Pronunciation of Recall
/ɹˈiːkɔːl/, /ɹˈiːkɔːl/, /ɹ_ˈiː_k_ɔː_l/

Antonyms for recall

consign to oblivion, dis remembering, draw blank, super intending, keep, forces up on, ex pertnesses, anticipate, overbear, dis missing, co ached, requisitioned, ex-action, overborn, over-look, took lead, dis regarding, approve, lost consciousness of, adjuration, de bars, take charge, misrecollecting, mis recollecting, pre dominating, holding office, prohibit, escaped one memory, re pressing, hast authority, de-ploying, questions, beats off, dis-regarded, over rode, out line, re solve, send for, forgetfulness, escape ones memory, fails to remember, took over, dis-bands, hope, over-bears, enunciate, ex action, pre vailing, Disremember, over-passed, command, shrouding, dis-remembers, beating off, pro position, re presses, permit, draws blank, calls signals, calls the signals, ordinated, pre-dominated, Overpassed, pre-cept, avow, be-hests, settle, holds office, pro-claiming, consigns oblivion, puts foot down, announce, pre dominated, exercising power, super-vision, dis-remembering, pro positioned, reigns over, ex acted, pre dominates, catches the eye, failing to remember, fail remember, pro-position, re strained, forces upon, dis regard, pro-positions, de-bar, pre-paring, over-pass, dis integrates, in-junctions, re solves, prohibitions, acknowledge, bust up, be-guiles, be guile, overbears, calling signals, ex-act, repress, marked out, resorted to, pro claiming, escapes ones memory, decide, undertaking, Enacting, mis recollected, breaks it up, chasing away, sub-dues, broke it up, dis integrating, co aching, annunciate, pro positioning, loses consciousness of, took charge, out-line, calls up on, misrecollected, over rides, re-strained, over-borne, pro posed, busts up, pro-positioning, mis-recollecting, dis counting, re quires, lays down law, calling on, chased away, publish, be-hest, thinking no more of, super intended, lay down law, ex actions, consign oblivion, escapes one's memory, dis remembers, pass, scatters, pre-scribed, caught eye, inter diction, calling the signals, blazon, taking lead, chase away, re strain, hitting on, escaped memory, restoration, defend, dismisses from mind, dis tribute, over bear, called upon, gives directions, dis-tribute, pre-dominating, re pressed, declare, advertise, pre-dominate, giving orders, promulgate, re quests, dis-remember, ex acts, escapes memory, catching the eye, taking over, inter dict, over passes, forcing up on, de-barring, consigning oblivion, dispel, taking charge, own, pre-scribes, super vise, enact, over-ridden, super visions, be hests, hold, catching eye, re-solving, fail to remember, escaping ones memory, re-quire, beat off, ex-acts, dis-integrate, dis band, consigned to oblivion, beginning, pro claimed, de ploy, consigned oblivion, de-ployed, re straining, presided over, pro claim, having authority, force up on, failing remember, super-intended, lays down the law, de-ploy, pre scripts, takes charge, called the signals, pre-vails, out-lines, hadst authority, inhibits, imperatives, dis-perse, de-cree, letted slip from memory, dis-tributes, forced up on, mapped out, overpast, ex act, dis integrated, pre vailed, sanction, hits on, over-bore, laying down the law, over bearing, giving directions, validation, ex-acting, reigned over, cleans forget, over-bear, escape memory, be-sought, over ridden, preside over, re quired, emphasize, unlearn, in junction, over-looking, re-strains, dis-banded, de ploys, apprehend, over-ride, clean forget, escape one's memory, pre-pared, over passing, dis-regarding, dis-regards, knowhow, enforce, pre-vailed, thought no more of, lay down the law, pre vail, re-solves, catch eye, consigns to oblivion, putting foot down, loses sight of, re-straining, requirements, mis recollect, inter-dict, super intend, ex-actions, escape one memory, draws a blank, re-quired, re-solved, sending for, pre cept, dis counts, call the signals, failed to remember, called on, Over-bearing, calls on, dis counted, devoirs, letting slip from memory, over look, dis banding, break it up, reigning over, over-rode, put foot down, misrecollects, dis integrate, super-visions, drawing blank, maintain, sent for, de ployed, hold office, called up on, called signals, re-quires, co-aching, pre pare, cleaned forget, mis-recollected, dis-counts, pre-scribing, in junctions, Shrouded, ex pertness, take over, blank out, calm, enactment, catch the eye, dis-banding, resort to, engagement, de-crees, let slip from memory, assert, mis-recollect, pre pared, busting up, re-solve, mis recollects, takes lead, be-guile, losing sight of, over ride, force upon, caught the eye, de crees, pro pose, ordinates, have authority, escaping one memory, re-quiring, over born, escaped one's memory, super vising, in vite, overbore, reign over, initiation, proclaim, restore, calling upon, dis-missed, cleaning forget, dis-regard, lose sight of, sub-due, out-lined, breaking it up, laid down the law, re-quests, resorting to, appeal, fails remember, dis bands, block out, escaping memory, escaping one's memory, pro-positioned, kill, dis-integrating, call on, implores, drew blank, dis regards, laid down law, marks out, dis missed, de-ploys, calls upon, mark out, expertism, draw a blank, devoir, pre pares, out lined, pre script, mapping out, pre-dominates, gives orders, re-presses, losing consciousness of, be hest, busted up, give orders, arrange, pre paring, adjurations, super intends, dis-counting, cherish, re-strain, marking out, dis banded, escapes one memory, publicize, dis-integrated, super-vised, over-riding, re strains, dis regarded, over riding, over looks, super-vise, over-looks, over-passing, dis-missing, pro-claims, chases away, co-ached, failed remember, pre-vail, ex acting, de ploying, dis remembered, super-intending, call signals, de cree, over bears, pro posing, pre scribing, dis-remembered, re-pressing, re quiring, pro positions, over looked, de-bars, lets slip from memory, thinks no more of, out-lining, pre vails, think no more of, sub dues, expertisms, re press, dis-counted, shutting out, forget, issue, dis remember, fire, validate, vindicate, pro-pose, forcing upon, consigning to oblivion, call up on, brake it up, over-passes, super-intends, inter-diction, ex-acted, gave directions, out lining, out lines, overborne, over-born, call upon, escaped ones memory, dis tributes, gave orders, commencement, mis-recollects, held office, over bore, over-rides, re quire, catches eye, lose consciousness of, in-junction, takes over, uphold, let go, Misrecollect, vest, continuation, haddest authority, pre scribe, be guiles, pro-posing, dismissing from mind, drawing a blank, forgotten, de barring, forced upon, laying down law, ordinate, lost sight of, advocate, super vised, ex-pertness, over pass, dis perse, broadcast, super-intend, calling up on, pro claims, sub due, dismissed from mind, Overpassing, dismiss from mind, allow, give directions, be sought, exercised power, ex-pertnesses, pre-pare, de barred, claim, de bar, de-barred, drew a blank, resorts to, presides over, retain, dis-integrates, dis-band, had authority, pre dominate, sends for, ordinating, pre-script, over passed, hit on, pre-scribe, map out.