bushes up, puts on a band-aid, re-tire, no-win, cooled it.