Pronunciation of Relaxation
/ɹɪlɐksˈe͡ɪʃən/, /ɹɪlɐksˈe‍ɪʃən/, /ɹ_ɪ_l_ɐ_k_s_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for relaxation

subjection, over-extensions, dissatisfaction, over extension, pro-traction, Pruderies, insomnolences, adrenaline, ant, dis quiets, compressings, veto, ex tension, furor, full head of steam, pro-tractions, mis-fortunes, stiffness, duty, in-dispositions, pro tractions, in-tensity, re solutions, bad feeling, mis giving, in juries, tensity, pins needles, hectics, un rest, worriment, topsy turvy, un-easinesses, unhappiness, sadness, re-solution, woe, un naturalness, disquiet, flurry, turmoil, sleeplessness, re-solutions, topsy-turvies, vocation, nailbitings, jumpinesses, dis quietude, drudgery, antsiness, haste, stress, prudery, edginesses, labor, up roars, restlessness, press, pressure, aggravation, nailbiting, propulsion, effort, in-constancies, nail-bitings, tenseness, in constancy, practise, dis-orders, ex-action, in stabilities, excitabilities, difficulty, touchinesses, neuroticisms, feverishness, hurly burly, in-somnolences, under taking, sorrow, ex-tensions, crushings, dis-comfort, dis-tress, ants pants, despair, ants in pants, touchiness, dis-tresses, dis comforts, constraits, annoyance, hurlyburly, bad feelings, distress, in somnolences, astrictions, to do, overextensions, un-ease, un eases, do's, force, transiences, un-easiness, in tensity, un-settledness, full force, edginess, mis-trust, tensenesses, un-naturalnesses, un-eases, tensities, over-extension, mis-giving, tension, dis-order, Hurries, irritation, fretfulness, pro-duct, nervous tension, antsinesses, insomnia, un-rests, worriments, in stability, dis-comforts, up roar, dynamism, mis trusts, exertion, obligation, horsepower, Butterflies, dis tress, nerves, neuroticism, apprehensivenesses, tightness, strife, tautness, un settlednesses, excitability, free for all, un-settlednesses, in dispositions, denial, full court press, dis quiet, butterfly, in-quietudes, under-takings, dis-quietudes, uneasiness, dis quietudes, what it takes, transience, what take, misery, tremulousnesses, nervousness, neurasthenia, moodinesses, displeasure, worriedness, mis fortunes, un-naturalness, Astriction, ex-tension, ex action, fitfulnesses, Insomnolence, willies, sleeplessnesses, neurasthenias, dis orders, constrait, whirlwinds, depression, strainings, nail bitings, Unsettledness, dis comfort, apprehensiveness, un settledness, inconstancy, task, nervous tensions, horsepowers, exasperation, mis trust, chore, bother, under-taking, cold sweats, in-disposition, up-roars, full head steam, POWS, bustle, all overs, mis fortune, pro traction, un naturalnesses, stretchings, in jury, fitfulness, ex actions, tightnesses, tremulousness, dis-quiets, Nail Biting, dos, unrest, pro ducts, jumpiness, torture, un-rest, brunt, in-stabilities, dynamisms, tautnesses, stretching, feverishnesses, dis-quietude, over extensions, un easiness, worriednesses, fretfulnesses, strain, in disposition, torment, responsibility, dis order, inconstancies, moodiness, up-roar, dis tresses, topsyturvies, intensification, in-jury, dis-quiet, work, in constancies, Ants, nail-biting, ex-actions, in-constancy, allovers, pow, full court presses, in-stability, TODO, cold sweat, strong arm, unsettlednesses, botheration, excitableness, what it take, what takes.