Pronunciation of Original
/əɹˈɪd͡ʒɪnə͡l/, /əɹˈɪd‍ʒɪnə‍l/, /ə_ɹ_ˈɪ_dʒ_ɪ_n_əl/

Antonyms for original

counterscripts, consequent, humbug, tripest, more old-line, ho-hum, hypo criticalness, rubbings, un inspiring, charcoals, offprint, by-product, usual, moth-eaten, readymade, more dissimulated, model, chicane, warmed over, fictitious, rerun, advanced, stock, ringer, actalike, fabulous, more white bread, pro cured, pre tense, shooter, unimaginative, co ordinates, re enactments, act-alikes, most obtained, staccatos, knockoffs, heavyhanded, nowhere, rubest, oldhat, re plications, offshoot, more put-on, mimetic, fraudulences, more mimetic, unproductive, de-legations, more cliche, in-vented, normal, act alikes, spit and image, counter script, presentment, equal, hypocriticalnesses, look-alike computers, dis-simulated, more nebbish, cast, un creative, yawner, used, reproduction, more feeding, adjunct, electronic messages, more put on, re run, latest, falsifications, co-ordinate, peas a pod, yawnest, plagiarism, alliterations, used-up, re printings, chainest, hypocriticalness, re-cordings, most white bread, un-ceremonious, cliched, uni-versal, de sign, de signs, fourflushers, re-iteration, baseless, fakeries, parallelings, out lines, stale, most mimic, re showing, re appropriations, most accessory, accompaniment, re-turns, out growths, more simulant, Spawning, counter-scripts, pendants, carved figures, re-enactment, look-alike computer, conventional, yester-day, so called, jive, charcoal, cribbings, more imposturous, Familiar, more used-up, most straight laced, more reflecting, more trumpedup, flimsies, re-petitions, spurious, drawing cards, re-peat, most charlatan, madeup, reappropriations, dis simulated, triper, fraudulence, re iterations, out-dated, established, velox, act-alike, statting, repros, yester days, photo-copy, replica, old line, uninventive, un-imaginative, more whitebread, look alike computer, pre pared, junques, Reenactment, old, late, worn, Ectype, re-semblance, ruber, most copying, Aperies, lamest, unvaried, in-crease, multi plication, cliche ridden, most ho-hum, warmedover, dis honest, cut and dried, most reflecting, more stereotype, out-line, staccato, picture, co-equals, shootest, reenactments, knockoff, uninspiring, played out, photo-copied, un-exciting, Cokes, chip off old block, more unimpressed, white bread, more plagiaristic, counterscript, up shots, dime dozen, PICS, most old line, re petitions, extension, up tight, mimeographs, likeness, spin off, in-gemination, most well-worn, most old-chestnut, pre-dominant, re-printing, un distinguished, de-mure, match, re-produce, more cliche-ridden, derivative, makebelieve, most oldchestnut, micro-fiche, de-legation, more old-saw, narrowminded, reruns, more isolationist, re occurrences, most fabricated, most used-up, comparableness, most old chestnut, obstinate, re-productions, re cords, prosiest, most old-saw, Cribbing, hohum, un inspired, photocopy, pro-cured, re-gular, counter parts, para phrases, hypo-criticalnesses, most old hat, un principled, copy, re-cognizable, re flection, re occurrence, Xray, fakest, ersatzes, trans-mission, appurtenance, Photos, paraphrasings, re-flections, co equal, look alike computers, most unvaried, more wellworn, in vented, re-iterations, most concocted, most trumped up, re-producing, boguses, lookalike, re production, stereo-typed, all-iteration, counter-part, most plagiaristic, most caused, most doctrinal, wornout, more used up, portrayal, oldsaw, ordinary, jives, clone, pre tenders, staccati, broken records, in sipid, Periodicities, more mimicking, Imposturous, re presenting, double, Mildewed, duplicate, Effigies, unauthorized, most old-line, by product, look alike, de pendent, hypo criticalnesses, Borrowed, countertype, fakery, more rehashed, re-runs, unimpressed, most pretend, re producing, more pabulum, more oldline, more straight laced, most well worn, tralatitious, de-lineations, de-coy, made up, fax, buttondown, more impostrous, in-sipid, attachment, un imaginative, pro-creation, gold brick, re cognizable, image, graphites, re-appearances, more satellite, most playedout, more charlatan, reserve, banal, like dinosaur, para-phrase, re prints, more pretend, in nocuous, broken record, most purported, re-semblances, more old-hat, most old saw, forgery, peas in pod, de-signs, dummy, re capitulations, false, wishy-washy, facsimile, more out of date, the above, pendant, in rut, familiar tune, un exciting, para phrasing, puton, un-inspiring, pre-tends, out-lines, micro fiche, re petition, most reproduction, multi-plications, narrow minded, peas pod, zestless, para-phrasings, quack, more concocted, reprint, pre-tenders, very words, mishmosh, yester-days, para phrasings, recorded materials, four flusher, over-used, tautology, more cliche ridden, most played-out, Evolved, lookalike computer, most oldline, un impressed, re-flection, most cliche, more old-chestnut, subsequent, re-printings, two of kind, parallelism, re runs, most under, four-flusher, addendum, in flexible, doctrinal, most dissimulated, re-showing, plagiaristic, most isolationist, re-plications, more playedout, more nowhere, more cornball, para-phrasing, re-appropriation, re turn, replay, in-formal, re-occurrence, Iterance, un original, most matter of course, more cheating, more trumped up, spit images, re hashed, re presentation, un remarkable, un-moved, re semblances, in established usage, statted, byproduct, re play, germination, un varied, photo copies, mimesis, most hohum, de lineations, dull as dishwater, offprints, apery, pro-creations, workaday, most pabulum, yester day's, part two, most noplace, most nowhere, yester day, re showings, outgrowth, most used up, over worked, the aboves, un-romantic, most zestless, comformable, tried, replays, more under, uninspired, out line, matter of fact, re produced, newest, in-geminations, most trumpedup, most cornball, warmed-over, like a dinosaur, imitation, in-creases, two kind, multi plications, hocus pocus, de coys, un truer, pretended, bluffers, subber, corny, grinder, microfiche, cliche-ridden, well-worn, carbon copy, middleclass, actalikes, more old line, most imposturous, part twos, more ritual, oldchestnut, duplications, more oldchestnut, subbest, para-phrases, four-flushers, cornball, STAT, un interesting, so so, re printing, wishy washy, more fabricated, re flections, re duplications, more old saw, most put-on, pre texts, mimeo, playedout, de mure, multi-plication, noplace, Paralleling, electronic message, most bluffing, more zestless, normality, sub-best, most recognizable, motheaten, likewises, most oldsaw, most ritual, simulated, in-nocuous, STATS, Derivate, time-honored, most seasonal, reprinting, photo-copies, de-coys, reshowings, presentments, most dissembling, penultimate, un-remarkable, pseudi, representings, garden variety, blow offs, most put on, re cording, in different, appendix, up-shot, trumped-up, photo copying, standin, comeon, after-maths, more trumped-up, causatum, tautologies, counter scripts, decoy, in-different, chip old blocks, addition, re-showings, played-out, tributary, chainer, un-principled, button down, most uninspiring, old-line, out dated, spit image, recorded material, counter-parts, coinings, un sophisticated, perseverations, more procured, re-plica, literary theft, old-saw, re-hashed, mishmoshes, oldfashioned, most simulant, the very words, out comes, straight laced, microfiches, fourflusher, re plica, old chestnut, de legation, echoings, most wellworn, un-truest, counterfeit, regularity, workalike, not heretical, most impostrous, exploded, pro creations, liftings, cornfed, Germinations, most mimetic, characterless, uni versal, pre tenses, reflection, old-hat, carbon, re creations, more matter of course, usedup, more hohum, more well worn, trans missions, pre tend, most puton, pic, standard, chip off old blocks, over-worked, white-bread, most workaday, knock offs, un-creative, more evolved, more well-worn, tracings, most characterless, un-impressed, most plagiarized, chip the old block, un truest, mimeos, micro-fiches, out-come, isolationist, pre-tended, wishywashy, heavy handed, matchings, pre vailing, re productions, most oldhat, re semblance, pre-texts, more reproduction, hackneyed, de-pendent, sub ordinate, replication, knock-offs, uneducated, up-shots, more copying, repetitiousness, coke, iterances, causatums, narks, not original, after maths, co ordinate, sub-ordinate, stereo typed, more ho-hum, micro fiches, pastiche, wellknown, veloxed, out come, pre-tense, un-truer, re-cording, shills, graphite, more caused, re-duplications, re-run, pre-tensions, most white-bread, oldline, pre tensions, over used, mirrorings, countertypes, simulation, pre tends, insipid, straight-laced, more shammed, pre text, act alike, lame, imposture, After-math, un romantic, succeeding, most evolved, finishings, Impostrous, usualness, patternings, out growth, chip old block, materialistic, gold bricks, predictable, repetitiousnesses, coverup, more recognizable, four flushers, re-plication, most old-hat, more zero, yester-day's, more usedup, re capitulation, aftereffect, sequel, re-duplication, more oldsaw, in crease, re-presentations, re appearances, counterpart, Hocuspocus, chicanes, up-tight, more bluffing, dis-honest, re-occurrences, re-production, un-original, most rehashed, nark, junque, representation, most straight-laced, hypo-criticalness, two a kind, trite, most matter-of-course, timeworn, re-statements, transcriptions, more puton, re-play, uncreative, supplement, re-cord, repeat, out-of-date, more mimic, un-real, falsification, most copycat, drawing card, photo-copying, following, opposite number, re-prints, re-capitulation, opposite numbers, photo, pre-pared, more cornfed, comparablenesses, out of date, re plays, Photostats, in creases, phoned in, more dissembling, ectypes, alliteration, run of the mill, pre-text, re cord, most procured, old-chestnut, old saw, re-print, re-cords, seasonal, most cornfed, most straightlaced, de-lineation, re-produces, un-distinguished, re-presenting, fake, most trumped-up, more straight-laced, mimesises, most unimpressed, more played out, bummest, trumpedup, duplication, stocker, well worn, most parrot, more old hat, more seasonal, co equals, re enactment, pre dominant, re statement, iteracies, pre tender, re-capitulations, most satellite, unoriginal, up shot, most played out, most feeding, more uninspiring, straightlaced, more doctrinal, routine, the very word, co-equal, re-enactments, re appearance, adumbrations, bourgeois, most usedup, out-growth, re peats, phonies, old fashioned, simulacrum, last, pix, de lineation, most stereotype, counter-script, creation, re turns, all iteration, appendage, more noplace, transcript, re statements, everyday, most nothing, veloxing, well known, re-peats, common, re-produced, re-creations, reduplication, more played-out, re produces, in-flexible, literary thefts, more obtained, pre tended, sub best, un-inventive, all iterations, adumbration, most zero, carved figure, de legations, de coy, ditto, most shammed, used up, disputed, more plagiarized, un-inspired, more white-bread, more tralatitious, re presentations, Co-ordinates, made-up, re-petition, re print, more copycat, re-plays, whitebread, more oldhat, un-varied, de-sign, two of a kind, infertile, reshowing, re peat, most tralatitious, apocryphal, more old chestnut, in formal, out-growths, ho hum, seducements, after math, slow, re creation, all-iterations, most driveling, after effect, counter part, socalled, repetition, more parrot, REPRO, out-comes, most nebbish, more ho hum, most ho hum, derived, mimeograph, trans mission, more straightlaced, simulant, most mimicking, re-creation, Re-presentation, photo copy, more nothing, cover up, Re-turn, para phrase, blow off, re gular, knock-off, tried and true, ensuing, Ingemination, wellworn, transcription, imitative.