Pronunciation of Powerlessness
/pˈa͡ʊələsnəs/, /pˈa‍ʊələsnəs/, /p_ˈaʊ_ə_l_ə_s_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for powerlessness

stoutnesses, kidney, pre domination, control, jurisdiction, capability, sprightliness, in justices, potency, POWS, pre-dominations, presidency, ability, boiling point, de-terminations, mis-fortunes, de terminations, re-percussions, dynamisms, re solution, strong arm, suitability, qualifiednesses, squeeze, driver seat, re-solves, vinegar, applied forces, INS, indefatigabilities, pre potences, pre eminence, efficaciousness, sub-stance, Kidneys, pre-eminences, judicatures, boiling points, peppers, Monopolies, fore sights, vim, dis tresses, subduings, pertness, constraits, ex-cesses, might mains, over sights, capableness, endowment, tempestuousness, stomping ground, say so, O's, powers that be, frame mind, re percussions, ex-actions, dis-position, brawninesses, powers-that-be, fury, Forcibleness, powerfulness, strenuousnesses, mis fortune, hardinesses, puissance, full court press, over sight, energy, kick, birrs, hus, might and mains, wildnesses, in-justice, pressure, forciblenesses, impressivenesses, greatness, pre valence, over throwing, predomination, de-termination, pre dominations, Potence, restrictions, power, full head of steam, weightiness, competence, drivers seat, might main, out-look, wire pulling, vigor, wellbeing, validnesses, judicature, birr, Oes, pre-potences, dis-tresses, rabidities, Prepotency, capacity, un-naturalness, super intendency, brawn, re-striction, ex tents, influence, sub stance, containment, muscle, ex-tents, HU, sway, well being, pre potencies, pro vinces, dis-tress, conquerings, dis position, force, indefatigability, lustiness, flair, indomitabilities, nerve, statecraft, powers that bes, re solutions, predominations, power of endurance, tyrrany, horsepower, dominance, flare up, magistracy, re percussion, beefiness, directorship, sub stances, out-looks, ex actions, Abusiveness, Magistracies, fore sight, re striction, FEDS, leadership, tyrranies, in tensenesses, backbone, powers-that-bes, pepper, whip hand, abusivenesses, Tissues, re-serves, might and main, rampancies, super-vision, ex-action, super intendencies, ascendancy, wildness, super-intendency, stimulus, brute forces, powerhouses, effectiveness, full head steam, what takes, fore-sights, weightinesses, talent, whip hands, auspices, vertebral column, containments, flareup, Brawniness, superintendencies, influences, Vertebral Columns, duress, get up and go, knack, leg ups, over-sights, in tensity, reign, grip, Intenseness, ex tent, get-up-and-go, wire pullings, high degrees, pro-vinces, pow, ex-tent, pre potency, ex cess, dash, stalwartnesses, pre-valence, paramountcy, in-jury, pre-potencies, dis positions, re-solve, super visions, high degree, re-solution, in-tensity, handclasps, pre dominance, over-throwing, pre potence, full court presses, over-sight, Presidencies, lustinesses, out looks, effectualness, mechanical energies, dis tress, vital sparks, pro-vince, strenuousness, pre eminences, pre-domination, un naturalness, robustness, effect, Qualifiedness, pre-dominance, un naturalnesses, pre valences, in jury, vertebraes, prepotence, vital spark, strength, pizzazz, sayso, de termination, sub-stances, directorships, super-visions, sub ordination, mettle, preeminence, re solve, might, leg up, ex action, super vision, mastery power, efficacy, pluck, gift, tensenesses, aptitude, mastery powers, pungency, in juries, what it take, what take, prowess, subjections, sub-ordinations, fitness, mis fortunes, subjection, o, conductions, re-solutions, political practices, dynamism, sinew, beefinesses, Muscularity, validness, stomping grounds, political practice, fore-sight, dis-positions, pro vince, suitableness, pre dominances, high pitches, re-percussion, in-tensenesses, re-strictions, competency, intensenesses, pungencies, prepotences, un-naturalnesses, powerhouse, in tenseness, efficacies, authority, oppression, stamina, high pitch, brute force, bent, voltages, hardiness, vinegars, pre-eminence, pilotage, indomitability, adequacy, tissue, ex-cess, statecrafts, slow burn, genius, ferocities, peppiness, conduction, pre-potency, what it takes, beef, government, horsepowers, ginger, intensity, re strictions, on tops, on top, efficiency, the feds, capablenesses, re solves, importance, constrait, super-intendencies, out look, sub ordinations, applied force, pre-potence, tenseness.