Pronunciation of Re-Solves
/ɹˌiːsˈɒlvz/, /ɹˌiːsˈɒlvz/, /ɹ_ˌiː_s_ˈɒ_l_v_z/

Antonyms for re-solves

give, postpone, indifference, mend, bear, spinelessness, rise, assemble, defer, detain, liquefy, disallow, fight, mix up, cease, hide, retain, timidity, distaste, marry, receive, fail, repress, upset, commence, aid, flexibility, wonder, annoy, worry, go up, halt, complicate, displace, fear, abstain, dirty, approve, give up, dislike, incite, preface, mystify, release, hesitate, depart, code, allow, soften, concept, ruin, restrain, overlook, serve, finish, forfeit, advance, divorce, entwine, provoke, accumulate, hurt, connect, lethargy, renounce, indecision, arouse, cover, welcome, offer, preserve, laziness, harm, reject, mismatch, hinder, estrange, grow, Unfix, prove, go, idleness, estimate, waste, miss, coldness, collect, vacillation, limit, submit, begin, excogitate, obscure, twist, indolence, go along, garner, imprison, knot, insincerity, fasten, calculate, introduction, disregard, unite, extend, take in, intensify, keep, unfit, disperse, discourage, change, sew, guess, request, join, prelude, involve, withhold, confuse, hesitation, disarrange, attach, perplex, slackness, deferment, idle, cancel, separate, misunderstand, reality, procrastination, plant, question, mess up, destroy, agree, corrupt, remove, abandon, eat out, ignore, wait, gather, praise, worsen, ask, postponement, continue, unimportance, confine, create, injure, vote down, block, check, surrender, wind, scatter, synthesize, neglect, cause, measure, let go, disagree, damage, refuse, link, deferral, agitate, ascend, develop, not plan, distress, open, unsettle, contend, spend, dullness, derange, being, introduce, muddle, assist, excite, thoughtlessness, refrain, stagnate, tangle, conceal, recall, distribute, use, remain, ineptness, make worse, origin, free, entangle, yield, kill, distort, DO, doubt, disturb, enervation, tie, aggravate, compliance, permit, dismiss, cloud, wavering, accept, stop, irritate, increase, coolness, discard, suppress, wrap, instability, diffidence, put off, mull, close, flippancy, procrastinate, persist, unseal, give birth, end, leave, delay, fold, anger, liberate, powerlessness, vote out, apathy, initiate, inactivity, reply, indetermination, irresolution, argue, divide, impair, disinterest, leave alone, hate, pass, forget, undo, plead, depression, disbelieve, cowardice, not finish, indefiniteness, disorder, disorganize, weakness, dispute, be idle, start, stay, improve, help, theory, beginning, combine, commencement, discouragement, deny, waver, put together, dissuade, condemnation, misrepresent, endanger, hatred, secrete, look away, mismanage, trouble, oppose, prevent, muddy, vex, problem, break, hold, play fair, misuse, pause, expand, denial, be vague, lose, move.