Pronunciation of Repudiate
/ɹɪpjˈuːdɪˌe͡ɪt/, /ɹɪpjˈuːdɪˌe‍ɪt/, /ɹ_ɪ_p_j_ˈuː_d_ɪ__ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for repudiate

go with the flow, de siring, dis-covers, be the same mind, caves in, going with flow, in forms, avails of, puts into action, hunt for, wast sanctioned, grooving, am aware of, bring out into the open, re-counting, give third degree, continue, finds use, take one on, art turned on to, sided with, don't make waves, clinches the deal, caused adopt, am surety for, un loads, attest to, Mortgaging, Coopt, pre destined, brought out in to open, wast established, re commended, had dibs something, pro fesses, concur with, cut deal, wert turned to, in quiring, be sensitive, laying claim to, makes use, making one's mind, puts john henry on, am turned on to, dis covers, open heart, gets on soapbox, submit to, takes an oath, beared testimony, hanged there, bringing into the fold, be-stowing, un-derwent, toed mark, open one heart, soapboxes, singling out, brings out into the open, swear bible, Re-mark, co-operate, are impressed, got soapbox, made up one's mind, making a deal, hangs in, yesses, prosecute, be a witness, subscribing to, gave go-ahead, changes belief, ex-acted, makes up one's mind, sur renders, give go ahead, un furling, are sanctioned, concur, re cognizes, have a hunch, in-vest, attests to, defend, gives consent, putting through wringer, being established, stand behind, feeling disposed to, had hunch, make one mind, set one hand to, are aware of, act as if, made plain, sets out, ex pended, Cinched, sit still for, re-assured, gat on soapbox, undersign, calling upon, got in to, gave testimony, was turned to, throw in the towel, making one own, up holding, am sensible of, rubber-stamped, re-quired, johns hancock, ex plains, un earthed, ex tract, am impressed, be-speaking, takes stock in, become valid, get into, make one's mind, plays game, come out of closet, rubberstamped, being witness, haddest dibs on something, pursue, double checks, ex-posing, grinning bear it, ex-tract, making public, were aware of, sounds off, hit up, be spoke, settled upon, co opt, standing by, comes out closet, get in touch, pro-claim, am witness, crossing ones heart, double checking, hath a lock on, pre tend, gives the go-ahead, bear testimony, locking on, pro-claiming, put work, puts to use, came terms, put ice, bought in to, act as a witness, says under oath, under pinned, crossed one's heart, wert sensible of, lets cat out bag, dis-played, grin bear it, be-tray, make one's own, submitting to, Slotted, gives the green light, sign, pro claims, pre-sent, de-fended, made stick, breaks news, pro claim, made safe, un folding, am sanctioned, blowing hot air, bring light, un-mask, made mind, bears testimony, bringing into fold, wast big on, be token, claim, was impressed, re quired, rat on, being same mind, re asserts, being impressed, advocate, having a hunch, de-fend, turn to account, throws in towel, pre-tended, locked on, hatses off to, gotten behind, ex-plained, hast dibs on something, had a hunch, make law, tip, makes known, availed oneself of, re-asserted, were sensible of, yield to, re presenting, signs for, hadst hunch, re cognizing, ex-acting, dont rock boat, set one's hand to, put in to action, nodded at, providing for, co operated, abide, pre sent, makes mind, de-creed, picked one's brains, staking out, art big about, give one consent, wert impressed, re cognized, being sensible of, pries into, are witness, de creed, wert surety for, picked brains, brings into the fold, pro fess, brake the news, gat touch, co-operating, sub scribes, re-affirmed, giving goahead, picked one brains, got on soapbox, gives green light, settling up on, re-quiring, initialled, take as gospel truth, makes do with, de pones, be-trays, go down line, was excited, said under oath, make up one mind, be established, putting on ice, side with, circumstantiate, calls upon, Guarantying, makes ones mind, had vibes, don't rock boat, allegates, confess, bringing in to fold, finked, changing belief, re-affirming, reaffirming, passing on, gat into, assents to, doublechecked, being big, give go-ahead, juiced, with-standing, making up one mind, in quires, give nod, be game for, counter-signing, am same mind, gave thumbs-up, de-siring, went in for, initialling, bearing testimony, de-fending, be positive, dis playing, sub-scribing, un earths, under pins, makes firm, went into details, brought forward, ex acting, re-counts, co-operated, gotten off chest, rolls over play dead, gives third degree, gave the low-down, causing to adopt, act as witness, putting into action, brings in to the fold, under-stood, lets out, gets chest, are big on, prove, attested to, Relished, is big about, clinching the deal, putting to work, swear up down, un veils, seek, un-earths, un-folded, re affirms, state, be-tokens, avails oneself of, levelled with, assent, de-fends, making up mind, lived with, signing on, Re-present, consents to, in form, took stock in, re-plied, seeing fit, co signs, auto-graphed, clinching deal, were responsible for, asservating, swearing on bible, re-quire, discriminating between, provided for, be affected, make own, coming out of the closet, letting fall, making firm, told the truth, rolled over play dead, un-clothing, constates, brought in to line, de-bunking, de-pones, Initialing, made known, support, favor, giving stamp approval, make known, under-sign, johning hancock, single out, pre destines, get, got behind, opens up, rolls over, with stood, pro-claims, concurred with, took oath, pre-destining, deferred to, come terms, haunt, ex-plains, ratify, hath dibs something, re-questing, dis plays, have dibs something, in-vesting, goes down the line, pro-testing, hath hunch, were a witness, auto graphed, signaturing, clinched the deal, broke the news, ex-act, embrace, bought into, de bunked, put through the wringer, re presents, counter sign, went down line, lap up, makes plain, grin and bear it, hadst a lock on, give testimony, co operates, hung in there, making use of, committing oneself, filed for, sized up, putting up with, takes one upon, court, takes oath, reaffirmed, felt disposed to, being excited, gave carte blanche, re-asserts, comes around, siding with, sur rendering, letted slip, putting forth, dis-playing, gave consent, say uncle, rolling over, caved in, gave nod, was big, bring into the fold, brought into line, Inked, re citing, brake news, putting cards table, homologize, circumstantiates, get on soapbox, bound oneself, sound off, be speaking, sifted out, picked ones brains, am affected, de-cree, make good, re quest, being sensitive, with-stand, dis closes, quiz, giving low-down, provide for, gives testimony, setting aside, vindicate, reaffirm, nodding at, ensure, swears and down, Re-turn, cosigns, does with, makes up mind, pick up check, picking brains, un covers, went with the flow, de bunk, make most of, un-veiling, leveling with, make clean breast of, lets slip, art sensible of, re turn, corroborate, coming to terms, levelling with, spitting out, causing adopt, gave evidence, giving low down, re-peats, making use, un veil, spat out, crossed ones heart, clinches deal, is aware of, threw in the towel, double-check, give an affidavit, pre-sents, discriminated between, dis-close, doublechecking, ex plaining, gives an affidavit, lapping up, pro-fess, commits oneself, re-plying, co-signed, de-bunks, getting into, were sensitive, toe mark, pro testing, re-assures, sees eye to eye, giving the third degree, hang there, spits out, be sought, in-quires, dittoing, gave ones consent, made public, is impressed, rolled over and play dead, under-taken, un earthing, un-cover, pro-vided, smiling on, agree, held out for, swore bible, became law, getting off chest, give green light, plays ball with, seeing eye to eye, burying hatchet, dis-cover, cross one's heart, am sensitive, puts ice, takes upon, attesting to, give the goahead, presses in to service, picking up the tab, make stick, are excited, putting one's john hancock on, pay attention, makes bail, goes in for, puts to work, pick one brains, rubberstamping, goes with flow, cosigning, came to terms, commit oneself, concurring with, un load, makes one mind, give the go ahead, elect, availing of, clue in, am excited, coming terms, give carte blanche, throw the towel, free up, under-standing, countersign, dumps on, stomachs something, un-earthing, de fend, allegate, trusted, wast born again, dont make waves, pro viding, has vibes, went down the line, setting one's hand to, doublecheck, gives thumbs up, haddest lock on, stand up for, brings into line, sub scribing, singled out, de-crees, has dibs on something, picked up the check, puts through the wringer, brings out in to open, turns account, pass on, puts forward, made sure, get vibes, re-commended, see fit, un-covering, pro-tested, having lock on, puts through wringer, ex pending, pry in to, gets soapbox, gave one's consent, constating, re asserting, give thumbs up, make valid, unmask, hatsed to, pro pose, contend for, making safe, ex-plaining, fight for, under-pinning, doublechecks, de fending, fits in, contended for, pop question, get in to, up hold, let, be trays, give low-down, be stowing, threw towel, be big on, coming out closet, blurts out, drawing in, made ones own, shakes on, haddest vibes, in corporate, de cree, ex pend, discriminates between, play on, gotten on soapbox, swearing and down, makes certain, being affected, de-clares, picked up the tab, ex-pends, co sign, pro pounds, swearing up down, de-bunk, taking one upon, re turns, art surety for, Bumming, swearing to, select, got chest, coming out the closet, giving thumbs-up, re affirm, proclaim, am turned to, un-covers, ex-posed, dis-covering, re-commends, has lock on, gives the low down, be lieve, art ordained, leveled with, be turned on to, un clothes, makes ones own, opened one heart, with standing, taking one on, attest, putting john henry on, soapboxing, tabbed, goes with the flow, lets cat out of the bag, gave the go ahead, gives leave, push for, grinning and bear it, is surety for, make mind, taking as gospel truth, was turned on to, wert established, keep, make a deal, played on, blow hot air, giving ones consent, under gone, un earth, dis cern, certify, art positive, telling the truth, give the lowdown, hats to, is sensible of, ex-pending, yielded to, approving accept, co signing, pushing for, came out closet, got out of system, be-sought, give okay, blows hot air, connaturalizes, reasserted, re-marking, hatsing to, availing oneself of, yes one, sate still for, live with, un-loads, are sensitive, are established, ex-pended, gives blessing, gives five, de pose, vouch, said yes, playing on, pro claiming, going in for, sur-render, pro mise, go down the line, de clare, enter in to, approves accept, bring in to play, throw in towel, were sanctioned, ex acts, ex-pose, art big on, getting chest, brings in to fold, all-owed, pressing in to service, takes over, cooperating with, pro vided, co-signing, sets hand to, re presented, opened one's heart, opts for, gives one's consent, crosses heart, pre tends, giving the go ahead, giving five, swears on bible, give leave, having dibs on something, put into action, taking one up on, crosses ones heart, make deal, be excited, having vibes, in-quiring, takes heart, co-operates, co operating, ex act, gives go ahead, contending for, find a use, dis-closing, setting ones hand to, giving stamp of approval, settle upon, angeled, pick ones brains, re quiring, getting touch, pried into, filing for, making valid, approbate, under went, co-opt, signed for, acted as a witness, open up, gives affidavit, art impressed, buried the hatchet, ex plain, making good, re assures, under-takes, re-turns, hast a lock on, be-speaks, comes out the closet, take one up on, clinched deal, take an oath, blurting out, grooved, puts on ice, picked the tab, un-loading, authenticate, saying yes to, signs on, promote, re spect, give up, laps up, setting out, were born again, files for, puts john hancock on, giving bond, wert of the same mind, assent to, Guarantied, art witness, gives low-down, spieled, make ones mind, made valid, lets in, rolls over and play dead, acting as if, open one's heart, voted in, put with, is witness, were big, accede, giving go-ahead, endorse, re-quires, un-clad, letting cat out bag, alter conviction, brings out in to the open, hast hunch, wast game for, made ones mind, concurs with, took over, swear down, in-quired, art of same mind, gave blessing, having hunch, getting out of system, un-load, giving go ahead, condone, be stowed, giving the go-ahead, under stands, call upon, un clothed, de bunks, gave go ahead, go with flow, be sensible of, intro-duces, pro-pounds, opted for, be big, re acted, un fold, substantiate, re-marked, double-checks, doing with, passwording, bind oneself, witness, prying into, re cites, put screws to, called up on, draw in, picks the check, un furled, draws in, rats on, am positive, gave one consent, letted fall, re-cited, pushes for, press into service, letting in, adhere, sounding off, were affected, swears up and down, re-veals, pro posed, put forth, sits still for, gets touch, being game for, gave the low down, putting use, gotten soapbox, was a witness, setting seal on, giving the nod, wast affected, toe line, make use, picking the tab, allow, un veiling, double check, pressed into service, puts cards on table, am big on, owns up, says yes, under stand, swear up and down, toe the mark, in sure, re peat, go into details, dump on, making legal, giving an affidavit, institute, under-stands, see eye eye, un clothing, re counts, have a lock on, says yes to, open ones heart, hunting for, dont rock the boat, play ball with, re ported, puts cards table, was ordained, pro-mote, gives ones consent, in scribe, picks up the tab, be stow, was aware of, was surety for, taking over, playing the game, vow, yessed one, be aware of, ex posed, gat in to, brought in to the fold, haddest a hunch, throws the towel, re-affirm, putting john hancock on, has dibs something, being sanctioned, say yes, hast dibs something, throws towel, haddest a lock on, let fall, re-turned, talked big, putting to use, came out of the closet, brought into fold, re assure, be spoken, putting forward, gave high sign, brings out into open, hangs in there, consent, cop plea, Connaturalize, un cover, throw towel, say under oath, nods at, stood up for, art sanctioned, art sensitive, protect, picks ones brains, cause adopt, acted as if, hatsed off to, thumbsing up, making do with, breaking news, lapped up, wast ordained, opting for, own up, swearing up and down, un derwent, cooperates with, have funny feeling, johned hancock, re quested, comes out of closet, re questing, cosign, giving one's consent, were impressed, pro vides, under-signs, sware to, imbalance, allegating, re turning, is positive, decides on, Instituting, all owing, picked check, under taken, made one's own, turned account, picking ones brains, set out, being born again, dis cover, giving permission, are turned to, re-commending, makes own, freed up, passed on, come to terms, hadst lock on, living with, putting ice, swearing bible, levels with, be sanctioned, put the screws to, becomes valid, shook on, bringing in to the fold, is responsible for, owning up, gives stamp of approval, pick tab, crosses one's heart, making clean breast of, say so, under pinning, is the same mind, has a lock on, presses into service, going down line, gets into, turn account, give bond, stands by, nod at, co operate, spitted out, clues in, got touch, spieling, were of same mind, takes one up on, un-veils, brings into fold, giving nod, break news, allege, re acting, re commend, pro-pounding, go in for, see, setting forth, make use of, sets aside, haddest hunch, wast sensitive, ex-pend, taking upon, buying in to, takes one on, swear, mortgaged, held with, gives the goahead, frees up, being surety for, gets off chest, counter-sign, gat behind, fit in, under signing, pro-viding, ok, needling, counter-signs, picking one's brains, submit, press in to service, acts as if, sitting still for, under-taking, pressed in to service, un mask, picking one brains, yield, set store by, lock on, stakes out, makes decision, taking to heart, hitting up, taking up on, rubber-stamping, saying so, are same mind, had funny feeling, making mind, being the same mind, became ratified, am of same mind, wert same mind, watchworded, under taking, pro-pound, was big on, talk big, wert aware of, asservate, holding with, in scribes, hunted for, signing for, ink, making up one's mind, Circumstantiating, make certain, letted out, art the same mind, passworded, becomes ratified, making ones mind, be big about, going with the flow, submitted to, coming around, finds a use, bringing into line, owned up, drew in, choose, give thumbs-up, art turned to, sifting out, goes down line, were the same mind, homologizes, buried hatchet, coming out of closet, being positive, toes the mark, constated, throwing in towel, decide on, votes in, made bail, gave the lowdown, sware up and down, picks tab, de fends, rolling over play dead, in vite, re-presented, making certain, being turned on to, say yes to, acts as a witness, acting as a witness, making binding, gave the go-ahead, saw fit, bring out in to open, opening up, give the third degree, wert sensitive, pro-pose, brought out into open, discriminate between, doth with, un-fold, were surety for, sees eye eye, makes sure, find use, came out the closet, gave okay, hung in, swears to, smiles on, become law, swore down, buries hatchet, being aware of, ex-tracts, pick up tab, am ordained, hath vibes, taking heart, got in touch, said uncle, re-cognizes, hats off to, under took, sets one hand to, use, was big about, give thumbsup, laid bare, tips hand, un-loaded, makes legal, pro pounded, re-turning, re-quest, acting as witness, am big, goes in to details, giving green light, bringing out in to open, hatses to, avail of, cooperated with, pick one's brains, are turned on to, hath funny feeling, get out of system, ratting on, giving evidence, setting store by, saying uncle, be-stow, art responsible for, watchwording, re-assure, subscribed to, buying into, juicing, un-veiled, throwing the towel, puts one's john hancock on, re mark, becoming valid, fixed on, aid, re-assuring, called upon, grant, hath a hunch, pro-motes, signing off on, blew hot air, passes on, proselytize, hung there, hatsing off to, opening heart, Circumstantiated, swore to, crossing heart, put cards on table, re-cites, stand by, giving the low-down, re affirmed, in-scribing, giving testimony, make ones own, un-veil, is a witness, took one upon, gat soapbox, play the game, re asserted, counter signs, with stands, drew lots, had lock on, sub-scribes, took one up on, re-veal, draws lots, yeses, become ratified, are surety for, maintain, get touch, buy in to, sift out, had dibs on something, dis-closes, putting screws to, un loading, intromit, seeing eye eye, make public, took up on, art affected, puts in to action, re porting, yessing one, became valid, re-spects, give access, tells truth, get behind, crossing one heart, under pin, gat in touch, says uncle, un-earthed, calls up on, gets vibes, gotten into, played the game, art big, pro mises, reconcile, is turned on to, stomach something, be speaks, standing up for, art aware of, wert positive, assented to, in-vested, draw lots, doeth with, gave the green light, ratted on, sub scribe, level with, swore up and down, re spects, put up with, broke news, approved accept, declare, singles out, verify, re marking, iced, hangs there, was established, assenting to, swear and down, picking tab, putting with, co-signs, up-holding, sees fit, feels disposed to, rubber stamped, were positive, hadst funny feeling, pick up the check, opens ones heart, dis-plays, gifting with, makes law, made binding, sets one's hand to, gotten touch, gotten out of system, pries in to, brought out in to the open, countenance, make firm, do with, be tokens, ex pends, yeses one, stood behind, are big about, co signed, is game for, legalize, hanging in there, re present, vote in, up-held, fighting for, dost with, under-went, dumped on, pro vide, being responsible for, picks up the check, re quests, swore and down, putting ones john hancock on, be spake, making decision, are born again, makes use of, picking check, opens heart, put to use, be ordained, bringing out into open, sub-scribed, cross ones heart, re late, under take, puts forth, laying bare, was sensitive, giving the lowdown, reasserting, swear to, confirm, un-masking, re assured, lock up, bringing forward, made deal, all owed, setting hand to, come out closet, were game for, makes deal, humbling oneself, fixing on, sur-rendered, nailing down, change belief, de bunking, putting through the wringer, haddest dibs something, letted cat out of the bag, take oath, re-cognize, consent to, saying yes, double-checked, has hunch, gets in touch, picks up check, bring in to line, re-counted, in-forming, dis closed, pre-destines, sur-rendering, under going, swearing down, re-acted, tip hand, re-ported, puts screws to, be tokened, adopt, pro-fesses, pick the tab, give five, subscribe to, make up mind, cherish, brought out into the open, went with flow, allegated, throwing towel, sur-renders, are big, toeing the mark, in-quire, take stock in, yielding to, brings in to line, establish, setting one hand to, de posed, burying the hatchet, gotten out system, un-furled, disclose, gave low down, makes clean breast of, opened heart, picks one's brains, gets behind, gets out system, accept, ask, finding use, giving affidavit, dittoed, hast funny feeling, be-stows, sware up down, un masked, okay, de-sire, hand over, request, bring into line, pro moting, takes up on, deferring to, gave affidavit, Housed, make decision, guarantee, pro-mise, telling truth, re-porting, holding out for, take to heart, homogenizes, playing game, deal with, pre sents, announce, asservates, take, puts use, Mouthed, made law, set ones hand to, opened ones heart, opening ones heart, lays claim to, make sure, being turned to, tipping hand, make up one's mind, gives go-ahead, letting out, giving blessing, un clothe, was positive, putting cards on table, angeling, under stood, gives low down, wast turned to, took one on, take up, stump for, wert big, becoming ratified, hanged in, give permission, be surety for, getting out system, was born again, intro duce, put one john hancock on, holds with, having dibs something, altered conviction, be turned to, clued in, cross heart, had a lock on, re-presents, letted cat out of bag, gives high sign, takes to heart, was of same mind, sign for, take up on, dis close, found a use, cause to adopt, reassert, picked up check, comes terms, profess, made legal, causes to adopt, was the same mind, make plain, puts one john hancock on, give the nod, got off chest, be-token, ex-plain, gave green light, being big on, spill beans, bring into fold, protest, re veals, getting soapbox, binding oneself, making plain, wert ordained, welcome, picks the tab, re-quests, occupy, wast big about, gave five, under-pinned, hadst a hunch, signs off on, gives carte blanche, pressing into service, in quired, in forming, lets cat out of bag, is sanctioned, be-spoken, calling up on, de-posed, defers to, is big on, rubber-stamps, validate, re commends, Cinching, has a hunch, thumbses up, gave low-down, homogenized, gave third degree, de crees, brings forward, making law, opens one's heart, causes adopt, giving the low down, wast turned on to, makes the most of, pro posing, is established, be born again, stands behind, opening one heart, connaturalized, are ordained, sware bible, letting cat out of bag, pre tending, homologized, being big about, admit, humbles oneself, pro-mises, swears up down, going into details, under sign, plead for, threw in towel, wert responsible for, dis-play, give the low down, un covering, arrange, in-forms, didst with, altering conviction, haddest funny feeling, picking up tab, sware and down, un folded, de-bunked, gifts with, give goahead, be same mind, put use, swear on bible, crossexamine, be-lieve, locks on, makes stick, took upon, picks up tab, toes mark, said so, letted cat out bag, be-spoke, re-asserting, dumping on, soapboxed, settles upon, played ball with, gives evidence, in vested, brought in to fold, bring bear, under-gone, call up on, art a witness, be tokening, swore on bible, come around, sounded off, under takes, set hand to, am established, pre-tending, swore up down, un masking, makes binding, bare testimony, re-cognized, re quire, come out of the closet, cave in, made clean breast of, caused to adopt, turns to account, subscribes to, re commending, in-corporates, gives thumbsup, under-signed, in-sure, sets forth, give low down, art born again, set motion, crossed one heart, makes most of, concede, gives stamp approval, file for, was game for, give out, bring out into open, ask in, de-pone, are the same mind, am a witness, consenting to, voting in, re-peat, gives the third degree, swears bible, pro-vide, bore testimony, un loaded, lets cat out the bag, making the most of, dis covering, be-tokened, cluing in, acts as witness, wast of same mind, dis play, intro-duce, wast a witness, sub scribed, giving one consent, be-spake, attend, taking stock in, making bail, yields to, pro tested, gets in to, make choice, were same mind, becomes law, got into, sware on bible, Bummed, took heart, in-vests, put through wringer, said yes to, re counting, submits to, un clad, affirm, be witness, makes valid, making own, were established, give affidavit, cross examine, de-pose, threw the towel, counter-signed, are a witness, un-earth, rubberstamp, sets in motion, deciding on, hadst dibs something, am responsible for, uphold, dis covered, re plying, lay claim to, talking big, gat out system, opens one heart, settles up on, in quire, un masks, taking oath, in-corporate, de fended, is affected, is of the same mind, rubberstamps, hold, re-lated, art game for, wast sensible of, be of the same mind, under-pins, acted as witness, turning account, wast excited, go along with, roll over and play dead, counter signing, makes good, re-commend, in-scribes, making ones own, decided on, give the low-down, homologizing, breaking the news, am the same mind, reaffirms, wast aware of, gives permission, says so, pro claimed, committed oneself, art same mind, finking, taking an oath, availed of, un-masked, is ordained, give one's consent, settled up on, Inking, were witness, receive, putting in to action, de-posing, pre-destine, de-sires, proclaims, pro-pounded, re marks, being a witness, with stand, up-holds, goes into details, in corporates, under standing, auto-graphing, set seal on, de pone, with-stands, came out of closet, un-folds, gives okay, un-clothed, giving thumbsup, get off chest, is sensitive, doest with, having a lock on, going down the line, in-scribe, was of the same mind, sat still for, re-assert, made most of, smiled on, feel disposed to, giving high sign, makes up one mind, crosses one heart, take upon, pro-vides, wert a witness, wast the same mind, made one's mind, recognize, took as gospel truth, picks one brains, be impressed, gave access, being of same mind, pried in to, break the news, un-folding, take over, wert turned on to, undertake, blurted out, making known, up-hold, wert born again, took to heart, pro pounding, bring forward, gift with, hadst vibes, hold with, re-presenting, humble oneself, opened up, de-clare, double-checking, de-sired, pre-tends, clinch the deal, let cat out of bag, all-owing, are positive, yesses one, giving third degree, gotten chest, made do with, swears down, was affected, under signs, hath dibs on something, be of same mind, spit out, rolling over and play dead, play game, gave the goahead, be-speak, lay bare, Upheld, grins bear it, playing ball with, re cited, inks, tell the truth, stood by, re-spect, own, defer to, being ordained, give ones consent, becoming law, up held, double checked, put forward, are game for, letting cat out the bag, brought into the fold, un-masks, un-clothes, re cognize, am of the same mind, gave bond, sides with, buries the hatchet, gave an affidavit, wast of the same mind, pre-destined, picking up the check, un folds, re-marks, wert sanctioned, sware down, are affected, homogenizing, putting work, un veiled, under-going, hang in, rolled over, approve accept, wast same mind, give stamp approval, pro-posing, picking the check, is excited, were turned to, Constate, letting slip, re-affirms, feel, gat chest, hadst dibs on something, picked up tab, cooperate with, bringing out into the open, tabbing, went in to details, set forth, crossed heart, dis-cern, buys in to, homogenize, pick brains, de sired, let slip, have dibs on something, pry into, humbled oneself, comes to terms, un covered, gives the low-down, re quires, get out system, pleads for, toeing mark, gat out of system, be responsible for, fitting in, pushed for, dis-covered, changed belief, enact, thumbsed up, wert witness, setting in motion, re counted, breaks the news, were ordained, were big on, getting on soapbox, comes out of the closet, bringing in to line, re affirming, plays on, gave goahead, fixt on, prying in to, hunts for, were turned on to, ex plained, making one's own, be tray, saying under oath, dis-closed, go in to details, co-sign, in vest, opening one's heart, hast lock on, picks brains, hanged in there, gifted with, locked up, bring in to fold, makes one own, permit, wast surety for, drawing lots, got out system, getting vibes, be-tokening, reveal, re-cognizing, de posing, letting cat out of the bag, approve, being of the same mind, turned to account, alters conviction, gives the nod, size up, dis played, up holds, consented to, gave the third degree, pleaded for, puts work, gave thumbsup, pre destine, help, pre destining, turning to account, settle up on, caving in, assist, in vests, sets motion, holds out for, don't rock the boat, put cards table, made firm, sifts out, settling upon, came around, putting the screws to, re marked, let out, made choice, contends for, was responsible for, sur rendered, acquiesce, connaturalizing, locking up, ex pose, signed off on, throws in the towel, be-stowed, wert game for, hits up, crossing one's heart, de sires, pass, pick the check, made one mind, did with, makes one's own, takes as gospel truth, avail oneself of, hold out for, dis closing, bring out in to the open, makes a deal, makes up ones mind, counter signed, make legal, cosigned, gave thumbs up, put on ice, putting one john hancock on, giving carte blanche, fights for, have vibes, hang in there, asservated, bringing out in to the open, grinned bear it, buy into, made a deal, re peats, took an oath, was sensible of, soapbox, cross one heart, come out the closet, fortify, Presenting, wert excited, made decision, binds oneself, sets store by, set in motion, puts the screws to, clinch deal, picked the check, de sire, take heart, yessed, give the green light, giving the green light, de clares, stomached something, be stows, gave leave, back, are responsible for, tipped hand, stumping for, signatured, grinned and bear it, blurt out, roll over play dead, intro duces, sizes up, make do with, buys into, provides for, am born again, bury hatchet, told truth, pro-moting, are sensible of, bring in to the fold, made own, makes public, giving the goahead, makes one's mind, laid claim to, was witness, gave stamp approval, make bail, am big about, auto graphing, un-furling, made up mind, gotten in touch.