Pronunciation of Re-Serve
/ɹˌiːsˈɜːv/, /ɹˌiːsˈɜːv/, /ɹ_ˌiː_s_ˈɜː_v/

Antonyms for re-serve

allow, make vulnerable, hand over, yield, primary, dispossess, claim, deplete, plant, abandon, causative, conceal, incapacity, confusion, worry, dodge, major, let out, certainty, expose, disclose, pretentiousness, commonplace, reveal, frustration, little, dismiss, surrender, desert, elementary, rescind, happiness, approval, facilitate, disorganize, take, indulge, disconnect, license, bequeath, mix up, mess, pride, defuse, pass up, neglect, forsake, nothing, advantage, withhold, free, calmness, loss, open, misappropriate, lay bare, not have, forfeit, displace, war, openness, reject, aid, repel, retain, affection, go along, assurance, permit, distress, impotence, sureness, hurt, body, opponent, disbelieve, sympathy, main, first-rate, separate, egoism, endanger, permission, release, freedom, ego, lose, disturbance, disagreement, waste, clamor, muddle, be quiet, approve, entity, peace, acknowledge, being, bestow, oust, calm, deny, exclude, arrogance, lay out, guard, misuse, self-indulgence, fire, guts, stranger, real, aggression, advance, lay off, useful, eject, confidence, disharmony, superior, clearance, indulgence, hide, end, disorder, let go, needed, stop, worn, lack, trust, disavow, friendliness, disperse, return, agitation, liberty, finish, impropriety, weakness, enemy, give, reality, bow out, solution, old, want, unmask, accept, push, misunderstand, assist, genuine, self-importance, leave open, decline, exhibit, discomposure, expedite, liberate, big, few, continue, significant, leave, truth, zilch, rashness, nothingness, divulge, ordinary, offer, miss, energy, liberation, ignorance, self-confidence, need, fundamental, assertiveness, lawlessness, instability, bare, use, spread, true, arousal, usual, assistance, grant, disorganization, fighting, composure, disallow, distribute, throw away, encourage, banish, disregard, evil, impurity, spend, DO, emptiness, chief, huge, communication, definiteness, go, used, forget, be idle, withdraw, prevent, foe, faith, give up, unfasten, desecrate, upset, carry out, scatter, worthwhile, consume, squander, tranquility, adversary, security, divide, let happen, poverty, result, conceit, answer, refuse, courage, overlook, avoid, warmth, reply, harm, cancel, uncover, integral, nerve, stoutheartedness, expel, essential, stupidity, debt, fail, discord, keep, exonerate, immorality, mess up, fact, first-class, source, audacity, important, wildness, shun, inability, common, clarity, refrain, finished, sell, show, Braveness, talk, contentment, hesitate, use up, antagonist, disrespect, help, remove, valuable, noise, break up, tell, allowance, belief, normal, hold, disburse, scarcity, dishonor, lessen, disarrange, product, incompetence, discharge, permanent, basic, large, necessary, boldness, break off, dissipate, forward, consequential, ignore.