Pronunciation of Proper
/pɹˈɒpə/, /pɹˈɒpə/, /p_ɹ_ˈɒ_p_ə/

Antonyms for proper

ill-adapted, dis-agreeing, most estranged, most clashing, more mismatched, extra-ordinary, most unfitting, un timeliest, un handy, un apter, offcolor, out character, dis-ordered, un-congenial, most unpeaceful, uncool, grungy, in-competent, in-accurate, crass, out shape, un loveliest, under handed, more butterfingers, can't make the grade, most left-field, un-handsomer, ill-fitted, in-felicitous, unpromising, irrelevant, un-righteous, more traducing, most unwarrantable, un luckier, scandalous, in tractable, most blackmarket, most out-of-place, un-becoming, un-warranted, un wanted, un-yielding, devil may care, in-apter, incompatible, dis graceful, most ill-bred, unpeaceful, unsatisfactory, more wrong number, un handiest, off-base, un-timely, out place, most unallowable, un healthy, un-due, more inadept, un truest, in-excusable, un handsomest, un likeliest, unproficient, unbecoming, un-happy, dis proportionate, most wildcat, in decent, inappropriate, more ill bred, un satisfactory, under-handed, re-mote, most gossiping, in delicate, unpliablest, meaningless, un-fit, in-salubrious, unmeetest, un-proficient, unwarrantable, porno, in-delicate, inaccurate, un luckiest, in-subordinate, un authorized, un desirable, contrary to law, most ill-fitted, out-lawed, un-duest, unhandiest, most under-the-counter, in-decorous, dis-orderly, un allowable, most ill adapted, most left field, in-harmonious, in bad way, un-meetest, marching different drummer, in-admissible, un-just, blackmarket, Unhandsome, in subordinate, in violation of law, anti-thetical, cant make grade, un fortunate, un-couth, un-nutritious, in harmonious, ungraceful, ill-timed, un-apter, un-successful, un-cleaner, un-facile, most racket, un conventional, ill adapted, more clashing, un-natural, more unwarrantable, illtimed, all thumbs, uncharacteristic, most wrong number, most nothing, atypical, most garbage, be neath, criminal, extrinsic, night day, anti thetical, un-healthy, corrupt, out of luck, most improprietous, un-dignified, more anarchistic, un-meeter, most unmeasurable, un equitable, bad, most mismatched, in applicable, un-luckier, most vilifying, uncongenial, more undignified, dis ordered, Misbecoming, most good-for-nothing, in-coherent, anarchistic, un cultivated, more shattered, most ill equipped, ill-equipped, un adapted, more pathological, un warrantable, in auspicious, dishonest, un-acceptable, most piratical, in-applicable, un seasonable, un measurable, not fit, un chaster, dis-honest, illadvised, un fitting, ill fated, un refined, in consistent, awkward, Unequitable, un usual, un likelier, offkey, more unrightful, un propitious, dis-honorable, foot-in-mouth, out luck, un aptest, de-grading, de grading, ill advised, gauche, suggestive, un-qualified, un timely, dis orderly, un due, in-effective, in efficient, improprietous, most foot in mouth, most anarchic, in-decent, un handsome, most off-base, nonspecific, in-expert, un-matched, more ill-fitted, more anarchical, most pathological, wrong number, more unfitting, un happier, dis-gusting, unqualified, in-adept, in capable, more unnutritious, un-deserved, most out-of-season, dis-agreeable, in advisable, in-docile, most offbase, un-flattering, most opposed, un-seemly, most anarchical, most terrorizing, un godliest, wrongful, un pliable, more inapropos, more ill-bred, un-refined, more loser, amiss, unfortunate, casual, un lawful, in-appropriate, un conscionable, most butterfingers, un civilized, unhandsomer, unhandsomest, contrary law, un sound, most unrightful, un clean, more terrorizing, more ill fitted, un-sightly, un rightful, un-juster, most ill-adapted, in aptest, unfitting, out of character, unmeasurable, dis-proportionate, un graceful, dis honest, more recusant, in-temperate, dis reputable, un cleanest, in-elegant, more unproficient, un-sounder, most unequitable, most unrighteous, more foot in mouth, in famous, be-neath, star crossed, misfortunate, un-comely, more maligning, inadmissible, nogood, unmerited, inadept, more unsanctioned, most foot-in-mouth, marching to different drummer, most black market, unmeeter, out lawed, more undeserved, black-market, most leftfield, un fairer, un seemly, un-dexterous, ill timed, glitched up, most ruffian, unacceptable, incorrect, un skillful, most unadapted, un deserving, un-fair, un-cleanest, most illfitted, un worthy, out of place, most good for nothing, tacky, in compatible, un attractive, more anarchic, out of line, in consonant, in-opportune, more out-of-place, dis sonant, un-handy, illsuited, un-pliablest, in-tractable, more illequipped, un-constitutional, un sightliest, ill favored, obscene, foot in mouth, in-expedient, Unhandy, mis fortunate, in-apposite, more unprosperous, more vilifying, imprecise, Unnutritious, in effective, not deserving, un justified, un lovelier, most uncool, more illfitted, un lucky, un qualified, more unpromising, unlawful, un healthier, un cleaner, more off base, more unmerited, whale difference, un justest, Inconformable, most bohemian, leftfield, un chastest, un becoming, un prosperous, most illequipped, un-official, libelous, lecherous, in decorous, un-godly, lascivious, more undecorous, in-fringing, more piratical, more unrighteous, flawed, more unpeaceful, un-licensed, more bohemian, un-lucky, red hot, untrained, out order, de tractive, un-conventional, un-cultivated, pro-fane, wrongnumber, uncalledfor, in fringing, in accurate, more left field, undue, unskillful, ill bred, more porno, un-chaste, dis-obedient, un seemliest, most exceeding, no good, Unbeseeming, in-constant, substandard, out keeping, un-godliest, counter-factual, un-conscionable, undexterous, un-fairer, illstarred, re mote, unhandier, most misfortunate, un meetest, un-authorized, un flattering, more wrongnumber, more garbage, un licensed, more out of place, un disciplined, more detracting, un righteous, un favorable, most loser, more inapposite, illequipped, un-soundest, seedy, un-reliable, most inconsonant, dis gusting, most traducing, in-ordinate, out line, in admissible, more undeserving, un-rightful, more contaminated, dis-graceful, unpliabler, ill fitted, dis creditable, more inconsonant, more out of season, un-suitable, dis-sonant, more unlicensed, whale of difference, un-worthier, un befitting, illbred, un sounder, unfit, un warranted, un suitable, un duest, un dexterous, opposed, too great, in competent, dis honorable, marching a different drummer, un worthier, un juster, unskilled, un-promising, cant make the grade, unallowable, most recusant, in opportune, more barnyard, most imprecise, un merited, more inconformable, out-of-place, un-healthiest, most ill-equipped, un happy, un meeter, un-pliable, out element, un pliablest, un-allowable, un ethical, intolerable, noaccount, un handier, more indictable, wrong-number, more infringing, incapable, crude, in-capable, un constitutional, more good for nothing, more ruffian, most porno, in-valid, most illadapted, un-fairest, un-sightlier, most infringing, mis taken, objectionable, in-adequate, improper, Unmeet, un-wholesome, unconventional, un-healthful, un-wanted, mis-fortunate, at odds, incompetent, more wildcat, un-timelier, out-of-season, can't make grade, more racket, in-eligible, un chaste, re prehensible, non compliant, unsuited, most off base, more offbase, un peaceful, un decorous, more left-field, most unnutritious, un-befitting, laid low, most jinxed, shabby, most ill fitted, careless, un reliable, un-likelier, more nothing, most undeserved, in bad taste, un-chastest, more wrong-number, un-lovelier, un-chaster, offbase, un fairest, dis-reputable, unlicensed, un healthiest, un lovely, in temperate, untoward, un-worthiest, Misbehaving, ill starred, un-governable, untypical, out of shape, unrighteous, anti-pathetic, de-tractive, x rated, un meet, un-manageable, most indictable, un happiest, off color, more under the counter, most unmerited, un-duer, illfavored, un-justifiable, un dignified, anarchical, not good enough, un-restrained, inexpert, in-congruous, imperfect, un fair, non-compliant, more off-base, bawdy, more unadapted, wide of mark, extra ordinary, in-consistent, un-justified, unprosperous, mis-begotten, unwarranted, un promising, in adequate, most unsanctioned, un-usual, un couth, un-favorable, most wrongnumber, un-seemlier, un-tamed, anti pathetic, Unpliable, more unallowable, recusant, in poor taste, false, unadapted, unreal, general, ill suited, more uncool, un-graceful, un-meet, illfated, un wholesome, in convenient, un timelier, out of season, un just, Inconsonant, in excusable, un-sanctioned, non conformist, in expert, more black-market, wide mark, most unpromising, most inadept, most detracting, un-pliabler, inapropos, unsanctioned, un-desirable, un-seemliest, counter factual, un-reasonable, more backbiting, more illbred, in a bad way, un congenial, inapposite, left-field, un healthful, un-sound, un deserved, un manageable, un-satisfactory, un-handsome, unwholesome, unfacile, un-skillful, more under-the-counter, most out of line, un-civilized, undeserved, un-merited, not adapted, in-auspicious, more black market, most undignified, poles apart, un official, more estranged, un-seasonable, un duer, in congruous, inept, un-peaceful, un-fitting, in-efficient, un-suited, most inapposite, un sightly, easygoing, mismatched, most septic, dis obedient, un likely, un-timeliest, more ill-equipped, xrated, in eligible, unworthy, un tamed, in salubrious, un-lovely, mis matched, un sightlier, un-warrantable, raffish, illadapted, un truer, not worth, unsuitable, dis agreeing, piratical, in-apropos, non-conformist, in-aptest, un-ethical, un-lawful, un cool, most maligning, Out of keeping, un-measurable, more ill-adapted, inexact, in appropriate, in elegant, most inconformable, un godly, pathological, good for nothing, un-godlier, un-truer, most unlicensed, dis agreeable, re-prehensible, in apter, more gossiping, most out of place, most anarchistic, defective, more out-of-season, questionable, inapplicable, over much, more improprietous, in violation law, in expedient, un-truest, most black-market, laid-back, un-handsomest, in-correct, un suited, un acceptable, most under the counter, wide the mark, more unequitable, anarchic, undignified, dis-creditable, pro fane, un godlier, more undexterous, in valid, illegitimate, in correct, faulty, un-fortunate, alien, most inapropos, insurgent, un justifiable, un-justest, more leftfield, un seemlier, in docile, inadequate, left field, in-consonant, under-the-counter, un-cool, ill-bred, most ill bred, un successful, septic, unseemly, unrightful, illicit, most out of season, un reasonable, most wrong-number, indecent, un proficient, lawless, in apropos, un-equitable, in-advisable, most illbred, un-handier, undecorous, more exceeding, more unfacile, most backbiting, un handsomer, more foot-in-mouth, in apposite, un welcome, way off, un-attractive, more blackmarket, un worthiest, illegal, most beneath, un-likely, most undecorous, rude, un yielding, starcrossed, in adept, most unprosperous, in-compatible, un-decorous, in-convenient, more septic, indictable, un-sightliest.