Pronunciation of Opening
/ˈə͡ʊpənɪŋ/, /ˈə‍ʊpənɪŋ/, /ˈəʊ_p_ə_n_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for opening

occlusion, un matchable, re strictions, filler, hedge, completion, dis-junctions, desistances, max, jamups, de-crease, solids, coalescences, overpopulation, overcrowding, chasers, the most, snarl up, de functions, last roundup, re leases, endwise, de mises, continuation, gambades, end the road, de cay, out side, break-off, cumbrances, absolutes, most surpassing, where one heading, voidance, inter-courses, deflatings, be-ginning, bottommost, earthworks, after effect, hold ups, wrap ups, ex tent, joinings, dwindlings, handclasp, dyings, last out, grinding halts, de feasances, latest, top most, painfulness, sub version, strenuousness, meltdown, height, leapfrogs, phellems, tightnesses, handwriting the wall, end, carrying throughs, heaveho, presidios, re strainers, dis-advantage, most finishing, tensing, caseations, term, mis chances, bournes, block, thrombus, head, farthest point, cinchers, Infarctions, dis-solutions, Disincentives, out comes, concludings, final thrill, dis-continuing, finish, catastrophe, Caseation, dis-charges, dis patch, wind-ups, wheel fortune, de-mises, up-turns, deflations, postludes, materialization, rubber necking, further-most, mop-up, chokings, de finite, followup, decreasings, re vocations, more unmatchable, butt ends, post-ludes, crowdedness, encirclements, partnerhip, where ones headings, infarction, dis-incentive, lastminute, para-mount, loppings, in-convenience, passing, crowning points, doing to t, tampon, backstop, Hips, pro-fusions, lions share, event, re peal, numbers ups, un-appealable, ex cesses, Capper, rubberneckings, expiry, chaser, blockhouses, Re-turn, disbarments, capriole, palings, rescindings, wrap up, leapfrog, de-terminate, shrivellings, more limiting, shutting, re percussions, condensings, ensual, shrinkings, Unequalable, re percussion, excess baggages, doing it t, more last-mentioned, dis solution, breastwork, dis incentives, effectings, re-peals, after most, de termination, gnarls, jam up, out-sides, de-solations, sign off, de-cay, butt end, leapings, juncture, endest, dis continuations, re-cess, gussets, a finish, shives, de-feasance, after-lives, borderlines, de solation, blow off, re-missions, thickening, last-mentioned, with drawings, snarl-ups, codas, wad, de-ferments, dis charge, more bounding, congestion, de-fenses, over developments, re scission, bourne, dis-charging, de-creasing, inordinancy, obstacle, over-crowding, barricade, tightness, sublimity, MERES, the mosts, heave hos, after piece, conjointments, ball chain, breathing spell, hold-up, tight spots, most last-mentioned, blockade, crowdings, conjointment, up turns, winding-up, post-lude, de-terminative, the rub, demise, bottleneck, Thrombi, cleanups, snarl ups, windingup, out posts, impediment, After-piece, nullification, cutoff point, Retardment, finises, last mentioned, infarct, with drawing, cork, fence, most killing, contentedness, disbandments, saltation, over throw, lights outs, strengthenings, solid, defunctions, restrainers, blowoff, inescapablenesses, re-solution, arduousnesses, most maxi, dis charges, closers, termination, quashings, handwriting on wall, finishings, foot dragging, up shots, mosts, dis-tress, end-wise, de ferment, tieup, over-throw, dis patches, over-turnings, limitation, dis-continuances, inspissations, dis advantage, seal, inter relations, blow offs, de-lay, surplus, perorations, let-up, re striction, most last mentioned, de-sign, jamup, stenosises, final reckonings, encirclement, most bounding, wrapups, wall, wrap-up, problem, line demarcation, culmination, catch22, de-parting, cutoff, misfortune, final curtain, logjams, dis continuances, grinding halt, dis junctions, close, you got its, quickset, unappealable, up-shots, utter-most, ultimate, up surge, overturnings, heavehos, sequel, elapsings, de feat, tightenings, breakoff, overdevelopment, high point, panelings, utter mosts, nth degree, re cesses, re cent, squeeze, over-population, more last mentioned, cutoff points, stone one's path, hind most, de-functions, point at issue, more unappealable, concluding speeches, re-vocations, fly the ointment, at the end, brake, plug, hindrance, re lease, para mount, point issue, extreme, end road, ex-termination, lastmentioned, de ferments, bobber, kissoff, stone in one path, necrosises, ultimates, dead weight, dis-junction, over turning, up shot, remotes, bung, after life, re cessions, Embattlement, curd, Gelatination, de lays, a finishes, concluding speech, re-striction, good words, incrassations, contraction, occludents, impedances, de-termination, meltdowns, last roundups, re solutions, re maining, de terminations, sur face, blank wall, re scissions, NEBS, restrainer, jam-ups, blank walls, dis-tresses, great deals, de-lays, gambade, in conveniences, head ache, re-scissions, let-ups, more surpassing, de-finite, utmost degree, de function, to a finishes, re verse, bobbers, elisions, death, sub-versions, year-end, de feats, omega, re mission, sign-offs, nib, cleanup, afterpieces, sub-stances, finalizations, Helices, post script, inter courses, de-terminations, sub-version, crowdednesses, latter, breastworks, waddings, doing t, number's ups, overdevelopments, out-posts, ex-tents, re-mission, end the line, embolus, mis-adventures, out-come, in validations, logjam, outcroppings, handwriting wall, sub stances, windup, re-verse, most period, protective wall, go between, leapfrogging, end points, tight spot, post lude, ex-cesses, inter course, in-junction, most unappealable, un-surpassable, last acts, re peals, mis fortunes, protective walls, kicks observance, dis-appearance, lion share, bar, de-solation, fate, dis-continuance, windingups, kiss offs, the rubs, in comparable, Defunction, terminus, ballgames, difficulty, the worsts, good word, caprioles, ensuals, in tent, Incrassation, dis tress, Cumbrance, infarcts, re-strictions, wadding, brick walls, dis-appearances, Tampons, mis-adventure, windups, rearmost, stone path, stone one path, de sign, Abuttal, number ups, de parting, strenuousnesses, crowning touch, inescapableness, dis-patches, upshot, de cays, coda, liquefactions, most limiting, wiping outs, more lastminute, tensings, snarl-up, haltings, de cease, diminishings, break offs, Postlude, crownings, de compositions, more ending, patch, dis solutions, embolism, presidio, de-feasances, final thrills, in curable, in-curable, saltations, sub lime, post-script, handclasps, end of the road, de lay, paneling, in junction, earthwork, ex tents, doing a t, meltings, re-pose, boundary, the maxes, abbreviatings, roadblock, padlocks, dis-continuations, disputed point, sur-face, more capping, re cession, blockhouse, quiescency, deterrings, expiries, more period, congelation, wrapup, sub versions, retarding device, screaming halt, result, cloggings, contentednesses, finale, out most, re-percussions, epilogue, sub-lime, skippings, de-compositions, terminal, preventives, hangup, at end, re ceding, dischargings, stone in ones path, most last minute, evaporatings, signoff, tie in, screeching halts, de-mise, obstruction, blockings, time out, out lines, wrap-ups, maxest, pro-fusion, greater part, windbreak, denouement, over-developments, kiss-offs, re spites, dis appearance, re-ceding, winding-ups, brick wall, on way out, leapfroggings, filling, terminatings, more last-minute, pre-eminent, jam-up, de-creases, over-populations, de-cease, in-conveniences, curdling, chips down, last-minute, re motes, afterpiece, kiss off, up-spring, inter-relations, re actions, voidings, peroration, finalization, constriction, over-development, bulwark, de signs, Coagula, de feasance, re vocation, stumbling block, hedgerows, dis-agreement, wind ups, up springs, over populations, in-validation, hedgerow, out-line, de mise, closing, dis-advantages, rim, jellification, embattlements, break-offs, passing overs, stopples, coagulation, farthest, ballgame, neb, entrenchments, write up, day reckoning, de-composition, most terminating, most endwise, final, farther most, inter-course, thickenings, blow-off, closure, dis-charge, de-ceases, mass, up spring, where heading, laggest, cessation, where ones heading, dis-missal, mis chance, out line, conclusion, most ending, fortification, disincentive, pre-destinations, rubber-neckings, re-cessions, stopple, connection, disputed points, catch22's, more last minute, screaming halts, re pose, re spite, omegas, conglutination, re turn, hoppings, restrictings, final reckoning, end of line, pinnacle, ending, Ender, After-life, payoff, can worms, signoffs, doing to a t, aftermost, stopper, divine wills, bungs, de composition, foot draggings, post scripts, dis missal, re-scission, overpopulations, dis agreements, number's up, cropper, de-ferment, more curtains, crowning glories, tiein, restraint, up-surge, blockage, in-controvertible, blowoffs, clot, mis fortune, ex cess, catch 22, most aftermost, pro fusions, CURDS, breakoffs, parapet, more unequalable, dis-solution, re-solutions, de fenses, once for all, arduousness, number up, mis-fortunes, in-junctions, utmosts, in tents, dis-incentives, dis incentive, most unanswerable, Occludent, de-feats, up surges, out-lines, to a finish, barrier, drawing together, ex-cess, uttermosts, most unequalable, worriment, stone ones path, kissoffs, discontinuance, farthest points, end piece, recedings, up turn, mis adventures, ceasings, in validation, un-matchable, eternal rest, more killing, unmatchable, over throws, re strainer, painfulnesses, after pieces, snarlups, corollary, inter missions, all way, all the way, dis missals, to finish, divine will, heave-ho, post-scripts, mop ups, wind-up, unanswerable, clog, expiration, dis continuation, crowning point, maxer, snarlup, crowning touches, inter-relation, grumes, more lastmentioned, hind-most, up-turn, pre eminent, mis adventure, breathing spells, dis-missals, dis-agreements, utter most, pre destination, utmost degrees, re-lease, re-turns, un surpassable, follow-ups, crowning glory, writeup, de crease, spin off, re missions, where one's headings, fill, gusset, croppers, stitchings, excess baggage, re-mote, carrying outs, more maxi, most unmatchable, re-spites, cappers, coalescence, period, discontinuings, over population, far off, sur-passing, follow ups, agreement, more unanswerable, heave ho, last outs, with-drawing, withdrawings, jump, re-strainers, by product, overcrowdings, hitch, doing it to t, backstops, latter most, gnarl, farther-most, utter-mosts, over-throws, rubber neckings, ex-terminations, last, end line, curdlings, re-leases, re-percussion, winding ups, part two, retarding devices, more terminating, rub, dis tresses, most last-minute, where headings, in junctions, mop-ups, dis appearances, dis charging, limit, out come, the max, sub-stance, seam, be ginning, moirais, ex terminations, pre-destination, de-cays, catch 22's, sign-off, out sides, Oaks, over turnings, issue, obstacles, stumbling stone, retardments, rescindments, over development, dis agreement, ex-tent, inspissation, de creases, conglutinations, outer-most, deflation, dis continuance, jam ups, in-comparable, most lastminute, desistings, re turns, quiescencies, up-shot, greater parts, elision, lag, restrictions, gelatinations, dis advantages, mop up, curb, stumbling stones, in controvertible, Grume, mopups, pre destinations, doing it a t, out cropping, follow-up, sieges, clottings, abolition, stop, fly ointment, far outs, where one's heading, dis continuing, re-vocation, kibosh, out-comes, line of demarcation, latter-most, over-turning, sign offs, cutting downs, Emboli, after-pieces, dis-continuation, Rescindment, helix, great deal, re-cession, narrowing, finis, snag, terminative, impedance, de-signs, de creasing, catch-22's, the worst, de terminate, most capping, laboriousness, just ticket, oak, dissolution, more aftermost, aftereffect, consummation, staples, jellifications, stopping, blow-offs, after lives, hang up, dead weights, suspension, kiss-off, congelations, curtailings, re-strainer, more finishing, Embolisms, screeching halt, part twos, un-answerable, sur faces, de ceases, byproduct, disbandment, let ups, de-function, stenosis, interrelation, over crowding, inter relation, padlock, After-most, dis junction, outcropping, sub stance, stumbling-block, up-surges, abuttals, Helixes, dis-patch, quicksets, de terminative, un appealable, stone in path, de solations, disbarment, carrying through, cincher, de-feat, coagulum, hurdle, high points, rubber-necking, tag ends, Desistance.