Pronunciation of Remedy
/ɹˈɛmədˌi/, /ɹˈɛmədˌi/, /ɹ_ˈɛ_m_ə_d_ˌi/

Antonyms for remedy

impairment, does violence, mis-fortunes, dis please, dis commode, mischief, intensify, doest violence, dis pleasing, black and blue, mis chiefs, leans on, muck up, cutting to quick, mis chief, boo-boo, gives no quarter, dis comfit, dis-please, wracks up, dis-comfort, dis-advantages, is sore, vitiate, laying bad trip on, cut quick, dis advantages, being sore, illtreatments, lay a bad trip on, aggravate, block, dis advantage, get sick, are sore, disable, lays bad trip on, going for jugular, goes for jugular, dis tresses, dis-service, art sore, Martyring, wast tender, dis-services, Martyred, dis-pleases, dis-commode, dis-comfit, injure, up setting, upset, injury, went for jugular, lay bad trip on, ex cruciate, booboo, boggle, cut to quick, whacked, give no quarter, mis-chiefs, cut the quick, loss, prejudice, up sets, stay, ill-treatments, incapacitate, were sore, gave no quarter, maim, Winging, dost violence, dis-pleasing, ill-treatment, dis service, dis-pleased, dis-comforts, dis pleased, mis-chief, dis commodes, dis comfits, cutting quick, art tender, hits where lives, stop, cuts the quick, be sore, mangle, dis-advantage, laid a bad trip on, worked over, hitting where lives, deface, thumbs nose at, leaned on, lays a bad trip on, out-rages, increase, cutting the quick, disease, maltreat, louse up, doeth violence, wound, harm, martyrizing, dis tress, dis comforts, damage, ignore, worsen, remain, being tender, ill treatment, ill treatments, wert tender, martyrized, dis pleases, giving no quarter, outrage, hinder, disadvantage, up-set, doing violence, do violence, wert sore, obstruct, out rages, are tender, dis comfort, Endamage, wrought over, up set, black blue, mutilate, dis-commodes, black blues, dis services, didst violence, dis tressed, wracking up, cutting to the quick, Downs, out-rage, is tender, hitting where one lives, up-sets, leaning on, was tender, break, dis-tresses, whacking, leant on, black and blues, bungle, affliction, up-setting, work over, bollix, mis fortunes, ex-cruciate, detriment, hurt, hits where one lives, zinged, booboos, works over, wracked up, am sore, boo-boos, pain, disfigure, be tender, martyrize, mis fortune, cuts to the quick, hit where one lives, martyrizes, dis-tressed, am tender, were tender, dis-tress, cuts quick, thumbed nose at, go for jugular, Foozle, cuts to quick, doth violence, neglect, injustice, thumbing nose at, dis-comfits, wrack up, thumb nose at, illtreatment, cripple, did violence, lean on, cut to the quick.