Pronunciation of Origin
/ˈɒɹɪd͡ʒˌɪn/, /ˈɒɹɪd‍ʒˌɪn/, /ˈɒ_ɹ_ɪ_dʒ_ˌɪ_n/

Antonyms for origin

de-mises, exit, people, out-comes, fall-out, sake, pro-fits, bi furcations, re nown, goings-ons, effect, name of game, ingatherings, follow throughs, neb, payoff, re-percussion, handwriting wall, de livery, dividing lines, bi-furcations, termination, re-action, rakeoff, godown, outturns, causatum, Progeniture, after maths, turn of events, de-terminations, branchings, resolution, goings ons, Artifacts, outcome, forkings, turnout, ex-tent, pup, pre destination, dis seminations, outcroppings, in tent, progeny, re turns, ex tents, de grees, re-citations, Re-turn, expiry, rake-offs, sequel, completion, dis-semination, re citation, event, end, garnerings, issuance, re-nown, omegas, mis adventures, dis-continuations, signification, ex-tension, in gathering, mis-fortunes, in-takes, turnovers, after-maths, terminus, where one heading, go-down, subdividings, ramification, re action, toss up, spin off, by product, end result, ex terminations, Eventuation, out puts, dis continuance, desistances, de-solation, de mise, division, pursuances, nitty gritty, out-put, turn events, final cause, re percussions, upshot, any cases, go downs, wheel fortune, de gree, de-termination, signoff, pro duce, can worms, tossup, wrapup, borderlines, rake-off, re verse, croppings, by-product, out put, final reckonings, eventuality, influence, re solve, offshoot, kissoffs, re-commendations, where headings, kissoff, pro-duces, in take, sub stance, ballgames, where ones heading, ultimates, sending outs, name the game, residua, mis adventure, bifurcations, ensuals, re-solve, re solutions, in-gatherings, re-percussions, piece of action, de terminations, chip old block, name game, cutoff, un ravelling, pro positions, out growth, de sign, harvest times, end of line, after math, de notations, dis-continuation, in tents, pro ducts, up-shots, impression, dis solution, byproduct, dis-sections, goings-on, synthetics, fruit, out turn, mis-adventure, yieldings, de liveries, pro genitures, where ones headings, symbolizations, pre-dominance, final causes, After-math, destiny, pre dominances, where one's heading, eventuations, re solves, re-flexes, re-citation, re-actions, issue, meltdowns, ex-position, ex-terminations, symbolization, out-come, in-gathering, final reckoning, dis semination, finish, out-growths, dis section, ex tension, dis sections, in takes, end results, artifact, ballgame, materialization, de signs, outgrowth, dis-solutions, goingson, re turn, conclusion, dis-continuance, de solation, meltdown, resultant, de-notation, close, decoction, inescapableness, residuals, blowoff, out-growth, under standings, branching, wind-ups, harvest-time, point of departure, ex planation, inheritor, purpose, re flexes, mis-adventures, pre-destination, pre destinations, bi furcation, matter of contention, follow ups, dis solutions, dis continuation, out comes, the worsts, descendant, death, sub division, ex tent, mis fortunes, part two, wind ups, terminal, de-gree, nature of beast, de-solations, un-ravelling, rake off, unravellings, kinsfolk, sub-stances, pro fits, pro fit, outturn, sub-division, de termination, matter contention, divine will, re commendations, nature beast, re flex, sub-dividing, pro-geniture, ex-tensions, bi-furcation, chip off old blocks, pro duces, goingsons, nuts bolts, de-notations, divider, ex-planations, wind-up, under standing, de mises, de-livery, working outs, catastrophe, de-liveries, re-aping, solvings, in-take, pro position, aftereffect, followup, chip old blocks, piece action, up shots, flak, blowoffs, outcropping, progenitures, inescapablenesses, dis-solution, goal, where one's headings, handwriting the wall, transpiration, pro-duct, weightiness, signoffs, part twos, childrens, re-commendation, handwriting on wall, after effect, re-solves, ex planations, result, chip off old block, follow up, any case, re-flex, out-puts, dividing line, dis-seminations, sorting outs, out-turn, re-solutions, re percussion, fruitages, de-signs, un-ravellings, re commendation, mis fortune, de-sign, product, end line, fate, residuum, re-solution, finishings, offspring, out turns, sending out, in gatherings, turn of event, sign off, posterity, end the line, ex-termination, renowns, decoctions, windups, PUPS, sub stances, de notation, expiries, pursuance, kiss-offs, day reckoning, heir, re-turns, sub divisions, pre-destinations, sub dividing, storings, where heading, ending, de-mise, pre dominance, weightinesses, dividers, son, under-standings, aftermath, corollary, turn event, butt end, harvesttimes, dis-section, up-shot, kiss offs, causatums, sub-divisions, NEBS, pro-genitures, tag ends, fruitage, sorting out, re-verse, ex-tents, dis continuances, up shot, moirais, re actions, de solations, kinfolk, finises, nittygritty, successor, the worst, sign-offs, un ravellings, sign-off, grantings, out come, finale, development, ensual, stop, issuings, out cropping, dis continuations, bifurcation, harvest, reflexes, ex-positions, mis chances, finis, wrap-up, seed, out-turns, fall-outs, consequence, nib, harvesttime, wrapups, out growths, Desistance, sign offs, wrap-ups, pro-positions, wrap ups, re citations, reapings, issuances, de-grees, follow-up, dis-continuances, omega, sub-stance, butt ends, divine wills, INS, under-standing, turnover, follow-ups, mis chance, fall outs, windup, pro geniture.