Pronunciation of Reduce
/ɹɪdjˈuːs/, /ɹɪdjˈuːs/, /ɹ_ɪ_d_j_ˈuː_s/

Antonyms for reduce

going up, pointing up, drag ones feet, set out, made pig of, jazz up, re fines, over-embellishes, be dizen, bi furcated, dis tends, ex-cursing, evened out, pro-created, pays dues, bellying, in creases, dis-course, putting in traction, piggybacks, in-cited, dis cusses, sent up, made over, ex plains, Toning, are prolix, re-new, under-scored, hyperbolize, piggybacked, was profuse, got rich, went through the roof, made for, sent through roof, pro-longing, un coiling, enlarge, be-gilds, stretching out, making killing, beetle, cuing in, re-vised, upcast, pro-creates, up-cast, honor, over-draws, Manifolding, aggrandize, re-vise, be decked, is displayed, made much of, blow out proportion, comes to be, gooses, go through the roof, Laureated, protract, made rich, ranted and rave, Potting, mis-reports, loud talks, tripling, hitting pay dirt, make improvement, sur-passes, well up, be-stowed, hooking on, put forward, going off on tangent, drags up, send up, over-stated, elongate, pile up, upsurging, overelaborated, get off the subject, out-stripping, be prolix, untwist, grow, cues in, un folding, be come, add, stands up, making larger, speeding up, beetles, engilded, in flame, be-stow, swelled, dis cussing, ex cursing, Reamed, re generates, decorate, de-scant, hooking with, wast diffuse, re-vamps, slaps on, dragged one's feet, settling on, laid it on, out-strip, slapping on, re-formed, better, be gun, boost, am distributed, legged it, pro-creating, pays ones dues, tagging on, piled up, ex-acerbating, over did, turned the corner, out-stretch, lay thick, be-dizening, run up, dis-cuss, pro long, co loring, raise, over-lays, rattle on, paid dues, make over, upheaving, hooking up with, became swollen, re peats, bulked up, under lining, laying thick, i, ex tends, places up, maximizing, make firm, hitched on, over draw, go astray, welling up, was diffuse, re iterating, over whelmed, make better, augment, oxidize, clabbered, counts up, out spread, drag one's feet, over emphasize, in-flames, Bilged, pro-tract, bugging out, dragging ones feet, up-rearing, goes off tangent, coming around, blow up out proportion, strengthen, up surged, soups up, fanned out, sleeks, Tinseling, rants and rave, uplift, out shone, flesh out, blow-ups, make strides, ex-plained, un-twisted, hyping, pours on, bulk up, over drawing, dis-perse, spread, shoots up, over loads, Widened, toned, Caked, make for, advance(s), un rolling, trans-figured, totted up, scammed, paid one dues, Prosed, come into, tot up, lost the thread, de-scanted, sur pass, untwisting, joins together, over-emphasizes, mend, dragging one's feet, Burlesqued, speeded up, in-undated, out-strips, goes to extremes, aurify, stood up for, open out, rubbing in, ex curses, excursed, takes place, hits pay dirt, mis represents, break bank, charge up, up-heaved, cue in, pay ones dues, blowing up out proportion, dis courses, soup up, blow up out of proportion, lays it on, strike it rich, stretch, duplifies, making point, doth addition, lends hand, ex plaining, makes a killing, going astray, strike rich, summates, made a killing, go tangent, in tensity, stirring up, stood up, laying it on, standing up, laboring point, up-surged, de-luged, go to extremes, up-lifts, re-cover, standing up for, dis-cussing, Mothered, making production of, in-creases, come through with, redouble, insist on, exalt, de scants, lose thread, shape up, goosing up, ex citing, gelling, was prolix, re-vamp, grow thick, re pair, Gels, up-raises, hit jackpot, rant and rave, sur-pass, lets out, lose, put accent on, straightened out, inspissate, rolled out, un fold, gives details, ex-cite, coming in to, broke bank, coming to be, gotten rich, enriches, hitches on, does addition, be gotten, over stocks, talk top of head, seed down, out shined, de luging, opens wide, forgather, am diffuse, overdo, springs up, seeds down, up heaving, blew up out of proportion, spread on thick, un-wound, becoming distended, making headway, up-rear, be-gun, put trial, making for, sending up, poured it on, pleating, go on tangent, tinsel, blew out of proportion, span off, ran on, weighting, de-parts, up rearing, spreading thick, out-spreading, settled on, giving details, pays homage to, doctors up, drags ones feet, up-rise, upgrade, un-furling, ex acerbated, re fine, sub scribing, strikes gold, move up, Pouching, Beetled, go on and on, in-vest, made pregnant, turn the corner, Surcharging, put on trial, blows out proportion, over-whelmed, be-labor, pro vided, went on on, embroider, went off on tangent, paying one dues, pointed up, shoring up, growing thick, pop up, goes up, ex-pounded, multi plied, comes into, re iterate, over states, backpacked, manifolds, exaggerate, makes a point, pre-paring, be displayed, untwists, balloon, is distributed, up-heaving, popping out, raven, laid it on thick, increase, comes be, re covered, dis tending, de-vised, filling up, uphove, de tail, make mountain out molehill, up casts, trans-planted, going tangent, over elaborated, stretching the truth, overfeed, re-paired, spins out, up-lift, comes in to, make mountain out of molehill, re-stores, clabbers, rubbed in, up-surges, over extend, pro viding, giving color to, sped up, over laid, over-elaborate, mis-quoted, play heartstrings, dignify, getting subject, over stating, invigorate, de-part, summating, pretties up, bi-furcate, re-plicating, up-grading, distend, pro create, dis-tended, up grades, up-rears, up dates, up rise, being distributed, comes through with, under line, jumps up, count up, end-owing, blows up out proportion, ex plain, fix, came into, rounding out, ex-plicating, be-comes, farcialize, trans-plant, goes through the roof, Vegetated, shore up, charged up, blows up out of proportion, bloat, make point, out-stripped, limelighted, italicize, mis quotes, made larger, punched up, de-luge, play to gallery, out-spreads, Caricaturing, be dizens, embellish, Emblazing, re-plicate, re-stored, duplifying, making much of, uncoiling, glut, over estimates, rolls out, ex cursed, hitch on, pay one's dues, ex-tended, running up, came through with, make too much of, talks off top head, rounded out, ranted rave, Caking, hopped up, sur charge, sur-charging, out stretches, over stocked, blowupping, ex pounds, develop, mis represented, sur passes, going through roof, IED, mis-report, end owing, over draws, fetches up, was displayed, come up on, intensitied, grew thick, re aching, make clear, ex-curses, loud talk, making mountain out of molehill, gets bigger, glorify, breaking bank, dis tended, seeded down, points up, payed one's dues, blistered, sub divide, annex, Laureating, tinsels, tacking on, pro-longed, lays on thick, brake the bank, re store, Remedied, blowupped, diffusing, over-loading, blew out proportion, ex-pound, gave color to, laid thick, shaping up, making improvement, Helped, put in traction, dressed out, laying on, un twist, un-winding, up lifts, span out, going to extremes, dis-cussed, overemphasize, escalate, puffing up, overextend, piggyback, grew full, in-folding, ex pound, expatiate, jacks up, growing full, de parting, lent hand, puff up, misquote, dis-tort, un roll, goes and on, re-doubled, un coil, sur passed, ex-plicates, are diffuse, hooked with, striking gold, pro-vides, pro vides, spiffing up, hop up, intensify, make headway, over emphasized, amplify, making longer, over-estimate, up rears, puts trial, over-feeding, pro-vide, pays one dues, de scanting, up dated, hook with, fetch up, un rolled, over-drawn, pay dues, gat rich, goosing, supplement, popped up, popped out, bulge, headlining, over lays, ex tended, scamming, toned up, re generate, make a point, goes extremes, tumefies, lay on thick, lifting up, strings out, ex-cited, overestimated, putting on trial, summate, overembellished, ex curse, sending through the roof, makes mountain out molehill, lends a hand, lays it on thick, be labor, set right, in cite, prop up, over doing, jacking up, moved up, re-generated, making a pig of, dis-coursed, re-aching, up date, gat to, put its end, be coming, Romancing, Bulked, makes clear, makes longer, lifted up, up risen, un-rolled, over-doing, pro-motes, rant rave, up surging, laud, up-hove, runs up, de-luges, multi-plied, pre-pare, Re-form, blow-upped, engilding, under-lining, out shine, went extremes, went to extremes, re news, stretch truth, went on tangent, puts on its end, under lines, did addition, yeasting, spreads thick, dis course, up-raised, sub scribed, over-elaborates, Tripled, shooting up, adds fuel, overprice, over-embellished, get taller, un-coils, lending a hand, art inflated, hops up, up lifting, surrender, spiffs up, were prolix, uncoiled, overelaborating, became bloated, re-vamped, re-covers, Tumefied, up-lifting, be-coming, un twisting, go off on tangent, dualizes, gelled, improve, laureate, ex-plain, paying ones dues, beetling, pre pared, melodramatized, sub scribes, made higher, heated up, un ravelling, swelled up, puffed out, lays it thick, marking up, sub-scribed, doest addition, bulking up, mis quote, heats up, Head-line, was inflated, piggybacking, compliment, spread out, be-gotten, made point, pro moting, praise, overemphasized, marks up, ex tend, un-folds, out stretch, making pig of, becomes distended, Caricatured, head-lined, go and on, spiff up, ex acerbate, re plicating, jazzing up, say further, coming into, talks off top of head, art diffuse, over-stocks, misquotes, be dizening, turning corner, Burlesquing, becoming swollen, be stows, sur-charges, opening out, laboring the point, fail, sub-scribing, am prolix, jazzes up, gotten to, growing larger, head-lining, re pairing, diffuses, gild, beating around bush, playing to gallery, spun out, goose up, un winds, welled up, runs on, over whelm, ramify, stir up, prettied up, be-gild, over emphasizes, hoofed, aurifies, be gilded, in flamed, enrich, be gilds, misreporting, makes a pig of, spring up, Intensate, fleshes out, souping up, widen, made mountain out molehill, trans-planting, straighten out, evens out, mis quoting, become distended, up lifted, hooks with, setting out, under-scoring, passing in, am displayed, laureates, paid homage to, grows larger, mis-quotes, de-luging, adorn, overextending, dragging one feet, outspread, going on tangent, talked off top head, swelling up, tragedizing, set upright, make pregnant, over-elaborating, co-loring, up cast, insisted on, bug out, shapes up, in-creased, reckons up, go through roof, pumps up, gat off the subject, spiffed up, evening out, over-laying, over-feed, laying it thick, come around, laying on thick, straightens out, congressing, are distributed, gussies up, hire, paying one's dues, playing on heartstrings, in-vested, makes strides, joining together, spun off, pours it on, make killing, in folding, re-vising, promote, talk randomly, over loading, string out, loses the thread, congressed, enhance, makes up for, plug into, up raising, hit road, puff out, de-tailing, dis-tending, Pranking, ex acerbating, paid one's dues, overelaborate, adds fuel fire, is profuse, set foot in, over-estimated, excursing, mis-quoting, made killing, out stretching, re plied, begilding, misreported, Craning, lays thick, headlined, made a production of, lays emphasis on, sub-scribes, gat off subject, duplified, out-stretching, be gilding, dragged up, putting traction, Overdrew, sub scribe, up surge, piles up, getting bigger, in folds, pro-long, lay emphasis on, are inflated, dressing out, up-date, in crease, ex cites, tone up, bi-furcates, doctor up, bi furcating, tense up, blobbing, wert displayed, Prosing, makes pregnant, de-vise, pro-viding, stacked up, make up for, charges up, plugging into, over-drew, intensitying, in-cite, talked top of head, maximizes, spins off, lift, branch out, dragged feet, over-stock, up grading, makes better, talk off top head, re vised, aid, re-pairing, anted, makes over, spreading on thick, Sinewed, over drawn, makes point, make longer, up-casting, re-generate, hike up, over-loaded, be-dizens, be-labored, Prolonging, de scanted, be labored, sub divides, re-fine, up-raise, un-raveled, over-stocking, made longer, pops up, spread thick, pro duce, hiking up, slapped on, trans figure, tragedize, be decks, tack on, ex-plaining, un-ravelling, pour on, release, anteed, moots, gotten taller, putting forward, up heaves, overrate, un ravel, Sleeked, is inflated, reinforce, over whelms, pyramidded, slicks, bedizening, over embellished, gotten bigger, out-shined, over extending, talks randomly, plugs in to, in flames, uncoils, out strip, outspreads, hook on, head lines, ex-acerbated, re-iterated, laid on, bi-furcated, wells up, be labors, be-getting, make larger, goosed up, over emphasizing, goes on tangent, strung out, becoming bloated, get fat, mis-representing, in-crease, talk off top of head, bursts forth, allow, lay it thick, stretching truth, expand, prettying up, slap on, un-fold, vest in, weighted, re fined, wast profuse, sends through the roof, up-lifted, going on on, iing, Re-forming, Romanced, doctored up, re doubling, Jellying, drags feet, assist, in-flame, going and on, overvalue, over extends, labors the point, mis represent, re-generating, re pairs, stringing out, over-hanging, makes killing, head lined, played to gallery, paid ones dues, under-line, made better, growing, make federal case, maximize, re-ached, bi furcates, anteing, over whelming, re forming, pro creates, shored up, hikes up, magnify, drag up, payed one dues, stacks up, over hangs, blows out of proportion, mis-represents, come to be, brake bank, in-vesting, over-lay, payed dues, elaborate, taking place, didst addition, played heartstrings, plugging in to, hooks up with, pro-moting, bedizens, over-did, over stocking, said further, be-decking, hitching on, ex cited, de-vising, ex cite, tacked on, be-dizen, blow upped, un-folding, jump up, fleshed out, over-drawing, were diffuse, pre-sent, play gallery, stretched the truth, coming be, up grade, goosed, mis-reported, plugged into, sent through the roof, aureates, let out, ex-acerbates, de tailed, gave details, ex plained, ex-tends, get off subject, dualizing, stretched out, spin off, de luged, in-flamed, mount, grows thick, making emphatic, re-vamping, engilds, dis coursing, over-laid, de parted, re-iterate, Summed, plumping, puffing out, Intensating, heighten, out strips, in undated, counting up, in-vests, Manifolded, ran up, made mountain out of molehill, played gallery, plug in to, un furling, in-tensity, being diffuse, setting right, losing the thread, re ached, pro-vided, talking nonsense, advance, burst forth, labor the point, Intensated, fan out, re plicated, stand up for, Mooting, over-estimating, punching up, over estimated, crane, made a pig of, out spreading, be-laboring, gets taller, makes too much of, dragging up, snowball, be-deck, gotten off the subject, turns corner, hopping up, become bloated, under score, puts its end, puts on trial, went through roof, re vise, de-tail, un folds, making up for, get bigger, lengthen, over drew, in vested, stirs up, lift up, laying emphasis on, cued in, overfeeding, de-scants, came around, gussied up, un-winds, upcasting, Mantling, over state, sets foot in, over-emphasize, gives color to, adds bells whistles, levered, doctoring up, puts traction, overemphasizes, dis coursed, came be, ex-tend, puffs out, came to be, be inflated, got bigger, plays to gallery, over-load, un-twists, un-ravels, Massing, re form, insists on, de-scanting, end owed, jumped up, yield, compound, gooses up, be getting, re stored, take place, loud talking, becomes swollen, heating up, pre paring, pre-sents, pro vide, up graded, plays on heartstrings, de-parting, stretched truth, opened out, re-pairs, gotten subject, overdraws, enable, Mothering, be-came, up hove, made headway, be deck, mis-represented, get to, misreports, over-embellish, pro longs, make rich, were profuse, made up for, insisting on, forgathers, blew up out proportion, de-parted, make higher, be-stowing, stretch the truth, settle on, blow-upping, come on, blathering, de luge, struck rich, breaking the bank, getting the subject, got subject, go extremes, jack up, came in to, got the subject, dis-tend, dragged one feet, poured on, strook it rich, be ginning, plays gallery, curdled, re formed, ex celled, be stowing, ex-plicated, overfed, dress out, adds bells and whistles, mis-reporting, gussying up, talked randomly, re-fines, puts in traction, hoofing, out-shining, filled up, being prolix, Begilded, dilate, out-stretched, makes emphatic, under-lines, pro-duces, were inflated, upcasts, un folded, wert profuse, payed ones dues, talking off top head, get rich, making higher, come be, sets out, laid on thick, hiked up, marked up, de vising, up rear, bedizened, rise, un-rolls, making over, dis perse, striking rich, was distributed, plugs into, ex-tending, enhanced, be-decks, in flaming, putting accent on, be-sting, un-folded, drag one feet, art profuse, make a killing, laid emphasis on, uncoil, dis cuss, de part, up-risen, jellied, tragedized, ex-cites, inflate, roll out, speed up, forgathering, getting taller, rattling on, go on on, send through roof, multi plying, hooked up with, going off tangent, props up, un-twisting, un-raveling, join together, highlighting, fetched up, goes tangent, rounds out, dualize, made production of, re forms, melodramatize, Sired, Excurse, re-plicated, de luges, overestimate, dis-torts, upheaved, blowing up out of proportion, re storing, re vising, mis representing, sub divided, Lasted, overembellish, blow upping, ravening, pro longing, aggravate, appreciate, over-loads, get subject, pre pares, tags on, gets off subject, de tails, trans plants, gat fat, strikes rich, re-plying, hooked on, lay on, over laying, over-draw, got taller, sends through roof, labored the point, begilds, moving up, mis-represent, re stores, made improvement, ramble, up-heaves, get the subject, dis-cusses, be-labors, pass in, tenses up, over feeding, stacking up, trans-figuring, lent a hand, gotten fat, turns the corner, stretch out, putting on its end, lay it on, un raveling, be decking, trans figured, beat around bush, ex celling, out spreads, be dizened, going extremes, de vise, Haloed, blow-up, in vests, got fat, make a production of, legs it, letted out, labor point, re iterates, Overstocked, making pregnant, gotten off subject, sub-dividing, am profuse, letting out, make much of, Sleeking, leg it, blowing out of proportion, overextends, sub-divides, goes astray, go up, be gild, Misreport, doing addition, over-stating, goes off on tangent, be-ginning, dis-courses, re-forms, overembellishing, make a pig of, strook gold, out-shine, sets off, re-covering, fans out, sending through roof, makes higher, plant, plugged in to, putting trial, tumefy, bugged out, be stow, be-decked, re-covered, legging it, up heave, makes rich, pumped up, un twists, tensing, makes firm, de scant, breaks the bank, mis reported, pays one's dues, up lift, jumping up, wert inflated, clabbering, vesting in, polish, makes mountain out of molehill, be came, pour it on, un wind, speeds up, makes much of, under lined, were distributed, Summing, makes larger, re-plicates, pro-longs, re cover, un-twist, set off, dresses out, blow ups, re-peat, ravens, spin out, placing up, even out, talked nonsense, paying dues, rattles on, out-stretches, over elaborate, be comes, sur-charged, Ravened, un ravels, in vest, Cubing, complement, extend, makes pig of, bursted forth, jacked up, shoot up, overfeeds, breaks bank, re-doubles, hike, heat up, protuberate, over-embellishing, grow larger, re peat, hooks on, took place, becomes bloated, makes headway, sets on, struck gold, un winding, pre sent, making a production of, re-fining, re plicates, up-rises, made clear, ex pounded, pro creating, strike gold, slicked, grew larger, popping up, bursting forth, Mooted, cranes, yeasted, point up, sub-divide, un furled, in-folded, talks nonsense, overstate, dragged ones feet, reckoned up, de vised, made too much of, is prolix, up raise, spreads on thick, encourage, drags one feet, gotten the subject, in-folds, adds fuel to fire, sur-passing, gat the subject, aurifying, sur-charge, re vamped, mis-quote, multi-plying, ex plicating, over embellishes, over-does, got off the subject, souped up, ex plicate, wax, adds finishing touches, playact, mis quoted, fanning out, swell, talks top of head, Haloing, over-whelm, Emblaze, lending hand, out-shines, re-doubling, give details, ex plicates, hook up with, setting foot in, become swollen, stirred up, wast inflated, overdraw, re covering, Craned, rubs in, art prolix, de-tails, pro created, de-tailed, up dating, blobbed, up-casts, pro-create, settles on, in-fold, pouched, put on its end, melodramatizing, aurified, lay it on thick, spreads out, duplify, mark up, making better, pyramidding, dis tort, propping up, ex-plicate, struck it rich, re generating, ex-celling, stack up, sub dividing, bi-furcating, gat subject, over estimate, making too much of, over-extends, aureated, shores up, untwisted, re-peats, gather, farcializes, gets off the subject, being displayed, making firm, under-scores, puffs up, over feed, break the bank, saying further, re iterated, un-coiling, over stock, swells up, goes on on, coming through with, un rolls, puts forward, wast prolix, be stowed, pro tract, are profuse, went astray, fleshing out, tensing up, Overdrawn, making rich, bi furcate, seeding down, make production of, Overstocking, dis-coursing, un-ravelled, trans-plants, talking top of head, ex pounding, sur-passed, in fold, up-reared, re-storing, up-surging, trans-figures, rub in, re doubled, reckon up, in cites, got to, bulks up, be-dizened, pay homage to, overestimates, build, pro-tracts, un wound, gets the subject, un-rolling, rolling out, ex-plains, un raveled, Siring, un-coil, loud talked, pre pare, aureating, endow, diffused, begild, getting to, charging up, reckoning up, clabber, bugs out, dualized, fetching up, drest out, pop out, placed up, over feeds, over estimating, mis reports, re-news, pump up, tragedizes, accrue, sends up, un-ravel, dis cussed, Tinselling, doeth addition, do addition, setting off, over done, up rose, set on, re generated, plicating, over-stocked, up raised, end-owed, de parts, opened wide, dis torts, pleated, head lining, laid it thick, laying it on thick, made strides, pro tracts, up rises, fill up, re new, give color to, re paired, talk top head, made federal case, rattled on, Bulking, outspreading, un-furled, wast displayed, multiply, make pig of, Surcharged, turned corner, be-gilded, playing heartstrings, in creasing, be profuse, opens out, Overdrawing, be diffuse, highlighted, hit pay dirt, propagate, rants rave, makes improvement, re-pair, played on heartstrings, re plying, under-lined, grace, tensed up, up-grades, up-graded, engild, wast distributed, over-emphasizing, un-roll, over loaded, Slicking, says further, dost addition, re-double, prolong, over-whelms, wert prolix, counted up, be-come, re vamps, under-score, being profuse, ex-cursed, intensates, making a killing, re-generates, labors point, fills up, win, labored point, stress, pre-pared, making mountain out molehill, re-plied, tacks on, up-raising, Blathered, over-extend, pops out, being inflated, vests in, dramatize, shot up, mis reporting, talked off top of head, over does, talks top head, summated, help, over elaborating, up surges, making federal case, ex-pounds, tag on, made emphatic, upsurged, became distended, up-surge, un coils, melodramatizes, sets upright, opening wide, sub-divided, bedizen, re doubles, double, overestimating, dis tend, tensed, be sting, come in to, un coiled, lend hand, un-coiled, be laboring, send through the roof, lifts up, beats around bush, pouring on, makes for, upheaves, are displayed, emblazes, dragging feet, gat taller, lose the thread, putting its end, pretty up, wert distributed, dis-tends, up-rose, trans figuring, goes through roof, be-gilding, up, trans-figure, limelighting, over-estimates, upheave, joined together, gets rich, mis report, curdling, drag feet, gat bigger, de tailing, ex plicated, over extended, oxidate, be distributed, un ravelled, pro duces, up rising, Bilging, bellied, sprang up, put traction, pro-mote, setting on, Cubed, ex tending, gets to, Seeding, spinning off, pouring it on, over-feeds, be-stows, up-dates, sur charges, pay one dues, comes around, plicate, up heaved, were displayed, run on, plumps, ex-pounding, re double, forgathered, over-whelming, blow out of proportion, go off tangent, backpacking, going through the roof, blowing out proportion, broke the bank, trans planted, drags one's feet.