Pronunciation of Past
/pˈast/, /pˈast/, /p_ˈa_s_t/

Antonyms for past

prevailing, most upscale, NOWS, on-the-spot, up and coming, the latest, dewier, smartalecky, more handwriting-on-the-wall, overall, proximal, Nearing, coming on strong, over-hanging, in circulation, more propulsive, just around the corner, contemporary, most close by, Latterday, Futurities, nowadays, in-direct, un-born, more well developed, next generation, dewy, head-set, most faddish, un tried, on time, most well-developed, most handwriting on the wall, more inthing, nower, up-to-date, at cutting edge, subsequent time, onrushing, more coexisting, down the line, hot off the press, aftertime, un-folding, more contempo, more new fashioned, to be, for real, today, state of art, co-incident, just now, from here eternity, inst, more onrushing, hot the press, world come, more beside, in-dubitable, most awaited, un seasoned, most attached, Progeniture, to fore, in the cards, out look, most associated, more docking, smart alecky, pre-destined, more forward-looking, next door, more approximating, doinger, time being, un-spoiled, futurity, pre-maturer, red hot, more budgeted, synchronal, morrows, hot off press, Instanter, emerging, in thing, in the offing, up-to-the-minute, contempo, be-ingest, todays, more resulting, prospective, upscale, pre maturest, un-deniable, more with it, coming, at close quarters, in-experienced, see coming, more bare faced, headsets, re-lated, un commoner, normal course, up the minute, de-serving, most around, at this time, most docking, sure enough, present, hair breadth, by by, pre-sent, most near-at-hand, more ending, in the course of time, most alongside, head-sets, near at hand, most leading edge, well-developed, most advancing, most untrodden, hot off the fire, out looks, un-familiar, latter-day, close hand, mind set, more leading edge, Vanward, at time, pre-mature, hind most, in-disputable, pre sents, on the horizon, nonce, cuttingedge, in a minute, in evidence, Neoteric, ex act, spick and span, any more, voguish, hot off fire, more close-at-hand, most close-at-hand, for time being, more associated, welldeveloped, inthing, most onrushing, wellliked, most ending, aftertimes, down the pike, propulsive, over-assertive, instant, next generations, in the mainstream, impending, in view, ultra modern, just around corner, be-gun, more well liked, at this moment, moment, at moment, up minute, most trendsetting, eventual, most onward, more splitsecond, writeoff, be gun, more leadingedge, more forwardlooking, leading-edge, this time, most forward looking, in direct, more ahead, most side by side, most ventral, pre-vailing, law averages, extant, more commenced, re-cent, most progressing, overassertive, more close by, up to minute, just out, therest, offings, not remote, all rage, in attendance, un skilled, in dubitable, most cutting edge, pre-maturest, of late, more near-at-hand, un born, most today, most abutting, pre sumptuous, un known, posterity, most inthing, hind-most, actual, facial, scapes, up pity, head sets, tomorrows, bare faced, in-escapable, childrens, up-pity, hot press, near-at-hand, in experienced, more side-by-side, more forward looking, in the course time, future day, most in thing, most closeby, a go go, de-pendent, more up, flyest, handwriting-on-the-wall, most wellliked, most cuttingedge, getting near, most gathering, hairs breadth, pro spects, most withit, new, sub-sequent, un-commoner, in course time, more newfashioned, uncontaminated, more welldeveloped, un-trained, more today, fortune, terminal, new-fashioned, most handwriting-on-the-wall, writeoffs, more close-by, more ventral, approaching, leadingedge, trendsetting, size it, in cards, made the scene, here now, later, ensuing, present-day, upcoming, more substantive, un-common, faddy, almost on one, size of it, un-seasoned, end most, Newfashioned, un common, latter day, the time beings, time, more in thing, most commenced, un-trieder, beingest, more facial, most voguish, more overassertive, time beings, in preparation, more preparing, untrodden, coming strong, fore cast, side-by-side, de pendent, giftings, most beside, avant garde, in moment, normal courses, common knowledge, Gifting, pre-paring, cutting-edge, more voguish, un-trodden, like now, in advance, most well liked, a gogo, more attached, life to come, most substantive, likelihood, co-existent, re cent, more onward, in to view, more converging, pro-genitures, there, most already, un-likest, even now, most forward-looking, immediate, more forth, down the road, in duration, un folding, vincinal, in close proximity, from here to eternity, from now on in, hot fire, faddest, on hand, fore-cast, tomorrow, pro-spects, in escapable, most bare faced, most newborn, pro-geniture, over-weening, most with it, the time being, most in-thing, most budgeted, down line, ex-act, present day, most approximal, on deck, in process, more around, more modernized, un-touched, most forth, most unfolding, un triedest, more approximal, by and by, un accustomed, close by, to the fore, more split second, more vincinal, progenitures, pre paring, be side, at once, most ahead, selfassertive, after time, most overassertive, un-contaminated, most nowadays, this times, un-usual, giveaways, approximal, in prospect, up-coming, running after, REDHOT, un liker, more unfolding, most on-the-spot, most overhanging, most hovering, for the time being, faddish, un touched, be ingest, most well developed, pre vailing, un usual, out-looks, newest, on front burner, well developed, more new-fashioned, in the news, on the spot, now, more cutting-edge, faddier, un-questionable, most with-it, in mainstream, new fashioned, most contempo, fore-most, soonest, within stones throw, in minute, these days, with-it, presentday, the fore, from here on, most welldeveloped, more trendsetting, ultra-modern, more predestined, frame mind, forthcoming, more neoteric, more leading-edge, more gathering, most coexisting, co incident, on horizon, twentyfirst century, into view, closeby, more bare-faced, a go-go, hereafter, un likest, un-accustomed, more handwriting on the wall, down road, in nothing flat, life come, withit, breaking new ground, pro geniture, in, most synchronal, faddiest, pre-sents, looked toward, un spoiled, offing, goodie, see it coming, modern, most splitsecond, fore casts, in disputable, proximo, state the art, honest god, more abreast, along toward, most propulsive, un familiar, most split-second, most up, unborns, in offing, in store, more uncontaminated, in-thing, ongoing, be-side, over assertive, down pike, doingest, most side-by-side, existing, forward-looking, recent, after, newly, right now, within stone throw, most near at hand, by byes, hot the fire, to bes, succeeding generations, world to come, more closeby, un-used, be forehand, more proximal, most abreast, gaining up on, within stone's throw, this day, most close at hand, future, present moments, made scene, up-scale, pro spect, most neoteric, brandnew, pro genitures, fore-seen, forer, most brewing, close at hand, giveaway, un contaminated, outlook, from here in, un-tried, most bare-faced, succeeding generation, un trained, more well-liked, most preparing, all the rage, most cutting-edge, un trodden, in to prominence, fore seen, de serving, most uncontaminated, bare-faced, fore most, prox, un commonest, from now in, drawing near, more close at hand, rising, more advancing, Precedently, morrow, almost one, more with-it, co-existing, beinger, de finite, more nowadays, close-by, more prevalent, after-time, subsequent times, dewiest, current, de-finite, up to the minute, most forwardlooking, under consideration, more split-second, sub sequent, more awaited, be-forehand, most leading-edge, up to date, ventral, on double, in the wind, trig, more progressing, most resulting, dis-similar, waiting to, most newfashioned, un-triedest, well-liked, more well-developed, close-at-hand, pre destined, most happening, unborn, in course of time, well liked, near, write offs, headset, in style, more portending, in evitable, un trieder, more cuttingedge, most approximating, forward, more on the spot, at the moment, forward looking, close shave, split-second, time to come, most novel, more withit, avantgarde, more untrodden, this days, novel, more cutting edge, out-look, early, gaining upon, hair's breadth, going around, un deniable, in fashion, swank, more in-thing, twenty first century, un-skilled, fore-casts, un-known, most split second, co existing, more near at hand, in-evitable, co existent, alee, more synchronal, most predestined, pre sent, more happening, oncoming, nowest, more hovering, more faddish, incoming, antecedently, pre maturer, in progress, fadder, pre mature, in news, nonces, on board, dis similar, most leadingedge, newfangled, brand new, splitsecond, more newborn, present moment, into prominence, more already, most on the spot, forwardlooking, in use, topical.