Pronunciation of Repeat
/ɹɪpˈiːt/, /ɹɪpˈiːt/, /ɹ_ɪ_p_ˈiː_t/

Antonyms for repeat

dis avow, dis claiming, backing out of, eating one's words, drawing in, retrogrades, retro grade, re-cedes, dis-owned, changes ones mind, Retrograding, has change of heart, changing ones mind, dis owning, restate, eating words, pull back, hast change heart, changing one mind, destroy, stop, re versing, eats one words, ate one words, re-treated, unsays, re-canted, having change heart, re pealing, changes one's mind, had change of heart, re pealed, original, re-cede, dis avows, dis-owning, changes one mind, pulled back, re verse, with-drew, eat one's words, re-versed, forgot it, haddest change of heart, dis avowing, eats one's words, dis-avowing, has change heart, re-tracts, dis avowed, backs out of, re peal, re calling, retro graded, forgets it, change ones mind, dis claimed, eating ones words, dis-avow, back out of, re-pealed, changing one's mind, haddest change heart, eat words, un says, dis-claim, with drawing, re-call, have change heart, hath change heart, had change heart, hath change of heart, fall back, eats words, hadst change heart, re treating, re-treat, reword, re-called, with draw, re tracts, retro-grading, translate, changes mind, changed one mind, dis-claims, re-calling, eats ones words, re ceding, have change of heart, with-drawing, go back on, ate one's words, reel in, changing mind, re-treating, un-saying, retro-graded, re calls, ate ones words, retro-grades, un-say, forgetting it, retro-ceding, unsaying, with drew, retro-cedes, eat ones words, backed out of, re-tract, reels in, with-draw, re canting, dis-claimed, Retrograded, hadst change of heart, NIGS, re-ceding, dis owned, forget it, retro ceding, rephrase, change one mind, re treats, having change of heart, retro grades, forgat it, unsay, with drawn, pulls back, changed mind, ate words, un saying, dis claim, reeled in, draw in, retro cedes, dis claims, nig, re-treats, re-peals, drew in, re cedes, re-canting, dis-avowed, changed one's mind, re peals, eating one words, with-drawn, reeling in, retro grading, nigging, pulling back, un-says, with draws, changed ones mind, dis-avows, change mind, re-verse, re tract, change one's mind, retro cede, dis-claiming, hast change of heart, draws in, re-calls, retract, re-ceded, un say, eat one words, nigged.