Pronunciation of Permission
/pəmˈɪʃən/, /pəmˈɪʃən/, /p_ə_m_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for permission

in-advertence, dis-solving, nonadmissions, ban, retardments, re pulses, Rescindment, overlookings, retractings, keeping outs, dis-agreements, preteritions, recallings, drivings, dead weight, non inclusion, in subordinations, de fiances, hetero doxies, de limitations, dis regards, dis-avowals, de terrences, dis-affirmances, sublimation, Contumaciousness, self consciousness, transgressivenesses, re-calls, re verse, dis approbation, moderatism, re-verse, hindrance, pro scribing, over-sight, de faults, catch22's, uninebriations, dis-obedience, dis affection, off limit, dis avowal, a must, DONT, astringencies, moderatisms, renunciation, ill will, negatories, straitjackets, dis-approbations, dis missal, counter part, dis countenancing, enjoinments, re-versal, in-junction, renouncements, heterodoxies, inadvertency, out of bound, grain of salt, self-sacrifice, re-pulses, dis affections, gainsayings, dis-solution, disapprobation, dis-claimer, ex tradition, non acceptances, repression, re-scission, disproofs, don't, re scission, dis-approvals, dis charge, dis approval, de-terrence, dis-affections, re-strainer, re-buttal, controversions, XS, de feasance, in subordination, in junctions, discouragement, forbiddance, de creases, dis-approbation, non-conformities, de mission, dis regard, rebellion, sub versions, self-discipline, dis obediences, noncommittals, over throw, debarrings, re serve, dis solutions, astringency, over-looking, hang up, re-striction, de-privation, proscribings, self control, keeping out, no way, giving ups, dis-missings, dis obedience, nonconformity, in advertences, refusings, disregardance, dis-charge, no ways, over-look, eschewal, asceticisms, straitjacket, boundings, in-advertency, confinement, catch 22's, dissent, reversings, a thou shalt nots, prohibitions, self deprivations, nonagreement, dis agreement, over-turning, de fault, in-advertencies, nonagreements, forget it, passing overs, non-inclusion, non admissions, re vocation, dis affirmances, Negatory, nullification, quellings, re-vocations, ex-patriations, un-intoxication, checkerboard, with-holdings, restrainers, refrainings, over turnings, selfconsciousnesses, condemnation, asceticism, Nonadmission, un-orthodoxies, re-legation, forswearings, impulsions, dis-regards, in-validating, selfdenial, debarment, dis-affirmance, coventry, dis-allowances, catch-22's, un conventionality, overrulings, re-traction, recusances, teetotalism, dismissings, re peal, dis appointments, ex-communications, iconoclasm, selfdeprivation, self consciousnesses, in validations, un inebriations, dis-placement, re call, with holdings, retraction, dis affirmance, over-looks, counter-part, de-terrences, dissolvings, re-strainers, forbiddings, self-sacrifices, temperance, non-compliances, self denial, over ruling, impellings, non existence, re vocations, non agreement, re traction, invalidatings, out-lawings, uninebriation, over-throws, pretermissions, no-no's, omission, sur renders, revocation, dis sents, self abnegations, insubordination, over-turnings, dis-affirmations, self-disciplines, tartan, cancellation, sur-render, pinions, dis avowals, no no's, selfabnegations, over look, de-missions, dis-solutions, dis-missal, dis missals, counter parts, catch22, brushoffs, a thou shalt not, un orthodoxy, bohemianisms, non-committals, containments, dis missings, wiping outs, missings, nonacceptance, self-deprivation, unintoxications, renouncement, selfsacrifice, quitclaim, non-existences, rescindments, disregardances, non consents, de-fiances, re-call, dis-claimers, immuration, dis placements, turndown, dis claimer, nonacceptances, selfconsciousness, dis favors, out bound, de fiance, injunction, bannings, re-legations, in-subordinations, interdiction, NOS, dis-approval, unintoxication, Mutinousness, dis allowance, in junction, re strainer, re-missions, ignorings, de lays, reasonablenesses, Refutal, self discipline, recusancies, delimitation, yieldings, re-callings, renegements, dis approvals, de crease, expulsion, dis charges, un-doings, re legations, inhibition, in validation, dis-missing, over sight, un conventionalities, excludings, dis-agreement, sublimations, internment, de-limitations, dis-sents, elisions, self-consciousness, selfdeprivations, recusancy, lockout, veto, unorthodoxies, impediment, re search, ex-communication, re striction, small difficulties, de-barring, with drawings, ball chain, inter-diction, counter-parts, discountenancings, selfabnegation, re buff, out bounds, non agreements, leaving outs, inter diction, non-agreement, non-acceptance, de terrence, pinion, Re-search, disavowal, non-consents, selfdisciplines, donts, dis agreements, inter dict, re view, catch 22, de-fault, no-nos, de-limitation, in advertency, dis-affection, mutinousnesses, re-strictions, disapproval, re tractions, withdrawings, voidings, de feasances, re callings, brush offs, self sacrifice, de lay, negation, don'ts, dis allowances, re legation, dis affirmations, dis-advantages, enjoinder, revokings, statement abnegation, self-abnegations, exclusion, abstainings, a thou-shalt-not, command, soberness, restrictions, in advertencies, noninclusions, off limits, cancelings, in-junctions, deterrence, inverses, knockbacks, non conformity, hangup, refutals, criticism, lockouts, dis-advantage, dis-placements, non-admissions, voidance, ex-tradition, re-buffs, non inclusions, sub version, unconventionalities, re views, nono's, dis solving, re-scissions, preterition, re-buttals, demissions, over-ruling, de-feasance, de limitation, dis-obediences, re missions, non committal, abolishings, unconventionality, re calling, dis-allowance, un-inebriation, re searches, abandonings, un doing, over-throw, nonconsents, curse, disavowals, re-serves, re-calling, transgressiveness, Contraries, de-lays, no nos, un-conventionalities, non existences, excess baggage, elision, de-feasances, ex-patriation, non-admission, de-lay, selfcontrol, with drawing, pretermission, dis affirmation, enjoinders, re-view, Controversion, with-drawings, non-compliance, iconoclasms, self disciplines, re versing, debarments, grain salt, disproof, self abnegation, dis-sent, out lawing, Refrainment, dis sent, re buttal, hetero-doxies, renegement, anti-thesis, reasonableness, check, dis-affirmation, forbearings, over sights, a musts, prohibition, nonos, re-vocation, non admission, un intoxication, ex-traditions, noninclusion, un-inebriations, dis-favors, dis favor, statement abnegations, Retardment, de-creases, brush-offs, relegations, kibosh, dis advantage, in-advertences, Bohemianism, de-mission, de-fiance, delimitations, overturnings, checkerboards, hetero doxy, re-tractions, circumscription, dis placement, sub-version, re versal, curbings, refusal, self-abnegation, smotherings, invalidation, re-serve, non-consent, relegation, prevention, re-mission, resistance, un doings, re mission, ex communication, dis-appointment, de-privations, de privation, self deprivation, de barring, de-crease, inter-dict, non-committal, de-faults, forget its, in-validation, cutting outs, un-intoxications, in-verse, re peals, dis-countenancing, un-orthodoxy, dis-favor, dis appointment, re-views, contumaciousnesses, with-drawing, re strainers, dis-missals, selfsacrifices, brushoff, no no, nono, quashings, limitation, opposition, non compliance, forgoings, damnation, disagreement, taboo, dis-avowal, re fusing, sur-renders, over throws, repudiatings, dis-appointments, proscription, over-sights, constrainments, spurnings, de missions, re-peals, rescindings, with holding, internments, restrainer, non consent, in-subordination, constraint, no-no, eschewals, un intoxications, in validating, re scissions, in verse, objection, denial, nonconsent, deportation, sub-versions, suppression, eschewings, ex patriations, excess baggages, coventries, constrainment, anti thesis, recusance, leaving out, dis advantages, re calls, over turning, dis solution, Demission, over looks, un orthodoxies, un-doing, dis-regard, rejection, re strictions, non-agreements, over rulings, withholdings, ex traditions, relinquishment, re buffs, restriction, containment, dis-charges, a thou-shalt-nots, ex communications, dead weights, neutralizations, enjoinment, dis missing, interdictings, non-acceptances, brush-off, re-buff, dis approbations, dis claimers, de privations, over-rulings, neutralization.