Pronunciation of Reduced
/ɹɪdjˈuːst/, /ɹɪdjˈuːst/, /ɹ_ɪ_d_j_ˈuː_s_t/

Antonyms for reduced

well endowed, stretched, Widened, more hoisted, intense, Grained, ex tended, multi-plied, over blown, compleat, loaded, pumped up, enlarged, Surcharged, extended, blown up, more nourished, most broadened, more broadened, most hyperbolic, most widened, pro longed, big, highly colored, reduplicated, most continued, fearful, wealthy, more augmented, most surcharged, complete, overkill, most scopious, most overkill, pre pared, exquisite, total, most euphuistic, re-duplicated, out of proportion, furious, most overestimated, intensive, most too-too, most tootoo, re-produced, most nourished, large, very long, moneyed, redoubled, more fabricated, more nursed, fearsome, far flung, more unfurled, more compounded, over kill, caricatural, intact, far reaching, more harvested, heavy, Heightened, most outspread, most lengthened, spread out, more scopious, inflated, most caricatural, dis-tended, dropsical, frightful, large scale, far-reaching, over-wrought, most embroidered, keen, hammiest, raised, well-fixed, more lifted, most embossed, flush, rough, most constructed, high-pitched, more reduplicated, too too, multiplied, dis tended, most aggregated, full, out-spread, most duplicated, more intensified, most rhapsodical, more overkill, hard, more elongate, out spread, a bit thick, more outspread, profound, most reared, perfect, grainy, stretched out, uncut, terrible, more embroidered, well-heeled, farflung, coarse, most expanded, most stylized, affluent, more aggrandized, whole, more widened, most stretched, more stylized, more aggregated, more embossed, un furled, most harvested, more unfolded, rich, heavy-duty, more reared, over-estimated, multi plied, more surcharged, more rhapsodical, high, entire, un-realistic, most caricatured, most lifted, un-folded, more magnified, un-furled, violent, overestimated, most augmented, most too too, most intensified, re duplicated, increased, more hyperbolic, deep, more elaborated, most elongate, more too-too, tootoo, more constructed, Caricatured, opulent, ferocious, sensational, plenary, un folded, over-kill, Rhapsodical, largescale, most fabricated, fat cat, over done, more scopic, most elaborated, exaggerated, blistering, more spread, re produced, ex tensive, drawnout, sur-charged, granular, un realistic, more bouncing, more fabulous, hammy, more caricatured, pre-pared, pretentious, more dilated, more expanded, over-blown, more too too, comprehensive, more amplified, dreadful, farreaching, most dilated, ex-tended, most aggrandized, granulated, scopic, more caricatural, hammier, over estimated, grand, more lengthened, drawn out, spread, most spread, fierce, most amplified, more tootoo, more euphuistic, fat, hyperbolic, most hoisted, Euphuistic, pro-longed, vehement, more continued, more overestimated, outspread, most scopic, most compounded, vicious, out proportion, deep-pocketed, most unfurled, too-too, more stretched, most magnified, scopious, ghastly, more duplicated, acute, more dropsical, most bouncing, elevated, explosive, most unfolded, hellacious, in-creased, integral, excruciating, most reduplicated.