Pronunciation of Retain
/ɹɪtˈe͡ɪn/, /ɹɪtˈe‍ɪn/, /ɹ_ɪ_t_ˈeɪ_n/

Antonyms for retain

inter change, chimed in, deep-sixing, get under way, un-crowns, sets asunder, giving 1-2-3, want, de-stroyed, stands aside, Demised, re-serves, be unlike, dis-agreed, give out, pro-cures, pro-vision, puts to flight, blue penciled, trans fused, dis-honoring, dis charge, made ready, be-sprinkles, inter-changing, sub-dividing, washed hands of, gets hook, re served, de pended, gets the hook, top pled, forced out, be-speak, handed resignation, dis missing, give forth, de porting, gives voice, find market, Disthrone, casts loose, re-calibrating, sent out, bundling off, opens ones mouth, draw forth, freezes out, pro-rogues, de-throning, showing door, dis courses, de-posits, torpedoed, co oking, pro-vide, kissing good-bye, got hook, Post-mark, dis crown, de sert, de-spoil, pitted against, dis charges, reallocated, de-solated, making different, Dichotomized, walks out, hurrying off, opens mouth, ponies up, rely up on, dis lodge, cut one in, shell out, laid waste, leaf, trans form, discrowns, trans-muting, dis annulling, hath done with, lets go, makes over, paying out, dis-missing, is sold for, divorced oneself from, post pones, out-fit, corrects mid-course, Ratted, Re sign, dropped a note, ex pulsing, cutting pie, lock out, un sexing, getting off the hook, step down, over-set, pays out, ex tending, metamorphose, refrain from, vary, out lawing, out-placing, laid down arms, kisses off, paid out, show the door, dis-member, tosses aside, leaving high dry, dis placing, expulses, tergiversing, re-served, puts white flag, leaves holding bag, tossed aside, takes directions, inter changing, deposit with, trans-lated, brings back, divorced from, set against, meting out, re-lated, pro-cess, carry away, xouts, re late, ex-pending, dis possess, move out, abandon, de sexualize, re warding, de-frays, re-located, ex-pressing, booting out, dis lodging, dis regarded, pay out, anteing up, dis-sever, art a consequence, wash one hands of, plays dead, re-canted, de-legate, measure out, over-throws, throwing in the sponge, in-ducted, deeded, co-oked, re-probated, in scribe, dis coursed, puts in charge of, sub divided, dropt note, push back, were consequence, gave forth, dis-pose, xouted, Shepherded, re signs, dis charged, gives up ship, opening one's mouth, be-stowing, dis-membered, de parted, resection, drops a note, be-reave, over throw, disthroning, dis-posing, dis-burdening, dis carding, ex terminating, shake off, dis-inherits, Parceled, post-marking, dis sent, go wagon, refashion, Trajected, re form, handcarrying, spake piece, pack it in, trans-figure, give 1 2 3, dis burses, dis annuls, ex-pend, Remitted, separate oneself from, over-ruling, de-tails, washes one's hands of, dis engage, took oath, turns around, drops a line, dis-courses, scratching out, cut the pie, correct mid course, showed the door, ex-tends, super-scribe, left high dry, getting done, in-trusts, tele vising, dis-located, ex pressed, caponized, toss aside, dis-qualify, Shepherding, scratch out, railroading, takes in all directions, re located, dis-mantle, files in circular file, co-oking, de spoils, prorogues, set free, dis avow, Oversetting, pulled away, tergiverse, left alone, going on wagon, dis-annulled, gives the ship, was unlike, Besprinkling, ex terminated, steps in to shoes of, re-sectioning, calls it quits, blotted out, taking cure, re tract, Gifting, take care of, goes fifty fifty, depends upon, sur-rendering, deepsix, dis continuing, sets against, re casting, handing in, letted fall, de fault, pro cures, trans figuring, be consequence, dis-possessed, give ship, dis annul, all owing, dis-allow, bends ear, re-commend, dropped note, de-spoils, Unmarry, dis-entangling, divorces oneself from, un marry, shut the door on, shift, dis-charging, lets steam, invests with, packing in, commends to, get off hook, frees of, dis-allows, sent forth, bags it, with-drew, dis qualify, dropping line, re locates, dis-enthroning, de-posed, dialing back, un-make, takes the place of, took the oath, dis closed, putting up white flag, gotten under way, turned around, tost aside, depending upon, run with ball, de-ranging, meta-morphoses, un-shackling, dis regard, fetch, all owed, unmake, x outing, tears out, unchain, shows the door, taking pledge, Overset, re-vising, boots out, in validate, ponying up, brake silence, de-spoiled, de-cline, ex-terminating, de-lay, parceling, re vamped, re-tiring, leave in lurch, relied upon, sets aside, going fifty-fifty, Postmarking, ex pulsed, branching, cuts the pie, unfettering, re-fuse, dis-annul, end-owing, give up, am unlike, re commend, bagging it, earning wings, re constructs, parting with, un does, popped off, leg it, ended service, Gunning, puts in the hands of, un-leashed, getting hook, am a consequence, dis-course, handed on, de sexualized, un-sex, in-validating, takes off directions, pro vision, catering to, end owed, prorogue, re signed, run away, de tailing, casts aside, put in touch, deliver up, trans ship, transshipping, take a powder, drove out, re pealing, flung down, dis-perse, forgo, dis continues, Doling, un-chains, un shackled, doth trick, having done with, de-scanted, comes to terms, de cline, didst the trick, hast done with, wash hands of, besprinkles, freezing out, dis possessing, Trolling, dis bands, chime in, dis possessed, trans fuses, invest with, re peal, dis-claimed, ex-ported, takes pledge, left in the lurch, un-tied, un loosing, being unlike, confer trust, post-marks, heap up on, hand carried, left high and dry, displace, threw in the towel, parts with, deeding, are sold for, pro cessed, Quashed, handed in, out-placed, over turns, ex-patriates, re-locate, de throning, de tail, slices up, sends forth, un shackle, postmarks, hand carrying, export, leaving to, dis-solve, de pose, putting the air, putting in circulation, de-laying, set at large, sectioning, ex-tracts, riding out on rail, took all directions, dis-mantling, be-quests, drop a line, Gassed, Redistrict, giving one notice, Shying, re pealed, banish, dis owning, dis tributes, being a source of, outmode, forking over, de ranged, suffering defeat, hands in, de-posit, de facing, GIMME, dis-throning, turned over to, superscribe, un-fetters, admit defeat, carrying away, dis-entangles, re casts, giving notice, blowing away, getting off hook, put up white flag, ex-patriating, dis enthrones, tenders, de frays, super scribed, re plenished, brought back, re-veals, get done, swearing off, piggybacking, un crown, relying up on, setting against, re-vised, in-vested, outlaying, re-peats, de faults, carries off, dis-accorded, Unfetter, threw around, rely upon, commending to, taking oath, throw overboard, hasten, let out, ex-terminates, let one go, antes up, re shaping, de throned, dis burdened, cuts pie, earn wings, dis enthrone, signs over, de-solating, went on the wagon, administer, de-livering, inter changes, dis possesses, de-sexualizes, ran away, give way, pre paring, dis acknowledging, giving 1 2 3, dis entangling, gives 1 2 3, re ached, pushes aside, confiding to, booted out, dichotomize, corrected midcourse, giving a call, puts the hands of, let have, pieces up, trans-form, opened one mouth, dis course, clearing away, gave over, eat humble pie, ex patriated, pre scribe, ride out rail, sub-divide, disenthroning, putting white flag, sets loose, railroaded, kissed good-bye, dis-patches, fore-going, corrects mid course, showed door, relinquish, de spoil, have done with, dis allows, dis-approving, dis entangled, re-shaped, dis throne, dropping like hot potato, sur-render, torn out, dis-enthroned, re tracts, gives over, pro-rated, axe, unchains, sowing dissension, flies face of, dis-continued, dis agrees, de legate, in-vesting, un loosed, moved out of, kisses good-bye, relies upon, calling quits, crosses out, dis qualifying, dart, dis cards, Discrowning, turned back on, did the trick, finishes off, yo-yos, cart off, go fiftyfifty, dis-placing, de-stroy, rid out rail, dis severs, dis-lodged, came to terms, taking walk, suffers defeat, re plenishing, pro-duces, throwing sponge, opened up, re modelled, out-place, out fits, went fiftyfifty, give, flying the face of, end-owed, dis patches, sur render, dis enthroning, Freighted, Borning, distribute, blot out, quits cold turkey, Welled, give oneself over, de-taches, eighty six, dis-owned, heap upon, can, re hearses, dis-possess, dis-affirms, pro-cessed, rode out on rail, re apportions, fling down, ex-pulse, Deputed, carted off, left holding the bag, de-lays, file in circular file, dis accorded, re constructing, dis-locating, dis honored, leaving high and dry, re-solve, up set, fork up, Victualed, reshapes, de-porting, desert, re moved, out-lays, Divaricating, finds market, attach, un looses, threw overboard, leave, ex-terminated, Demising, forking up, dis-approve, flew in the face of, fork over, un binds, flinging down, Parcelled, admits defeat, going the wagon, declares null and void, made known, out-laying, letted one go, forcing out, de-tailing, sends off, give the heave ho, disthroned, dis-tributes, re place, does trick, sur rendering, taking the place of, de legates, bended ear, re-vamped, give the 1-2-3, ex patriating, dis-acknowledging, dis entangles, iced, take directions, threw in sponge, dis solve, dis honors, running with ball, give voice, dials back, go the wagon, disjecting, pro-curing, re-section, dis placed, leaved alone, de-scants, dis-thrones, dispose of, segmenting, re legates, earns wings, give up the ship, giving up the ship, depended upon, de parts, giving a ring, de-clare, confided to, flaked out, re shaped, rendering needless, re-probates, put in to words, dis sever, makes responsible for, slicing up, throws the towel, un-pack, de-livered, sloughed off, out-fitting, dispense with, doing the trick, pieced up, sets at large, flies the face of, address, confides to, bent ear, ends service, gives oneself over, fire, de-faulted, breaks down, taking out, yo yo, put in circulation, did trick, dis closing, dis-closing, re legate, go easy on, rationing, de-fraying, shows out, doest the trick, trans-posing, dichotomizes, turn loose, sending forth, flew the face of, leaved high dry, gives the 1 2 3, dis-annulling, gives with, out-modes, ex pressing, de-pending, refashioned, commit, post mark, lavish upon, dispatch, re peats, puts circulation, privileges from, dis card, re shapes, throw in, dis patch, ex pending, re commended, dis burdening, letting upon, disject, takes the cure, causes disagree, puts in circulation, forces out, dis mantling, unfetters, leave out, be reaving, making over, trans muting, opens up, de scants, be quests, hand-carrying, re call, de-scant, put circulation, kisses goodbye, release, dis-join, re-calling, de voted, re apportioning, going away, dis member, un-seated, de-tach, coming across with, over ruled, re move, de-liver, granting authority, gives do, catered to, ex-pended, dis affirmed, de-feat, throwing the sponge, ex porting, in vests, throws overboard, take the oath, trans shipping, dis continued, de-frayed, ex-pends, ex pulse, un fettered, forks over, expel, handcarries, speaks one's piece, de-faulting, postmark, re-shape, taking all directions, leaves high dry, hanging up, with drew, re-deems, over turn, un crowns, dis agree, spoke piece, re vise, de positing, trans-planted, alter, goes fifty-fifty, carried away, cut pie, leave lurch, stand aside, dis owned, give one notice, took over, makes public, fore-gone, de votes, part with, is source of, trans figure, leave holding the bag, be questing, re-formed, depute, toss in, ex-terminate, sowed dissension, taxiing, un-bound, fling, un packing, trans-formed, de-posing, re-ported, is unlike, be-spoken, dis-engage, disregard, hadst done with, intro-duce, cave in, de throne, pushed back, gave ship, de-vised, dis-tribute, turns loose, trans muted, doeth the trick, declared null void, depending up on, dis severing, dis mantle, depended up on, grant authority, dis membered, un tying, are source of, put on air, giving to do, declare null void, washes ones hands of, came forth, in trusts, buckling under, speaking one's piece, dis affirm, took powder, flew the coop, wast against, un-loading, gives the 1-2-3, pre-pared, pro cure, over-ruled, go fifty-fifty, de faulting, re probating, pops off, sub divides, dis-enthrones, laying upon, dis-avowing, re commends, giving forth, gave up the ship, gat under way, lance, re-locating, over thrown, out place, accouching, dis-coursing, accouch, accouches, puts across, un fetters, dis locate, dis inherits, wert consequence, issue, gunned, depends up on, dis-acknowledges, in scribes, be-stowed, in validated, disclaim, gat off hook, finishing off, Intrusted, quotaed, legating, re-fashions, dis engaging, riding out rail, cutting one in, being source of, outmodes, taxis, re moving, pop off, make responsible for, trans-plant, went the wagon, rushes off, re-leases, lavished upon, re districting, re-tire, yakketyyakked, took in directions, de face, dis-continue, passed down, re-legates, refraining from, tossing aside, re-peat, wash one's hands of, re deemed, be reft, forward, pro rogue, took off in all directions, kill, trans mute, has done with, give a ring, swallowed up, are against, dis claimed, pro tested, freed of, threw down, dis-honors, re-fining, dis-placed, fore went, in trusting, rendered needless, Earmarked, disjects, vacate, leaving with, declare null and void, dis-close, dis accord, Trolled, diffuses, dis avowing, got off the hook, re-warded, outplacing, over throws, de clares, dis qualifies, un chain, blow hot cold, tossed it in, coughed up, radioed, throw, dismiss, dis acknowledge, taking care of, art consequence, out-lay, intrust, de-throne, meta morphoses, speak one piece, disannulled, dis-encumbers, in-trusted, setting loose, dis-charged, giving the 1 2 3, lotting out, in-validates, re-apportions, trans-pose, Reprobating, de stroyed, swore off, dis-severed, recast, went fifty fifty, pre-sent, dis posing, went wagon, un chaining, do trick, dis-lodge, yo yos, dis-accords, re lays, be reaves, re sectioned, dis-connecting, un pack, inter-changes, carries away, inflected, giving oneself over, be stows, un-did, re-lease, un shackling, adiosed, set aside, turn over, dis members, re-district, foot bill, re constructed, takes over, lavish up on, dis-annuls, flip flopping, re calls, ending service, dis-patching, dis-solved, quit cold turkey, yoyoed, Ejected, depend upon, relied up on, putting in charge of, dis place, de pending, disburse, makes different, refashioning, deep-sixes, give with, fore going, art against, up root, pits against, is a source of, causing disagree, puts flight, make public, re model, pro rogues, gave the 1 2 3, Blanking, pushed aside, drop line, sow dissension, over-throw, walks through, whacking, re-sectioned, open mouth, giving up ship, ex patriate, re-allocates, trans-shipped, stepped into shoes of, re-shapes, casting aside, trans-fusing, yield, refashions, Disannul, dis-missed, hand in, putting on the air, re canting, re-deem, dis-regard, dis-agreeing, pushing aside, adiosing, gat done, leaves out, re-forms, re vamps, wiped slate clean, dis entangle, reallocate, in-vests, dis-solving, surrender, buckles under, got off hook, dis according, divaricates, de-pended, ditch, expulsed, coming to terms, spoke one piece, pro-mise, threw the towel, casting out, ex tract, dis burse, gave do, pulls away, gets off hook, sack, pro vided, Traject, re section, took off in directions, dis-approves, oust, blotting out, reallocates, set odds, re-locates, up rooted, sate out, branched, dis united, doing trick, abdicate, wast consequence, de livering, in-trust, ex tend, re fusing, gives 1-2-3, setting large, go along with, un-fettering, dis-avows, sub dividing, achieve, leaves to, giving the 1-2-3, dis-coursed, re fuse, lay upon, breaks silence, bagged it, breaking down, re-apportioning, re marking, dis-qualifies, laying waste, de-posited, brings to, fore gone, re forms, Trajecting, washes one hands of, re-plenishing, giving the heave ho, quotaing, sit out, giving way, divide, supersede, fly the face of, be quest, re-plenishes, ex-porting, re-lax, re-call, offed, Expulse, resectioning, pro mises, re-pealed, ripping out, Blanked, wert sold for, breaking silence, in ducts, de thrones, de ranging, leaved with, de-scanting, re ported, forked over, dis places, unmarries, dis-throne, yakkety-yakking, puts on the air, blue penciling, outplaces, be sprinkling, scarfing down, cease work, re fine, de ranges, abstain from, out laying, re-pealing, gotten hook, putting charge of, turning tables, carry off, de pend, gat the hook, dis missed, dis-possessing, re calibrating, took walk, trans formed, letted go, gave with, retires from, post marks, gimmes, over-rule, let fly, give notice, does the trick, dis joined, flings down, passing up, gimming, putting flight, carried through, un packed, kissed goodbye, dropping a note, take all directions, knuckle, buckled under, re-veal, over rules, ex pend, carrying off, cast loose, torpedoing, dis encumbered, relying upon, measuring out, appropriate, speaking ones piece, out-fits, dis burdens, pink slipt, open up, in-vest, re-casts, gave up ship, parceling out, go fifty fifty, de posit, dis allow, drops note, ran out on, be-stow, in-validate, desexualized, yakketyyaks, de feats, de-sexualized, throw in the sponge, filed circular file, leaves holding the bag, over-turning, play dead, dis-connect, dis-encumbered, un leash, kiss off, ex ported, calls quits, depositing with, be-reft, granted authority, piloting, destroy, legs it, goes on wagon, take off directions, phony up, throwing the towel, depend up on, was against, dis-entangled, re calibrated, re solves, washed one hands of, un-seating, un loose, taking a powder, popping off, radioing, out-mode, trans-ships, are consequence, disthrones, post marking, pack off, leave high and dry, dis encumber, deal with, are unlike, pro mise, de sexualizing, passed on, dispense, dis pose, un crowning, yakketyyak, get hook, re construct, all-owing, finished off, re-modeling, laying low, turn around, be quested, speak one's piece, re solve, lot out, shut door on, transmit, dis burden, open one mouth, out laid, put white flag, over-setting, with-drawn, un-fettered, dis mantled, dis-crowned, leaves alone, fly coop, in-validated, pre sent, dis posed, drop, take in all directions, dis connecting, re porting, caponizes, un-packs, stand down, re-solves, pony up, hand-carried, scarfs down, permutate, decline, recalibrate, re-porting, recasting, dis encumbers, exchange, puts in hands of, goes fiftyfifty, put in charge of, de mise, storming out, be reave, made different, in-ducts, threw sponge, goes away, in stilling, putting into words, dis-patched, shies, made over, deposited with, dis crowned, yo-yoed, put forth, out lay, push aside, de-stroys, in trusted, Divaricated, am against, legging it, un-sexed, giving the ship, dis-honored, Trashed, humped, inter changed, dis locating, erase, packs it in, folds up, letted have, leave to, un fastened, throw in sponge, wert a source of, forks up, were against, re laying, piece up, dis-lodges, super scribe, found outlet, abstains from, blew away, crossed out, sub-divides, ex press, desexualizing, ran out town, give 1-2-3, pulling away, dis regarding, eating humble pie, be-speaking, hanged up, leaved holding the bag, piecing up, un-chaining, pre-sents, cough up, bend an ear, Lotting, pro visioned, nixing, gave heave ho, dis-regarding, letted up on, ex tended, throw in the towel, re-allocating, measured out, hurried off, giving rise to, packing it in, break down, give a call, lots out, de-parting, re-aching, suffered defeat, comes terms, letted upon, put by, gave oneself over, pro duces, drawing forth, Mouthed, passes down, re allocated, dis engages, super-scribes, bend ear, dis solves, separated oneself from, re verse, class, take place of, de-livers, re gards, dis-burses, being a consequence, locking out, make payment, passes up, desexualizes, laid low, de posits, give do, re lying, rides out rail, dis-severing, bundles off, dis-inheriting, re district, are a consequence, spurn, pro cessing, leaves high and dry, tare out, showing out, takes all directions, re fashions, in-trusting, sets apart, tossed in, unmaking, rolls over, puts air, kiss goodbye, x outs, dis-claims, played dead, dis-crowns, eats humble pie, in validating, heaps upon, forwarding, speak piece, coughs up, re-commending, speaks ones piece, showed out, speak ones piece, un leashed, swallows up, un-bind, commission, be spoke, taking in all directions, blow away, got under way, leave with, dis-allowed, de-part, re-modeled, opening up, lipped, re calling, re-tracts, gimmed, de-faces, re-constructs, leave high dry, un-binds, shutting door on, deal out, dis-engages, dis-carding, trans-planting, in ducted, lavishing up on, parceled out, sub-divided, tele-vise, un-seat, un-loosed, re vising, re-deeming, outplace, dis perse, take walk, washing one's hands of, over setting, taking the oath, re peals, bending ear, pro visioning, going easy on, share, prorate, dis carded, take cure, re-moves, lay aside, dis-bands, Accounted, dis-charges, took off all directions, spake one's piece, abstaining from, bended an ear, sets at odds, putting circulation, aliening, re lay, knuckles, Metamorphosed, dis agreeing, gives heave ho, dis-banding, dis-agree, stands down, dis-united, dis-encumbering, turns the tables, pro-rogued, un-looses, relay, cede, forking out, made public, over ruling, flies the coop, laying up on, ran out of town, de faulted, deputes, shakes off, throws sponge, dis-closed, dis thrones, filing circular file, un-leashes, dis-unite, pro-cesses, spieling, tossing in, being consequence, de tails, resections, dis banding, quitting cold turkey, making known, discharge, gotten done, privileging from, takes off in all directions, Inflecting, leaves with, allot, trans-ship, recasts, throws around, comes across with, forked up, hand carry, Re-forming, ex-patriate, dis locates, sur rendered, send out, turned tables, lavished up on, moving out, de-faced, in validates, is consequence, take off all directions, sits out, consign, re-constructing, de vise, diffusing, coughing up, dis-possesses, re laid, rationed, ex pended, Tendered, dis-burden, recalibrating, scarfed down, victual, separates from, re-tires, deposits with, dis-affirm, re-gard, Forgone, pro rating, give in, end service, de-sexualize, Besprinkled, dis band, heaps up on, all-owed, pro-visioned, hem haw, re marks, pro-vides, be sprinkles, outlaid, trans-figuring, un makes, hands resignation, de parting, give to do, put air, lays down arms, brought to, hand-carries, ax, dis-avowed, ran with, ex terminates, gave 1 2 3, stepping into shoes of, xouting, Doled, flew face of, oversets, throwing in sponge, correct mid-course, re-serving, bends an ear, gotten off hook, coming forth, bequested, re-fused, x-outing, de-thrones, giving do, dis annulled, is against, de spoiling, require, puts in to words, de-pend, de-positing, lays up on, re forming, spoke one's piece, pro cured, deals out, drives out, throwing in, blue pencil, gives up the ship, quitted cold turkey, ex-tend, de clare, laid aside, in trust, dis claim, swear off, called quits, x-outs, art unlike, letted steam, furlough, be spoken, ratting, take pledge, aliened, sliced up, de tach, in vest, takes in directions, turns back on, out lays, re cast, dropped line, rendered null void, be stow, retire from, with-drawing, lays waste, trans-mutes, Lipping, pro-roguing, spend, de spoiled, clears away, de-sert, setting odds, un-loads, makes ready, de-clares, show door, throw towel, dis-burse, super scribes, un married, re-places, setting asunder, re fashioning, pro curing, re-signed, sell for, Unshackle, yakkety-yak, re tired, Creamed, sends out, un marrying, tele vise, making payment, taking powder, am a source of, flying in face of, out-laid, dis-locates, re-plying, dis-honor, re-marked, takes cure, dis-connects, took a walk, dis-places, trans-forming, put the air, gotten the hook, quash, out modes, sending out, caused disagree, re fashioned, scratches out, dis-affirmed, tosses in, throws the sponge, xout, up-sets, ante up, throwing towel, shipped out, dis-place, cast out, moving out of, de mises, leave the lurch, break silence, re-calibrated, re-fashion, running out on, dis join, digging out, un-married, take the pledge, payed out, rendering null and void, shilly shally, pushes back, de scant, re-shaping, files circular file, rolled over, show out, pre scribing, measures out, freeze out, re probate, drew forth, de-voted, signs off, bring back, dis qualified, letting up on, Re-mark, de-clines, deep-six, dis banded, lay off, be-quested, pack in, select, out placing, make ready, dis-approved, re fined, be speaking, lotted out, remises, flying face of, giving ship, out mode, need, bag it, puts hands of, pro viding, de liver, left holding bag, post pone, tosses it in, phonies up, ex-patriated, pro-tested, gives notice, dis solving, ceases work, up-root, divorcing from, putting air, dialling back, be-speaks, trajects, de-fray, making responsible for, re signing, threw towel, gave the ship, un made, drive out, leaves behind, piggybacked, chuck, expunge, take the cure, puts end to, trans-plants, walked out, un-crowned, gets under way, setting at large, gotten off the hook, jettison, siphoning, corrected mid course, in duct, opened ones mouth, trans-forms, swears off, leave alone, un-fasten, de solate, in-stilling, up-setting, cause to disagree, go on the wagon, puts in touch, dost trick, come forth, comes forth, goes on the wagon, finding market, Remise, call quits, re calibrates, be speaks, dis accords, caused to disagree, dis-sents, pro testing, re-leased, corrects midcourse, pro cess, speaking one piece, yakkety yaks, re districted, throw in towel, de faces, divorce from, re locating, putting in the hands of, redistricted, sets odds, transformed, ran with ball, dis-uniting, packed off, dis-crowning, sitting out, set loose, flying the coop, delivers up, dis patching, dis engaged, un-loose, whacked, went fifty-fifty, hang up, parcel out, driving out, re-allocated, inflect, un fastens, trans posed, de-vise, goes wagon, handing in resignation, re-model, junked, leaved high and dry, leaving holding the bag, setting apart, expulsing, dis-mantled, was source of, retiring from, giving heave ho, re serving, up sets, adioses, dis affirms, reshape, re plying, rips out, over throwing, dis inherited, turn back on, assign, dis-regards, re-moving, pro-rate, lets out, calling it quits, take oath, re lease, de-mises, dis-inherit, gave way, drop note, sur renders, turning the tables, un chained, leaving alone, turn the tables, borns, wast a consequence, re locate, trans figured, launch, sub divide, kissing off, quit, dis approves, recalibrated, re-marking, dis approve, leaving holding bag, dis coursing, sets large, yo-yoing, shutting the door on, remove, anted up, bringing to, step into shoes of, phonied up, hands in resignation, flakes out, letting fall, dis-joining, get the hook, re-sections, de solated, dis-solves, am sold for, dis-enthrone, YOYO, run out of town, post-pones, de solating, besprinkle, un-crown, dis honor, give call, unshackled, art source of, unmakes, redistricting, digs out, standing down, award, take powder, trans-fuse, dis joins, re-construct, fly in face of, put across, hang it up, taking a walk, dis affirming, causes to disagree, dis-agrees, dis-throned, admitted defeat, de-face, being against, passing on, out-lawed, be-stows, dis-engaged, deep sixed, pre-scribe, de-ranged, putting forth, un-doing, put on the air, speak, puts into words, rolling over, hand-carry, waive, Piloted, un-fastened, giving with, taxi, Victualled, confers trust, sweep away, de posited, un making, transshipped, intro duces, dis-accord, tore out, went easy on, dis unite, Creaming, dealt out, de tailed, re allocating, de clines, re-fashioning, un make, re peat, ex pulses, turned loose, re allocates, re versing, buckle under, un-marries, de-pends, forked out, divaricate, sweeping away, gat off the hook, re aching, ceased work, re-mise, re-tract, handed in resignation, runs with ball, drops line, re deem, de-tail, super scribing, gets off the hook, re-hearse, pass down, free, fly face of, giving voice, clear away, kissed off, re-plied, de scanted, fork out, signed off, leaved holding bag, letting off steam, re-verse, passed up, renders null void, putting in hands of, commended to, came across with, freeing of, un sexes, over turning, de-ranges, came terms, un fetter, walk through, re-laying, re-warding, finish off, washed one's hands of, cease, took out, send forth, casting loose, dis connected, flip-flopping, heaped up on, runs out on, re-marks, being sold for, un-loaded, gets done, rendered null and void, dropped like hot potato, resectioned, de livers, render needless, re-cited, crossing out, in vested, with draws, re marked, re-apportion, slice up, re-canting, dis-crown, in-ducting, re tire, ex-tended, lavishes upon, re placing, re citing, lose, drop a note, scarf down, in stilled, hurries off, dis inherit, putting the hands of, dis-qualifying, turned the tables, running with, gave notice, Disenthrone, render null void, storms out, taking the cure, tele-vised, make different, redistricts, make known, let upon, dropped a line, parcelled out, dis crowns, dis throned, divorcing oneself from, pro-mises, wiping slate clean, out lawed, runs with, pro roguing, dis-according, re leases, dig out, de lay, re-vamp, de fraying, reallocating, set asunder, sur-rendered, caving in, out fitted, putting across, earned wings, move out of, dial back, throw sponge, re-cites, gassing, washing hands of, bent an ear, goes the wagon, was a consequence, give rise to, put into words, entrust, handcarried, yakkety-yakked, ex-pulses, going fiftyfifty, blue pencils, give over, renders null and void, stood down, privileged from, be speak, de-throned, legged it, sling, Welling, recall, let fall, am consequence, letted fly, dis charging, re-peal, end owing, lets up on, dis unites, yo yoing, taking off in directions, un leashes, re modelling, gave ring, de-pose, hand over, render null and void, re placed, re-modelled, ceasing work, fold up, be-sprinkling, re-districting, be a source of, un crowned, pass up, dis acknowledged, parted with, re apportioned, do the trick, reverse, sweeps away, taking over, lets upon, re-called, de-faults, dis-connected, stepped in to shoes of, dis-acknowledge, chimes in, dis-lodging, torpedo, washes hands of, un-makes, carries through, puts charge of, hand out, over-sets, dis-joined, route, drave out, de-vising, out fitting, un-leashing, dis located, un seat, be sprinkle, de part, lets off steam, intro duce, dis-entangle, dis connects, convey, giving ring, un-chain, sware off, turning around, de taches, un loading, divorce oneself from, forks out, are a source of, dis claiming, Deputing, dropt like hot potato, puts forth, over-thrown, de pends, causing to disagree, dis agreed, pro visions, filing in circular file, trans fuse, legated, de livered, pre pared, packs in, set apart, speaks piece, separating from, dis-burdened, resign, dis-continuing, dis-joins, finds outlet, borned, un doing, re-calibrate, hung it up, re plenishes, were a consequence, relies up on, pass on, supply, turn tables, doeth trick, taking the pledge, letting fly, re-districted, re-calibrates, trans-mute, take in directions, pre pares, re models, disjected, re-placed, flies in the face of, re deeming, cleared away, de stroys, Provisioning, re-solved, heaped upon, throws towel, finding outlet, attack, de feat, sent off, find outlet, dis-charge, pro-testing, sign off, trans-fuses, am source of, took pledge, de voting, Handing, re-vamping, in-scribing, superscribes, be-sprinkled, had done with, de fray, moves out, bringing back, de scanting, re mises, be against, takes the pledge, de-solates, de-sexualizing, bequesting, set at odds, be source of, go on wagon, packing off, dropt line, tergiverses, stormed out, confide to, carrying through, accouched, lack, wipes slate clean, come with, de-votes, chiming in, gave to do, steps into shoes of, dis close, trans forming, moves out of, packs off, opened mouth, took in all directions, take turns, dis-carded, Discrowned, draws forth, gives forth, parcelling out, throwing overboard, dis-burdens, dis-inherited, Reprobated, be-reaving, puts on air, re-plenished, un bound, seeing through, drop like hot potato, signing off, de-vote, unshackles, letting one go, un-tying, re commending, took directions, gives call, out-fitted, flying coop, runs out of town, leave holding bag, rendering null void, take over, un bind, dis-qualified, lays low, runs away, be stowed, letted off steam, forsake, dis-claim, de-range, rip out, process, be stowing, shillyshally, transfer, in-scribe, dis approved, privilege from, putting to flight, file circular file, threw in, transships, be-littles, un fastening, ex-tending, un loads, dis crowning, un sexed, deep-sixed, come to terms, be sprinkled, took the pledge, were unlike, parcels out, call it quits, anteed up, leave behind, takes care of, admitting defeat, yakketyyakking, taking turns, disenthrones, yakkety yakking, blows away, dis-members, left with, throws in the sponge, pro duce, send, de-stroying, gives to do, re-vise, flies coop, coming terms, un marries, art a source of, factoring, remit, in-scribes, takes a walk, walked through, re-commended, gave call, sees through, getting the hook, let steam, out-places, be-reaves, re-calls, making ready, change, take a walk, was a source of, pre-paring, letting steam, gave voice, letting out, caters to, dis uniting, turns tables, re-ached, putting hands of, took the place of, re veals, caved in, dis continue, threw in the sponge, throwing down, desexualize, re fashion, giving call, un did, leaving out, sur-renders, trans fusing, transship, got the hook, ex-pulsed, Superscribed, trans-muted, showing the door, over-throwing, reshaped, yakkety yakked, casts out, eliminate, siphoned, was sold for, re sectioning, re-peals, dis-sent, super-scribing, corrected mid-course, with-draw, up-set, flipflopped, dis-banded, re warded, dis-posed, throwing around, de-facing, in-stilled, bundle off, offing, takes off all directions, pro-cure, reapportion, disannulling, dis claims, separates oneself from, threw the sponge, diffused, locked out, ex terminate, put in hands of, caves in, re-sign, phonying up, trans plants, dis allowed, turns over to, refrained from, up-rooting, get off the hook, free of, be spake, moved out, dropping note, throwing in towel, kissing goodbye, putting in touch, drops like hot potato, wert unlike, kissed good bye, re-signing, with-draws, abstained from, took a powder, be-questing, throws down, dis-encumber, re fused, de-voting, ships out, running out town, de-feats, out fit, be littles, art sold for, dis-severs, re apportion, dis-patch, opened one's mouth, permutating, intrusts, walking through, putting end to, gives the heave ho, spieled, dis-claiming, trans ported, cuts one in, outmoding, re-lying, fly the coop, trans-figured, de-parts, throws in towel, diversify, dis-mantles, de sexualizes, blots out, cast aside, gave 1-2-3, trans mutes, conferred trust, dis-engaging, be-quest, taking off directions, un done, re fines, cutting the pie, un-marrying, deep sixing, x outed, turn over to, dis-regarded, re-probate, gat hook, over-turn, re-hearses, un-does, folded up, flipflopping, put end to, caponize, went on wagon, pitting against, de stroy, re-legate, dis avowed, re-versed, out places, sows dissension, setting free, throw around, un-fetter, rode out rail, runs out town, re-models, declared null and void, de solates, Re-form, speaks one piece, de vote, correct midcourse, pro vide, give the 1 2 3, correcting midcourse, declaring null void, Factored, de-ported, dis-closes, trans planted, pro-vided, puts touch, un loaded, dis severed, be-spake, yoyoing, dropping a line, taking place of, commend, with drawn, takes a powder, trans pose, setting at odds, dis allowing, carting off, Uncrown, left behind, passes on, un sex, playing dead, lavishing upon, convert, ate humble pie, see through, correcting mid-course, ex tends, forgoing, cater to, dis acknowledges, re modeled, inter-change, dis-acknowledged, took care of, be a consequence, Prorogued, dump, de-legates, stood aside, re-fines, blue pencilled, de range, flake out, re tires, gives ship, dis avows, pro-cured, dis honoring, laying aside, handcarry, running out of town, be-sprinkle, discard, un fettering, lets one go, hand carries, carts off, give heave ho, Intrusting, over sets, wast a source of, de posed, putting on air, took the cure, brake down, digged out, gives a ring, de-solate, leaving behind, give the ship, makes payment, is a consequence, divorces from, bending an ear, stretching out, re vised, re districts, turning over to, doth the trick, re shape, take off in all directions, dropt a note, grant, de posing, separated from, re-lay, de ported, yakkety-yaks, give up ship, sloughing off, make over, pre pare, Provisioned, in-duct, letting go, dis approving, was consequence, stepping in to shoes of, pro-viding, up rooting, Remised, dis-avow, open ones mouth, ex patriates, refer, dialled back, un-loosing, dis patched, expend, left to, un seating, haddest done with, sending off, re serve, rout, re-lays, dis sents, de stroying, unchained, pro vides, handing resignation, Withdrew, re-signs, gave the 1-2-3, un-sexes, meted out, dis regards, ex pends, de-fault, be little, come across with, heaping up on, hanging it up, re cited, re formed, trans shipped, dis encumbering, taking in directions, post-marked, un fasten, un-load, puts the air, pre-scribing, flew coop, re-constructed, called it quits, be reaved, de-parted, broke silence, be sold for, throws in the towel, ship out, re tiring, dis mantles, carried off, dis lodges, bundled off, junking, handed, lay waste, lets fly, stretch out, dealing out, folding up, run with, birthed, lay low, re lax, de lays, uncrowns, un load, dost the trick, wast unlike, making public, were source of, ex-tract, dialed back, hand on, dis-band, commend to, wash ones hands of, re-commends, Tendering, intro-duces, boot out, x-outed, lets have, dis inheriting, shows door, de-mise, de faced, knock off, nixed, invested with, took place of, re-vamps, de laying, dropt a line, re-laid, kissing good bye, broke down, inflects, gives rise to, ex-pulsing, dis lodged, takes powder, dis-affirming, deepsixes, yo-yo, disannuls, dis tribute, declares null void, divorce, filed in circular file, dis-continues, swallow up, disenthroned, rid out on rail, re-cast, shipping out, kisses good bye, recalibrates, ignore, setting aside, took cure, tossing it in, wert a consequence, re-districts, bring to, made payment, hand in resignation, de vising, gave the heave ho, takes walk, pre-pare, ex-press, caponizing, spake ones piece, be-spoke, cause disagree, gives a call, delivered up, stretched out, un seated, opens one mouth, re places, Knuckled, re-move, with drawing, trans-figures, let go, de-spoiling, re-lied, eject, dis connect, yo yoed, pull away, flew in face of, going fifty fifty, un-crowning, de frayed, come terms, un-made, de vised, up setting, Proroguing, uncrowning, adios, say, letting have, Discrown, were sold for, co oked, trans-fused, de-tailed, dis closes, dis-unites, taking off all directions, hand resignation, Dichotomizing, packed in, renders needless, put the hands of, Freighting, correcting mid course, re cites, Torpedoes, step in to shoes of, dis-allowing, re fuses, pre-scribed, rush off, flaking out, carry through, dis-cards, going wagon, fore-went, suffer defeat, delivering up, going on the wagon, let up on, pre-scribes, put in the hands of, pro-visions, swallowing up, dis-locate, retired from, deliver, Postmarked, pro-rating, deepsixing, cross out, letted out, scatter, dis-owning, with draw, sell, wert source of, dis joining, makes known, bring pass, trans forms, run out town, deepsixed, conferring trust, didst trick, parcelling, put charge of, run out on, refuse, put hands of, over-rules, gives one notice, re-casting, Victualing, swept away, substitute, re plenish, be-little, sells for, slough off, takes place of, dis enthroned, declaring null and void, deal, dis throning, lay down arms, re-solving, dis-card, un tied, un shackles, dis solved, sets free, hanged it up, re-serve, re calibrate, re-fine, pushing back, trans late, be-reaved, storm out, re mark, blue pencilling.