Pronunciation of Particular
/pətˈɪkjʊlə/, /pətˈɪkjʊlə/, /p_ə_t_ˈɪ_k_j_ʊ_l_ə/

Antonyms for particular

lax, most wall-to-wall, in definite, without charge, far reaching, more commutual, unmethodical, pandemic, un critical, undirected, all over map, more nonexclusive, uni-versal, re-lated, un-expected, abbreviated, in-generate, more government, fluker, multi-national, most vagrant, un-premeditated, multi national, devil-may-care, dis-cursive, bits and pieces, more world wide, more demanded, more goalless, lock stock and barrel, inter mutual, in born, dis-organized, allover, vague, nonexclusive, all out, Masser, in-voluntary, most world wide, inter national, like, more socialistic, more all-encompassing, allinclusive, carefree, normal, in bulk, more encircling, more undetailed, un bigoted, un-discriminating, breezy, non specific, most federal, in-born, in-decisive, most containing, un-specific, un-acquired, most comprising, in circulation, un confined, more accumulated, un conscious, natural, massest, most intermutual, most allembracing, nondescript, in the mass, Driftless, across board, inter-mutual, most quantitative, lock stock barrel, shortened, prevailing, wide-ranging, most synoptic, quantitative, compendious, un methodical, all embracing, unguided, Ingenerate, ex posed, pithy, most incident, most correspondent, un-guided, well known, compact, statest, all-around, shared, farreaching, more driftless, large scale, run of the mill, more wall-to-wall, uni-form, dis organized, together, unspecific, all around, all-embracing, un-selective, most demanded, Intermutual, most proletarian, most scopic, most bits and pieces, ex-posed, most embraced, pre vailing, combined, any old way, undemanding, helter skelter, in mass, most nonexclusive, in-discriminate, most unsectarian, in-definite, un selective, all encompassing, dis orderly, united, most matter of course, more all encompassing, un-disputed, un guided, un acquired, un-concerned, more correspondent, in demand, the works, in-finite, more well travelled, re gular, scopic, most undetailed, in finite, crisp, secondary, in use, wall to wall, most directionless, co incident, conjunct, undetailed, most ingenerate, more comprehending, most imprecise, most mongrel, most unselective, inexact, most wideranging, un-thinking, unimportant, un predictable, more unguided, de-signless, more undiscriminating, un controlled, un thinking, most piled, most matter-of-course, in voluntary, world wide, more allencompassing, most objectless, more incident, stater, flukest, helterskelter, most welltravelled, most wide ranging, un discriminating, free all, bits-and-pieces, uni versal, happy-go-lucky, aimless, farflung, more mingled, most wall to wall, free to all, Bulker, more vagrant, more unspecific, most unacquired, imprecise, catholic, not particular, more designless, un-systematic, more all over, ex-tended, indiscriminating, all-over, Willy nilly, un disputed, common, pruned, nonchalant, most undiscriminating, most unaimed, more objectless, more federal, most commutual, largescale, generic, more wide ranging, more piled, more mongrel, socialistic, more world-wide, co-incident, loose, fits and starts, more wideranging, unsectarian, all over, more natal, in depth, re cognized, ill defined, most all-over, cosmopolitan, in-accurate, spotest, un specific, succinct, most all over, synoptic, more all-over, most accumulated, un-availing, wholesale, un considered, eclectic, indiscriminate, un-considered, uncritical, most designless, allembracing, re-cognized, most driftless, most imperceptive, federal, more all embracing, overall, multi form, more containing, most wide-ranging, allout, indefinite, most all embracing, non exclusive, most all encompassing, comprehensive, most drifting, ordinary, more extensive, the big picture, more amassed, un-eventful, indeterminate, many sided, worlder, most goalless, in common, in generate, un-aimed, ex tensive, un-directed, inter-national, allaround, most all-embracing, regular, ex tended, wideranging, goalless, workser, more unmethodical, similar, uni form, looked for, illdefined, un planned, cut, most comprehending, multi-form, un expected, most conjunct, co-pious, un bounded, un-planned, in accurate, the whole shebang, broad, standard, far flung, more bits and pieces, un aimed, un-prejudiced, more unbigoted, fits starts, most mingled, un-methodical, most well travelled, most well-travelled, more matter of course, most natal, most allover, most nonspecific, un-confined, Imperceptive, un directed, un systematic, widespread, un concerned, un-bounded, more all-embracing, non-specific, whole shebang, global, more allover, openminded, welltravelled, wall-to-wall, un-bigoted, in quantity, un-limited, non-exclusive, aggregate, natal, all over the map, unaimed, un-organized, opendoor, un-detailed, devil may care, bulkest, most world-wide, across the board, well-travelled, abridged, universal, un-sectarian, public, terse, communistic, open minded, generality, not partial, re-gular, more quantitative, more imperceptive, most communistic, worksest, typical, un-controlled, more unsectarian, Commutual, un-restricted, relaxed, not specific, dis cursive, more comprising, dis-orderly, un restricted, trimmed, most adopted, indifferent, un availing, more unaimed, most undirected, more unselective, popular, ex-tensive, lackadaisical, Objectless, willynilly, unbigoted, more welltravelled, spoter, nonspecific, most allencompassing, more wide-ranging, permissive, un sectarian, more unacquired, wide ranging, un-conscious, more directionless, easy, mixed, most bits-and-pieces, laid-back, more undirected, infinite, most community, more nonspecific, more wall to wall, worldest, motley, un-predictable, de signless, co pious, nebulous, most unbigoted, lenient, concise, Designless, cognate, un prejudiced, prevalent, far-reaching, more synoptic, most socialistic, unselective, brief, short, summary, unspecified, ambiguous, most unguided, more umbrella, haphazard, allencompassing, more drifting, well travelled, undiscriminating, broad minded, un-critical, un detailed, most government, directionless, in discriminate, more communistic, all-encompassing, most encircling, of great scope, general, sketchy, all inclusive, usual, affable, random, broadminded, most amassed, more proletarian, flexible, Unacquired, in determinate, wellknown, most unspecific, most umbrella, in decisive.