Pass by

Pronunciation of Pass By
/pˈas bˈa͡ɪ/, /pˈas bˈa‍ɪ/, /p_ˈa_s b_ˈaɪ/

Antonyms for pass by

alit up on, keeps eyes peeled, got a load of, catches a glimpse of, re cognizing, give the once over, hit upon, wise up to, dis-criminated, un earthing, get a load of, art alert, un-earthed, hits on, arrived at, wert wary, trip on, castigate, keeping an eye on, punish, haddest a look-see, haddest a looksee, chanced up on, re-cover, hadst look-see, re commends, unburies, crossed path, laying one hands on, looked after, ex-cavate, alit upon, be wary, re marks, wising up to, de bunking, got load of, ADLIB, running into, Winging, cropped up, sees light, re-veal, eagle eyed, dis-closes, re mark, eyeballing, scare up, gat wise to, dis interring, dis interred, comes against, come up with, falling with, de vised, in-vent, un earthed, over seeing, smells out, being on lookout, art apprised of, ex-hume, wast apprised of, come against, be watchful, got an eyeful of, tumbling in to, under-went, blunder up on, tumbling into, dis closes, fell upon, hath a look-see, caring for, wised to, de-bunked, sees the light, ex-posed, de bunked, Ferreting, had looksee, gets load of, get eyeful of, are apprised of, being watchful, tripping on, dis-criminates, alighted up on, stumbled on, in-spects, becoming known, got wind of, ran smack in to, doom, sentence, in hales, dis cover, determinated, dig up, get wind of, were lookout, wert alert, being found, tripped over, dredged up, crosses path, blundering upon, keeps one eye on, am watchful, gives the once over, kept eyes open, de-vising, eagleeyes, de bunk, determinates, pro pose, de-signs, Re-mark, is the lookout, in-vented, trans pire, art ones lot, lighted up on, laid one's hands on, dis-cern, lucked, happening up on, gotten wise to, ex pose, de-terminated, pro vide, was on the lookout, wert one's lot, over-seen, getting whiff, runs smack in to, pro vides, gotten whiff, keep ones eye on, falling upon, re marked, haddest looksee, track down, over see, got wise to, catches on, get wise to, dis-close, gotten wind of, in vent, giving once over, lighting up on, authoring, lay ones hands on, look after, over saw, chanced upon, pay attention, re veals, stumbles on, kept eye on, am lookout, wert ones lot, alights upon, tosses off, un-masking, eagleeying, hath a looksee, searches for, gotten load of, Unbury, crops up, rubbing eyeballs, takes notice, have a look see, am on the lookout, smoked out, took heed, had a look-see, are on the lookout, un masks, art found, eagle-eyeing, being alert, taking notice, getting a whiff, de-bunk, wast wary, were wary, brings forth, got eyeful, dis-covers, tossed off, keeping eyes open, have a looksee, apostrophize, being wary, approach, pro-cure, coming up against, un-masked, pops up, pro duces, getting an eyeful, smoke out, hadst a looksee, catch sight of, lay one hands on, rubs eyeballs, happens upon, happening upon, getting wind of, look at, laid fingers on, get load of, comes to pass, un-buried, de terminated, bump in to, come light, coming pass, paying attention to, re-cognizing, falls in with, tumbled into, pre-sents, chances upon, is alert, blundered up on, get an eyeful, observe, care for, become known, wert apprised of, keeping tabs on, falling to lot, visit, de-sign, pinned down, ran smack into, fall in with, has a look see, arrive at, got eyeful of, brought in to being, stumbling up on, run in to, re cognize, being lot, dis-covered, re covers, stumbled up on, dis criminates, recompense, be holds, falls up on, meet up with, off-the-cuffing, wert lot, keeps watch over, smokes out, hitting up on, invent, crossed the path, hit up on, pro cure, dis-interred, scaring up, hits upon, de-terminate, paid attention to, keeping one eye on, meets with, getting a load of, saw light, gotten a whiff, brought into being, searched for, scares up, am the lookout, be one lot, dis-interring, having look-see, dis covering, under going, were alert, fall with, gets whiff, taking heed, picked out, de bunks, hast a look see, wised up to, is one's lot, hitting on, watch, be hold, dis-cover, hit on, keeping ones eye on, caught a glimpse of, in-haled, catching a glimpse of, got whiff, stubs toe on, smell, come pass, wert on the lookout, gat an eyeful, un masking, popped up, eyeball, was lot, pro posed, re commending, lay fingers on, are one's lot, pays attention, run into, ran into, ex-pose, takes heed, wast one's lot, lit up on, salute, looking at, pro-vide, keep one's eye on, am vigilant, falling in with, happens up on, eagleeye, runs smack into, catching glimpse of, super intends, are vigilant, takes care of, payed attention to, encounter, re-covers, brings into being, payed attention, dis closed, picks out, eagleeyeing, giving the once over, keeping watch over, falls to the lot, tossing off, un-earths, laying fingers on, de-bunking, wert the lookout, stub toe on, take notice, spoored, un-mask, picked up on, keeps eye on, came to light, looks after, thinks of, rub eyeballs, super intending, up-rooting, am alert, correct, pro vided, were one's lot, getting eyeful, lays one hands on, heed, tumble into, getting an eyeful of, meets up with, happen up on, hadst a look-see, got a whiff, un-bury, un-masks, caught sight of, getting wise to, take care of, over-saw, ex cavate, gat eyeful of, coming light, be on lookout, un earth, de sign, chance up on, had a looksee, eagle-eying, fall to the lot, come up on, de-terminates, be holding, nosing out, wise to, see light, chance upon, dis covered, re-commends, be apprised of, Experiencing, are wary, re-gard, gets a load of, crop up, stumbles up on, dis-closed, un masked, stumbles upon, comes up against, come with, zeroed on, think of, smell out, gat eyeful, re marking, eagle eyeing, stubbing toe on, running smack into, being lookout, bringing in to being, digged up, art watchful, kept watch over, in spect, in-haling, de-signed, runs in to, identify, are watchful, keeping one's eye on, paid attention, has looksee, art one's lot, re-covered, fall up on, met up with, gotten an eyeful, tumbles into, re commend, kept an eye on, picks on, lights upon, tost off, re-commended, super-intend, be found, blundering up on, getting eyeful of, wert on alert, cared for, pro posing, was one lot, laid hands on, un covers, digs up, are one lot, being vigilant, lay hands on, hadst look see, over sees, is ones lot, dredge up, is lot, gat load of, hadst looksee, arriving at, having a look see, gets eyeful of, pop up, came pass, caught on, dredges up, super intend, be-holds, bring into being, off the cuffs, lucking, being one lot, clocked, hast a look-see, re-covering, blunder upon, gotten eyeful of, keeps eyes open, catch a glimpse of, dis closing, cross the path, un covered, is on the lookout, gets an eyeful, in-hales, smelling out, catching on, alighting upon, are ones lot, picking upon, ride shotgun for, off the cuffing, is on alert, art lot, detect, pro-vided, be-held, pro curing, happened upon, re covered, paying attention, kept ones eye on, greet, hits up on, toss off, comes pass, discover, be-hold, in haling, running in to, bring in to being, kept eyes peeled, keep eye on, un cover, runs across, are on alert, nose out, stumbled upon, are alert, de-vised, tripping over, runs into, stumbling on, keep eyes open, trace, wast the lookout, keep one eye on, address, being on alert, ex hume, comes light, under went, see the light, pay attention to, thought of, happen upon, rode shotgun for, get eyeful, gave the once over, cares for, eyeballs, is watchful, looked at, be-holding, stubbed toe on, keep tabs on, pro-posing, chances up on, up root, run across, give once over, court, running across, super-intended, come to pass, fell to lot, having a looksee, eagle-eyes, is on lookout, trips on, nosed out, being the lookout, attend, gives once over, be lot, de-signing, re-commending, re-cognized, scourge, gets a whiff, wert found, gets wise to, be held, dis-covering, un derwent, was wary, pro-viding, tumble in to, art vigilant, pro-cured, wast on lookout, laying ones hands on, de terminating, up rooted, kept tabs on, super-intends, lays ones hands on, keeps ones eye on, alight up on, became known, search out, re cognized, dug up, are on lookout, has look see, took notice, comes to light, tumbles in to, lay one's hands on, met with, pro-cures, came against, lays fingers on, saw the light, gat wind of, dis criminating, falling up on, chastise, super-intending, picking up on, take heed, falls with, coming against, find, meet with, rid shotgun for, de signs, being apprised of, spooring, recover, falls the lot, in-spect, have look see, unburied, gotten a load of, up rooting, alight upon, pins down, eagleeyed, blunders upon, being on the lookout, were vigilant, keeps one's eye on, be the lookout, kept one's eye on, wising to, wert vigilant, bringing forth, over seen, chasten, off the cuffed, re gards, clocking, was the lookout, cost, riding shotgun for, re-commend, un-earthing, un-cover, chancing upon, un-earth, un burying, falls upon, fell in with, re-marks, wises to, search for, be one's lot, in-vents, de vise, de signed, cropt up, in hale, was lookout, had look-see, fell up on, keeps tabs on, came up against, get whiff, off-the-cuffed, wert one lot, re-marking, haddest look-see, dis-criminating, pre-sent, trip over, Ferrets, bring light, catches sight of, wast on the lookout, keep an eye on, were apprised of, lighting upon, distinguish, noses out, over-sees, lays hands on, falls lot, zero on, wast alert, trips over, am ones lot, pro-curing, de terminate, looks at, under-gone, Policing, re cognizes, rubbed eyeballs, smoking out, zeroed in on, pro duce, super intended, ex-posing, eagle eying, is wary, catches glimpse of, de signing, pro-pose, were on the lookout, haddest a look see, lights up on, appeal, up-root, has a look-see, re commended, taking care of, smelled out, were lot, is one lot, attempt, unearth, in vents, pick out, came light, ad lib, un-covering, pro-vides, catch glimpse of, light upon, are the lookout, was one's lot, Policed, being ones lot, hail, keeping eye on, arrives at, get an eyeful of, becomes known, stumbling upon, came to pass, digging up, scoped, was vigilant, are found, coming to pass, tumbled in to, get a whiff, un-covers, trans-pire, bring forth, dis-criminate, alighting up on, be ones lot, dis close, wert watchful, hath look-see, gets wind of, bringing into being, picks upon, had look see, dis covers, took care of, essay, am on alert, crossing path, laying hands on, wast lot, crossing the path, was watchful, lamped, blundered upon, Glimpsed, coming to light, stumble, pays attention to, hast look see, in-venting, rides shotgun for, hadst a look see, caught glimpse of, ran across, in-hale, falling the lot, be on alert, hitting upon, am lot, pro cures, searching for, dis criminate, popping up, re covering, have look-see, art wary, alighted upon, catch on, in vented, was on alert, un-buries, un buried, scared up, am wary, were the lookout, zeroing in on, wises up to, fall upon, under-going, picks up on, un covering, pro cured, were found, cross path, un buries, being one's lot, endeavor, ex posed, see, re-marked, hast look-see, run smack in to, am one's lot, ferret, pro viding, espy, were ones lot, was alert, searching out, alights up on, falling to the lot, tripped on, de-terminating, fell to the lot, hast looksee, come to light, pick up on, dredging up, picking out, in spects, un-derwent, re-veals, fell the lot, art lookout, be on the lookout, cropping up, lighted upon, un-burying, dis cern, dis-closing, searches out, brought forth, am one lot, pin down, in haled, pinning down, de vising, authored, locate, was found, pre sent, looking after, dis criminated, in venting, pick upon, is apprised of, catching sight of, is vigilant, be lookout, was ones lot, happened up on, gat a whiff, am apprised of, eagle-eye, running smack in to, gets an eyeful of, seeing light, under gone, thinking of, art the lookout, come up against, hast a looksee, pro-duces, de terminates, stumble upon, am on lookout, has a looksee, wast lookout, had a look see, having a look-see, re cover, turn up, having looksee, determinating, crosses the path, ran in to, blunders up on, fell with, condemn, wast found, meeting up with, spot, chancing up on, de-vise, de-bunks, unburying, un mask, were one lot, un earths, convict, brings in to being, wast vigilant, smelt out, wast ones lot, wast watchful, zeroing on, be vigilant, be alert.