Pronunciation of Re-Turns
/ɹˌiːtˈɜːnz/, /ɹˌiːtˈɜːnz/, /ɹ_ˌiː_t_ˈɜː_n_z/

Antonyms for re-turns

poverty, truth, say yes, abstain, shrinkage, initiation, Diminishment, charge, desertion, go forward, disfavor, cease, kindness, earn, comfort, deny, dearth, be original, stay, cover, impotence, fee, laud, cause, misfortune, dissatisfy, fire, stagnation, handicap, original, need, delight, straighten, progress, disease, dismantle, yielding, departure, go on, idle, prove, stoppage, relapse, hindrance, raze, veto, drawback, deduction, help, repulse, disagree, capitulation, promise, halt, decrease, soothe, obstruction, exit, advance, upset, go, penalty, develop, failure, withstand, facilitate, bills, trouble, slight, disadvantage, drop, leave alone, pass up, prolong, keep, resource, counter, blockage, abort, disapprove, flight, finish, source, go up, obstacle, take back, taking, remain, leave, beginning, origin, enhance, losses, payment, healing, forfeiture, renounce, settle, extort, deprive, success, prevent, play, inferiority, request, live, inefficiency, fight, initiate, introduction, be quiet, disavow, incapacity, forward, divide, hold, neglect, increase, reject, impairment, hide, block, lose, disregard, disapproval, oppose, last, ascend, let go, break, result, free, overlook, hurt, obscure, loss, worsen, allow, die, forfeit, debt, depart, please, subordination, extend, strengthen, injury, strengthening, commence, win, unfulfillment, face, persist, penalize, repudiate, criticism, whole, Payout, shrink, rise, ignore, stop, expenses, give up, achievement, refrain, calm, steal, remove, agree, hold back, asking, punishment, worsening, disproportion, restart, get better, lack, want, start, reward, confine, betrayal, waste, destroy, abolition, act, ask, defeat, decline, reach, build, withhold, suppress, conceal, improve, assist, sympathy, award, quit, flourish, disappearance, seize, begin, problem, disallow, enlarge, grow, restriction, accept, consume, weakness, instance, stagnate, contradict, ruin, fade, question, abjure, abandon, reduction, refuse, forgiveness, aid, indictment, sympathize, enter, leaving, forge, bad luck, condemn, flattery, praise, destruction, wonder, silence, hold up, support, cloud, make happy, fail, kill, deteriorate, confuse, commencement, avoid, expenditure, subservience, meet, permit, continue, encourage, compliment, forswear, expand, damage, demolish, shun, forgive, pardon, raise, surrender, shrivel, opening, make well, weaken, dissatisfaction, desist, back out, work, pay, bad fortune, bottom, deterioration, take, dissuade, harm, quiet, separate, withdraw.