Pronunciation of Procrastinate
/pɹəkɹˈastɪnˌe͡ɪt/, /pɹəkɹˈastɪnˌe‍ɪt/, /p_ɹ_ə_k_ɹ_ˈa_s_t_ɪ_n_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for procrastinate

de camped, applying oneself, doest one's best, breaks ones neck, arrived conclusion, arrives at conclusion, arrives conclusion, have nose grindstone, gotten cracking, hadst final word, not lose a minute, commit oneself, hustle, stepped it, shake a leg, stepping gas, start eating, bulleting, de cree, elect, run like the wind, gooses, presses on, hath swing at, breaking back, puts up to, moved quickly, arrive conclusion, haddest a crack, go all out, slip away, de camping, dis-quiets, takes wing, go, making time, got under way, gave ones best shot, turns on steam, Endeavoring, gave one best shot, form opinion, Careering, try one's hardest, had one nose grindstone, doth one best, brake one back, de-camps, opens up throttle, broke ones back, hadst a shot at, speeded up, bulleted, hurries up, beelined, cut run, work on, in-tends, in tends, in-nervate, put to, has a crack, bid for, dogs it, press on, worked on, putting to, doing one's best, innerves, wasted no time, hurried up, breaking one's back, break one neck, shaking leg, making scarce, makes short work of, Shepherding, legged it, de camps, having a shot at, arrive at conclusion, makes tracks, reached decision, having shot at, tries hardest, fixt up on, went like the wind, doth best, pour it on, was conscientious, in nerving, stepped gas, casting the die, put up to, dis composing, made time, cutting along, acted upon, barrelled, gets under way, Make short work of, haddest final word, dis-quieting, steps gas, de-crees, sped up, took crack, didst one's best, taking stab, reaches decision, re vitalized, giving ones best shot, gear up, opening up throttle, un settles, ex-press, doeth ones best, JS, smoking, making haste, commits oneself, come to decision, be-stirs, livens, makes up mind, drew conclusion, be-wildered, steamrolls, contract, makes decision, Cinching, dis concerted, cut and run, abridge, tried one hardest, be wildered, dis-patch, hightailed it, whip around, hurry up, in crease, gather momentum, doing best, up setting, gave old college try, in tending, taking a crack, used elbow grease, whishing, pour on, gives old college try, shakes leg, breaking one back, gives one best shot, have shot at, conclude, innervated, working on, came to agreement, de parted, re-vitalizing, bustle, has nose grindstone, coming to decision, be stirs, gave best shot, tried one's hardest, wastes no time, abbreviate, making a decision, whish, dis tract, had shot at, railroaded, Bestirring, stepped on it, making tracks, Hurries, shorten, dis-concerting, came agreement, go ahead, broke one neck, come to agreement, drawing a conclusion, doest one best, make tracks, Careered, hath one nose to grindstone, come decision, flying the coop, cuts and run, putting up to, makes a run at, dis-composed, Fussing, get moving, try ones hardest, break neck, gave the old college try, hadst crack, going like wind, Bestirred, forward, casts die, hadst swing at, hadst one's nose to grindstone, dis-patches, un hinge, be wilders, breaking one's neck, try hardest, ran its course, going all out, skedaddle, getting moving, act upon, cast the die, speeds up, plunge ahead, breaks ones back, de parting, dis patched, haddest a shot at, broke ones neck, goes all out, applied oneself, tore out, ex-cites, brake one's neck, come agreement, in-creased, turning steam, takes a crack, spiriting up, up-sets, take stand, un-hinging, opened up throttle, have nose to grindstone, hadst a crack, steamrolled, opening throttle, re freshes, re-solved, breaks one's back, came to conclusion, vivificates, not lose minute, re-vitalizes, goes like lightning, fly the coop, having one nose to grindstone, dis concerts, take stab, hath ones nose to grindstone, vivificating, out-stripping, took pains, turns steam, make an effort, speeding up, out-strips, made decision, goes for broke, moves fast, exert oneself, takes a stand, brake ones neck, going fast, de parts, had final word, over-burden, has final word, be wilder, makes oneself scarce, speed, un hinging, dis patch, in tend, giving old college try, working like a dog, over-works, art quick, taking wing, gave it one's best shot, pours on, steamrolling, hadst shot at, dis-composing, making short work of, giving it best shot, festinate, forms opinion, arrived at conclusion, in-duce, giving it ones best shot, in-nerve, doth ones best, gat cracking, forming opinion, running like wind, move quickly, de-camping, hast nose grindstone, takes a stab, make a decision, had a swing at, broke one back, cuts run, opened throttle, took wing, started eating, brake neck, draws conclusion, dost best, Sallied, go like the wind, dis concert, breaking ones back, decide, plug away, brake ones back, hast one's nose grindstone, flies the coop, flying coop, cutting and run, trying hardest, had one's nose grindstone, Innerve, exerted oneself, leans on, doeth best, making a break, give it ones best shot, whipped around, ex press, Barrelling, hadst nose grindstone, acts up on, turn steam, bestir, coming to conclusion, carry out, being quick, fixt upon, made up mind, in-spire, in-spired, has one nose to grindstone, not lose a minuting, came conclusion, hurrying up, complete, dis composes, hath one nose grindstone, fly coop, haddest nose grindstone, made break, goes like wind, reduce, gotten a move on, Shepherded, be-stirring, gears up, starts eating, in-tending, plunged ahead, de-parts, in-crease, not lose minuted, de-camped, in spiring, over burdened, hast a crack, comes to conclusion, did one best, have final word, am conscientious, over burdening, ex citing, un-settle, committed oneself, haddest nose to grindstone, gives one's best shot, made short work of, give one's best shot, takes pains, casting die, J, have crack, took a stand, whipt around, gets cracking, re-solves, coming conclusion, gets move on, gat a move on, take wing, draw a conclusion, losing no time, take a stab, dog it, dis quieted, Jing, use elbow grease, made run at, over worked, finish, pro-mote, dis-composes, up sets, takes flight, making decision, legging it, over works, dis composed, doth one's best, in creases, poured on, hast one nose to grindstone, Fleeted, ran like the wind, breaks back, making up mind, be conscientious, in cites, coming to agreement, turned on steam, went like wind, in-creases, flew the coop, dis-quiet, race, in tended, sur-mise, got cracking, got move on, pegged away, gives ones best shot, work like dog, is conscientious, not lose minuting, gathered momentum, stepped on gas, livening, wast quick, giving it one best shot, ran like wind, be-wildering, railroading, be stirring, hath a crack, be stirred, give the old college try, wert quick, has ones nose grindstone, brake one neck, lose no time, makes time, be-wilder, taking pains, broke one's back, giving the old college try, dis-quieted, goes like the wind, open up throttle, comes agreement, cut along, hath shot at, brake one's back, Hasted, hightail, do one's best, works like dog, having one's nose to grindstone, went down line, go down line, dogged it, hast one's nose to grindstone, art conscientious, had a crack, waste no time, taking a stab, have a crack, going like the wind, did best, DO, act up on, in-spiring, haste, brake back, getting cracking, move fast, under takes, having final word, made every effort, hadst one's nose grindstone, applies oneself, broke neck, Hasting, comes conclusion, gives the old college try, dis-patching, re-freshes, sur mise, worked like dog, took stab, bestirs, un-settling, didst ones best, haddest crack, under take, tried ones hardest, made tracks, has a swing at, in-tended, is quick, hast one nose grindstone, loses no time, un-hinges, plugging away, de-camp, turn on steam, making a run at, out strip, spirits up, opens throttle, shagging, de camp, hath one's nose to grindstone, having swing at, over burdens, make a break, hasten, dis-concerted, gat under way, not lose a minutes, going for broke, cutting run, give old college try, haddest ones nose grindstone, be wildering, de-cree, torn out, out-stripped, make time, hast a swing at, run its course, made a run at, having a crack, went all out, bad for, in-nerving, come to conclusion, take a crack, have ones nose to grindstone, in nervate, had ones nose grindstone, moving fast, taking stand, does one's best, made oneself scarce, open throttle, had crack, up holds, haddest swing at, leant on, hast final word, not lose a minuted, giving one best shot, re solves, break ones neck, coming decision, had one's nose to grindstone, goes down line, steps it, reach decision, had nose to grindstone, in spires, flies coop, dis-compose, Innerved, works like a dog, legs it, leg it, under-taking, break one's back, de-creed, wasting no time, dis tracts, having one nose grindstone, making every effort, casts the die, turned steam, get a move on, go like lightning, trying one hardest, puts to, Jed, making effort, make decision, have a swing at, sets about, go fast, re vitalizes, sur mises, quicken, runs its course, formed opinion, up set, vivificated, dis patches, steps on it, innervating, re vitalize, fixes up on, make effort, cast die, committing oneself, stepping on it, up holding, in nerves, broke back, go like wind, taking crack, doeth one best, tries one hardest, hast a shot at, hightails it, over burden, under taken, doing ones best, doeth one's best, make up mind, does ones best, gat move on, making break, had a shot at, forge, over-burdened, are conscientious, up-hold, having nose grindstone, stepping on gas, does one best, makes scarce, speed up, dis compose, slipt away, hightail it, make haste, coming agreement, have a shot at, plugs away, dis quiet, makes an effort, pro-moting, makes haste, has a shot at, didst one best, dis-tract, run, hath final word, takes stand, getting a move on, be stir, made a decision, dis-concerts, have one nose to grindstone, in duces, going down line, made haste, under-taken, tears out, gotten under way, haddest one's nose to grindstone, over working, made an effort, call shots, strain, fly, takes stab, giving one's best shot, came to decision, having crack, draws a conclusion, re-vitalized, hurry, worked like a dog, push, drive, not lose minutes, makes a break, making run at, hath nose grindstone, does best, hath crack, dis-tracts, hightailing it, flurry, hadst one nose to grindstone, had ones nose to grindstone, went like lightning, up hold, apply oneself, moving quickly, whishes, de part, has shot at, re-solve, doest ones best, under took, limit, taking a stand, up-set, going like lightning, went for broke, setting about, doest best, slipped away, steamroll, didst best, leaning on, un-hinge, hath ones nose grindstone, runs like wind, shook a leg, make a run at, tare out, works on, pro moting, broke one's neck, makes run at, make scarce, Fussed, in-cite, work like a dog, plugged away, have one's nose grindstone, de-parting, starting eating, bade for, innervates, go for broke, has crack, breaks one neck, made mind, made a break, over-worked, bidding for, be-stir, hast ones nose to grindstone, shakes a leg, shake leg, step it, ex pressed, were quick, further, flew coop, acted up on, over-wrought, haddest one's nose grindstone, breaks one's neck, be-wilders, be-stirred, re-solving, advance, humped, in-spires, making an effort, hath a shot at, in cite, give it one's best shot, being conscientious, haddest a swing at, ex-pressing, in-nerved, pressed on, break back, de crees, gives it one best shot, using elbow grease, wrought on, up-held, have ones nose grindstone, get cracking, Barreling, in spired, comes to agreement, took a crack, in-tend, dis quieting, peg away, dost ones best, breaking ones neck, dis patching, has swing at, did one's best, do one best, under-takes, expedite, had nose grindstone, take flight, endeavor, ex-cited, goes fast, am quick, acts upon, hast nose to grindstone, up held, makes effort, step on gas, in duce, drawing conclusion, sur-mises, hadst one nose grindstone, gathers momentum, got moving, do best, re solve, vitalize, give ones best shot, ex pressing, continue, whished, uses elbow grease, came decision, un-settled, hadst a swing at, having nose to grindstone, have one's nose to grindstone, pro-motes, trying one's hardest, over-burdening, come conclusion, was quick, in-duces, in nerved, spirit up, steps on gas, step gas, ex cited, goosing, dig in, stepping it, gave it one best shot, are quick, have swing at, dogging it, un-hinged, comes decision, dis-concert, out-strip, take crack, doing one best, had one nose to grindstone, up-holding, take pains, draw conclusion, running its course, break one's neck, get move on, do ones best, ex-cite, un settled, arriving conclusion, in-cited, make mind, turning on steam, running like the wind, un hinges, breaking one neck, help, ex cite, hadst ones nose to grindstone, get under way, makes every effort, shaking a leg, poured it on, rush, de-part, under taking, makes mind, whipping around, accelerate, exerting oneself, give it best shot, innervate, having one's nose grindstone, leaned on, curtail, plunges ahead, break one back, in creasing, acting upon, pours it on, comes to decision, be quick, arriving at conclusion, Cinched, reaching decision, un hinged, beelining, make run at, fixed upon, did ones best, working like dog, tried hardest, goosed, drew a conclusion, dost one's best, dis concerting, dis-patched, de creed, shags, lost no time, wast conscientious, Sallying, out strips, breaking neck, gotten moving, in spire, re-fresh, hast ones nose grindstone, takes crack, pouring it on, cuts along, hath a swing at, fix upon, persist, gives it one's best shot, Innerving, geared up, makes a decision, course, gets a move on, spirited up, un settling, got a move on, having ones nose to grindstone, re vitalizing, leave, wrought like dog, up-holds, lean on, pegging away, make break, breaks one back, taking flight, making mind, livened, slips away, had swing at, break ones back, dis quiets, gets moving, trying ones hardest, haddest one nose to grindstone, made scarce, barreled, made effort, hadst nose to grindstone, de-parted, gearing up, Winging, wert conscientious, acting up on, took stand, hast crack, runs like the wind, struggle, pouring on, up-setting, ex cites, set about, gave it best shot, dost one best, haddest shot at, having a swing at, exerts oneself, fixing upon, take a stand, pegs away, gives it ones best shot, hast shot at, breaks neck, has one's nose grindstone, shag, step on it, hath one's nose grindstone, bids for, un settle, whips around, hast swing at, were conscientious.