Pronunciation of Refuse
/ɹɪfjˈuːz/, /ɹɪfjˈuːz/, /ɹ_ɪ_f_j_ˈuː_z/

Antonyms for refuse

doth one's duty, sang the praises, being drivers seat, be falling, come conclusion, keeping on truckin', fawning upon, stands up, give thumbs-up, delivers goods, dare-saying, re serving, cotches, sweeten the pot, Prepaying, declared true, cuts to fit, ceremonializing, was beck and call, takes the plunge, leaves undone, thinking likely, dis-claiming, flap one's tongue, Cantoning, engage in, served as, provide security, looked up to, is at beck and call, sprung with, sifting out, are valid, wast action, am on ones side, told the truth, am enamored of, was patient with, be all for, was of one mind, shoulding, feathering nest, in stalled, throws in the towel, made production of, over-powered, subscribe, goes hand hand, takes hold of, re-instate, art one side, restore harmony, was made up of, doth duty as, Underprop, typecasts, tailor made, did one's duty, am of use, coming terms, getting act, domiciliate, being disadvantage, decided upon, dis-locate, pre-served, turning out well, does service, in vite, hast meet, doest justice to, do t, sub-tract, wast extant, art consonant, de-ciphered, intro-duce, taking it lying down, was adapted for, took an oath, cry river, acts as if, follows the crowd, sit up, stood fast, cutting the mustard, patterning upon, am in driver seat, out-fit, gotten line, took to the cleaner's, placing trust in, grant, complained of, co heres, togging, latches on to, be-moaning, be quest, going as far as, sees through, in stilled, got in touch, didst a t, out fitted, gives birth, under propping, broke in to, took delight in, grow rich, de-legates, gotten in touch, battles with, teaming up, are patient with, let slip, harmonize, preside over, putting in shape, laud, speaking favor, are wounded, let cat out of bag, re-style, over-hauls, ate ones heart out, bring in to the fold, was feet, giving one consent, re organize, gave stamp of approval give the go ahead, distribute, stick like barnacle, pay, joining in conversation, am driver's seat, art a component, winking, making law, poise, ex claim, becomes wealthy, saw in new light, command a view, Re-turn, strook it rich, oughts, are big about, played dead, pre pared, setting apart, being worth, was aware of, throw in sponge, be akin, antes up, tacking on, decks out, took different look, went fiftyfifty, acts place of, bearing against, pro mises, ceremonializes, gat in touch, de spoil, wert enriched, eats ones heart out, doth trick, pressing one suit, are in saddle, am all for, makes scene, takes under advisement, delivered goods, is game for, sprung for, dis burses, be-spoken, taking ones word, calling signals, are just ticket, art at disadvantage, gotten with, modelled on, end-owed, dis counted, dash off, de-liberates, lick boots, pro-pose, take different look, was paid, re vising, art just ticket, ex claiming, contribute, hangs in, hold one's own, carried completion, find, apologizes for, wert duty to, follow beaten path, pulling together, slipped on, art in action, overhears, mediate, haddest finger in, took as an example, alighted upon, takes in hand, took an eye for eye, giving one's word, have sneaking suspicion, trailblazed, fall short, grows strong, met up with, fills a position, taking at word, haddest a gettogether, pick, didst duty, pro moting, yield to, lifeboating, goosed, making love to, Gallanted, groupthink, bare the cost, be-coming, re-collected, show in, GEES, thinks highly of, took with, circumstantiate, was courteous, extend to, gets it together, comes out of closet, fills position, doeth business for, take to cleaner's, mused over, lay at feet, pro pones, be spoken, hand picked, suckers into, held reins, art at beck call, gang up with, yes one, tailor-makes, am big about, Companying, wert apposite, be of assistance, hit the bull eye, downlinking, art keen on, fixed ones wagon, hadst a do, fire question, doest one's bidding, return compliment, lay feet, be certain of, scratching back, works over, asservate, re couping, Symphonized, reasserted, set store by, took lead, holds own, gets down on knee, meets with, go with, doing number on, Accounted, making roll in aisles, beared brunt, quarterbacking, moves ahead, elbow in, sending out, squaring off, prefabricated, puts in two cents, hath a fling at, hadst hunch, made up to, bringing together, re-vised, de-liver, providing financing, doublechecking, re lay, gets on with it, earned one's keep, pre occupies, putting on something, gotten the floor, passes up, make a point of, arrives at, are alive, de-lude, makes deal, took up on, sign in, pro tracts, give okay, delight, throws in the sponge, drink to, goes steady, de falcate, played for sucker, numbers among, crack down, heisting, taking it chin, re deem, is all ears, wert left, is proxy for, super vise, wish joy to, commands view, ink, make payment, co axed, Shingled, made a selection, art told, has a get together, Bandied, grew hardened, carried off, gives ovation, was of opinion, are similar to, dis-closes, are attracted to, look up on, wert acceptable, looked at, have, were compelled to, piggybacking, am credulous, are in the drivers seat, takes it or leave it, de frauds, gathered up, takes the bull by the horns, being contact, give rise to, kudizing, came to have, pre face, breaks one up, drops line, have the means for, paying back spades, became embedded, Busying, grow used to, was connected with, over-take, pull it off, ex changing, kept touch, in-stances, handed, am positive, commune with, picking up the check, shores up, had go at, come a conclusion, held together, was in unison, break into, re-strain, taking for granted, getting ready, in-tone, bringing out in to the open, be comes, are on, re-marked, are acceptable, giving boost to, give low down, art worthless, give blessing, struggles through, answering back, leave behind, sits on top of, hand-pick, out-wearing, rule roost, agree, converting in to, winking at, fell ones knees, radioed, giving life to, having business with, in-spect, is regular, re weighed, makes the scene, de picts, art similar to, disclose, politicking, loaned shark, vesting in, break news, opens ones heart, giving rise to, be a component, hanged together, being in tune, re-animates, make firm, art smitten by, being of one mind, be falls, gat soapbox, measuring up, takes at one's word, de scribed, fore tell, wert submissive, dumps on, making stick, enlist, re quite, taking the cure, sate top of, kicked one's heels, trans form, art made up of, wast feet, dis-played, art unison, diagnosticated, being careless, were in love with, taking heart, ought, had faith in, is component, mis spent, picking one brain, give up ghost, carves out, coped with, swearing to, going for broke, are receipt of, hang out, have effect, wert in action, be told, haddest a shot at, talk one's leg off, double check, forces up on, being appropriate, put on the air, gat better of, giving grounds for, de-note, feathered, putting in force, crying up, vote favorably, picks the check, Collimating, was careless, was ones duty to, claps hands on, lay one's feet, nominate, placed at disposal, pre destining, kudize, bringing into fold, thinks of as, art source strength, shoulder, sell for, made a deal, hand-carries, settle upon, re-assuring, be in harmony, made a choice, Disembogued, absorb, pro-rated, johned hancock, tell all, coming out closet, de nominate, de feat, approving accept, run with the pack, in hering, zeroed in, fixing one wagon, was equivalent, inter-acted, go to the polls, go on record for, de-ciphers, hast gettogether, dis placing, de-posits, elect, were responsible for, waiting out, agrees to do, parcel out, doest a favor, wast game for, gives whirl, hast second thoughts, sees to, is just the ticket, be connected with, doest as says, re-sting, demeaning oneself, reuse, parturitating, offer hospitality, gotten heads together, Instituting, re planning, does favor, hath visitors, collimates, deemed worthy, be-sieged, has gettogether, servicing, got to, patterning oneself up on, art service, gives color to, falling on ones knees, ex plained, Initialing, tamp, take at ones word, become student, re-marking, art convinced of, were disposed to, swore up down, showing white flag, gangs up with, giving do, running things, leaning toward, gat behind, getting vibes, pre-tended, rope in, bring forward, gat the act, giving meeting, re locate, make good, spoke piece, deprived property, pressed for, is ticket, alit up on, with-hold, have no doubt, pro-claim, brought out in to open, was attorney for, typecast, takes one side, go on with, steadied, being ready, changed one mind, am connected with, gives call, bring light, being part, in grain, art the driver seat, yesses, singles, became toughened, giving hand, mis-lay, dis pose, take up on oneself, heading up, take charge, am sign of, out-wits, art certain of, drawing conclusion, taking bull by horns, am proper for, dis-pose, making a buy, came a decision, buying out, art able to, ran with the ball, gave to do, gives blessing, hatsing off to, saying yes, paying respects, come to conclusion, pre-paring, wast in corner, becomes indebted, pre-engage, invocates, am to, re-bounding, with drawn, hit bull-eye, giving leave, be given, uphold, art aware of, unmask, let loose, give to, is one's side, haddest bad time, referencing, bespeak, de posits, call the signals, passed the hat, de bating, look the other way, inter-loping, hast no end, out-fitted, dis cusses, Dunned, drawing lots, art comfortable, re-ceding, beared the expense, lays it on, is visible, bear up against, roll out, re-lax, lend a hand, gives just desserts, wert in corner, gives heed to, pre supposes, have enough for, holds forth, picks up on, take hold of, pull wires, were on pins needles, re-inserting, wears on, come to rest, laid at one feet, leading off, be tokening, dost what one is told, flow out, gave ground, inter lope, frame, puts on pedestal, is the driver's seat, is ones duty to, thinks twice, lays down law, super-intended, refers to, dost to t, giving in to, co-oked, makes up ones mind, wert sign of, Earmarked, raises subject, make amends, came have, failing to notice, consented to, was big about, conscripting, in habited, hold discussion, inter cede, sate in, concording, gave leave, re affirms, co-signs, haul in, Planked, take chin, art to, being good enough, are on tenterhooks, justify, gave the low down, haddest respect to, re asserting, dis-charging, decriminalize, gives a break, Preengaged, giving the word, art left, flows out, Spilt, sub-dues, hangs words, earning one's wings, am convinced of, making it, auscultated, took to cleaners, agree to, putting on a pedestal, am at disadvantage, give the go ahead, took one on, threw in one lot with, dis close, picked up on, front for, art captivated by, does to t, were employed by, am party to, had its place, came down high horse, payed court, go over to, be extant, engaging in, sur mounting, being ears, under pin, be beck call, feel for, having its place, presses one suit, have a go at, picked one's brain, being valid, tipping off, did to a t, sticked to, holds attention, ex-plaining, being enriched, cashed in on, slept on, am sensible of, is line for, co oked, lend ones name to, inter locking, puts in for, was erect, under going, carry off, nesting, conducted oneself toward, converted in to, nailing down, give try, grabbing hold of, am solicitous of, do business, gat load of, forged ahead, Wedging, am side, took the oath, had funny feeling, hath a hunch, were worthless, gives try, art favor of, dis inherited, end-earing, hatses off to, bearing up under, gave tip, hammered out deal, trans-act, does like, are composed of, are aware of, appeals to, co-axing, fit in with, stands behind, prefabbed, be forced to, ex-pounds, filling up, being given, inter-locks, depended up on, depending up on, come up snuff, fell on one's knees, flirted with, demeaned oneself, doing wonders, jump conclusion, be agent for, take, followed beaten path, communed with, looking after, preempt, buying for, Importune, be informed, become indebted, speak in favor, doest the trick, were big on, gunned, cosigned, make matters up, gave stamp of approval give the go-ahead, is of mind, wast unison, alluded to, invokes happiness, had over, pick upon, factoring, care to, wert delivered of, being of use, lives up, were use, payed tribute, do what is told, de-bar, lay, signed for, wrought out details, inter-cept, be-sought, dis possess, sweeten pot, giving upon, de-livers, go out for, in sinuated, yield, push on, taking out, pre suppose, giving stamp approval give go ahead, got ready, see eye eye, laid feet, art disadvantage, unbent, cloy, being extant, being out for blood, hold on, caring for, comes to agreement, address oneself, hadst funny feeling, keeping abreast of, brought in to fold, inter lacing, in-trusted, gets things rolling, pats on back, makes in to law, hadst final word, get on with, doth ones part, resigning oneself to, turned tables, braces up, make roll in the aisles, extended to, meet with, be coming, bodied, being impressed, lives out, living to, being sufficient, be service, johns hancock, seeing about, became indebted, in spects, sets cap, counter poised, concur, buttoned up, reassess, go halves, plumps for, put, ingratiated with, give introduction, takes up with, comes to decision, painting the town red, were on side, pays homage, pick and choose, lend-leasing, blinked at, stick up for, keeping on truckin, slips on, ringed in, ask marriage, discriminated between, taking word, ingratiate oneself with, be seem, jamming through, settle for, un-veil, go against, de laying, ritualizing, validate, gives rein to, negotiate, lend-leased, haddest over, made sense, model on, leant on, take cure, corresponded to, re-stating, sit in, apply for, eats humble pie, testified to, saw after, have a shot at, counter-sign, called up, be needed, act place of, giving a hand, hold with, dialogued, staying course, headed pass, hast company, are a constituent, react toward, being identical to, pre-fab, were in the drivers seat, played game, takes at one word, co-operating, ordinate, Snowed, pro vides, in-toned, hitting the bull-eye, be one's duty to, haddest in, intro duce, hath its place, moves back, re membered, staying over, making own, sub-due, think highly of, debased oneself, invitationed, turned the trick, wrought out deal, palling with, in vented, art designed for, get the act, under signing, is on one's side, dis owned, homogenizes, picks out, making a hit with, makes one's mind, legitimates, picked up tab, were able to, cut to fit, smile on, wert same, makes plain, addressed to, connaturalizes, inter pose, went out front, kissing and make up, letted stay, be moan, being sign of, are on pins needles, sit in on, forks over, laying hold of, has dealings, act out, smiles on, go on the wagon, had a go at, gotten fingers on, hits back, did one's thing, is certain of, leaving out, brought forward, mark with red letter, taking the cleaner, in-gest, letted cat out of bag, hold dear, double checks, beseem, be situated, under-wrote, re-uniting, being favor of, giving and take, play the part, chew over, bore brunt, makes selection, haddest a meet, come decision, burgled, be left, shows cause, playing dead, am partial to, firing question, Parcelled, is a source of strength, acts as a witness, gave blessing, assented to, feasted on, hast a hand in, going against, fitting the pattern, give in to, over joyed, Bunking, is consistent, gotten things rolling, bearing cost, being saddle, un-tangled, overtops, de-riving, re-laid, in heres, intermediating, make choice, agree upon, sitting top of, hanged on words, shook hands it, consorting with, clean up, de ludes, switch on, parcelling, having a meet, makes waves, re-presents, whistled for, reaffirmed, acting as witness, go toe toe with, goes down line, am disposed to, up grade, held attention, ventriloquizes, prime the pump, being in keeping, makes one own, bought in to, up hold, quarterbacks, goes in to details, insists on, sets one heart on, passes hat, are pins and needles, wipe slate clean, dis-cussed, are in corner, carried oneself, sticked at, wadding, carried on conversation, giving work, being in the saddle, art in tune, casts die, makes it, take care of business, includes as guest, be big about, re-considering, getting off chest, Initiating, is courteous, keep alive, gave with, sub lime, tip ones hand, agreed to do, doing ones bidding, dis closing, gotten one's act together, start ball rolling, attests to, owns up, lets easy, think likely, ran with pack, am ready, deal with, work out a deal, cottoned to, get ones act together, stuck together, form, blowing steam, owned up, sware down, de creasing, are worthless, doth job, presses one's suit, deprives property, brought on board, addresses oneself, Roped, were same mind, getting one's fingers on, be one duty to, siphoned, clinging like ivy, grant permission, taking cure, put to something, are useful, hast a fling at, popping for, gets ready, wert valued at, held dear, flowed out, ex-tolling, attaching weight to, had get-together, swimming with tide, wert harmony, place, supplicate, mandating, re maining, threw in one's lot with, over-whelmed, cares to, saw to, un cover, Beseemed, had means for, give oneself over, held one own, de livered, art proxy for, be-guile, doing a number, outdared, breaking in to, am gratified by, work over, are one's side, gets with, is adjunct of, meets up with, reconciled oneself, prefabs, stand by, coincide, wast one's side, do as says, go on wagon, shored up, taking up on, be quests, go the polls, campaigning for, send away for, co-here, bunk out, keep pace, bring pass, took one's side, wast a foundation for, sifts out, puts through, buttoned, being up to, make a proposal, is the ticket, being received, take the chin, doest duty, over-joying, was sufficient, made go of it, lavished up on, held ones own, hast guests, has a gettogether, filled a position, getting into, having the means for, was saddle, is into, Lathing, re-quire, am servile, comporting with, bide, re-counts, didst one's thing, settling a score, wast in harmony, up-bearing, lowers oneself, co-operated, bears brunt of, underpropping, nodding at, picks the tab, crossing one heart, drop a note, re cognizes, are a source of strength, taking satisfaction in, check up, hath hand in, inter-fere, bringing in to being, hand-picks, making terms, took orders, in ducted, enforced laws, was attracted to, stays in line, look upon, are same mind, re-hashing, appeal to, is pins needles, over-looking, plead, get out of system, have go at, hits for, dis-cern, clues in, re-seat, fill position, was in on, nod, gave the go-ahead, gave in, holds on, be familiar, counter signing, gives boost, making sense, treasure, worm in, re tort, gets drift, fixing price, be-fits, is paid, lays ones feet, came to rest, change ones mind, wast visible, re unite, sends for, Soaping, in vests, am use, be constituent, does part, re-check, keep faith, breaks down, was sensitive, de-crease, art alive, wast source strength, give a tip, de-ciphering, hath hunch, sickening with, re collecting, put white flag, hitting the bulls-eye, art component, un-clothed, wast big on, de-criminalizes, go in to huddle, pays dues, was same mind, prorate, inter mediating, did trick, de-pict, sub leasing, letted out, art given, piecing up, tailormade, pre fabricates, looks down, cotched, thinking twice, hast hunch, making responsible for, cut it, picked ones brain, decide, ensorcelled, be-gun, team up, doeth ones part, over hauls, am up to, be erect, atoned for, double-checked, ex pending, doest ones thing, am of one mind, kick up one's heels, blitzing, lay on line, art seemly, took it on chin, went well with, being on one side, putting in appearance, gives an introduction, being in contact, wert extant, gave a boost, getting fingers on, dresses in, art handicapped, Provisioning, paying back in spades, give absolution, gave authority, bought for, hit up on, sweetens the pot, fixing with, going in for, has respect to, answered need, progenerates, latch to, falling in with, be love with, wert source of strength, hand carries, fell one's knees, Soaped, were concurrent, art partial to, Experiencing, coadjutes, became popular, are the same, wast favor of, pro-create, hitting for, hats to, went on record for, attended to, bore the cost, slating, bears the cost, were consistent, struck happy medium, rave over, am ones side, ingratiate with, play for a sucker, re covered, likes better, fancy, worked out a deal, making one's own, witching, am at service, sign up, feed the kitty, keening, outfit, get down one knee, give ones word, alighting up on, is favor of, under-girds, be trays, took it lying down, are responsible for, toe the mark, being paid, giving call, came on board, remaining alive, were guided by, state differently, doing as romans do, re moving, lay hands on, dealing in, run across, take as example, tosses back, wert sensitive, chance up on, be stowing, are situated, didst number on, de-fined, pass down, holds office, cried for, over-tires, took plunge, being consistent, showing cause, earn one's wings, sent invitation, haddest a hand in, am active with, throw in towel, dis plays, carries completion, gives the go-ahead, getting hold of, laid money on, winded at, incarnates, carrying through, kept mind, be-quests, got out of system, re eked, sitting up, gave voice to, didst job, Re-collect, clothes oneself, art adapted for, were impressed, didst service, doing a t, earned keep, taking to the cleaner, kicking up one heels, bear up on, inter acted, letted continue, make clean breast of, patterned oneself upon, acts with, was ears, stretching out, honors with, be seems, saw through, doing one's thing, pro creates, pro-claimed, in-spire, leaves to, throw one's lot with, paid addresses to, hammered out a deal, makes firm, getting the better of, give access, eats heart out, comes down high horse, sweeping off one's feet, planking, taking under wing, prepay, made whoopee, giving whirl, was of the opinion, afforded view, dedicate, buy in to, laid on the line, made time with, over hearing, crying a river, come rest, take a shine to, hadst hand in, brings together, taking hold of, be the driver's seat, be line for, coming to snuff, does as one says, being sweet on, sub-scribed, gives speech, gave on, be all ears, listen, re-examined, is in driver seat, de-ludes, put up to, over-taking, Doling, unbended, bear the brunt, allow in, in-tended, wast foundation for, blowing hot air, come up with, sucking to, be guile, nodded at, re-coiling, raised hell, cashing in, takes heart, bears under, wert impaired, wast in keeping, talk big, allow entrance, be proxy for, keep the ball rolling, co axing, gave do, doth turn, fork out, campaign for, give carte blanche, Trajecting, make point, withdrew from agreement statement, tries on for size, gat into, resolve, delegate, set one heart on, getting a load of, wast duty to, sets about, throwing one lot with, blurts out, mulled over, art the ticket, enforces laws, over passed, fudged together, set pedestal, Perdure, were pins needles, go down line, un earths, clinch the deal, re sounds, are a foundation for, fawns upon, doth the honors, did one's part, make conform, do ones part, build in, patch things up, were of same mind, be-reft, ganged up with, am saddle, un earth, bringing in to the fold, ex-pends, being certain of, adds payroll, dost ones duty, give attention, beared up under, co signing, angeled, wert impoverished, sur-mises, getting handle on, plunk down, re examined, act with regard to, had a finger in, got on with, zero in, being of the opinion, giving party, attends to, be in tune, confiding to, accepts gladly, are on feet, wast consonant with, holds fast, be-friending, got hold of, pack it in, farcializes, doeth ones bidding, patting on back, reveling in, shorting, amounted to be asked, didst t, causing to be, hadst a hunch, being mind, pro duces, make ones mind, becoming toughened, acknowledge, nevering cease, hits bull's eye, shaping up, settle with, Concentered, is racked, dramatize, letting it come, didst one part, does the job, de-posed, calling it quits, give leave, be-long, give the low-down, gotten soapbox, go easy on, de-base, deprive property, be of opinion, take one's word, sweetening pot, have do with, inter lock, made legal, fall knees, didst well, re-gaining, taking different look, alludes to, be fitted, suffering loss, gave comeuppance, double-checking, embrace, bringing back, brought board, taking interest in, stick, hand back, comes agreement, did as says, counter signs, keeping an eye on, slice up, gave affidavit, takes along, cliquing with, go with flow, are the opinion, forms opinion, keeps the ball rolling, re coiling, ingratiates with, modeled on, having prospect of, campaigns for, give tip, custommake, gives low-down, being wounded, tcbed, brings out into open, going up against, gives affidavit, find help, takes charge of, pack in, occupy oneself, crying for, gives over, wast left, alters conviction, fall one's knees, put work, contract, gives go ahead, art satisfied with, lays on the line, am adequate, bringing out into open, de tailed, contracting for, dis-regard, pre-ordains, be-reaved, did as romans do, dig up, dropt line, laughs it up, suffers loss, wert smitten by, moonlighted, make living, glommed to, woulded sooner, trade off, took court, it dealt, de-faulted, valuable, becoming immobilized, wert ones side, gives on, art connected with, Enacting, pro-vide, is sufficient, being one side, Overtopping, serve, make to order, apologizing for, gather, be sieges, suited up, changing mind, sending forth, counter balance, being employed by, carried to completion, bringing on board, pardon, fitting out, goes halves, up grades, go polls, latch on to, in-state, does a number, wert appropriate, flying face of, hath a funny feeling, re-minds, putting air, presses suit, dreamed of, take stand, puts for, backpacked, remunerate, conks out, takes as example, shows once for all, re iterate, return the compliment, delivers the goods, passes down, art fitting, spares the rod, dis inheriting, ex-claim, am smitten by, are in contact, softening up, were of use, comes on board, change one mind, coming board, ex-plain, gat bandwagon, gotten hold of, decreasing by, coughed up, fed kitty, take up on, bought and sell, earn one wings, baby sit, come a decision, be visible, patterns upon, pit oneself against, send out, pro portioned, gotten down on one knee, gat with it, provides security, lays up on, acted for, went limit, put something, gives leg up, out-dared, weighs up on, got out system, wast excited, got chest, were corner, co opt, tosses it in, catch on, folds up, gets a handle on, providing funds, held one's own, answering need, bears the expense, puts in shape, gives battle to, Tendered, giving thumbs up, am appropriate, structuring, live on, toss few crumbs, have portion of, has a meet, am received, dis places, having a get-together, giving inkling, fixt on, is bogged down, art the same mind, dis courses, become worn, alibiing, give an introduction, takes care of business, sticks together, bare expense, came out closet, giving introduction, paves way, bring forth, gets down on one knee, re-plying, over-tired, sit top of, re-covering, gotten in act, standing up to, was contact, de vote, get the better of, settled for, atone for, go in to, picked choose, hit bulls eye, un ravelling, afford view, be adequate, gives low down, hears it for, am of assistance, am consonant, cried river, take one upon, earned one wings, pro pounding, jumping a conclusion, Franchised, didst thing, smashes grab, letting go, re assesses, arrives time, had a shot at, asking in marriage, soapboxed, become poorer, buys into, wert compelled to, wast turned on to, Coadjuting, clue in, Numbered, acting for, doth to turn, are ones side, trans plants, make grade, was big on, do like, straightening up, re-organizes, bring in to fold, cohere, art born again, brings out into the open, crosses path, be related, art in corner, pitting oneself against, toss a party, didst ones bidding, CUED, being just the ticket, de sire, making handsome, de bunking, signing on, pulling out of it, get load of, going on one with, Formalizing, am the saddle, cracked whip, answered the purpose, pin down, giving a tip, lot out, were pins and needles, be-troths, extending to, make valid, giving invitation, be attorney for, causes be, winded up at, re calling, play up to, take for granted, throw ones lot with, out-lives, rides shotgun for, says in passing, over passing, takes into consideration, flap ones tongue, devote, continued to, doth the trick, art opinion, throws ones lot with, over takes, de note, getting jump on, am confronted by, takes hat to, fly face of, syncing up, counter-poise, rolled out, art submissive, buying and sell, chums together, Shepherding, force up on, re-spired, gives high sign, getting in line, gave blank check, being in the driver seat, be answerable for, in-spiriting, pulls out of it, hatsing to, pinned down, counter-poises, lays down arms, pro-visions, answers back, art long lived, thought over, smiles up on, sticked fast, am opinion, taking another look, spits out, capacitate, turn key, bears expense, payed off, rose to occasion, pick one brain, go hand in hand, speaks highly of, gallants, got results, re worked, setting one heart on, up rears, yessed, making comfortable, attested to, see eye to eye, resigns oneself, forging ahead, provided means, feels in return, painting town red, opening one heart, refraining from, did part, latching on, stick it out, going toe toe with, throw together, kept the faith, cope, cried a river, goes with the flow, gave heed to, ponies up, wert certain of, gat one fingers on, wast made up of, cashes in on, un-bended, wert host, gives okay, fall on, heft, bring to fruition, giving oneself over, were of assistance, legitimize, fills bill, happens upon, goes as far as, re assessed, insisted on, be-comes, take shine to, re examine, over-comes, doth favor, causes adopt, effect, arriding, ex pound, making the best of, de-nominates, pats the back, takes one up on, de-cipher, Bedraggling, gets there, ex-posing, takes a stab at, stick it to, was drivers seat, be solicitous of, making proposal, letted slip, give posy, get things rolling, over-passing, exude, interprets as, go for broke, art a foundation for, stand up for, arriving time, mulling over, eats one heart out, give a party, feels for, to tune of, laid eggs, running show, were constituent, making order, knew again, art in the driver's seat, eats one's heart out, getting going, teemed with, prattling, standing by, were in harmony, in sert, goes in to huddle, accroaching, produce, traded, bunked out, having meet, allows for, hadst means for, trueing, lip sync, hyping, inter-faced, pro visioning, was visible, humped, chews over, objects to, warrant, went on with, are afflicted with, made with, am of opinion, watching over, giving the low down, in cite, has a get-together, be component, live it up, hadst portion of, dump on, winning favor, de-lights, charter, Coopt, being alive, approbate, giving carte blanche, take at one's word, inter played, asks in marriage, going fifty-fifty, give a boost, move over, am certain of, fly the face of, decided on, are ticket, go by the book, dis located, are confronted by, gives life to, leaving undone, over-using, used up, pre tending, be longing, laid hands on, affords view, jive, hangs sign on, muscling in, are convulsed, calls it quits, request, being concurrent, putting under spell, leaning on, going town, giving on, hit bull'seye, de-ducting, giving a call, wound in, custom make, break for, rolls over, Collimated, falls ones knees, being valued at, giving stamp approval give the go-ahead, am related, hanging on words, are big on, jog memory, be game for, carry the torch, offers up, pre-vail, makes a point, putting appearance, being bogged down, giving credence to, ex tolled, Intrusted, be partial to, raised subject, nods at, catches up to, picks ones brain, over topped, withdrawing from agreement or statement, dittoed, Sipped, un raveled, be in the driver seat, didst what is expected, diffused, pass the hat, with drawing, chewed over, re-think, does a t, syncs, were equivalent, am situated, gave thanks to, buttoning down, bore testimony, am agent for, believe, ceremonialize, sublease, in crease, were vertical, re collects, spring with, vote in, swore down, over-power, continue to, settle the score, taking charge of, size up, Subserved, in-trusts, dis-possessed, derives pleasure from, sub scribed, providing security, wiled, pre fabricating, getting a handle on, are big, acted as a witness, folding up, took away, paid no mind, had on, gave stamp approval give the go ahead, re sorted, firming deal, goes down the line, over-stating, bring into being, complaining of, Lassoed, de-spoils, art worth, leaves behind, sets one's heart on, be have, atune, confer, speaks one piece, took to the cleaners, sucked to, act as, keeping the faith, bearing brunt of, de fended, de noted, don't make waves, dish up, hadst a portion of, giving speech, benefacting, re dresses, in ducts, showed one's face, withdrew from agreement or statement, be contact, had try, be-longed, sub serves, art seized, making evident, being inclined, bowing to, come down off high horse, went toe toe with, giving go-ahead, in spires, wast driver seat, execute, go into details, de legate, art attracted to, gave allegiance to, gave call, in graining, laying finger on, being fitting, scratches one back, enacts laws, buttons down, design, hear it for, give an affidavit, did favor, take under advisement, persist in, act, dis till, was reduced, presses into service, lays feet, hadst no fight left, going to town, swing for, stay over, fulfill, be afflicted with, made living, Optate, ex pounds, are assistance, fall one knees, prepays, doublechecks, painted town red, is good enough, took the cleaner, reify, keeping in mind, are on pins and needles, setting store by, gat act together, re-tort, Escorted, be positive, are the driver's seat, stores up, took a part of, place confidence in, pays out, growing strong, making go of it, doing justice to, spake one piece, pre-tending, dost battle with, keeping afloat, handpick, adjust, were consistent with, were one duty to, were turned on to, flying in face of, were affected, drank to, are same, doing t, ex cite, are priced at, rooting for, sat through, are duty to, doeth a number, puts up struggle, wast located, am connected, re sounding, hitting bullseye, inter meshing, stands against, wert love with, finding help, pre figures, Winked, lives by, Dunning, Mortising, gives the comeon, being enamored of, lay down arms, wimp out, defraud, give stamp approval give the go-ahead, did the trick, throws lot with, weigh up on, honey up, pro generating, casting out, came in to, Franchising, gives an inkling, gat in to, is side, wipes slate clean, trades off, un earthed, made ones own, re bound, Say again, stands firm, re states, lavishing upon, out lived, mete out, teems with, be the saddle, yearn, prorogues, auto-graphing, bought out, in-spirit, takes an oath, strike it rich, hadst place, giving up on, determinates, re places, in hale, being convulsed, degrade oneself, making a selection, be-ginning, conducts oneself toward, ex tended, caves to, comes rest, cause be, was given, take a part of, hadst a meet, are in favor of, keeping eye on, slip up, sweat out, fitted in, re-verse, Parleying, fore shadowing, invoking happiness, feathering, be party to, parcelling out, putting under a spell, wert in the saddle, pick up check, try out, re-writing, turn trick, making production of, are for, cried up, overlook, hang words, de-laying, sit take it, ex-cogitated, puts on to, falls on, pro-positioned, setting forth, delivers up, inter posing, overindulge, went bended knee, swang for, is assistance, concuss, keeping tabs on, ausculting, re paying, pick out, under-pins, were linked with, co-heres, re inserted, Overtopped, Palming, signed up, paid tribute to, swore off, cleans up act, tuckers, be in driver seat, pulling a fast one, Snowing, de ciphered, holding one's own, gives one word, beared cost, letting off easy, making for, giving a leg up, hadst a hand in, set, were convinced of, Deputed, are one's duty to, am designed for, leave alone, undergo, latches to, open one's heart, concerns oneself, snapped up, is loyal to, being attorney for, gotten on with it, trucks with, jumping to conclusion, in tones, dost ones thing, never say die, in-stilled, shaking on, de tail, sectioning, wert in to, carrying off, grow hardened, sublimes, Intrusting, is captivated by, art pins needles, knuckleundered, going in to huddle, flies face of, make for, catching to, being a source strength, rivetted, coming down high horse, were tune, alight up on, re-signed, re-modeling, evened score, play past, COMP, assuming the role of, bowed to, relied up on, be reft, wast sufficient, pressurize, re-plans, arriving conclusion, put office, super vised, longs for, tuning out, Guarantied, giving affidavit, dis porting, staid over, pull together, be marked at, stopt up, sweetened the kitty, post pone, bet bottom dollar, ex-tolled, tucker, confide to, led in to, in-scribing, is proper for, rubberstamping, mis-appropriate, benefacts, picked the check, art paid, wast attorney for, lost sleep over, losing sleep over, takes ones side, checking up, art forced to, gold star, hast over, agreed upon, dont rock boat, were similar to, cracked down, did a service, kept faith, substantiate, taking at ones word, dis-porting, emblematizes, corroborate, be consonant, gave stamp of approval give go ahead, wast priced at, go bended knee, were the ticket, are inclined, freed up, spellbind, doest thing, tosses in, is the drivers seat, had no fight left, crossing path, be valid, get out system, dress in, granting permission, going on record for, grieve, carry, was affected, be identical to, brought forth, in cites, clued in, boosts morale, wast adjunct of, shake hands it, didst a favor, putting flea in ear, inter meshes, pulling the wires, putting good word, acted in place of, see about, in vested, are gratified by, gives thanks, sounding off, becoming infected with, re-venged, become popular, carrying torch, throwing sponge, be came, pointing to, piggybacks, were all for, diffuses, loses sleep over, re gales, pro-rogues, lets slip, passes up on, wert situated, give the come-on, came an agreement, makes allowances, concurring with, inter mediate, taking part, letting cat out of bag, making one own, breaks news, tipping ones hand, ex-tends, be careless, dis-closing, Gluing, wert favor of, put force, hits bulls-eye, re-storing, pick tab, be in contact, sur-mounted, lust after, hast a case, ex hale, art useful, cave in to, dis-tributes, doth duty, number among, perdures, Capacitated, rest with, outdaring, ingratiated oneself with, was worthless, pre pays, be-moaned, art solicitous of, holds responsible, be sweet on, kiss goodbye, re-gained, calls the signals, puts up to, cuts in on, played for a sucker, doing to turn, made clean breast of, makes killing, stick at, create, take notice, stuck to, moves over, hangs in there, gives ones consent, is foundation for, set off, doest the honors, sit on, drew a conclusion, sur renders, am pins and needles, evulse, Connaturalize, puts in practice, sickened with, plays to gallery, formalized, comes terms, tickles pink, bare cost, held responsible, paid respects, gives an affidavit, re checks, ex-cites, had company, came to conclusion, earning wings, de-nominate, soapbox, bring together, speaking in favor, be handicapped, sub-liming, repressed feelings, doeth to a turn, cashed in, raise hell, doeth as romans do, are pleased by, form opinion, condescend, am left, giving lift, didst a service, re-veals, stays line, making best of, had a do, mis place, be fits, got fingers on, de-sires, sells at, puts practice, voodooing, was service, beating drum, be longs, co-oking, signs in, give with, siphoning, picked up check, tune in on, re-work, made mind, disembogues, hits town, over whelm, pre-occupying, doing number, out wear, being unison, keeps alive, quotaed, getting chest, inter-posing, gave ring, gives with, art needed, gets from, hanging together, gave a party, post pones, gave birth, fits in with, wast a part, doing thing, over powers, links up, in-vested, scammed, have in, contributes to, grinning and bear it, doest a turn, coming up to snuff, doth one part, being long lived, stumbling up on, taking patiently, had bad time, sends away for, were attracted to, being big, come up on, didst the honors, gotten on soapbox, get a hold of, kicking one heels, lay on the line, sized up, giving thumbs-up, be racked, communes with, beared expense, re ached, hadst coming, ballyhooing, wert needed, toss it in, over state, hast finger in, says yes to, was at disadvantage, imprest as, gave birth to, are beck and call, re-tailing, being in drivers seat, de-bating, doing battle with, doeth the honors, caved to, wert constituent, conferred a right, seeing after, out fitting, having being, art in receipt of, answers purpose, place at disposal, gives the word, gave go-ahead, re minds, struck it rich, resign to, digged up, am ruled by, putting to work, laying at one's feet, take to cleaners, looks other way, is driver seat, was symptomatic, highjacked, pre arranging, heading off pass, stating differently, deputes, gotten act together, go hand hand, blow steam, were proper for, depends up on, swore in, going to polls, re-considered, have a get together, be-longs, were erect, re-dresses, de bates, certify, deeded, am courteous, doth what one is told, hadst hand, giving comeon, do the trick, accepted gladly, portaged, addressed oneself to, kissing make up, acted as witness, hit back, gloms on to, gets touch, bringing into the fold, be up to, being servile, alighted up on, staid put, doeth trick, be-wail, reconciling oneself, enacted laws, going record for, wast sign of, wert a component, makes public, re assess, re warding, espouse, cleans act, un-derwent, gear, co-signing, locking up, give power, perpended, art for, were enamored of, convert in to, shaped up, dis-claim, recommend, facing it, re dress, sitting take it, paving the way, letting out bag, drew conclusion, move ahead, assume the role of, lived with, was seized, pressed one suit, mis-placing, de fray, lend leased, allegated, converting into, hath bad time, join up, cleaned act, putting through, being turned on to, declared lawful, paid no attention, Volunteering, has being, laying down law, gives a talk, earned ones keep, trans-acting, carrying forward, Victualing, hanker for, de-scend, affording a view, falls over, form judgment, knocking dead, being satisfied with, keeping the ball rolling, kiss and make up, tossed in, with stands, has finger in, re-phrase, hitch on, trans-muted, climbs on, co-operate, lived up, tabbing, walking heavy, be opinion, gotten into, was a party to, yeses, deals out, is made of, becomes threadbare, hast no fight left, makes stand, wast seized, puts market, knocks dead, following beaten path, takes under one wing, be lieve, presses for, didst wonders, pieces up, cross path, re-strains, shows once and for all, payed back spades, over-tops, running after, lays one, springing for, bearing the brunt of, gains possession, knocks down, are turned on to, came to decision, do ones duty, smile upon, do service, pre fab, re stores, deem worthy, feathered nest, is excited, re-evaluate, result in, dis-places, prearranges, over-takes, re commended, doest what is expected, accept offer, un masks, is partial to, went seed, deliver a speech, produced result, am impaired, correspond, wert game for, deliver the goods, hang with, call up, put in two cents, take a liking to, divided with, are impoverished, tough it out, be to, was tenterhooks, seeing to, re-pose, steadying, inter changes, are apt, change belief, prefabbing, de crease, place trust in, keeping alive, carrying completion, haddest no fight left, Serenaded, swear and down, ex claimed, spitball, are on ones side, tunes in on, make one's mind, re possessing, be-witches, lived out, making go it, ex cogitates, dost as romans do, over hear, dost as says, puts writing, be dressed in, co ordinate, giving high sign, was consonant, re gards, doth thing, tenoned, fudges together, went by book, lets pass, be come, up-held, un zip, sub limed, made buy, swear on bible, gat floor, giving access, gotten drift, stand, standing up against, dis-tills, puts to work, see in new light, ring in, be-draggle, doublecross, art priced at, up raised, be fell, pop for, setting rights, doest as romans do, super-intending, changing belief, breaks the news, finds human resources, wast of the same mind, shortstops, ushers in, un-earthing, take cleaners, flowing out, doest to a t, de creased, packs in, dost business for, de duces, pre-paid, pays expenses of, were durable, fits the pattern, tacked on, bad welcome, committing oneself, grabbed hold of, taking course, being apt, lay down law, Homologate, toes mark, prevail against, Subliming, tosses ideas around, partnering, pays no mind, collateraling, sent for, haddest final word, calls quits, super vising, cuing, scratched one back, de sired, had a gettogether, re-weighing, rendering to, give five, brought to, says word, contributing to, put on the market, took bull by horns, were assistance, hit the bull's eye, over tires, thinking of as, cave to, ex-asperates, stop up, wast interesting to, play part, chummed with, goes record for, grappled with, becoming poorer, dis-locating, re examining, hadst a get-together, putting on air, over did, cut in on, goes toe to toe with, keep company with, taking as an example, jumped to a conclusion, living by, being one mind, am on, hung in, converted into, goes all the way, benefact, be in to, ex-cite, grin and bear it, wast in on, leaned on, tragedized, bringing forth, has guests, be troths, haddest get together, re-paid, lends one name to, wast proper for, up root, tailormaking, feeds the kitty, be-tokening, re acted, in trusts, had a funny feeling, press one's suit, doing business, saw fit, producing a result, gotten handle on, hitting on, keeping faith, draw, didst one bidding, corresponding to, de sires, long for, makes up mind, come to agreement, is up to, laying line, am the opinion, get along with, sticks fast, had every intention, wast in driver seat, out-wit, washing away, be drivers seat, was a source strength, re-late, watched out for, gets out system, gave whirl, re cognized, makes a motion, brings to, acting beneath oneself, pro-cure, in tone, stick fast, ex-crete, come agreement, lock up, signs papers, laid hold of, sang blues, up-grades, suggest, doeth justice to, roll out red carpet, wast obsequious, de-vote, wast worthless, sweated out, shingles, depending upon, making a point of, letted fall between cracks, gave the go ahead, trail-blaze, taking it leave it, ringing a bell, did one thing, being keeping, pre-suppose, swear to, thrash out, took the count, battling with, give talk, threw one lot with, heap upon, prefabricate, primes the pump, give just desserts, wast of one mind, paid expenses of, restores harmony, obeys, changed one's mind, turn over to, fronted for, art of mind, hast sneaking suspicion, going one on with, over-heard, settling with, admitting defeat, making firm, give the ghost, took the chin, pre facing, giving snappy comeback, make up one mind, inter viewed, hoking up, going the limit, pays back in spades, having bad time, truing, be received, letted be known, tosses few crumbs, hits the bull-eye, building in, being on ones side, stood one's ground, sur mount, pulling the strings, shingling, seeing fit, pacting, argue for, takes kindly to, in-creased, being impaired, be-reaving, pro positioned, retain, hostelling, pro mise, Slated, saw eye eye, having a prospect of, spitted out, submits to, give come-on, de fined, throws one's lot with, roosing, partake, making matters up, sweep off feet, de-lay, concur with, Parceled, un-ravelling, Texturing, meting out, made valid, un-earth, occurring simultaneously, engages conversation, having recourse to, wert captivated by, re spire, alights upon, doing what is told, dis-charges, re-duce, sticks to, art convulsed, taking in hand, art all ears, de liberated, re-venge, go in for, went in to a huddle, is worthless, cracking whip, act as witness, spoils rotten, speaks well of, hast means for, become, stuck on, arrive at, sings the praises of, took at word, keep tabs on, answer the purpose, gives blank check, gives the come-on, adding payroll, re styled, making a deal, re plied, gave one consent, giving up the ghost, mis appropriating, brake one up, was sign of, dig, offers benediction, art consistent with, be draggling, clothe oneself, packed in, were valid, looked other way, letted have, were in the saddle, scraped off, tip one hand, falling on knees, are timeless, keep touch, acting as if, is in driver's seat, gotten the better of, broke into, get, take sick with, take the bull by the horns, be-seems, hast business with, picked up the tab, acting place of, did well, giving stamp approval, kept company with, being consonant, do a favor, gets floor, show face, pre destined, does turn, de-bars, be just the ticket, being one's side, re-treat, sticks around, trail-blazes, re-minded, overcompensates, being demanded, lays on line, haddest a hunch, hitting bulleye, being seized, harken, settled upon, showed clearly, sits still for, putting the air, catches to, re tired, doeth to t, taking from, roll over, pressing ones suit, connaturalized, art line for, took shine to, earn wings, made sure, delivering a speech, pre scribing, stumbled upon, carrying on conversation, shook on, lead to, be-gotten, wast attracted to, keeps on truckin', parallelizes, Re-mark, rolls out, takes to court, propones, give a snappy comeback, kicked up ones heels, was same, mousetraps, dis play, wast handicapped, trans muting, being at disadvantage, followed crowd, is for, art visible, stand ones ground, pre-vented, stocks up, didst ones thing, finds appealing, dropping a line, dis-inherits, Carding, was valid, play to gallery, Inking, roosed, led to, wast afflicted with, turns the tables on, thrashed out, acted as, being compelled to, attending to, giving to, didst part, puts up with, feel, communing with, hang in there, highjacks, fitting in, shoulds, dis-tracts, tost around, art a party to, Infatuating, carries to completion, affords a view, flash on, exchange, de frays, pre-fabricating, metes out, subjects to, said yes, becomes popular, get a load of, cope with, came to a conclusion, dost a t, specificized, Disporting, re-cites, Caving, sung praises of, wert just the ticket, blew in, occurred simultaneously, getting hands on, pre-supposed, pick choose, were at beck and call, enter, hold the reins, call quits, am affected, be ready, being akin, takes on the chin, hit upon, pro viding, blurting out, pre-vents, did to t, bail out, partnered, fore-went, paints the town red, sleep on, falls victim to, measures out, fails to notice, give stamp of approval give the go-ahead, wert familiar, does business, re strained, amount be asked, make binding, art same mind, was designed for, gave a bouquet, being driver's seat, be worthless, pick ones brain, de-scribing, sing the praises, Succoring, is satisfied with, concurs with, was captivated by, sticks it to, wearing on, re-considers, clap hands on, go in to a huddle, intermeshed, benefacted, putting a pedestal, earns one keep, over-compensate, confer right, thinking fit, up-rears, make public, head pass, hadst its place, came out the closet, being handicapped, paying dues, gave the ghost, give stamp approval give go ahead, put money for, put in office, lived down, am employed by, haddest visitors, entertain, looking at, exercise choice, hath prospect of, having second thoughts, woulds sooner, in-ducts, making money, get it up, accroaches, made pitch, brought into being, going on wagon, made a buy, shark, let, being gratified by, restitutioning, admit, appeared as, hanged sign on, turning the tables, be excited, trans-fuse, has business with, lets go by, gives over to, cut fit, is sweet on, are on one side, catch to, in sinuate, doth to a t, convoy, ex citing, gave ones consent, trans fixed, be-guiles, scratched one's back, plank down, appealing to, seeing a new light, get touch, were careless, head off at pass, addresses to, fixt price, made light of, was sweet on, dis inherits, hanging with, art apposite, convert into, fore-tell, making a decision, are devoted to, submitting to, cluing in, hand on, reasserting, pave way, dis-owning, trans fixt, art identical to, is big on, made decision, enthrones, agreeing upon, kick one's heels, repress feelings, sweep one's feet, help out, goes into details, over-whelm, gotten revenge, does duty as, pre-sent, lifeboat, bore up against, hast prospect of, commit, succeeded to, be-came, re animating, hauls in, toss party, take the cleaner, dealing out, boosting morale, Mothered, buried hatchet, check on, Guarantying, hail, flaked out, answer need, took under ones wing, was guided by, de-scends, gold stars, having place, cries up, rehash, give a ring, be proper for, tenders, making to order, implore, co operate, is afflicted with, take interest in, make scene, rolls over play dead, gives up the ghost, showing fruit, took along, get act, fasten, art agent for, sets ones heart on, gotten together on, took a different look, take bull by horns, giving orders, art all for, pay off, authored, dost trick, make go it, give authority, jumping to a conclusion, addressing oneself to, looking up to, stretch out, haddest prospect of, be source strength, all owing, doeth service, drawing a conclusion, being in saddle, giving five, took the cleaners, being the drivers seat, came to a decision, subscribes to, be impoverished, be-draggles, were needed, offer, got into, debase oneself, declare, run into, were solicitous of, packs it in, pre serving, has effect, offering up, gat the better of, looking up on, send invitation, take it on chin, pre-figured, Overpassing, art sufficient, is symptomatic, personate, being component, re-lays, takes to, it's a deals, called it quits, de-sign, are located, went into huddle, being side, pays homage to, measuring out, called up on, having a fling at, de-basing, re deeming, pro position, custom made, in-trusting, gave ghost, turning tables on, eyeball, trans figuring, re-conciliated, art in unison, picks one's brain, re-plenished, up-rooting, is interested in, Preengaging, lays the line, gave oneself over, constitute, spoke one's piece, making point, am source of strength, pre-scribing, doing what is expected, re-sorting, fore-going, clinch deal, hung in there, de-ducted, being excited, making over, is credulous, bunks out, is sign of, laying money on, traded last, made public, lead off, is attorney for, pro-mote, wast alive, sits up, made evident, had a try, sang the praises of, sticked up for, bore up under, digging up, re-organizing, conscripted, suffers defeat, gets picture, were a sign of, gives the nod, passing up, in-creases, being marked at, went on the wagon, re styles, swimming with the tide, commands a view, hanging in there, re-siding, pressed one's suit, ensorcell, serve out, square accounts, haddest a bad time, sewed up, carried conversation, shotgunned, over whelming, press suit, do as one says, making a proposal, pro claimed, un bended, glued, give and take, Lofted, has recourse to, gat ones act together, deign, swept one feet, does as says, cross one's heart, has prospect of, are sensible of, re plenish, Leasing, un-earths, gets sick, digest, rises to occasion, ex-pound, went around with, fails to keep, going easy on, came out of the closet, grooving, be consistent with, think out, putting for sale, did a t, get sick, specificated, provides the means, be in drivers seat, de livers, restyled, juicing, are credulous, suffered loss, gives vent to, breaking for, hammer out a deal, re members, causing adopt, art action, wast careless, spake of, pro-fits, re solves, gat ready, gives a boost, cry up, inter-feres, took kindly to, adhere to, was keeping, doing one thing, parceled out, cutting mustard, concussing, wert related, wert beck call, break down, art in line for, gives goahead, glommed on to, reaches out, called on, was of same mind, lent one's name to, ex-cogitating, came agreement, is constituent, suspend charges, turn out well, musing over, hadst respect to, took or leave it, brought fruition, hadst a bad time, sweeps off one's feet, getting on bandwagon, re-butted, acts up on, humbling oneself, provides funds, re-modelled, living through, over compensate, clocking in, am big, de spoiled, were component, un-furled, be friends, going down the line, am linked with, put back, getting picture, Fagging, re-turning, doeth number, daresay, hath a shot at, hits up, heading off at pass, re modelled, rubs eyeballs, subsume, act for, double checking, casts ballot, under signs, makes use of, evening score, got in to, blowing off steam, re-styled, joined conversation, looks over, did what one is told, look to, lets cat out of the bag, going steady, going out on limb, de terminated, pre vents, wast on, haddest case, homogenizing, being big on, give a hand, fixed one wagon, flakes out, is part, haddest a go at, thinks out, pitted oneself against, was sensible of, art in drivers seat, hits bull eye, glomming to, hand-carrying, de based, pray, with-draw, re present, is on side, in-stall, called the signals, pre served, draws conclusion, be impressed, be at beck and call, giving a blank check, belonged to, meta-morphoses, find human resources, gotten ready, oked, are into, set about, having to do with, mis-lead, reaches decision, wert told, de posit, had effect, putting money, felt wretched, broke down, de-terminates, ecstasizes, lay on, being timeless, it's a dealing, be pins and needles, going in to a huddle, dis patch, holds out for, ex-pose, are tenterhooks, be in driver's seat, is enriched, gave ovation, being constituent, stomaching something, ex-posed, Delectate, coming an agreement, brake down, intermeshes, sings praises, assent, doest ones duty, venging, is to, conducts toward, counter-signing, making use of, pre-occupied, blew steam, engage conversation, connaturalizing, cliqued with, art saddle, getting the floor, catching eye, keeps tabs on, pro roguing, were of the opinion, wert loyal to, bear brunt of, opening one's heart, doeth duty as, dealt in, gat the floor, gives the go ahead, castled, picks tab, puts across, crazied about, bowed down, be at service, firms a deal, laid on line, Cinched, wast consistent with, is on one side, sweethearted, were certain of, gat picture, co-axed, comes to have, taking plunge, de-fending, hast dealings, property, lay one, going limit, be-trays, brake in to, jogging memory, up-hold, pro rating, hits bulls eye, glom on to, work out deal, wast good enough, be beck and call, hit the bullseye, be-quest, is in line for, am on feet, pre pares, was answerable for, singing praises of, hits big, gives green light, are informed, inter mesh, frocking, is composed of, kiss make up, going in to details, look out on, sur-mounts, made terms, re turn, played to gallery, shake hands on, brings board, goes one on with, art keeping, ex-acted, puff up, conduct toward, wert long lived, has fling at, wimped out, pay homage, in creases, de bar, in scribe, mis leading, super-intends, out worn, haddest shot at, whistles for, commits oneself, going the way, contain, made overture, mis spends, made contact with, stood up for, gave introduction, making plain, stand up against, were sold for, hast a portion of, ex-pounding, re-inserted, having portion of, fail keep, companioned, do a t, was consistent with, art sweet on, gets off chest, ex pounding, sicken with, makes one mind, re produced, were service, stomach, sticks like barnacle, do one thing, booty, gave high sign, hath funny feeling, gives stamp approval, grapples with, counter balancing, hatses to, interact, letted cat out of the bag, Lotting, picks up the check, pro-positioning, are all ears, give stamp approval give the goahead, re placing, fill up, gave five, gives stamp of approval give the go-ahead, giving thanks to, thought better of, gives a whirl, hosteling, tries for size, doeth one's bidding, doest battle, pro pone, was in the driver's seat, wear thin, spared rod, wert in receipt of, go way, falling knees, homologizes, make use of, de terminates, goes seed, over comes, gained possession, reveled in, make light of, put rights, sub-scribes, re modeled, talk down to, wearing well, lend an ear, wert keeping, gave audience to, looked down, over does, gives leave, sits take it, came to agreement, am adapted for, do a service, laying it on, setting aside, reseving, set down, pulled through, face, de lighted, gives do, got it up, over take, be in love with, gifted with, re consider, fitted in with, prehend, toeing the mark, picks up check, re lieve, rub eyeballs, dis-tribute, has enough for, fills the bill, took for a ride, kudized, press in to service, are the same mind, holds discussion, resorting to, lavish upon, picked up the check, joins up, kissed and make up, forcing up on, trans-fixt, chumming with, throwing a party, brook, usurp, make up for, am told, made a decision, calling upon, was inclined, reconciles oneself, lives on, hath every intention, in-curred, un-furling, pricking ears, have a get-together, is on pins needles, looks after, gives a blank check, de ducted, gave come on, de-tailing, doing to a t, custom-make, runs on, delivering goods, represses feelings, making welcome, cooperates with, take it chin, get off chest, out dared, be-draggling, was gratified by, hast bad time, considering again, takes over, FORS, pre vent, set out, lets cat out the bag, wert alive, gave okay, un-clothes, am made of, gives thumbsup, kicked ones heels, turns tables, took stand, cares for, rechecks, throws the sponge, stick to, kicking up ones heels, are side, lending one's name to, art ruled by, re bounded, picked check, giving a ring, wert assistance, made one mind, hold ground, cuts fit, keened, puzzle out, goes into a huddle, ex asperating, making clean breast of, threw sponge, was devoted to, re establish, make the scene, parceling, is impressed, were the driver's seat, be ruled by, burgles, get in line, trans-plants, confers right, takes side, leaving alone, makes ones own, ex cogitating, made hit, dropt a line, have gettogether, getting results, gave over to, does battle, left behind, make with, being turned to, planking down, hits bull's-eye, playact, am extant, wert in saddle, pricks up ears, granted permission, laying up on, didst as says, throw sponge, wert turned on to, its a dealing, trans-figure, going that route, art into, show fruit, make a buy, re-phrasing, having enough for, went after, go with the flow, is of use, wert a sign of, breaks in to, buck for, made go it, Crutched, sat still for, are to, de ducting, carrying oneself, are racked, outdares, give kudos, doing as says, attaches to, harkened, am reduced, fit for, being tenterhooks, putting to something, faring well, replan, am worth, goes that route, gets handle on, withdrawing from agreement statement, making the grade, giving thumbsup, are valued at, fixes with, commission, cross heart, passing to, swearing on bible, take delight in, handing it to, didst ones duty, crosses ones heart, being of the same mind, reuses, caving in to, entreatied, bring board, wast party to, art regular, fore-shadows, going by the book, have shot at, re-spire, playing for sucker, wert a constituent, doest what is told, objected to, dost one's duty, become rich, slip on, stand behind, were in action, am afflicted with, Palmed, come to terms, roll over and play dead, made over, pre-ordained, standing ground, being dressed in, be source of strength, alights up on, wast one side, de fault, goes into huddle, giving consent, were of opinion, over-doing, made one's own, takes ones word, ran around with, kissed make up, pleads for, doing favor, makes mind, un veiling, Siring, got the floor, pre destine, doest to a turn, pre-tends, taking upon oneself, deduct, caught eye, rolling with punches, making payment, taking one word, go route, horse trades, builds in, did turn, making hit, gat out system, chiming with, contacting with, makes valid, ex-press, tickled to death, heard it for, ex acts, be use, wert tune, be the drivers seat, make one's own, cracks down, make merry, hath coming, gives bouquet, re turns, takes advice, haddest a fling at, took part of, hadst over, having over, gotten down one knee, sweeping off feet, became wealthy, haddest on, confided to, dished up, sublimed, working out deal, gives upon, ex-asperated, wert ticket, de signed, cross the path, makes off with, sit on top of, shaking hands on it, give a leg up, tailor make, goes out on limb, looks at, co sting, were impaired, goes one one with, argued for, depend upon, were the saddle, continues to, are ones duty to, hadst get-together, dis regarded, in-graining, ballyhooed, being foundation for, sets on pedestal, Lofting, has second thoughts, runs with pack, lent hand, am answerable for, pays tribute to, mulls over, shakes hands on it, changed mind, are adapted for, carve out, wert turned to, did duty as, wast keeping, made mark, re-assured, complying with, thinks up, over look, cry for, be-quested, re cover, up-borne, custommade, holds the reins, confer a right, does the honors, were in keeping, trumps up, waterproofs, draws forth, doing bidding, de-spoiling, be speaks, making killing, kicked one heels, patched things up, succeeding to, made possible, ensorcelling, hitting up, prefer, are active with, doeth to turn, turns tables on, addressing oneself, re posed, offering marriage, pro tract, in-spects, reach decision, pro-moting, goes places, took a shine to, Roosted, nevers say die, shows one face, make ready, over stating, de-signing, sees after, bids welcome, being one duty to, attach weight to, didst turn, give affidavit, took a stab at, letted bygones be bygones, come board, be-stows, tying with, go to, it a deal, latching to, has a portion of, re-vising, picking choose, fall with, letting be, are left, was disposed to, laugh it up, calling the signals, having a funny feeling, let bygones be bygones, feel in return, giving directions, am sensitive, super-vise, counter-poised, declares lawful, Mortgaging, coming out the closet, pro fits, evening up, carrying conversation, gave stamp of approval give go-ahead, in habit, were a part, re dressing, co hering, vest, freezing to, stand against, press out, wast one duty to, puts a good word, pro-cured, re-deems, doeth a favor, intromit, put with, come to, made a motion, made amends, hath faith in, fixed wagon, came decision, pro creating, under girded, did to a turn, holding responsible, being related, live by, squeeze in, de bunks, tacks on, textured, fixes price, haddest company, up rooted, got act together, cottons to, dragoons, trans fuse, wert out for blood, kisses and make up, re iterating, made a hit, Slotted, custom-makes, were convulsed, coming to agreement, falling on one's knees, being in to, cuts pie, am of the opinion, keeps afloat, flirt with, adhered to, cobble up, settling upon, continue, defalcate, giving stamp approval give goahead, gotten touch, wast assistance, un-zipped, running off with, clinches the deal, am one's side, lend leases, make deal, lent ear, being regular, out-dare, bear the cost, cutting it, suspends charges, vests in, haddest go at, be relevant, complains of, be servile, wert satisfied with, am concurrent, conclude, hath hand, bears testimony, am ticket, are turned to, was constituent, saw new light, art of opinion, ran smack in to, dost one's thing, disambiguating, arrived at, ran interference for, pre-serves, does business for, usher in, kick up ones heels, re-cognized, am beck call, striking happy medium, invited, art inclined, putting john hancock on, letting easy, conferring trust, are one mind, seek hand of, deal, be valued at, talks back, made matters up, re-unites, does justice to, keeping from falling, look over, sitting on, gave a talk, is of the same mind, am turned on to, kicks up ones heels, de-lighted, hold one own, ex-tract, saw eye to eye, being acceptable, became threadbare, dashed off, be-getting, being courteous, have business with, de signs, sub due, wert action, shaking hands, pre-destined, gat together on, de bated, un-folds, introduce, sticks at, art up to, solicit, overtop, undergirded, be-setting, dumped on, takes the part of, do honors, keeping busy, gives ground, take in to consideration, throw in one lot with, trove, live up to, goes in with, jump a conclusion, stands to, comes out of the closet, wert on one's side, squared off, dare say, re coils, dreaming of, held water, put in practice, doing part, tip hand, keeping touch, is sensible of, hath in, bearing fruit, impresses as, pounced on, fagged, cashing in on, lend, dis locate, re-cognizing, gets chest, thinking about, raises dough, be reave, hitting the bull'seye, bring back, pay no mind, inter cedes, horse trading, go wagon, had a prospect of, art ticket, mortgaged, thinks better of, was worth, re-adjusts, lavishes upon, re animated, doeth ones duty, trans formed, re phrasing, multi plying, hanged there, getting heads together, sticking at, lets cat out bag, stewarded, gets hold of, forced upon, were informed, over-passes, selling at, bucking for, is party to, in denting, de-terminated, gives posy, has a prospect of, was disadvantage, comports with, giving rein to, grows hardened, hath to do with, pre-cedes, am regular, Lassoing, Legitimated, toed the mark, eating one's heart out, be a sign of, took the bull by horns, being loyal to, wert one duty to, gat hold of, ex tort, wast akin, put under a spell, is at disadvantage, swore to, wears well, wast gratified by, intoxicate, putting to, gotten out system, collimate, flaking out, tolerates, re-side, hast the means for, dis closed, wert impressed, cede, sucker into, made scene, look up to, in vents, wast use, fore shadows, in creasing, dis-closed, serves out, come around, making buy, collateraled, take the plunge, setting ones heart on, jam pack, de-picts, are connected with, de-frays, threw in with, entreatying, make agree, am an adjunct of, trans porting, railroading, re venge, forge ahead, is similar to, consenting to, under took, are component, Balloted, occupied oneself, lay before, re conciliating, bare against, breaks into, lends ear, resigned to, is feet, wins out, called out, am attentive, makes welcome, wert consonant, re-minding, put in to order, catching the eye, going seed, give a blank check, make much of, seek the hand of, be the same mind, stand one's ground, stopping up, traded off, thought likely, in state, took on the chin, Hefting, brought out into open, changes ones mind, pro fit, re curred, taking an oath, give leg up, kept afloat, hit the bulls eye, hast hand in, interest, get handle on, kept on truckin', taxis, beared up against, over seen, un-covers, art in driver's seat, assumes role of, included as guest, re-main, tasting, clothed oneself, pick up on, hats off to, gives five, pro-fess, insist up on, gets heads together, invoked benefits, cliques with, make to, carved out, reweighing, pulling it off, fore tells, tailor-making, wert driver seat, in trust, give stamp approval give the go ahead, gets in line, wert in unison, letting cat out bag, dis tribute, give party, art demanded, putting pedestal, do number, did justice to, living it up, lean on, insisting up on, sweeps ones feet, gets down knee, institute, gives kudos, run with pack, doeth duty, doeth ones thing, choicing, be paid, wert the driver seat, re main, hexing, measure out, opened heart, hand-carry, doth what is expected, insisted up on, Mouthed, have over, acts in place of, choiced, rises occasion, cognizing, gives tip, stood behind, symphonize, Defalcated, make peace, were adapted for, re-tracing, ring a bell, deriving pleasure from, sub liming, put through, is delivered of, de-sire, rig up, get there, over-taken, stuck up, found human resources, over sees, give stamp approval give goahead, send for, spared the rod, have a meet, pleaded for, place disposal, laying one's feet, being in corner, re model, smiled up on, bear brunt, are keeping, waits out, are relevant, pro portion, in haled, de-legate, were harmony, coming have, be-moans, seal, allowed for, earn one's keep, wast durable, vouch, re established, wert solicitous of, faces it, re tains, made roll the aisles, forked over, be in unison, gets on with, speak of, passed up, filled up, bearing up against, kick off, re-venges, Copped, is one mind, set seal on, go one on one with, doth a favor, makes roll the aisles, attesting to, re-moving, gives job to, put practice, roll with punches, gotten it together, re-view, ex plains, sees in new light, earned one's wings, fiddled with, giving come on, degraded oneself, re-tails, putting in for, roll back, pro vision, gave up ghost, were at beck call, dost battle, in spiriting, be friending, stand firm, took cure, dashes off, tote, operate, headed off pass, give forth, come to snuff, mis-leads, has get-together, victual, did a favor, steadies, over looks, dis charging, inter-lacing, depended upon, am racked, coming into, crossing one's heart, make room for, fires up, re-couped, didst to a t, dis patches, re used, have no fight left, doest job, be composed of, had place, is needed, laying one feet, go eyeball eyeball with, in-stance, amounting to be asked, art pins and needles, be witches, sitting still for, did bidding, having hunch, hoke up, get better of, spitballing, copes with, running smack into, turning blind eye to, going on bended knee, lowered oneself, letted off easy, under writes, playing to, be in receipt of, went easy on, take on the chin, hitting bull's-eye, am at beck call, appeal, putting something, are symptomatic, re store, address oneself to, sing praises of, hit up, re veal, be-stow, legislate, over-took, hung words, stands one's ground, is servile, give lift, groupthinked, mark with a red letter, re gain, pull the wires, specificating, de lighting, re news, hold, re-hash, addrest oneself to, being designed for, conduct oneself toward, pro-cures, went against, gotten results, hit the bulls-eye, votes for, sub-lease, art relevant, hadst do with, wert drivers seat, presses ones suit, am born again, doeth the trick, weeds out, opting for, plays the game, parturitated, fix upon, earns one wings, cuts the pie, Carded, rat on, are sweet on, plays the part, de tails, being on, gave thumbsup, give stamp of approval, rubber-stamping, art in favor of, softens up, gives the ghost, having in, getting the drift, kept truckin', stumps for, keeps mind, pro-portions, tailor makes, re-possess, stays course, rolling in, up borne, un veil, were duty to, is beck call, Laths, went one on one with, go up against, take the count, up rooting, ex plaining, were same, Reinsert, over working, re affirmed, gave back, turn the key, went as far as, re establishes, soapboxes, puts work, glommed, in trusted, live down, am love with, hath meet, works on, fronting on, decked out, is obsequious, haddest do with, are identical to, buys in to, takes from, puts on the market, be the same, doping out, shlep, being a foundation for, give bouquet, making binding, sticked it to, were active with, sware and down, art servile, hadst recourse to, working out a deal, in-toning, takes to cleaners, get going, takes it the chin, wert excited, buries the hatchet, give goahead, gets ones act together, find appealing, in quire, object to, be in line for, trans-fused, agrees up on, hadst try, re models, hadst a prospect of, tossing around, dis-playing, un zips, hit spot, joining battle with, flip flopping, gat along with, stylize, interfacing, occur simultaneously, am on pins needles, came around, re-animating, took it the chin, takes up on oneself, conforming to, showed once and for all, re-counted, playing the part, paragoned, does one's bidding, togged, beared against, having try, initialled, is consonant, prepaid, lived it up, say in passing, over-indulged, taking it on the chin, passed hat, hint at, consent to, ran with, stuck up for, re vise, Cataloguing, daresays, re-warded, swear up down, gooses, gave break, formalizes, intrigue, is apt, whips out, does duty, foring, go all the way, hits bulleye, taking a shine to, gives power, turned blind eye to, shakes hands on, dis closes, has hand, were partial to, abet, measured up, had a meet, keep on, gat to, curtsying, wast saddle, sees in a new light, going the polls, enact, was the opinion, prehended, re lease, re-peats, giving evidence, de-creasing, is timeless, hand-carried, does t, being action, gave absolution, gotten bandwagon, raves over, sleeping on, over-haul, be reduced, raised dough, payed up, carries conversation, take one on, coughing up, caught up to, art affected, wast consistent, goes to seed, putting writing, fires the question, plonks, wert part, took to court, going out a limb, puts forth, letted easy, joining up, flapping tongue, plays gallery, am devoted to, live through, fixt with, made a production of, infatuates, comes a decision, cottoning to, pulls the wires, payed back, Sharking, dis tributes, were in driver's seat, Trajected, hast being, giving a try, de-fraud, feathers nest, paying one's dues, dost turn, was servile, thought twice, Diagnosticate, reweighed, doing turn, doeth t, intercept, being erect, reconciliating, gave an introduction, meted out, paragoning, transport, sparing the rod, was ready, have hand, accessing, lays money on, spoke for, are excited, re gains, am composed of, go one one with, include, shook hands, being an adjunct of, assents to, called upon, being delivered of, approve accept, pre-destines, in quiring, over joying, Invocate, burgle, being the same mind, bear the expense, raising subject, made one's mind, gat things rolling, gives directions, art located, have a hunch, sets in motion, wast ears, was enamored of, take to heart, going into details, work for, throw down gauntlet, taking it on chin, Propone, wert handicapped, am in drivers seat, high hats, re think, footed, returned compliment, pro created, acts as witness, leave out, made to, levelled with, switching over, were servile, laid on one, stands up against, are on side, voted favorably, being left, run smack in to, submit to, re-leasing, dis-course, comply with, pre supposed, spake for, are at service, wast into, hostelled, has in hand, came up snuff, in-scribe, over took, comments on, being the same, fared well, un mask, hazarding guess, attune, rigs up, tailor making, pro-duces, inter-meshed, convert, am same, is useful, blow horn, wilded for, taking a different look, be saddle, taking it the chin, is equivalent, tilting toward, are consistent with, fleshed out, smashing and grab, putting in two cents, sit and take it, cashing on, tying up with, go limit, rests assured, doeth one's part, pressing for, hitting the bullseye, are linked with, taking under one's wing, obey, re asserted, hits up for, picking up the tab, saying yes to, made off with, gives lift, puts forward, dost t, sticked it out, sur-rendering, giving bouquet, get a handle on, hadst effect, laying feet, in-gests, sang the blues, took to, keeps faith, dis-covers, being obsequious, giving the low-down, coming through with, is fitting, gave stamp of approval give the goahead, getting along with, railroads through, living up, mis-spends, art loyal to, beg, un masking, coming a decision, gave forth, sweeping off one feet, re member, de-noted, dreams of, sweeps one's feet, is valued at, in tend, de liberates, am apposite, were interesting to, interfaced, be witching, front on, gives stamp approval give go-ahead, are consistent, is same mind, blows in, pro posing, didst what one is told, was in receipt of, stays the course, dis-regarded, gave ones word, wast line for, was familiar, ran with ball, recreate, fix price, domiciliates, drew lots, deliver speech, goes out with, give voice to, take course, forcing upon, kibitzed, de faulting, being keen on, playing the part of, drops note, take plunge, brings on board, allow, even up, rose occasion, brings down house, putting up with, didst one's duty, pushed for, goes in to a huddle, pass, am receipt of, girthing, does a service, putting up money, provided for, arrived conclusion, taxi, art the saddle, gotten a hold of, tips one hand, are seemly, fly in face of, wert a source of strength, takes another look, evens the score, gets hands on, bucks for, re siding, comes a conclusion, offer up, takes possession, out living, re tires, took one word, pass up, under-gone, going to, stay in line, comes have, re-produce, had do, inter-face, making up mind, came to an agreement, dis locating, took on chin, with-stand, ex pressing, allegating, hadst a shot at, crosses one's heart, under write, rises above, provided financing, ex cogitated, taking for ride, fore-telling, provide for, being adjunct of, made much of, placed confidence in, paying no mind, laughing it up, gave low-down, it a deals, doing battle, giving boost, re-mained, clean up act, yields to, states differently, was employed by, come through with, was sold for, turned one on, hit bullseye, being to, co signed, appears as, throwing together, cared for, subleases, leaving to, be sets, are use, re views, wert consistent with, making eligible, finger, gives oneself over, re move, hanging sign on, doth the job, anted up, is in drivers seat, wast on pins needles, gives a tip, re instated, got heads together, keep truckin, pieced up, Treeing, making a hit, made point of, giving try, looked the other way, excerpt, gives a lift, infringed upon, gave boost to, flapped ones tongue, hit bull's-eye, co-hering, takes charge, gives an audience to, de-light, gives authority, doublecheck, re-plenishes, be engaged in, dis-covered, is convulsed, recruit, infringed up on, lend name to, re coups, are born again, giving just desserts, turns the tables, accepting gladly, sub-limed, be-fall, inter-acting, primed the pump, cave in, was line for, art ones side, formed opinion, gat heads together, went for broke, knowing again, re-cedes, groupthinks, hadst fling at, Cinching, re-serve, Re-present, re-evaluates, catch eye, made handsome, carried through, sets one cap, throwing in with, hung with, was delivered of, kicking up heels, were one's side, are attentive, hang on words, art sensible of, say yes, feels return, be in saddle, were a source strength, being ones side, counter-signed, having no fight left, portage, doth one duty, getting down one knee, concussed, asservating, play heartstrings, was concurrent, de spoiling, being feet, am constituent, turns back, with stood, fill bill, is an adjunct of, puts into order, be-tray, re-coups, priming the pump, wast ticket, in toned, agreeing to do, keeps busy, were obsequious, slips up, interplayed, art receipt of, wast same mind, engage, putting cards on table, paneled, Roosting, made proposal, makes the grade, went all way, sorting out, run the show, pro-portion, tipped one hand, brake into, blow off steam, overuses, is a component, be-moan, re-pay, all owed, pulls fast one, art beck call, opened up, wert consistent, de ducts, avow, license, showing ones face, with-drawing, played host, gave the goahead, lusts after, gat on bandwagon, grooved, pro-pounds, wert responsible for, pre paid, takes part, teem with, work, hitting bull'seye, subjected to, hath a do, under pinned, fell on knees, go along with, over powered, luxuriating in, tailor, be-questing, is priced at, wast in saddle, knuckleunder, gets together on, pony up, be moans, are all for, re-corded, keep the faith, went in to details, didst a number, re covering, picking up tab, is seized, did the honors, sur-rendered, wert afflicted with, makes legal, alibied, inter laced, cutting pie, carry back, be impaired, setting about, make plain, goes up against, dost thing, are in harmony, wast sweet on, bringing fruition, falls on one knees, was on feet, de fine, come with, with draw, nod at, am on pins and needles, kicking one's heels, Preengage, dis-tilling, checks up, be satisfied with, thought as, is compelled to, buddy up, over states, mis spending, intermeshing, dis-burses, de cree, letting slide, becoming student, taking hard, Serenading, made love to, wert regular, up-rearing, coordinate, trying on for size, playing part of, yessed one, hitting the bull's-eye, de riving, turn over, makes possible, buckle under, spoke of, gives attention, returned the compliment, coming to rest, handed it to, are unison, be, re-traces, turned key, give the come on, calls out, played the part, de falcated, takes to the cleaner's, does ones thing, refrain from, rolled with punches, Emblematized, re instate, jewel, doing ones thing, owning up, furnish, changes one's mind, hand picks, lent a hand, catch up to, become infected with, are a sign of, crosses the path, wert pleased by, trialing, un covers, come out of the closet, de-clare, showcases, over see, give, yessing, re cognizing, re evaluate, re thinks, use up, wast convulsed, doing to a turn, laying upon, came a conclusion, legalize, art at service, re-locate, dis charged, taking an eye for eye, hand over, opening view, disambiguated, be-fitting, chouses, pulls together, set one's cap, go record for, in-clines, comes down off high horse, putting up struggle, re coiled, staying on, paying for, de creases, ex-asperating, tape, goes hand in hand, prorogue, sync, wast ruled by, coming to decision, giving into, laying on, accessed, were mind, am valid, go places, Victualed, am same mind, be-friends, firm deal, purloin, am ones duty to, trues, doth part, support, are erect, get together on, trans-figured, gat one act together, putting in to effect, was favor of, make a killing, out dare, infringing upon, jump to conclusion, re viewed, putting white flag, exalt, made binding, sue for, hadst a fling at, rolls out red carpet, tipped off, specificates, invokes benefits, appearing as, seeing through, doest a service, nevered say die, Inked, am alive, lay money on, sticks by, atoning for, being adequate, am patient with, taking upon, give an audience to, give hand, acting upon, gotten from, having a hunch, trail-blazed, put at disposal, caught the eye, carried forward, makes hit, shlepping, making up one's mind, haddest relationship to, transubstantiate, lumped it, am of the same mind, super intending, counter balanced, is familiar, answers a need, carry completion, patting on the back, doing one's part, ostends, leaves out, gave go ahead, settles a score, re-posed, mis-laying, amounts be asked, pull fast one, crack whip, fore gone, debases oneself, Overjoy, giving an introduction, are at beck and call, am impoverished, is on ones side, reveal, take cleaner's, gotten jump on, wert located, got sick, does what one is told, wert ruled by, intermediated, throwing in, are in the saddle, being apposite, fawn up on, feather nest, was all for, pre venting, puts in force, didst to turn, pointed to, hath a gettogether, kept in touch, Helming, act with, in sinuates, make sense, am seemly, say word, takes it lying down, wert similar to, doeth what one is told, gets better of, homologizing, putting in practice, makes a pitch, portion, bringing into existence, re seves, dis-cussing, becomes poorer, slipt up, making waves, walked off with, welcome, re-deem, re sorting, took care of business, being of assistance, wert at service, are employed by, alit upon, hath go at, dost the honors, having guests, carry conversation, is related, soliloquize, giving low-down, swim with tide, softened up, be-set, puts the hands of, swims with the tide, being credulous, took to the cleaner, make motion, tell the truth, breaking the news, are an adjunct of, put foot down, pre engage, clock in, patterning up on, inter fere, eating humble pie, doth what is told, coming agreement, smiling up on, trans-plant, heard for, came up to snuff, re-evaluated, puts office, shotgunning, re-commends, went that route, gat ones fingers on, draw in, come out closet, be on side, holding with, position, un-zips, countenance, de criminalizes, pulled the strings, being party to, discriminating between, dis regards, doth battle with, rolls over and play dead, un-raveling, sware up down, works out a deal, is on, brought into existence, wert racked, had in hand, doeth honors, was agent for, acted with, comes an agreement, were sweet on, wrought in, do one's part, were in contact, are up to, take charge of, press one suit, play dead, wast turned to, enamouring, rob, go seed, railroading through, wast component, having effect, reconciliates, pro vide, gave stamp approval give the goahead, allude to, scratch ones back, forming judgment, pro fesses, complies with, re-organize, is sold for, goes around with, go into huddle, folded up, go for, inter-lock, ran the show, formed judgment, sees eye to eye, delivered speech, hangs together, worming in, takes different look, put shape, de-lighting, reach, wert in the driver's seat, crazying about, fits pattern, does well, speak one's piece, opened one heart, found help, spreads around, are saddle, roll in, re-legates, re mises, being attentive, accroached, re-cord, laid one feet, looked out on, buttons up, was located, give go-ahead, giving the lowdown, re-works, invitationing, being duty to, conformed to, takes to the cleaner, un folds, wrought over, tuning in on, got off chest, earn ones keep, be ginning, gets a hold of, de sign, were connected, dis-covering, asking marriage, begging off, toeing mark, giving allegiance to, broke for, holding forth, wert agent for, parcels out, trothing, am pleased by, de-terminating, was the same mind, models on, re new, wert durable, carrying the torch, pays one's dues, wear on, prearrange, pandered to, doth as one says, am submissive, be of same mind, pro-claiming, lent one name to, de cipher, passing along, climbed on, re serve, being useful, am good enough, evened the score, un clothed, calls on, marked with a red letter, pre-arranges, pro-roguing, sound off, be speaking, hast no doubt, dis-patched, gives and take, delivers speech, working on, running into, taking eye for eye, qualify for, gave thumbs-up, got on bandwagon, gave a break, dis cover, fixing one's wagon, radioing, riding shotgun for, am sweet on, does the trick, lives with, gives a bouquet, making hit with, was on tenterhooks, re spect, hath vibes, lend one name to, wert big, tears off, in clines, didst to a turn, give upon, be in the driver's seat, giving comeuppance, be foundation for, gave a boost to, wast pleased by, Allying, gave a blank check, re-counting, dis-cuss, speaks one's piece, did ones part, ministers to, re adjusted, go fifty fifty, hitting back, caved in, coming up snuff, makes motion, Hacked, became infected with, be smitten by, letting have, being same mind, is a source strength, giving break, strongarm, over-wrought, advantaged, riding out, holding attention, ex tends, wast a party to, laying on one, puts over, sur mises, trans-form, dost one bidding, striking rich, escort, are submissive, make selection, sticking by, conking out, put in force, make decision, is of opinion, be fall, infringe upon, suckering into, art consonant with, begged off, referred to, luxuriates in, didst like, fall on one knees, subscribe to, re quiring, be seemly, yearned for, it's deals, caroling, being all for, spake well of, re versing, brace up, stuck fast, dost favor, buried the hatchet, under sign, did battle with, getting one fingers on, giving up ghost, give the goahead, watched over, art side, are comfortable, being the driver's seat, link up, makes decision, be-sieges, getting things rolling, went out in front, wast of same mind, subjecting to, overpast, smashed and grab, over worked, goes on the wagon, de-bate, overcompensate, take part, went down line, were opinion, throws in one lot with, were proxy for, gave appearance, dis burse, take stock in, clique with, coming out of closet, crossed heart, prearranged, re-plied, taking one up on, hast hand, re duce, cross one heart, dis claim, putting on to, sub-letting, take liking to, gave the come on, sate out, restyling, Ballasting, finalize, wert convinced of, contracted for, flip-flopping, became student, beared the cost, re cords, is in the drivers seat, opens one's heart, regard highly, make sure, broke open, lets be, wholesaling, dost honors, de posited, doing as one says, vest in, taking count, pro-creating, cuts the mustard, paying half, decide up on, under girds, am acceptable, re-gales, in-here, be corner, is answerable for, putting money for, clothing oneself, hammers out deal, dun, re-turns, took side, de-fends, blows steam, is turned on to, joins in conversation, be the opinion, under-take, coming out of the closet, sub lease, am in driver's seat, doest service, gat going, agrees do, wast contact, wert credulous, re-produced, trans-formed, re-establishes, bring down house, re-strict, inter-pose, hits the bull'seye, had dealings, making room, pre-arranging, pre-vails, hits it big, lend lease, bears the brunt, buys sell, haddest dealings, have funny feeling, lend-leases, drops a note, takes the cleaners, coadjute, art one's side, dis-tract, co operating, re-seating, goes out front, re-paying, play the part of, is service, cogitating on, dis counts, hopping on, sign off on, was corner, re-dressed, reweigh, up rear, forges ahead, lays at one's feet, cutting to fit, does ones part, art impressed, is on tenterhooks, cracking the whip, gotten ones act together, art informed, guesstimate, sur mounts, weighs upon, thinking out, pro-mise, engaged conversation, takes one on, makes roll aisles, gets the picture, re seating, de nominating, starts ball rolling, enthrone, taking to the cleaners, know again, de vised, dis-claimed, am beck and call, having go at, ex tolling, Invocated, see in a new light, is concurrent, hast do, indicate, hold reins, bring to, in corporates, bought into, Mooted, take on, cast out, lets out bag, dis played, laid it on, earning one wings, warrants, appropriate, makes room, wast at service, de-falcated, Stringing, stoppered, bringing to fruition, sets heart on, made order, re quests, signs off on, imposing on, sing the praises of, concenters, have a gettogether, make law, made up mind, re-iterated, knocked together, were inclined, are foundation for, opening doors, hit bull's eye, re duces, kicking off, am aware of, bears brunt, was unison, hook up, inter ceding, following crowd, dost like, bringing in to line, reckons with, dis-perse, turned tables on, re venging, come out of closet, is adapted for, signing papers, is saddle, goes on record for, Privileging, were the same mind, was concerned with, bears against, dis tracts, counterpoised, wast interested in, giving power, headed off at pass, begs off, pamper, were drivers seat, wert tenterhooks, inter face, was responsible for, being same, be-spoke, Sired, fudge together, being consonant with, fix wagon, puts good word, placing confidence in, feeling for, faced it, making allowance for, giving birth to, come across with, specificize, up holds, invoked happiness, smashing grab, nevering say die, over-hear, wast comfortable, be-sets, puts pedestal, blow hot air, re plenishes, give life to, hooks up, had visitors, jollied, dis-burse, brought in to line, putting down as, are opinion, springs for, Smash and Grab, is use, goes polls, re leasing, acting up on, out witted, in fixing, dis-inherit, over-works, sweating out, see new light, holds together, takes shine to, giving the green light, haddest a funny feeling, imbeds, don't rock boat, turns blind eye to, smiled on, Lathed, fitting together, bear up under, dis coursing, thinking as, fixing up with, am timeless, re-mains, dost duty as, infringes upon, sub-serves, flapping ones tongue, numbered among, endorse, Dragooning, pressed on, vindicate, had hunch, tossed ideas around, showing face, letted in, taking cleaners, chances upon, de voted, heisted, am paid, under standing, art contact, wast in unison, went on one with, breaking into, has vibes, de-scended, goes to polls, pressed in to service, are sold for, passed upon, custommakes, lay upon, indulge, dis-claims, takes under wing, take bull by the horns, doeth thing, bears up against, doth like, made merry, brings into line, tend, working in, be-fit, cause adopt, reified, yielded to, pre-supposes, runs off with, putting forth, commenting on, afford a view, had portion of, over passes, doth battle, take heart, is ears, am into, hast a prospect of, lived by, de-criminalized, re-cords, re seated, throwing ones lot with, gave grounds for, laying on the line, runs with ball, entitle, dost business, showing one's face, buckles under, throw with, coming on board, let come, art concurrent, pass to, humbled oneself, laid finger on, deliver, has faith in, see through, gives permission, am a source of strength, firms deal, art racked, puts money for, assuming role of, be-come, take it or leave it, makes ones mind, is sensitive, made it, in-crease, brings into being, was a part, super-intend, am just the ticket, FAGS, with hold, has a try, wert service, gives stamp of approval give go ahead, sails through, think up, re-quiring, quarterback, keep truckin', is disadvantage, cogitated on, committed oneself, were aware of, wert attorney for, bringing down house, rang in, super intended, letted go by, speaking well of, be-have, grants permission, grant amnesty, are game for, flirts with, in-vents, gets fingers on, take on chin, inviting competition, appoint, payed no attention, kicks heels, lets continue, inter changed, face off, falling one's knees, melodramatized, contract for, feel disposed to, patterned up on, are designed for, in-hering, be affected, went to the polls, GIMME, de-falcate, scratch one back, wert saddle, in-spires, caving in, made the scene, wast timeless, give the low down, latched to, hung crepe, wast in the saddle, filled position, gotten better of, lapped up, under-sign, inter changing, was for, gave party, Domiciliating, takes it leave it, are positive, brings forth, re quire, re plan, tost back, jiving, putting down for, having dealings, wert positive, went the polls, is same, took at ones word, takes cleaners, dis possessed, doublechecked, be symptomatic, works through, throw in ones lot with, sung the praises of, draws lots, bows to, sing blues, changed belief, tune out, give audience to, celebrate, going to seed, re-mise, give inkling, touching on, produces a result, placing disposal, pricking up ears, with draws, re-united, Busied, is submissive, re sting, were concerned with, rolls in, hang there, talk of, speaking highly of, makes agree, be made up of, dis charges, grow strong, lets through, picks up the tab, makes a selection, were located, pre-pare, avenged oneself, tossing party, made motion, haddest every intention, didst what is told, throws together, being devoted to, headed at pass, didst number, Amnestied, holds water, made agree, bring down the house, inter dict, bidding welcome, toss ideas around, voodooed, wert priced at, am line for, dis-coursed, knuckles, playing past, laid on, ride out, give boost to, de scends, is corner, re-presented, is love with, wast connected, make a choice, pre faces, lays one feet, had enough for, gotten to, gives take, put the hands of, brings into the fold, took chin, art answerable for, sate and take it, including as guest, catheterizes, be durable, draw lots, hast fling at, re affirm, wert opinion, Hefted, went way, Shepherded, were fitting, hast a gettogether, being familiar, art feet, cracks whip, un-masking, letting cat out the bag, was informed, taking one's side, re adjusting, over looked, re produces, admit defeat, keeping on, are feet, relied upon, pulling back, cosign, took ones word, de-tails, re-porting, hath a bad time, pick up tab, taking chin, re-signing, wert able to, watching out for, haddest coming, offered up, clings like ivy, sub scribes, wast efficacious, denote, was ruled by, consorted with, fore went, salvage, ex haling, hint, art game for, putting in office, being priced at, give snappy comeback, give low-down, stomached something, towers over, de scend, prove, re producing, kick ideas around, re-ported, make mind, haddest a finger in, am sufficient, art delivered of, re-quests, throws one lot with, answer, get ones fingers on, took a stand, pick brain, getting down on one knee, lends an ear, wears thin, bringing out into the open, be of the opinion, puts the market, lives through, gave a posy, giving an audience to, be sieging, had shot at, is valid, climbing on, being active with, take upon oneself, be driver seat, has hunch, showing once and for all, re treats, goes the polls, take in to account, Initialed, re-dressing, goes dutch, putting in order, look after, commanded a view, hath gettogether, leave, give boost, makes a run at, sets aside, am equivalent, were dressed in, Geed, were a foundation for, under stand, engages in conversation, was excited, trying for size, tune on, wert of opinion, throwing with, stick for, up-reared, helped out, flew in face of, was in tune, make handsome, de-scribed, got things rolling, wert in the driver seat, wert erect, gotten off chest, re-adjust, dressing in, lose, brings out in to open, making ones mind, give stamp approval, moonlighting requisition, deeming worthy, spoiling rotten, wert at disadvantage, bargain, was component, sung the blues, dost what is expected, hath means for, head up, belong to, re-conciliating, leading to, mount up, heaps up on, coming on to, counter-vail, having case, go in with, trail blazed, takes upon, leads on, being in favor of, doeth one duty, be setting, be quested, put forward, dare says, gave one's consent, honeyed up, arrive time, re calls, art the same, taking side, making amends, upraise, were ready, art positive, gives appearance, sickens with, lay one feet, be courteous, paying tribute to, payed addresses to, beats the drum, under taken, wast born again, re arranged, re hashed, bare up under, comping, play to, re united, de pose, gets revenge, wast beck and call, has portion of, paying one dues, sits and take it, dis tilled, gave a hand, giving low down, was opinion, arrive at conclusion, makes peace, maintain, un-bent, does what is expected, enthroning, went with flow, Bunked, kibitzes, captivate, re possess, empower, turning back, re-gale, ritualized, give green light, in-tending, inter-plays, strong arm, command, ministering to, is driver's seat, wert efficacious, bequested, press on, swept off one's feet, re-assures, going dutch, un fold, is extant, trump up, make, is positive, wert inclined, over joys, pronounce holy, gives into, Amnestying, elbowed in, caves in to, up-root, confess, hath business with, re-state, payed respects, un ravelled, thought about, turning the tables on, giving vent to, counter poise, with-drawn, run things, bits the bullet, comes together, de-votes, toed mark, take one word, de-lays, picks one brain, open one heart, disambiguates, impress as, handed on, constated, taking lead, is duty to, said so, growing hardened, roping in, taking the bull by the horns, was afflicted with, it's dealing, affording view, laying at ones feet, wast partial to, art credulous, pre-face, dis patched, is comfortable, nevered cease, curtsied, addressed oneself, comes around, in-venting, kicked ideas around, wrought through, hadst a gettogether, gotten sick, custom making, re-curring, flapped one's tongue, re funding, in dent, re-adies, buddies up, in-sinuates, payed one dues, takes it on chin, doing service, taking the oath, set cap, re-thinks, mis spend, bring out in to the open, takes stand, ex-claims, pro-pone, making good, lends hand, were in to, re works, be acceptable, stoop, get hold of, puts appearance, be same mind, letting cat out of the bag, re-arranging, stick by, signing in, suffer defeat, earning keep, restoring harmony, is identical to, am a sign of, be seeming, pull a fast one, re-bated, playing to gallery, pays for, cooperate with, get on soapbox, gotten hands on, getting bandwagon, re-checking, mainstayed, grinning bear it, art use, are compelled to, am of same mind, over-worked, has the means for, got in line, answer purpose, was relevant, ex act, taking stab at, dare saying, am the same mind, be submissive, talking of, struggled through, am a part, authorize, am sold for, took cleaner, gets in act, was source strength, cast ballot, went over to, went town, gat the drift, make run at, go the wagon, winding at, being forced to, keeping mind, does number, re-spires, wear, it's dealt, sues for, going down line, specificizing, takes one word, fired the question, re-lay, chances up on, tossing in, being at beck call, de fines, puts rights, gave permission, inter lace, over-seen, forming opinion, broke the news, de cays, ex-cretes, invite competition, Sweethearting, inter lopes, comes on to, toughing it out, are in line for, in-tend, pre arranges, bringing into being, Emblematize, art valid, brought out in to the open, bear upon, gives a call, ostended, sate up, was impressed, cotching, hand picking, letted fall, give a whirl, threw the sponge, be captivated by, un raveling, resigned oneself to, kept pace, over works, give way, performs, pro curing, come in to, gotten one act together, hast a do, symbolling, Perking, is big about, are received, live with, yessing one, re-coiled, Subletting, made killing, sweeps off feet, sitting through, does one's thing, prime pump, out-living, in-haled, trans-planted, brave, were in tune, passed to, had a get together, doeth one bidding, gave stamp approval give the go-ahead, makes contact with, making in to law, makes love to, downed, sur mise, ex changes, being disposed to, suiting up, take eye for eye, gold starring, making a pitch, kicks up heels, wast identical to, handcarry, having vibes, laid foundation, facing off, be-wailed, re create, it deals, puts on to something, it a dealing, go as far as, acquiesce, lays down, eating one heart out, haddest a case, venges, bearing testimony, was regular, bring terms, going way, granting authority, am driver seat, Tolerated, wert a part, de-bunks, shows clearly, parts with, strikes rich, let pass, sub-tracts, gat jump on, had a bad time, came to snuff, re-leases, turns over to, caves into, qualifies for, going into a huddle, art of one mind, doth as says, keeps going, kept an eye on, arriving at, arrives conclusion, give the go-ahead, raise dough, end eared, making roll aisles, interfaces, being ticket, were valued at, parallelizing, flies in the face of, fore-shadow, re-assessed, makes a buy, forking over, up-raises, re mained, caving to, did business for, going out on a limb, taking a liking to, dis-inherited, cosigning, played on heartstrings, putting in hands of, settled with, do business for, turning key, standing up, lives it up, bore brunt of, break in to, kicking ones heels, giving job to, sweeps feet, being the opinion, lead in to, thought out, wound at, reaffirm, did one's bidding, finked, be on tenterhooks, re-eking, corresponds to, pro generated, puts air, de votes, wert partial to, act in place of, haddest hand in, shook hands on, works out deal, answered purpose, giving kudos, dost bidding, alluding to, re weigh, re-producing, de-liberating, failed keep, re-straining, laid one's feet, de-vised, de-signed, puts with, be-speaks, auscultate, getting with, steamrolling, serviced, pressed into service, make the best of, regarding highly, fired question, re-served, de-liberated, making much of, bringing into line, takes word, filling a position, put cards on table, in here, do number on, tie with, knuckleunders, gives the goahead, beating the drum, lays before, were devoted to, constating, glut, re-ached, having do, dost duty, wine dine, are favor of, talks ones leg off, am erect, were adequate, go well with, dis-plays, gave vent to, art good enough, putting on the market, up-raised, un load, making possible, kept in mind, art obsequious, makes matters up, eat one's heart out, got together on, deprived of property, counter vailing, get hands on, plays for a sucker, Constate, am a party to, makes handsome, dost one part, earning one's keep, am keen on, grant authority, pricks ears, paying up, throwing lot with, called signals, wast all for, am vertical, made deal, builded in, carry oneself, made a killing, ex-claiming, wast captivated by, be demanded, wast in drivers seat, chummed together, numbering among, blinking at, decided up on, wert obsequious, interpreting as, took heart, bowing down, took care business, took for granted, played the part of, sate through, inter-viewing, gave upon, gets with it, over-joy, necessitate, de-based, Provisioned, shakes on, staying line, Subserving, counter-balance, wert keen on, did business, took the cure, heap up on, foster, settles the score, with held, goes route, transmute, over-coming, applying for, being patient with, is attentive, be sold for, care for, wert just ticket, re-stores, propose, giving way, staid on, double-checks, was adjunct of, puts cards on table, paid half, in-duces, has a shot at, cutting in on, has hand in, picks brain, vouchsafe, sung blues, falling in to, art turned to, goosing, were one mind, head off pass, take orders, is convinced of, re writing, is source strength, be draggled, de spoils, pay court, pro cure, worked in, ask in marriage, bitting the bullet, presuming true, give vent to, re-examines, make consistent, trans pose, had hand in, makes ready, humbles oneself, runs with the pack, earning ones wings, hit for, bid welcome, mis-places, up-bear, came out of closet, settling the score, jump to a conclusion, went over big, it a dealt, inter views, de-nominated, sweeten kitty, delivered up, doest to t, sweetens the kitty, re-bounded, was in the driver seat, amounts to be asked, attaching to, inter feres, give birth to, re-lated, paid off, played second fiddle, suck to, dis counting, being in harmony, fixt one wagon, in habits, were sign of, deal in, wert demanded, modeling on, tost it in, supplying, gets along with, getting act together, show ones face, dream of, paying out, bring in to being, sweetening the kitty, gets down one knee, trumping up, de nominated, switches over, makes time with, in-duce, roose, Lasted, be-reave, being beck and call, showcasing, was pins needles, trans-muting, be concerned with, cuts it, am akin, hooking up, venged, wast forced to, over taking, earning ones keep, re-solving, being source of strength, let it be known, hadst dealings, donate, over using, ran off with, grins and bear it, is in tune, chums with, making laws, plonk, rolled out red carpet, cotton to, tost a party, de-faulting, rested with, ex-plained, played the game, lumping it, jumps up, be long lived, make it, cash in, signs for, gives a try, drunk to, putting for, am priced at, order, Freighting, in dents, getting out system, am a component, brings into existence, calling up, re affirming, acts as broker, went on bended knee, hast try, exerting influence, run on, singing praises, plumped for, holds one own, was the saddle, testifying to, make hit, re-views, moving for, happens up on, Bandying, re-cognize, made conform, making reprisal, deems worthy, takes count, pro claims, re-questing, keeping pace, carries on conversation, filling position, hath fling at, becoming embedded, bear cost, thrusts back, were received, lent an ear, prefab, transfer, clung like ivy, are answerable for, haddest a prospect of, puts in order, ordinates, wink at, sets out, face it, lavished upon, un-ravel, yielding, is located, swear off, lath, wash away, re marks, switched on, be-having, hawking, sing praises, run interference for, puts on air, scratch one's back, suing for, doest business for, re vised, make production of, wast in love with, pays no attention, sur-mount, letting continue, gives word, prevailing against, becomes worn, over-powering, comes up snuff, allows entrance, take a stand, letting fall, see a new light, am engaged in, arriving at conclusion, showed one face, confers trust, cobbling up, having a case, leaf, make legal, checked up, take in hand, deferred to, lay line, heaped upon, pre-destining, sur rendered, going route, sizes up, hit up for, be witch, are in driver seat, call up on, be-token, giving the comeon, having on, wast on one side, hits the bullseye, re-fresh, evens up, change one's mind, took oath, humoring, in spiring, signify, in-spirited, be at beck call, work on, rolled over play dead, answering a need, is a constituent, saying word, settles up on, sorts out, come down high horse, strung along with, fitting in with, take to, raving over, sate on, art wounded, re aching, got the drift, are equivalent, was on, lifeboated, dost number on, under girding, pay back in spades, passing hat, pro-pones, piece up, have a prospect of, hand it to, falling one knees, de livering, cared to, re hashes, slipt on, bottomed, squaring things, was in line for, hang crepe, thinks about, licking boots, dis posed, pro longing, dishes up, sur rendering, think well of, blurted out, are driver seat, bearing expense, daresaying, over-stated, reseating, reaffirms, pro-longed, was big, the tune of, were of mind, pro-created, break the news, taking court, be attracted to, wert one's duty to, places trust in, pro duce, dis-play, coming together, making overture, muses over, homologize, conk out, doing the honors, uncovering, even score, suckers in to, giving stamp of approval give the goahead, am responsible for, keep ball rolling, pre figure, were consonant with, taking under ones wing, says uncle, am on one side, rev, guerdoned, having no doubt, hit jackpot, yearns for, gives audience to, interface, fixing wagon, plonked, be-stowed, de siring, brought down house, converts in to, casts the die, trans forms, is adequate, gave just desserts, intro-duces, is informed, truck with, glorify, hitting bull-eye, in sinuating, in stalling, wast pins needles, hit bulls-eye, measures up, intro duces, goes on one with, thumbsed up, lays at one feet, touches on, un-raveled, are just the ticket, doing the job, brings forward, take count, toe line, pay for, un folding, sate in on, look down, was identical to, reckoning on, okay, over whelmed, persisting in, put under spell, took notice, hitting town, un derwent, straightens up, comes to a conclusion, out-fits, argues for, sware bible, puts white flag, is patient with, pre-cede, doest to turn, doing duty as, putting hands of, doeth part, being submissive, gave stamp of approval give goahead, sweat, gloms, standing against, joining conversation, giving satisfaction, out witting, writes prescription, sit out, played part of, laid down the law, going out front, breed, re-conciliates, de-posit, headed up, suffer loss, dishing up, be guiles, get floor, in quires, puts in to effect, gets one's fingers on, throwing the towel, being positive, gat a handle on, has a bad time, dont rock the boat, is source of strength, in-stalled, claim, was party to, art tenterhooks, be comfortable, were delivered of, re strict, wert of one mind, trued, tailor-make, got the picture, makes living, pressing in to service, crossing the path, was turned on to, wert in favor of, wert the same mind, pulled for, take shot at, throw the towel, are extant, gets one act together, brings into fold, over-hears, being a constituent, wert of assistance, Riveted, signing for, re-funded, being visible, was mind, hast final word,