Pronunciation of Restricted
/ɹɪstɹˈɪktɪd/, /ɹɪstɹˈɪktɪd/, /ɹ_ɪ_s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_k_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for restricted

most overdrawn, more freewheeling, more extensive, un bolted, more uncurbed, most asunder, dehiscent, un detailed, in discriminate, more disseminated, most free-spirited, un-tarnished, most imprecise, un engaged, ex act, most guiding, unfettered, lock stock barrel, all-owed, expanded, of great scope, be neath, un-blemished, more million, sub-aqueous, un-blocked, freest, immeasurable, entire, unlimited, dis-cursive, in comprehensible, super-temporal, wall wall, in-dependent, escalated, more wall-to-wall, most unbroken, in-ordinate, more off-target, most free-wheeling, more monarchial, most freewheeling, deeply felt, doors always open, wholehog, all around, in temperate, de-finite, most self-governed, splayer, un-surpassable, in dependent, un-shackled, downreaching, more all over, un-caged, more dehiscent, un-hooked, most getatable, most free spirited, fancy free, most outspread, undetailed, unclassified, most yawning, most comprehending, dis reputable, on one own, inter-minable, pre-dominate, un-attached, most undisguised, un limited, more supertemporal, un controllable, profound, more comprising, un-trammeled, un hampered, no end to, wide-ranging, most offtarget, pre-eminent, uncurbed, all-around, ex-tended, made passable, in-definite, full scale, wide, comprehensive, vague, un committed, more disclosed, more scopious, more free wheeling, imprecise, un cluttered, most unplugged, most whole hog, dis tended, more all embracing, no catch, most emptied, un-divided, un-chaster, un-stopped, unrestricted, neverending, be-neath, inestimable, un inhibited, largescale, at large, most fullout, more free-wheeling, un stopped, most encircling, nebulous, ex-act, birdeye, un-fettered, most agape, un abridged, more freespirited, lock stock and barrel, zillion, un regulated, most unconcentrated, un clasped, most expanded, most diluted, free spirited, more all-encompassing, un-reckonable, more unreckonable, un concentrated, most unsealed, bottomless, un broken, more unfolded, re moved, the big picture, explicit, un-plugged, fullblown, unlatched, most dispersed, un bridled, un-countable, indeterminate, most scopious, more self governed, allembracing, birds eye, more unbuttoned, full-out, all-encompassing, alive with, more away, Patulous, more containing, more zillion, more strewn, most ringent, in-continent, de-tailed, more unshackled, Ringent, more overstated, un divided, most all embracing, more synoptic, more unexclusive, in-formal, Bird-eye, pre-dominant, ample, un mitigated, more peeled, birdseye, Saturnalian, more allencompassing, in most, blow by blow, door's always open, most selfgoverned, most beneath, more unburdened, out and out, fullout, most predominate, far reaching, more far-ranging, in-numerable, more unpinned, pre dominant, endless, more self-perpetuating, on ones own, pro-founder, free-spirited, more circulated, Choate, most fathomless, un constrained, most disseminated, more spread-out, in formal, most allowed, in definite, un flawed, un buttoned, sweeping, un-calculable, in finite, king-size, wholesale, most farranging, ill defined, most unshut, off-target, no strings attached, more submerged, most submerged, more monarchal, un bound, un-disguised, in-distinct, blimpest, most stretched-out, diffuse, in distinct, boundless, unhampered, most latitudinous, un done, un shackled, uni versal, dis-solute, un-locked, de finite, most far ranging, birds-eye, most monarchial, in-terminable, most speeding, most radiated, in accurate, inexhaustible, more whole hog, more playing, un-cluttered, more palaverous, Latitudinous, in-discriminate, goodly, deep, un bounded, largish, unshackled, all inclusive, open, most wide ranging, off color, more dispersed, offtarget, most umbrella, more unengaged, un equivocal, handsome, para mount, un refined, more apart, farranging, bird'seye, in-calculable, enlarged, more rent, most stretchedout, un-equivocal, more forever, un tied, more subaqueous, un-refined, un calculable, ex-posed, most whole-hog, most zillion, ex tensive, out-rightest, Overdrawn, most unmeasurable, loose, most unhooked, un-curbed, un barred, un fettered, most unshackled, most unpinned, bird eye, vast, across board, no fine print, super, un-bounded, most liberated, accessible, not fitting, more thorough-going, un-obstructed, most freespirited, un-questionable, un covered, in secure, over-stated, total, most peeled, full, on one's own, un deniable, re-gular, sovereign, most circulated, in-securer, uncluttered, un-disputed, more selfperpetuating, most unlatched, fathomless, more off target, un-chastest, most self governed, more ringent, un hinged, most self-perpetuating, out control, most submarine, over bearing, more patulous, no joke, dis solute, more expanded, most nonspecific, un ambiguous, deepseated, out right, un-adulterated, un impeded, un caged, nonspecific, copious, most allembracing, more slackened, most forever, un disputed, long winded, more complete, most outstretched, pro fuse, more radiated, most unstopped, all out, all encompassing, most uncluttered, un fathomable, un measurable, ex posed, in securest, stretchedout, barn door, out spread, monarchial, dis-ordered, Supertemporal, most uncurbed, whacking, un fastened, deep seated, more uncluttered, un-clasped, more outspread, in exhaustible, most patulous, most jillion, more agape, broad, most containing, unstopped, more farranging, full blown, most free wheeling, incalculable, farreaching, un-pinned, more wholehog, most subaqueous, whole shebang, never ending, un interrupted, out-spread, plenitudinous, far flung, no end, free, more all encompassing, most wideranging, most all-over, un-hampered, plenary, whole, all owed, self governed, large, most consolidated, most directing, more wide-ranging, dis-connected, plentiful, scopious, most all-embracing, more unconcentrated, in terminable, more wide ranging, blimper, most thorough, no ifs ands or buts, most apart, more broadcast, un-qualified, workser, more unfurled, most unengaged, most palaverous, more liberated, most unexclusive, high living, splayest, un-confined, no strings, allout, Dimensionless, most thorough-going, immense, un sealed, selfperpetuating, farflung, un pinned, allover, all-embracing, more unfastened, bird's eye, un-told, un-barred, un furled, whole-hog, more uncalculable, most wide-ranging, more humongous, in-delicate, on loose, un checked, more full out, pro found, un-committed, most slackened, out-righter, most far-ranging, freewheeling, un-defined, full out, Clocklike, un restrained, more free-spirited, sub-marine, self perpetuating, most uncalculable, thorough going, most synoptic, un countable, in-decent, more jillion, most off target, monarchal, re gular, unbolted, most rent, un locked, in estimable, most spreadout, more spread out, at liberty, unsecured, more dilated, un chastest, fullscale, more propagated, thick, out-right, allencompassing, on own, more overdrawn, all over, more self-governed, all-over, unrestrained, un-reserved, un-furled, un burdened, no end of, sub-merged, un fathomed, scopic, most uncaged, outspread, most wall to wall, offcolor, voluminous, un-fastened, universal, most allover, more waffling, in-estimable, out righter, un-broken, absolutist, extensive, more submarine, un-secured, more unbound, un folded, un chaste, un-detailed, under ground, hulking, most allencompassing, un-checked, un-deniable, more stretched out, most unfolded, unreserved, all-out, un-fathomed, more nonspecific, un-conditional, infinite, un-bolted, worksest, oversize, un-restrained, more unbarred, in depth, un-mindful, most absolutist, undisguised, more all-over, more absolutist, un told, blubbery, untrammeled, un latched, dis cursive, uncaged, substantial, unbounded, in continent, un-burdened, free wheeling, spread-out, un biased, un-limited, un ending, off mark, most wall-to-wall, more undisguised, un curbed, without number, most unreckonable, large scale, more scopic, freespirited, pro-fuse, most apparent, pro-found, Over-bearing, in-securest, most dehiscent, most dilated, more selfgoverned, most unfastened, absolute, unmeasurable, great, far off, pro-longed, more uncaged, more comprehending, in-fallible, most unbound, un-inhibited, the works, sub marine, un-counted, bumper, most spread-out, spread out, most self perpetuating, non-specific, more unhampered, most untrammeled, more outstretched, dis-closed, un-exclusive, un confined, un-controlled, most unbolted, un obstructed, para-mount, wall to wall, un shut, more full-out, most full-out, un conditional, un-buttoned, uncalculable, un chaster, more unbolted, un-bound, major, most full out, palaverous, un restricted, more stretched-out, more diffusive, splay, ex-tensive, bulky, self-perpetuating, straight out, dis-tended, unexclusive, un-hinged, incontinent, un-abridged, bird's-eye, across the board, more unlatched, un hooked, most undetailed, more latitudinous, far ranging, un secured, most loosened, dis-engaged, unpinned, more emptied, dis ordered, choatest, un controlled, more undetailed, in numerable, un disguised, un-bridled, un-concentrated, more below, un-controllable, most propagated, stretched out, un exclusive, grandiose, un-restricted, un-chaste, un-latched, epic, more unclasped, more fullout, open minded, no ifs ands buts, without limit, more wideranging, re-leased, more all-embracing, more thorough, most saturnalian, more loosened, un-impeded, wideopen, illdefined, considerable, un-tied, dis-reputable, more getatable, dis engaged, more offtarget, in-secure, more fathomless, most all over, in delicate, more blubbery, un tarnished, more unplugged, most possible, more predominate, wideranging, more thumping, wide ranging, most spread out, un-shut, fancyfree, most below, more stretchedout, un-folded, un-mitigated, most disclosed, multi national, un-ending, more saturnalian, far-ranging, non specific, jumbo, most strewn, more unshut, more wall to wall, over-long, off the mark, dis closed, pre dominate, most wholehog, most scopic, most unburdened, most unhampered, allaround, over-drawn, in decent, in calculable, multi-national, Unshut, big, over long, crawling with, de tailed, more guiding, diffusive, getatable, more speeding, spreadout, off the hook, more far ranging, out-stretched, door always open, unconcentrated, Unhooked, subaqueous, more spreadout, un counted, co-pious, more allowed, limitless, ex tended, unmodified, more asunder, choater, more unbroken, more prevalent, more unhooked, selfgoverned, out rightest, most unclasped, un-governed, more consolidated, wide open, most broadcast, unburdened, dis connected, cosmopolitan, more circumlocutory, most humongous, more unsecured, most comprising, hefty, wall-to-wall, in securer, unengaged, stretched-out, most particularized, more untrammeled, most unfurled, most stretched out, un defined, sizable, un-regulated, in-constant, in determinate, un qualified, most thorough going, pre eminent, un-measurable, un adulterated, most all encompassing, co pious, pro founder, uni-versal, openminded, all embracing, un-connected, longwinded, no holds barred, respectable, most revealed, most thumping, most unsecured, Slackened, undefined, in-finite, more downreaching, un surpassable, most downreaching, allinclusive, in-temperate, more particularized, re-mote, most sunk, circumlocutory.