Pronunciation of Ready
/ɹˈɛdi/, /ɹˈɛdi/, /ɹ_ˈɛ_d_i/

Antonyms for ready

disallow, in advertent, un promising, more equivocating, more time wasting, lacking confidence, dis-obliging, in decisive, un-guarded, disinterested, most banausic, intricate, un happiest, dis entangle, Pococurante, un-acceptable, slowing down, un desirable, more dawdling, un wrapping, recondite, cop out, in-expert, in competent, most inproficient, hold back, labored, in-appropriate, give slip, dis entangles, un equipped, boring, upsets the apple cart, slow on uptake, untrained, un healthier, in capable, quiet, un-concerned, destroy, uncool, most demurring, in-applicable, grueling, sate back, uncoiled, dis regardful, more banausic, illdisposed, more snail like, bandaid, out ordinary, out element, in-effective, un obliging, de laying, Disarraying, involved, un becoming, no ifs ands or buts, quiets down, un prepared, re-sting, herculean, more unaccommodating, un-hasty, strait laced, strenuous, broke into, disturb, stodgy, most unpromising, un furled, tough, unproficient, unreeling, un-conventional, un-roll, untwining, band aid, dilatory, more prevaricating, un-qualified, most illequipped, more uncircumspect, casuistic, unused to, un clearer, un-studied, un-congenial, rattles one cage, most sophistical, un bend, dis array, bollixing, most shuffling, takes break, unequipped, un-healthy, in cautious, unaccustomed, more never-failing, slow-moving, loosen up, un bends, unpromising, most butterfingered, untwined, banausic, out of ordinary, uncoils, unbended, un-bends, anti-pathetic, mucked up, hast alibi, un hastier, dis-qualified, most unreflective, un-progressive, more makedo, untwines, in-accurate, not cut out for, un raveled, untwine, most uncool, no ifs ands buts, with-drew, more snail-like, most uninclined, un-handier, unreflective, most butter-fingered, in-direct, in applicable, halt, inert, unfitted, un reel, dis gusted, dis order, un taught, most dissembling, bollixes, casuistical, quick and dirty, un-twisted, un-usual, un-settle, in-tangible, in effective, dis-ordered, with draw, butter fingered, neglectful, draggy, most band aid, uneager, more disheartened, most snail-like, un inclined, in-docile, with drawn, took break, un eager, untwisted, in harmonious, more butter fingered, un observant, stopgap, in compatible, formidable, dis-arrays, extemporize, unobliging, stupid, more long-delayed, draggier, more illdisposed, unenthusiastic, un-ravel, more butterfingered, un apter, half-baked, more bandaid, un hasty, arduous, sick to stomach, painful, not up to, disorganize, more sophistical, ex-press, mis taken, in tangible, slows down, un-mitigated, un accommodating, more against, slow uptake, more disqualified, interfering with, most time-wasting, unprepared, dis-heartened, taking break, muddying waters, un-imaginative, un-bent, un-coil, more timeconsuming, most plodding, illsuited, rummage, averse, un predictable, most unaccommodating, let go, gradual, unbent, discourage, un rolls, un wonted, un-winding, un coils, bushest, un clearest, timeconsuming, in-different, un-obliging, loosening up, in congruous, un-enthusiastic, evasive, hesitant, dis composing, most long delayed, un-reflective, in-capable, un-familiar, unwind, in-disposed, retard, prevent, un restricted, dis-orders, un furling, un proficient, un rolled, make-do, most unobliging, unhastiest, un trained, un ravelling, most uncheerful, un-thinking, more grudging, unwilling, quiet down, take a break, ignorant, stressful, Unreeled, ill equipped, un-hastiest, unfit, most newcome, more throwaway, in adequate, sitting back, more elusory, holed, never failing, most unalloyed, interfered with, un happy, most slow-moving, gave slip, dis heartened, in-competent, un-meetest, most blundering, apathetic, sat back, draggiest, complicated, un circumspect, out shape, unhandier, re-cline, un conventional, un punctual, un mitigated, most faltering, afraid, sluggish, unsuitable, dis-array, hard, most elusory, sur prising, un aptest, dis-composes, problematic, in-advertent, most throwaway, slow moving, dis liking, cant make the grade, loath, Breaching, dis inclined, bushleague, un-rolling, un-reeling, more hindered, weaken, be grudging, most pococurante, re sting, un coiling, in-experienced, mucking up, un-cooperative, most loitering, more unalloyed, unbend, in different, uncheerful, more ill-adapted, pro-longed, knotty, in eligible, brake in to, ex-acting, laborious, un-friendliest, takes easy, most uneager, un productive, un meetest, winding down, rattling ones cage, un handier, up-setting, more uncool, re-clines, un practiced, slow, rattled cage, up setting, more dallying, without reservation, makedo, un-reel, un instructed, most impeded, more unequipped, in-compatible, un-skilled, lax, most band-aid, dis-gusted, un-sure, un fit, un fitted, be lated, dis-regardful, take easy, more casuistical, un interesting, up set, more uninclined, incapable, un-common, in efficient, quieting down, un expected, un studied, muddied the waters, un-seasoned, un ravelled, un-limited, interferes with, most prevaricating, un-bended, un raveling, tortoiselike, more casuistic, with-drawing, more shuffling, upset apple cart, un-apter, took it easy, disrupt, easing off, disarrange, ill suited, un-willing, demanding, most long-delayed, most unwishful, heavy handed, most make do, impeded, most makedo, slow the uptake, in-proficient, dis entangling, takes a break, un-coiled, in-efficient, using pretext, Fracturing, un-punctual, un-coils, un-adulterated, un-wrap, more longdelayed, more compelled, un-inspired, more uncheerful, un wishful, more slow-moving, unalloyed, more time-consuming, most timewasting, un-observant, time wasting, unwishful, un reels, too green, most time-consuming, more loitering, laid low, more unproficient, improvise, mis leading, unhasty, blunt, dis ordered, most longdelayed, unskilled, makeshift, loosened up, more amateur, ex acting, un-ready, most compelled, unhastier, un-inclined, un meeter, untwist, make do, un inspired, Newcome, more unreflective, re cline, troublesome, Elusory, pro visional, un-trained, taking it easy, unreel, more demurring, over-due, more illequipped, un eventful, muddy the waters, more long delayed, un seasoned, un rolling, un cooperative, most born-again, un-becoming, rattled one's cage, fail, duncer, un-twist, time-wasting, brake into, untwisting, un-twine, un hurried, dis-entangle, disarrayed, more slow moving, disinclined, hyper critical, more band aid, un-known, sits back, winds down, most disheartened, in-cautious, un-wraps, ill disposed, more napping, most uncircumspect, un-clearest, un skilled, most dawdling, more time consuming, use pretext, not to, more butterfingers, wound down, Qualmish, slowed down, unpunctual, un favorable, most grudging, un usual, un settle, most amateur, ineligible, un reeling, de-liberate, unhandiest, un ravels, un-friendly, in capacitated, more newcome, more dissembling, illadapted, mindless, most stonewalling, hyper-critical, uncoil, giving slip, out and out, un accustomed, in direct, gives the slip, ill-disposed, have alibi, un bended, unintelligent, taxing, unhappy, Butter-fingered, un-clear, uninclined, Snail-like, un healthy, out place, most slow moving, un-fitted, un cool, in-felicitous, indolent, most butterfingers, un mindful, butterfingered, in-judicious, in bind, dis arraying, dis-composed, most detained, be-grudging, neverfailing, slothful, can't make the grade, un heeding, un exciting, un abler, most ill-adapted, wind down, most hindered, most napping, in-active, has alibi, cant make grade, un wrap, rattle one's cage, un-suited, in correct, busher, unaccommodating, breached, un reflective, not used to, lethargic, up-sets, more unwishful, dis-entangled, un-productive, un-accommodating, takes it easy, in-harmonious, un roll, most bandaid, sick to one stomach, un hastiest, more tarrying, unversed in, un wraps, snail like, un likeliest, hath alibi, more timewasting, un-ablest, un-faltering, more unpromising, in-congruous, most disliking, not fit, Uncircumspect, un-proficient, snaillike, un-winds, long-delayed, out of shape, un-reeled, un-healthiest, un handiest, fractured, most unfitted, most tortoiselike, dormant, un-friendlier, un-bend, un-abler, un-suitable, more qualmish, un-wind, immature, time-consuming, un suited, heavy, most illdisposed, haddest alibi, oppressive, un thinking, un-equipped, bare, timewasting, most casuistic, in-expedient, un-heeding, in disposed, uneducated, more ill-disposed, in-voluntary, un adulterated, in-considerate, too late, most tarrying, more neverfailing, un-eventful, dis-order, exhausting, un-twined, in accurate, no good, un ravel, more butter-fingered, un-responsive, psych out, uncustomary, un-furled, ill-adapted, in discreet, in docile, upsetting apple cart, un enthusiastic, hadst alibi, reckless, un-alloyed, un-furling, most time wasting, with-drawn, rattling cage, not equal to, uncoiling, having no use for, most novice, can't make grade, in appropriate, un commonest, behindhand, most time consuming, un skillful, un-coiling, more moratory, unreels, taking easy, napping, up sets, breaking into, un acceptable, most against, un-expected, took a break, in voluntary, strapped for time, un congenial, against grain, severe, gives slip, un clear, more band-aid, un-twisting, sur-prising, in-capacitated, un-restrained, loosens up, in a bind, illequipped, dis-entangles, un-promising, more procrastinating, exacting, broke in to, rough, up-set, gave the slip, had alibi, un-prepared, most ill adapted, sad, unguarded, un-wound, un-desirable, un-settling, un-commoner, un bending, unresponsive, in experienced, de sert, long delayed, sick stomach, un-reserved, with drew, slow on the uptake, dis composes, more ill-equipped, un-predictable, rattling one's cage, in judicious, un-informed, most disqualified, having alibi, un imaginative, muddies the waters, used pretext, dissuade, un-handy, muddied waters, un reeled, more snaillike, muck up, un twists, Muddy Waters, un-likelier, un-ravelling, rattle ones cage, most timeconsuming, onerous, quiescent, un sure, psyching out, sit back, most moratory, dis-ordering, more unobliging, hurt, dis entangled, un-exciting, no catch, throwaway, slowest, most neverfailing, most procrastinating, lose, more unpunctual, psychs out, slow down, dis orders, un-clearer, sophistical, in considerate, not done, dis qualified, duncest, dis-entangling, un-wrapping, more plodding, rattles one's cage, uses pretext, un-favorable, un settled, in-adequate, squeamish, dis composed, interfere with, dis ordering, un twine, offhand, be-lated, un likelier, un settles, rattled one cage, more postponing, most unpunctual, logy, un-twines, reluctant, re clines, un-instructed, de-sert, in expedient, un ready, with-draw, quieted down, more uneager, un known, rattles ones cage, difficult, eased off, longdelayed, giving the slip, heavyhanded, complex, more tortoiselike, long drawn out, more make-do, more detained, dis-arraying, winded down, more stonewalling, un common, un-bending, more make do, more laggard, most unproficient, un settling, un familiar, un-circumspect, un available, more novice, un-fit, rattles cage, rattle cage, un-taught, inactive, dis-inclined, un-hurried, ill-equipped, dis-arrayed, disorder, with drawing, un healthiest, more uncustomary, dis-composing, Unhandy, most dallying, Moratory, mis-leading, un responsive, not given to, un-meet, dis compose, un-cool, unmeeter, slowmoving, upset the apple cart, un commoner, breaking in to, out of place, un-twining, breaks in to, most laggard, unmindful, more ill disposed, un acquainted, dis-liking, against the grain, eases off, un suitable, un willing, un wind, un-eager, in-decisive, un happier, tardy, un-skillful, un-rolled, un coil, un-hastier, unheeding, most unequipped, un-ravelled, un-settled, un coiled, dis-compose, abstruse, unfurnished, psyched out, un-mindful, bollixed, more ill equipped, dis arrayed, un concerned, unamenable, un-likely, un progressive, un faltering, de liberate, more pococurante, half hearted, taking a break, un twist, most slowmoving, most casuistical, un wound, muddies waters, give the slip, un-raveled, unripe, un friendlier, more faltering, mucks up, un-conditional, rattle one cage, more blundering, murderous, un-meeter, un-raveling, most qualmish, burdensome, un-accustomed, un twined, un customary, un-acquainted, displace, unavailable, upsetting the apple cart, un-wishful, most illadapted, breaks into, most never failing, over due, un-twists, unready, more begrudging, ill adapted, toilsome, most never-failing, un wrapped, most snaillike, anti pathetic, inproficient, most unready, un cheerful, upsets apple cart, un-wonted, idle, time consuming, break into, untwists, in-discreet, un-customary, never-failing, un-available, in-eligible, bollix, un-restricted, most make-do, un friendliest, sick to ones stomach, un likely, muddying the waters, dull, careless, most snail like, stiff, un handy, more impeded, un ablest, in expert, most ill equipped, ease off, un conditional, Toilful, more unfitted, inefficient, un-cheerful, un winds, un qualified, un-ravels, un-happy, most butter fingered, most ill disposed, most equivocating, most begrudging, with draws, dis obliging, un guarded, dis arrays, most ill-equipped, ex press, sick ones stomach, un bent, de-laying, break in to, un-rolls, lazy, un winding, more time-wasting, in-sufficient, unfamiliar with, most uncustomary, not arrived, unqualified, un twisting, un informed.