Pronunciation of Partially
/pˈɑːʃə͡lˌi/, /pˈɑːʃə‍lˌi/, /p_ˈɑː_ʃ_əl_ˌi/

Antonyms for partially

rigorously, completely, carefully, de finitely, fastidiously, on money, from top to bottom, on the button, comprehensively, on all counts, to core, hook line sinker, from beginning end, de-finitely, totally, in full, ideally, dead, in all respects, methodically, nth degree, the very thing, exceedingly, in truth, greatly, un erringly, watchfully, un-dividedly, from beginning to end, supremely, the core, assiduously, famously, no ifs ands or buts, downright, providently, dependably, for fact, come hell high water, top bottom, plentifully, vigilantly, from a z, unequivocally, painstakingly, heart soul, concernedly, in fact, on button, In Toto, plain, simply, un-questionably, no mistake, every inch, categorically, in every respect, faultlessly, in and out, on dot, for certain, sure as hell, Capitally, in tensely, prudently, meth odically, from z, in reality, decisively, commendably, efficiently, the end, without exaggeration, up down, out right, no ifs ands buts, to the max, un conditionally, top to bottom, onehundred percent, to the end, exceptionally, uprightly, uniquely, on the nail, meth-odically, in satisfactory manner, on nail, intimately, in dividually, circumspectly, strikingly, to perfection, very, in a satisfactory manner, in out, very thing, all, extremely, un-conditionally, admirably, unremittingly, expertly, come hell or high water, sure enough, un-reservedly, highly, exclusively, by wide margin, luxuriantly, intensively, the full, in all, one-hundred percent, entirely, well, un-equivocally, adeptly, on the dot, from soup to nuts, through and through, all the way, attentively, perfectly, to the limit, to the core, particularly, straight out, sure as can be, superbly, exactly, un questionably, skillfully, wholly, with skill, without reservation, no strings attached, for a fact, unerringly, the limit, to end, effortlessly, un-abridged, ex pertly, hugely, out-right, reservedly, un mitigatedly, exquisitely, Regardfully, absolutely, up-rightly, by a wide margin, punctiliously, thoroughly, proficiently, un abridged, Veraciously, the nth degree, singlehandedly, from top bottom, conscientiously, un ambiguously, heart and soul, unreservedly, soundly, unmitigatedly, flawlessly, especially, the max, discreetly, in-dividually, to max, in detail, from to z, fittingly, un-erringly, profoundly, sweepingly, hook line and sinker, to full, altogether, superlatively, all way, without exception, quite, becomingly, wholeheartedly, un-ambiguously, un equivocally, guardedly, ex-pertly, solidly, anxiously, all out, one hundred percent, solicitously, thoughtfully, solely, Consummately, un-mitigatedly, to limit, from soup nuts, utterly, with forethought, in entirety, Undividedly, in deed, to the full, unambiguously, fully.