Pronunciation of Reduction
/ɹɪdˈʌkʃən/, /ɹɪdˈʌkʃən/, /ɹ_ɪ_d_ˈʌ_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for reduction

accession, summings, in creasing, ex-tents, over emphasises, spread, over statements, un raveling, in-corporations, gain, fungus, aggrandizement, head-way, over emphasis, accumulation, overemphasis, move up, magnification, up swings, hyper boles, re-cognition, leg-ups, up-grades, Prelation, chrysalises, pro-creation, hold-up, reduplification, ex-cess, reproducings, countings, increment, maximization, ongoings, build-up, multi-plication, co lorings, jumpup, jump-ups, suffusion, Funguses, over-statement, stacking ups, up swing, pro cession, Manifolding, dilatation, co loring, chrysalis, raisings, pro-cess, mis-judgment, post script, multiplication, optimization, moveup, supplementings, adulthoods, up growths, sproutings, boostings, de-tours, favorings, overemphasises, over-estimation, tumefaction, expatiation, affixings, in-crease, Geometries, over-emphasis, trans-mission, ex-tension, re productions, appreciation, dis semination, up surge, moveups, optimizations, pro-cession, calculus, making progress, up grades, out growths, heightenings, re-commendations, big hands, lengthenings, extravagance, algebra, dis-tensions, up-swing, pro cessions, Upgrowth, tumefactions, overestimation, distension, tabulatings, anabases, de tour, build-ups, burgeonings, adulthood, multi plication, para sites, un-truths, maths, strengthenings, re producing, reinforcings, blowing ups, pat the back, build ups, spreading out, calculuses, legup, hoardings, blow ups, leg-up, de-lay, trans missions, trans-fusions, stretchings, un-truth, over-estimations, trans fusions, ontogenies, pro-motion, sub tractions, re turns, maximizations, pro-fusion, re petitions, un-ravelings, dis seminations, up turns, ex-tensions, raise, para-site, unfolding, pro motions, jumpups, addition, enlargement, move ups, ex cesses, re-producing, making progresses, in come, un-raveling, Bravoes, in creases, addings, fibrousness, ontogenesis, accoutrement, pro cess, upgrowths, ex-cesses, pat back, up grading, step-up, sub traction, legups, drawing outs, dis tensions, expandings, advancings, ontogenesises, stepup, intensifyings, over estimations, step forward, uppings, extension, spreading outs, pro-cesses, puffinesses, de lays, re-duplication, pre-tensions, continuation, fungi, pro-tractions, head way, big hand, in comes, Re-turn, prelations, hold ups, thickening, fleshing out, ripenings, branchlet, re-gard, uptick, sycophancies, hogwash, up turn, pro traction, pro-traction, post scripts, preferments, germination, maturations, over-statements, over estimation, stacking up, re commendations, fibrousnesses, branchlets, up-swings, augmentation, mis-representation, evolvings, mis judgments, figure speech, re-duplications, natural process, up grade, jump ups, un truths, ex tensions, fibrous tissue, uptrend, trigonometries, tall story, Chrysalides, pre ferments, pro-cessions, opening out, jump up, exaltation, adding tos, good word, Germinations, re commendation, pre ferment, pro fits, distensions, ex-tent, move-up, Anabasis, in-creases, piling ups, out-growths, doublings, up-growth, increasings, troves, continuings, de-tour, re-petition, geometry, co-loring, upturn, un-furling, panegyrics, cancroids, upgradings, wens, development, accruments, algebras, spreadings, re cognitions, trans mission, pro duce, un-folding, cancroid, leg up, up surges, ex tents, leg ups, un folding, dis tension, pro fit, pre tensions, pro-fits, pro motion, re-commendation, un ravelings, waxings, co-lorings, mathematics, re gards, re cognition, working outs, re duplications, widenings, melioration, hyper-bole, maturation, in corporation, evolution, trans-formations, manifoldings, reduplifications, multi-plications, post-scripts, pro-creations, Accrument, trove, pro-duces, branch, dis-seminations, deepenings, pro tractions, in-corporation, re-petitions, in corporations, preferment, beefing ups, flowerings, pre-ferments, Calculi, ex cess, hyper bole, sub-tractions, jump-up, multi plications, up-surge, dis-semination, up-surges, over-emphasises, step-ups, extra, re-production, up-turns, in-come, up-turn, sycophancy, trans formation, wen, un furling, intensification, Accoutrements, mis representations, pro creations, Summing, exaggeration, trans formations, Dilatations, step ups, expatiations, suffusions, goahead, de lay, mis judgment, para-sites, computings, para site, in crease, aggrandizations, opening outs, ontogeny, ex tension, growth, pro fusions, attachment, natural processes, re turn, pre-ferment, mis representation, Supernumeraries, de tours, expansion, bravos, ex tent, good words, re-turns, amplification, hyper-boles, un truth, promotion, augmentings, inflation, Aggrandization, re petition, accruings, thickenings, perfectings, stepups, compoundings, overestimations, dis-tension, up-grading, bravo, boost, increase, repeatings, buildup, adjoinings, collectings, math, trans-fusion, sub-traction, cheerings, move-ups, re-productions, stretching, post-script, upswing, fleshing outs, developings, super-numerary, up growth, pro-fusions, trans fusion, rise, de-lays, super numerary, pro duces.