Pronunciation of Re-Serves
/ɹˌiːsˈɜːvz/, /ɹˌiːsˈɜːvz/, /ɹ_ˌiː_s_ˈɜː_v_z/

Antonyms for re-serves

conceal, exhibit, belief, indulge, banish, disburse, frustration, few, advantage, liberation, forfeit, tell, hide, forget, loss, disrespect, disagreement, solution, return, show, deplete, oust, disorder, reveal, impurity, withdraw, displace, incompetence, debt, disorganize, guts, forsake, dodge, reality, courage, indulgence, lawlessness, adversary, aggression, allowance, confusion, disclose, pretentiousness, fact, disarrange, upset, break up, connection, carry out, evil, foe, bow out, muddle, hurt, self-indulgence, talk, result, assist, disperse, withhold, fire, incapacity, contentment, opponent, exonerate, dissipate, be idle, mix up, permit, ego, exclude, retain, openness, dispossess, assistance, sureness, push, surrender, noise, worry, expel, finish, repel, fighting, stranger, refrain, advance, dishonor, zilch, conceit, trust, disturbance, impropriety, reject, faith, arousal, nothing, take, keep, instability, spend, freedom, squander, permanent, composure, hesitate, boldness, license, end, sympathy, endanger, calm, spread, clamor, aid, disavow, lack, antagonist, abandon, use up, impotence, mess, peace, clearance, plant, agitation, approve, distribute, miss, war, offer, defuse, stupidity, DO, disorganization, ignorance, truth, lessen, divulge, misuse, decline, free, wildness, scarcity, remove, separate, hold, uncover, tranquility, mess up, enemy, lay out, use, discomposure, warmth, deny, self-confidence, shun, discord, confidence, guard, answer, bequeath, cancel, lay off, be quiet, yield, encourage, not have, nothingness, unfasten, dismiss, shame, pass up, happiness, grant, leave open, lay bare, egoism, waste, liberate, expedite, avoid, accept, harm, pride, weakness, calmness, release, rescind, unmask, rashness, go, little, being, help, prevent, energy, entity, hand over, misappropriate, break off, disharmony, scatter, overlook, disregard, lose, go along, audacity, sell, liability, inability, emptiness, want, desecrate, nerve, permission, assurance, product, self-importance, poorness, paucity, desert, let happen, stoutheartedness, disconnect, friendliness, stop, disbelieve, assertiveness, let out, first string, consume, let go, give up, disallow, divide, clarity, refuse, communication, neglect, Braveness, definiteness, allow, approval, affection, need, certainty, continue, facilitate, leave, ignore, liberty, bare, poverty, distress, powerlessness, discharge, arrogance, fail, security, forward, expose, give, claim, acknowledge, misunderstand, reply, make vulnerable, eject, immorality, throw away, bestow, open.