Pronunciation of Resign
/ɹɪzˈa͡ɪn/, /ɹɪzˈa‍ɪn/, /ɹ_ɪ_z_ˈaɪ_n/

Antonyms for resign

seeing after, was close to, take part in, wrest, be-friends, mixing it with, speaks up for, be-friended, falls in with, holding the reins, signing up, Shepherded, plugs in to, lie beside, keeps safe, wert adjacent to, lays a finger on, laid a finger on, signs up, safeguard, opens into, giving it one's all, with standing, over-look, retain, was in saddle, opening into, in corporate, fought for, came to defense of, art hand, watching out for, come defense of, in sure, super-vised, keeping an eye on, am hand, square off, go to, slapping on, pre-dominated, stood up for, sub-dues, sets to, quarterbacking, de bates, rid shotgun for, ex-tend, Overseeing, super intends, plugging into, associated with, wert in saddle, pre venting, jumping on, fending off, pre-venting, ties up with, ex-plains, running the show, over saw, mixing it up with, re-strain, objects to, lies beside, knuckles with, Regimenting, open in to, rumpused, coadunates, speaks for, laying a finger on, art close to, Garrisoned, undertake, wert hand, holds purse strings, signed up, pre dominated, puts good word, slap on, cherish, gives it one all, fall in with, hitched on, co-operated, re pressing, mix with, lie near, re-aching, co wed, mixing with, in corporates, repels danger, favor, put in a good word, up-held, associate with, opened into, guard against, hold sway over, disciplined, falls with, are hand, de bating, repelling danger, be-friending, duelling, reined in, being close to, pre dominates, took care of, came defense of, super-vise, pushing buttons, lying near, trenching on, over-looks, de fending, being saddle, art contiguous to, am contiguous to, gives one's all, pre-serves, Wars, give ones all, de bated, put dukes, sees after, assert, cater to, coming aboard, stick up for, hold bay, ex plaining, de-fend, held sway over, beared one out, gave ones all, beat off, are in saddle, called the signals, wast adjacent to, were saddle, with stand, plugged into, came aboard, rode shotgun for, secure, squared off, Agglutinated, is close to, re pressed, ex tended, piloting, Warred, pre-vented, inter mixes, Bracketing, Rimming, plug into, bare one out, quarterback, give all, over look, duelled, with-stand, caring for, gave one's all, mixt up with, gives it all, Dueling, takes part in, putting good word, scrambles for, de-fended, pairs with, taking with, saw to, beating off, was in, called question, stick for, give it ones all, tags on, put in good word, cared for, reigned over, lumped together, speaking for, DO, objecting to, sticked for, stand up for, giving it all, re strains, calling in question, watching over, holding reins, usurp, run the show, jump on, called in question, de-bate, fall with, sub dues, Concreting, mixed it up with, stands up for, babysit, is contiguous to, puts on gloves, are close to, giving all, re-tain, over see, governs, deal with, tend, hold the reins, appropriate, providing sanctuary, keep an eye on, lay near, care for, inter-lace, ward off, says in defense, comes defense of, up hold, holding bay, fended off, Fringing, verging on, re tain, co operated, over seeing, are at hand, tacks on, stick together, puts up dukes, putting in good word, say defense, wast at hand, ex-tends, hold at bay, caters to, wert at hand, down, ex-tended, ex tend, keeps eye on, gave all, heading up, jockeyed for position, was hand, were close to, looking after, took with, were in saddle, re strained, bore one out, re-commending, over-saw, watch out for, guarding against, sticks for, mixed with, proving case, thumping for, holding sway over, threw in with, saying in defense, go bat for, over-sees, lump together, being at hand, mingling with, re commending, gives one all, inter laces, putting dukes, re-commended, running show, provided sanctuary, holds reins, gives it ones all, pre serve, pre vent, watches over, Subjecting, pre-vent, cares for, were in, sticks together, trench on, gives ones all, hold reins, am adjacent to, giving it ones all, take care of, altercates, being contiguous to, de-bating, art in, lay finger on, pairing with, lumps together, calls in question, is at hand, Altercated, pre-serve, was at hand, run show, re straining, mixt it up with, knuckled with, over-see, give one's all, lie next to, shooting for, fights over, go for jugular, associates with, keeping tabs on, shoot for, are in, be close to, sees to, advocate, wert contiguous to, threw with, pushes buttons, laid finger on, held the reins, being hand, over looks, went to, come aboard, lies next to, bearing one out, simmers down, look after, spake up for, be friend, scramble for, Shepherding, kept eye on, be friends, control, give one all, fight, runs show, re-pressing, confiscate, held bay, heads up, siding with, looks after, pursue, jumps on, re-ached, be contiguous to, guarded against, re-tains, de-bated, super-intend, throwing with, cover for, proving a case, be in saddle, paired with, inter-laces, be friending, de fends, haunt, giving one's all, Subjected, re commended, prosecute, trenches on, jumped on, mixt it with, up holds, fight for, pre-serving, going to, maintain, over-seeing, lied beside, be in, sided with, giving one all, mix up with, tie with, puts gloves, thump for, were contiguous to, verges on, take with, keep eye on, rein in, wast contiguous to, plugging in to, up held, wast in, spoke up for, co-wing, de fend, scrambled for, takes under wing, associating with, get, beats off, held at bay, spake for, are adjacent to, art adjacent to, pre-dominates, lays finger on, remain, altercate, holds at bay, prove case, gang upon, apologizing for, subject, wast saddle, took under wing, comes to defense of, jockeys for position, oversees, puts a good word, Housed, keeps tabs on, co-wed, throw with, falling in with, stuck up for, tied up with, up holding, takes with, Bulwarked, being in saddle, hold purse strings, falling with, agglutinate, covered for, de-bates, catered to, be saddle, pre-vents, de fended, dueled, re commends, signs on, plugs into, tying up with, tie up with, with stood, gave one all, throw in with, teams with, take on, reining in, took part in, be friended, Agglutinating, super vised, thumped for, spoke for, jockeying for position, pair with, mixes it with, am saddle, in-corporate, putting on gloves, scrambling for, continue, mixed it with, trenched on, am in, come to defense of, took up with, Altercating, taking part in, pre serves, re ached, rimmed, pre-dominating, gives all, plug in to, opens in to, am at hand, is saddle, pre serving, super intending, was adjacent to, tied with, apologizes for, ride shotgun for, squaring off, inter-mix, coming to defense of, pre-served, minister to, keeping safe, mixes it up with, art saddle, provides sanctuary, ex-tending, being adjacent to, lying beside, keep, looked after, team up with, co operating, baby sit, was saddle, be hand, inter-mixed, enroll, ex plains, win, claim, art in saddle, is in, Piloted, sticking together, goes to, riding shotgun for, fortify, quarterbacks, stand by, reigns over, fell with, lies near, adopt, pre dominate, re-commends, ministered to, standing by, ministering to, calling question, seeing to, inter-mixing, wast in saddle, holds sway over, re-strains, wert in, shot for, said in defense, be at hand, is adjacent to, ex-plain, occupy, de bate, watched over, holding purse strings, re-straining, inter-laced, throws in with, repelled danger, super intended, Bulwarking, de-fends, re tains, going for jugular, keep tabs on, hold, mingles with, guard, re aching, simmering down, covers for, gave it one's all, sub jugate, thumps for, super intend, proves a case, keeping eye on, signing on, inter laced, puts dukes, being in, keep safe, seek, co-operating, taking care of, give it all, repel danger, mingled with, holding at bay, give it one all, calling the signals, Disciplining, sub-jugate, calls question, wast close to, pushed buttons, agree, fell in with, co operates, side with, hitch on, held reins, re-strained, tacked on, calls signals, jockey for position, verged on, tack on, call in question, were adjacent to, tagging on, slapped on, knuckle with, laying finger on, rumpusses, holds bay, teaming up with, apologized for, re presses, coadunated, takes up with, comes aboard, up-holding, calling signals, sticking up for, held purse strings, kept an eye on, super-intended, put on gloves, inter mixing, provide sanctuary, mix it up with, with-stands, be-friend, gave it all, simmered down, super vise, runs the show, setting to, assume, object to, saw after, mixes with, see to, inter lace, sticked up for, ran the show, shoots for, bears one out, re-commend, fighting for, protect, re-presses, ex tends, taking up with, called signals, co operate, sticked together, coming defense of, de-fending, pre-dominate, gives it one's all, re press, stands by, co-operate, stood by, over-seen, contest, mixt with, sub due, call question, Bracketed, uphold, run things, mixes up with, over-looking, tag on, join, taking under wing, mix it with, opening in to, fight over, watches out for, call signals, sides with, mixing up with, opened in to, tacking on, objected to, concretes, covering for, arrogate, proves case, sticks up for, defend, gave it ones all, takes care of, plugged in to, catering to, proved a case, ministers to, joined, panoplying, wert saddle, reins in, co wing, holds the reins, super-intends, teaming with, inter lacing, rout, sub-due, bear one out, stuck together, pre vents, reign over, are contiguous to, headed up, be adjacent to, call the signals, knuckling with, lying next to, speaking up for, rumpusing, inter-lacing, set to, in-corporates, wert close to, ex plained, ties with, vindicate, re strain, said defense, support, watch over, lay next to, up-holds, gave it one all, ex-plained, with stands, art at hand, teamed up with, co-operates, tying with, inter mix, giving it one all, mixed up with, throws with, give it one's all, open into, Concreted, quarterbacked, up-hold, verge on, put good word, head up, come, ran show, with-standing, super vising, sign up, kept safe, putting up dukes, over looked, running things, am close to, inter mixed, lied next to, goes for jugular, teamed with, super-intending, Coadunate, re commend, pre dominating, in-sure, went for jugular, team with, puts in good word, calls the signals, ran things, kept tabs on, court, fought over, fights for, pre served, guards against, panoplied, agglutinates, is in saddle, are saddle, ex-plaining, reigning over, ex tending, throwing in with, take over, teams up with, seize, putting a good word, mingle with, is hand, over sees, watched out for, giving ones all, rides shotgun for, apologize for, inter-mixes, begin, ex plain, over seen, standing up for, coadunating, Garrisoning, take up with.