Pronunciation of Rejection
/ɹɪd͡ʒˈɛkʃən/, /ɹɪd‍ʒˈɛkʃən/, /ɹ_ɪ_dʒ_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for rejection

re-flection, hubbahubba, in junction, co-operation, condonances, budgetings, pro positions, taking over, in fluxes, commercials, attestation, authorization, back-up, back ups, pro-mises, pre possessions, CHALKS, documentation, in-dentures, in-junctions, pre-mise, ponderings, theism, ortho-doxy, de-sign, endorsement, credit, adoptings, teachers pet, Certifications, de-liberations, seal, pickings, taking ons, volition, re solutions, in flux, pro-mise, chalk, cullings, sanctifications, preferment, acquirings, premise, credulity, de sires, Re-presentation, co nation, upgradings, de-fenses, grant, under-standing, right ons, ex tract, thumbs-up, ex aminations, goings-on, recommendation, free passage, predication, Introgression, stamp of approval, drutherses, re cognition, gainings, trans-actions, consent, inter-course, trans actions, preference, dis-crimination, assertion, take it leave it, Mouthfuls, jottings, de sire, first place, setting apart, induction, letter of support, re velation, co nations, listings, de-signs, trans action, stressings, all-owing, accedences, doorways, championings, pick, re-presentations, good words, visa, ortho doxy, Accedence, affirmings, logical reasoning, pat the back, piece of paper, recruitment, allowance, frontrunner, inter-courses, de-sire, thumbs-ups, goahead, confirmation, re-commendation, validation, agreement, coming ins, say so, enterings, takings, imprimatur, strokings, priority, doorway, de nominations, transaction, student body, re spects, substantiation, looking ats, shoo in, taking overs, pro-visions, pre ferments, be-lief, re-solution, counter signature, in augural, countersignatures, pre-ferments, sufferances, faith, empowerment, up grading, re course, favorable mention, pro vision, end-owing, de-liberation, signature, deducements, re-gard, apriorisms, superscription, pre-supposition, pat on head, mis appropriation, hypo thesis, seal approval, co-nation, ex-tracts, de sign, two cents' worths, Deducement, hubbahubbas, permission, in-junction, re courses, de-termination, taking ins, high regard, receivings, re-course, subscription to, de liberation, looking at, taking ups, re commendations, yieldings, first places, preferments, re-commendations, re presentations, allowings, dogma, co-nations, inter course, seal of approval, naturalizings, subscription tos, supportings, pride of place, two cents' worth, condonance, canonization, right free speech, dis criminations, corroboration, pride place, re cord, countersignature, trans-action, ortho doxies, introgressions, hubba hubbas, re-solutions, assignings, sub-mission, affirmation, contemplation, green-light, entailment, re-spects, Doxies, adoption, ratification, teacher's pets, re gards, de nomination, in denture, pre mises, takeovers, Apriorism, under standings, other fish in sea, commissionings, co operation, goingson, de liberations, pre supposition, be lief, voice, validatings, embracings, up-grading, entry, shoulderings, pat head, counter signatures, in-flux, pro-position, endowings, ex-aminations, druthers, re presentation, teacher pets, stamp, in-denture, other fish to fry, under taking, earmarkings, de legations, pre suppositions, credulities, corroboratings, the nod, hubba-hubba, mis appropriations, pre ferment, namings, sanctification, acquiescence, re-velations, in-fluxes, acceptings, piece paper, re-cord, take or leave it, raisings, inter courses, obtainings, pre-mises, de-legations, dis crimination, concedings, co operations, thumbsups, de-nominations, appropriation, re commendation, re-cords, pre-possessions, certification, hubba hubba, de-legation, doxy, shoo-in, dis-criminations, hypo-thesis, approval, setting aparts, re flections, in-augural, superscriptions, testimony, others, authenticatings, high regards, sponsorings, FAVE, sanction, de signs, teacher's pet, re-velation, sayso, fosterages, re spect, sub missions, pre-ferment, under-takings, in statements, welcome, back-ups, theisms, assent, assumption, logical reasonings, in junctions, canonizations, re cords, pro-motion, ex-tract, sanctionings, de legation, pro-vision, Conation, shooin, authorizings, re cognitions, student bodies, recruitments, re velations, sub-missions, proposition, pro motions, de-nomination, end owing, ex amination, assumings, mis-appropriations, pro position, testament, sufferance, goingsons, choice, fosterings, re flection, stamp approval, prelations, pat the head, free passages, in dentures, conations, acceptance, de-sires, pat on the head, goings ons, de-terminations, sub mission, counter-signatures, green light, hubba-hubbas, PRS, initiation, VISAS, pre mise, okay, pilferings, teacher pet, pat back, enrollment, selection, pro visions, under standing, predications, re-spect, cup tea, faves, Prelation, under-taking, entree, approbation, alternative, empowerings, be loved, under-standings, be-loved, appointment, pondering, declaration, re-cognition, de termination, asservation, counter-signature, generalizations, pro mise, de terminations, re-flections, yeses, de fenses, pro mises, admittings, re-courses, in statement, goings-ons, asservations, good word, pro-positions, all owing, pumping ups, co-operations, favoritism.