Pronunciation of Passive
/pˈasɪv/, /pˈasɪv/, /p_ˈa_s_ɪ_v/

Antonyms for passive

most powerhouse, more alarmable, most igneous, magnetic, in submissive, activist, un easy, confrontational, more galvanic, agitated, take charge, high-pressure, more maddened, in tolerant, REDHOT, in full swing, peremptory, more take-over, more crack-the-whip, resistant, disobedient, most gogo, more iron-handed, more go getter, hot headed, play hard ball, more gogetting, more hyped-up, head-long, ball fire, in operation, renegade, most maddened, tumultoustumultuous, more bullish, red blooded, in-corrigible, most galvanic, in tractable, mercurial, violent, most agitable, more ironhanded, head long, re presentative, in-exorable, most gogetting, silver tongued, red-blooded, forcible, nonconformist, steamed up, in process, insubmissive, in a job, most hot-headed, more highpressure, more lusting, hottempered, out lawer, ex citable, most hot headed, in-tolerant, more battleful, hypedup, un-controllable, intractable, Agitable, under standing, in temperate, dictatorial, dictative, in corrigible, punchest, most revelatory, more activating, out of line, quick tempered, more take-charge, enterprising, most gogetter, most go-go, insurgent, ball of fire, most insubmissive, un disciplined, most lusting, more fuming, most crack-the-whip, in flames, un controllable, head-strong, throwing weight around, puncher, dynamic, dis-orderly, out control, overzealous, crack the whip, most apostate, more self-starting, dis orderly, in flammable, most hypedup, un-tiring, insubordinate, impatient, more crack the whip, with-standing, more yearning, battleful, most yearning, in-temperate, more craving, in-ordinate, gogetting, more aroused, more apostate, most aflame, out-lawer, un-willing, most hyped-up, more high-pressure, in-spiring, un tiring, most volcanic, hot tempered, go getting, with standing, strenuous, outlawer, on track, un willing, interested, most constraining, most take charge, more redblooded, operative, igneous, most battleful, more take charge, up and coming, re-presentative, go go, froward, most gumptious, more go-getting, more hypedup, refractory, volcanic, more selfstarting, quicktempered, ironhanded, in-tractable, most hyped up, headstrong, hysterical, more hot-headed, takecharge, wrongheaded, un-restricted, Hot-headed, goahead, ex-citable, active, most fuming, expressive, more go go, suggestive, more go-getter, more schismatic, more gumptious, on job, red hot, over bearing, un-restrained, short fused, in-flamed, highpowered, Alarmable, hot blooded, more red-blooded, defiant, most quickened, undisciplined, excitable, un-easiest, take-over, most flaring, more powerhouse, caring, most takeover, tumultous tumultuous, dis-loyal, most takecharge, perverse, more advancing, recalcitrant, rebellious, more overzealous, un-limited, ever-changing, re-levant, mutinous, un controlled, more undisciplinable, in subordinate, more quickened, more demoniac, more volcanic, most go-getting, hotblooded, more diligent, out line, most self starting, most demoniac, most take over, most go go, lively, outlawest, in flamed, active voice, in tense, iron handed, out lawest, in-tense, doctrinaire, more steamroller, most selfstarting, un restricted, more takeover, bellicose, in spiring, hard ball, in job, bullish, ungovernable, most crack the whip, most steamroller, dis loyal, most aroused, un traditional, more self starting, in gear, over zealous, unruly, most alarmable, most dictative, most undisciplinable, un-yielding, more insubmissive, take over, over-zealous, more itching, indomitable, un yielding, go-getting, un limited, most itching, most take-over, fiery, most alight, gumptious, stern, silvertongued, protesting, un-traditional, more take over, more withstanding, gale force, under-standing, more igneous, more hot headed, coming strong, more nervous, more red blooded, passionate, aflame, un-disciplinable, most ignited, most high-pressure, untoward, most take-charge, more gogo, in-tensest, out-lawest, un-easier, fidgety, un disciplinable, in tenser, in-submissive, wayward, more hyped up, self starting, more ignited, gogetter, un easiest, more iron handed, most iron handed, in-subordinate, most overzealous, most advancing, most go-getter, more constraining, more backsliding, forceful, untraditional, more flaring, more understanding, temperamental, re levant, contumacious, more revelatory, un easier, most schismatic, most go getting, vehement, un-manageable, highpressure, unmanageable, galvanic, more alight, more go getting, selfstarting, GOGO, more go-go, most self-starting, powerhouse, self-starting, on the job, unyielding, un-faithful, crack-the-whip, contrary, hyped-up, most laboring, in-tenser, more high pressure, more gogetter, demoniac, redblooded, in force, un-governable, most withstanding, uncontrollable, un manageable, in-flammable, working, more agitable, potent, most activating, energetic, dissident, willful, tumultous-tumultuous, hyped up, most red blooded, concerned, revelatory, un-flagging, un-controlled, un faithful, Over-bearing, more laboring, most ironhanded, Incompliant, most red-blooded, more untraditional, go-go, most backsliding, more takecharge, most go getter, iron-handed, most craving, most untraditional, most redblooded, reckless, more dictative, play for keeps, most high pressure, undisciplinable, coming on strong.