Pronunciation of Reaffirm
/ɹˌiːɐfˈɜːm/, /ɹˌiːɐfˈɜːm/, /ɹ_ˌiː__ɐ_f_ˈɜː_m/

Antonyms for reaffirm

unsay, re canting, backing out of, retro ceding, eating one words, mumble, re treats, maintain, haddest change heart, re-cede, abandon, re calling, forget it, dis claim, ate words, drawing in, dis-avow, changing one's mind, hath change of heart, forgets it, fall back, ruin, with draws, changes ones mind, disclaim, re-treated, re-calls, depress, retract, drew in, changes mind, retro cedes, reel in, finish, changes one mind, shorten, backs out of, retro-grades, changed one mind, changes one's mind, NIGS, re peals, forget, destroy, re pealing, forgat it, ate one's words, pull back, re-canted, retro-ceding, dis-claimed, backed out of, eat one's words, with draw, dis-claiming, re-treat, change one mind, re-called, with drawing, hast change of heart, reeling in, unsays, change mind, unsaying, hadst change of heart, retro graded, nigged, changed mind, eat ones words, draws in, retro-grading, with-drew, pulling back, draw in, reels in, changed one's mind, re-pealed, has change heart, retro-cedes, dis-claim, renounce, dis claimed, stop, back out of, pulls back, ignore, hide, dis-avows, Retrograded, changed ones mind, haddest change of heart, re calls, dis claims, retro grade, having change heart, un saying, re ceding, having change of heart, conceal, dis-claims, hurt, deny, changing one mind, contradict, suppress, hadst change heart, with drew, dis-avowed, un-saying, un-say, ate ones words, change one's mind, eats words, re cedes, dis-owning, re versing, repudiate, re tract, un say, has change of heart, dis avow, go back on, have change of heart, re-cedes, retreat, nigging, re-treating, reject, leave alone, veto, re-ceding, re-call, disavow, dis-owned, re-ceded, with-draw, withhold, eats ones words, dis avowed, had change of heart, refuse, dis avows, dis-avowing, re-calling, un says, re tracts, with-drawn, fail, dis owning, forgot it, re-versed, re peal, eats one's words, changing ones mind, eating one's words, re treating, forgetting it, eating words, eat words, disown, retro grading, eats one words, change ones mind, re-tract, eat one words, re-peals, changing mind, re-verse, retrogrades, with drawn, retro grades, oppose, take, re pealed, discourage, eating ones words, Retrograding, have change heart, break, un-says, retro-graded, dis claiming, with-drawing, pulled back, halt, nig, re-treats, hath change heart, dis owned, hast change heart, re-tracts, retro cede, re-canting, kill, reeled in, ate one words, had change heart, confuse, damage, obscure, re verse, dis avowing.