Pronunciation of Pacify
/pˈasɪfˌa͡ɪ/, /pˈasɪfˌa‍ɪ/, /p_ˈa_s_ɪ_f_ˌaɪ/

Antonyms for pacify

carried away, out raged, be-devil, dis-quieting, over-flown, psyching, carried a heavy load, Dunned, infuriate, umbraged, burn up, dis illusion, made nervous, peeve, snitting, dis-heartening, gall, Dement, get, pushed one's button, concerning oneself, over-flows, bite nails, aggravate, be-set, losing sleep over, threw off balance, dis-tract, up-set, dis-gust, have qualms, made flip, kindle, gat in to a dither, unchain, drove distraction, drave wall, be leaguered, co-wing, Hacked, drove mad, dis concerts, in-flame, rubs salt wound, eat heart out, t-offed, touch, incite, transport, pro-duces, gnaws at, getting to, outrage, eats one heart out, pushes ones button, dis-solve, am violent, un hinge, re-doubling, make an impression, t offing, fed the fire, ate one's heart out, feeds fire, pushing one button, de range, are at, dis-gusting, de-lighted, being at, re-double, ex-asperating, dis tresses, struck a chord, grieve, over flows, carrying away, get under one skin, disturb, dis-organizes, was at, making nervous, lose one temper, making blood boil, take one breath away, got in ones hair, keyed up, drive to distraction, make waves, gotten on nerves, be leaguer, hit on, raised hell, throwing into tizzy, driving mad, eating one heart out, wert at, takes one's breath away, be deviled, carry heavy load, dis-affects, made blood boil, dis-quiets, innervating, getting on ones nerves, tries patience of, drove wall, de pressed, Fussed, in-flaming, dis tract, driving out mind, gat ones hair, eats heart out, touch off, get going, getting one's goat, re place, dis-concert, dis gusted, ex cited, dis-cuss, de-ranged, innervates, got one's nerves, ex acerbating, dis-affected, tug the heart, slight, be-stir, dis quiet, hast qualms, eating ones heart out, psychs, gotten on one nerves, drive wall, drive distraction, de bate, rouse, up set, drives out mind, steaming up, got ones nerves, de-bate, dis cuss, eating heart out, Chivied, getting in ones hair, intoxicates, Frothed, dis tress, dis-pleases, re-places, pushing one's button, dis-concerted, be stirred, dis-illusions, drives crazy, touched off, drives distraction, arouse, in duce, dis-composing, de-pressed, chivies, in-censed, de press, rankle, messed with, got in to a dither, re-minds, ferment, intoxicate, drives up the wall, rubbing salt a wound, de-press, fan flames, Intensate, feeding the fire, got goat, gat in one hair, feed fire, inflame, gat on nerves, driving distraction, dis-composed, unbalancing, drave out mind, discharge, embitter, incense, gat to, harass, drove insane, drive up wall, driving up the wall, ex asperate, fanned flames, dis organize, dis quieting, tugged heart, up lighted, drive the wall, tugs at heart, venoming, in-duce, gets going, gotten one's goat, gotten into dither, de-bates, dis arraying, in-creases, got nerves, rattles ones cage, gets one's goat, gotten one's nerves, de-pressing, rubs salt in wound, in-creased, drives insane, de-lighting, un nerves, inter-fere, got going, dis-placing, bite ones nails, drave distraction, de-range, de lights, up-lighted, de presses, over flowed, concerned oneself, co wing, fed fire, gat in ones hair, inter fere, messing with, in-nerving, re doubled, gotten in to a dither, got through to, be-wildered, woke up, dis placing, de predating, dis arrange, make blood boil, un-hinging, in-spires, hitting on, gets one goat, drave out of mind, drave mad, getting one nerves, re-doubles, frothing, driving wall, strook a chord, dis-concerts, dis-solves, get one's goat, manumit, be-stirred, getting a rise out of, dis placed, messes with, wert violent, works in to lather, hit where one lives, making sore, ex citing, biting ones nails, de-ranges, got into a dither, dis-heartened, get ones hair, de light, heating up, takes breath away, in-censes, in cense, took one breath away, driving out of mind, innervated, dis organizing, making impression, un settling, dis affect, dis arranging, rubbed salt in wound, dis-heartens, gat one nerves, rattle one cage, throw balance, de predate, steamed up, un settled, gat into dither, tugged at heart, dis-arrays, inter-feres, took breath away, rattling one's cage, getting one's nerves, dis organized, get into a dither, in-cited, musters up, dynamize, got rise out of, ex-acerbate, dis-arrange, dis-cussing, drive out of mind, make bitter, bite one's nails, got on ones nerves, de bating, re-minding, dis-hearten, dis tort, getting one goat, go from bad to worse, disquiet, re placed, electrify, offend, push one button, uplights, feeding fire, boiling over, dis gusts, gat in one's hair, carrying a heavy load, drive crazy, be-devilled, gets in to a dither, over-flow, get goat, worry, get one hair, eats one's heart out, jumpstart, be-sets, wake up, rubs one wrong way, in cites, Bestirred, getting going, rubbed salt wound, got to, throws into tizzy, dis-organizing, hits where lives, inter feres, eats ones heart out, gotten on one's nerves, over flow, rattle ones cage, re moved, ex-cite, got mad, get under skin, drove out of mind, dis-arranged, in nerved, re minding, ex-asperated, raise hell, gets goat, boiled over, ask for it, biting one nails, Commoving, pushed button, be leaguers, dis-tempering, be devil, gat into a dither, dis-tempered, in-duces, gets one hair, ex cite, be wildering, dis-arranging, rubs salt a wound, got in hair, un-balancing, un-nerving, getting in to a dither, get through to, fanning the flames, Distempered, work into lather, try patience of, ate heart out, gnaw at, harry, made impression, gets in hair, ex-asperates, dis cussed, out-rages, dis-organized, up lighting, dis heartens, dis-tressed, pushing button, getting one's hair, in spired, dis-places, has qualms, tug at the heart, gets hair, in crease, make sore, getting ones hair, upsetting oneself, dis temper, dis tempered, drove up the wall, Tiffed, get nerves, gotten in to dither, are violent, in-nerve, raising hell, re-move, un-settling, dis-placed, rile, getting nerves, de-lights, got in one hair, burns up, in-nervate, goes from bad to worse, gets on nerves, up-setting, dis illusioned, un balances, driving to distraction, dements, dis concerting, be-setting, de bated, gat in hair, trying one's patience, touches off, out raging, drave the wall, up-lights, steams up, in creasing, try ones patience, toff, Dunning, drives wall, were at, Innerving, in spiring, in nerves, uplight, in-spired, over flown, distress, t off, gotten hair, sweating it out, lose ones temper, drive up the wall, getting goat, bites ones nails, went from bad to worse, dis pleased, tugs heart, hitting where one lives, feeling uneasy, gets ones nerves, bother, bites one nails, carry away, tries patience, sweat out, excite, un-settle, dis composes, gotten in one hair, hadst qualms, co wed, made uneasy, innervate, throwing in to tizzy, being violent, Infatuating, pushes one button, Pothering, gotten one hair, de-light, affront, boils over, ate one heart out, intensify, gotten ones goat, re-minded, de bates, drove to distraction, gat in to dither, was violent, drave up the wall, dis-pleasing, Bittering, rattling cage, snitted, throw in to tizzy, dis cusses, am at, foment, be-stirs, dis hearten, wast violent, works on, art at, rubbed salt a wound, provoke, get one nerves, in nerving, getting in to dither, throw off balance, dis composed, commoves, carrying heavy load, co-wed, waked up, be deviling, gat a rise out of, get into dither, getting ones goat, dis please, fans the flames, re double, fuddles, dis places, cross, trying one patience, dis cussing, toffed, ex-asperate, tries the patience of, un nerve, in flamed, sweated out, fanned the flames, rattle cage, take ones breath away, be-leaguer, work on, ex acerbates, feels uneasy, get to, in duces, makes flip, made sore, going from bad to worse, commove, be-devils, worked into lather, makes see red, dis-gusts, heats up, getting into a dither, waking up, out-raged, tried the patience of, irk, having qualms, got in one's hair, gets a rise out of, in-flamed, de ranging, Bestirring, get on one nerves, Distempering, dis solves, dis-affect, rubbing one the wrong way, got one's goat, de pressing, dun, got ones hair, ex-acerbated, dis-arraying, flurry, making flip, ate ones heart out, get one goat, bug up, gat on one's nerves, chivy, make uneasy, set on, muster up, lost sleep over, emancipate, trouble, taking one's breath away, fan the flames, pushed one button, made an impression, tugged the heart, de-predates, work in to lather, sweated it out, carried heavy load, be-leaguers, rub salt in a wound, driving up wall, dis-please, asking for it, get on one's nerves, sweating out, uplighted, gat nerves, wrought into lather, ex-cites, getting in one hair, bitters, be-deviling, un-hinge, lay waste, tugging at the heart, t offs, in creases, gets in to dither, carries heavy load, gotten mad, dis pleasing, wrought in to lather, driving insane, work up, getting through to, key up, de-predate, bittered, eat one's heart out, dis-illusioned, t-offing, drave insane, fluster, distressing oneself, dis arrays, lose sleep over, got on nerves, driving the wall, dis arrayed, in censing, up-light, infatuates, re-moving, craze, makes nervous, tried one's patience, dis composing, gnawing at, get one's nerves, pushes one's button, burn, dynamizing, gat one goat, gets ones hair, makes bitter, push one's button, got on one's nerves, getting on nerves, rattles one's cage, strook chord, enrage, gotten goat, drive out mind, de-presses, DUNS, de lighting, get in to dither, enthusing, asks for it, getting hair, got into dither, de-bating, gotten one goat, tries ones patience, threw in to tizzy, get ones nerves, dis solved, rub salt wound, pushed ones button, in nervate, put out, had qualms, be stir, dis concert, enfranchise, drove out mind, intensates, fuddle, made bitter, hits on, pro duce, rub salt a wound, fans flames, rattled one cage, got a rise out of, Chivying, over-flowing, de-predating, re-placed, enthuses, dis-arrayed, driving crazy, exasperate, asked for it, venomed, burned up, Innerved, upset, tug heart, dis-array, sets on, gets one nerves, dis-tress, bug, making an impression, pro duces, fire up, distressed oneself, getting into dither, makes resentful, making bitter, be set, pushes button, gat ones goat, biting one's nails, getting on one's nerves, be stirs, go from bad worse, pique, stirred up, gat one's nerves, rubs salt in a wound, be devilled, up lights, dis-torts, ex acerbate, bugging up, disarrayed, dis pleases, Hacking, de predates, tries one's patience, makes sore, madden, rubbing salt in wound, get ones goat, in commodes, gat ones nerves, in-crease, dis quieted, be-leaguering, making resentful, in-censing, bit one nails, gotten in hair, in spires, gotten to, rattling ones cage, over-flowed, mustering up, anguished, gets ones goat, lays waste, bugged up, be at, throwing balance, dis gusting, gat hair, get in to a dither, worked in to lather, dis gust, tries one patience, worsen, dis-organize, burning up, laying waste, un-nerve, in-spire, rubs one the wrong way, trying patience, gets in one hair, trying ones patience, drives mad, rattled cage, bestir, tire, wearing away, IRED, dis-tort, stir, liberate, tried one patience, hitting where lives, steam up, dis solving, out-rage, dis-pleased, wakes up, feels out, dis tressed, gat rise out of, pushing ones button, setting on, re doubling, un-nerves, innerves, felt out, getting one hair, gotten nerves, fret, t offed, de ranged, in commode, carries away, get rise out of, gotten into a dither, de-ranging, bites one's nails, feel out, bite one nails, dis torts, make see red, drives to distraction, makes impression, Innerve, strikes chord, working into lather, vex, makes waves, eating one's heart out, dis-composes, dynamizes, ex-citing, ex cites, wore threadbare, molest, out-raging, taking breath away, get a rise out of, dis compose, fanning flames, ex-acerbates, up sets, wrought on, feeds the fire, re moving, gets on one's nerves, un nerved, gets on one nerves, gotten one nerves, dis-concerting, pester, bit nails, dis quiets, get under ones skin, de ranges, gotten a rise out of, stirs up, getting on one nerves, Fuddling, make resentful, un-settled, in spire, be violent, get in one hair, dis-quiet, dis-solving, iring, dis tempers, toffs, Disarraying, rubbing salt wound, fires up, be stirring, mustered up, dis illusions, be-leaguered, raises hell, Madded, gets one's hair, in-nerved, take one's breath away, dynamized, un settles, un-hinged, dis place, sweat it out, Uncage, rubbed one wrong way, worked on, working on, gets into dither, in-commodes, in cite, rub one wrong way, un hinges, be-wildering, release, drives up wall, de predated, made see red, gat one hair, rattles one cage, getting in hair, make flip, be setting, in-spiring, concerns oneself, eat ones heart out, dis concerted, heat up, gets in ones hair, un settle, gat on ones nerves, gat mad, gotten on ones nerves, stirring up, nettle, makes blood boil, got hair, gat going, pushes buttons, dis-tracts, un hinged, drive insane, dis tracts, dis-tempers, gat one's hair, be devilling, distresses oneself, throw into tizzy, wast at, dementing, getting ones nerves, fuddled, be-wilder, drove up wall, be wilders, in-flames, get on nerves, ruffle, de-predated, re move, de-bated, un hinging, drave up wall, trans ported, dis organizes, Intensating, re doubles, be-wilders, loses sleep over, heated up, tugs at the heart, dis-illusion, in-cense, re-moves, Commoved, be devils, dis heartened, be sets, gets nerves, un-hinges, insult, firing up, keying up, ex asperates, upset oneself, gotten going, dis-place, carries a heavy load, getting rise out of, drives out of mind, dis heartening, ex asperating, gets rise out of, dis-temper, taking ones breath away, trying the patience of, art violent, stir up, strike a chord, mess with, out rages, try one's patience, in censes, rubbing one wrong way, tried patience, bit ones nails, uplighting, exacerbate, dis arranges, got one nerves, tugging at heart, irritate, un nerving, gat on one nerves, Intensated, dis arranged, rattled one's cage, carry a heavy load, made resentful, rubbing salt in a wound, dis-solved, dis affecting, get in one's hair, went from bad worse, up-sets, in censed, Fretting, up-lighting, un-balances, up setting, umbraging, getting in one's hair, taking one breath away, try the patience of, felt uneasy, Mads, took one's breath away, is at, re-doubled, takes ones breath away, agitate, ex-cited, boil over, keys up, anger, dis affected, dis-quieted, be-deviled, rub wrong way, dis array, t-offs, throwing off balance, eat one heart out, concern oneself, striking a chord, Fussing, rattle one's cage, un-balanced, bestirs, tried ones patience, bites nails, making uneasy, gets on ones nerves, gotten rise out of, ex-acerbating, push ones button, bit one's nails, toffing, works into lather, distress oneself, re minds, unbind, powering, de lighted, gat one's goat, bugs up, dis solve, dis-cussed, goes from bad worse, re placing, be wilder, dis-cusses, drives the wall, dis-arranges, over flowing, burnt up, dis affects, un balancing, be-devilling, spring, get one's hair, in-cite, gets to, drove crazy, feed the fire, got ones goat, making waves, gotten in one's hair, make impression, re places, dis-compose, dis-gusted, drave to distraction, in flame, get in ones hair, hits where one lives, drove the wall, got on one nerves, get mad, tried patience of, in flaming, dis-affecting, be wildered, ire, dis-tresses, in flames, rattles cage, gotten through to, free, fan, laid waste, powered, ex acerbated, sweats it out, making see red, try one patience, be-stirring, tugging heart, drive mad, touching off, gat goat, gotten ones nerves, dis tempering, threw into tizzy, biting nails, up light, be leaguering.