Pronunciation of Retention
/ɹɪtˈɛnʃən/, /ɹɪtˈɛnʃən/, /ɹ_ɪ_t_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for retention

codifications, portage, freightings, Intrusting, haste, caesarian sections, dis-lodgments, dis cardings, de-termination, dis imprisonments, ouster, transmittals, pro-visions, impeachments, bums rush, unfrockings, relief from, relegation, disimprisonments, de-position, vendings, de position, citizenships, dramatis personaes, forsaking, re-legations, dis-missals, bum rush, re-vocations, slingings, typecastings, ejection, going phffts, re peal, kiss offs, kiss off, old heave-hos, circulatings, Taxonomies, old heave-ho, representative government, typecasting, tabulatings, re call, heave ho, abolitionisms, dispatch, neutralizations, bringing forths, promptitude, de nominations, demolishings, in-flection, dis carding, dis-patch, the heavehos, dismissal, winding ups, dis semination, un lading, housecleaning, abandonment, old heave hos, de gradations, ex plosions, rescindings, dis placement, deposals, in-validation, sending shipments, dis missings, de positions, Impartment, de termination, cast, heavehos, re-peals, un-doing, ignorance, categorizings, dis-possessions, in validation, dis positions, dis imprisonment, the boot, kissoffs, dis-lodgment, re-call, un-burdening, be quest, heavings, disposings, Self Determination, dismissings, re peals, un frocking, disbarments, over-throws, re vocations, de nomination, dis charges, collocation, committals, de livery, transferences, old heave ho, dis-charging, dis-placement, dis-imprisonment, discharge, kissoff, re-legation, escape, pro-cessions, sizing, dis missing, going phfft, lobbings, pro cession, un-lading, handing overs, unburdenings, pigeonholings, dis-seminations, pitchings, liberation, trans missions, re scissions, the heave-hos, un doing, ex-patriations, rationings, kiss-off, dis posing, de liveries, de-stroying, dislodgments, dis placements, order, de stroying, pro ratings, impartments, dis charging, un ladings, the doors, heave-ho, re vocation, Deposal, dis-posing, assignings, be quests, pro-vision, re-tractions, dis patch, remittance, dis engagements, demobilizations, suppuration, dis solution, be-quests, de mobilization, trans mission, dramatis personae, brush offs, brush-offs, transmittal, dis-burdening, execution, dis patching, dis-placements, allotings, unladings, disposal, un-doings, conge, cataloguings, erasings, ex patriations, dis position, dis seminations, neutralization, kiss-offs, in trusting, unburdening, re lief, dispatchings, Rescindment, jettison, de mobilizations, dis-patches, sur-render, trans-mission, alloting, releasings, junking, over-throw, voidings, giving overs, discardings, suppurations, projection, pro-ratings, relegations, flingings, auctionings, gradings, brushoffs, letting offs, bringing forth, co-ordinations, the heave hos, committal, dis-charge, ex-plosion, extrictions, classification, dis burdening, loss of right, dis-imprisonments, re-traction, co-ordination, re-calls, dis-charges, extriction, dis-missal, handing outs, emptyings, re traction, taxonomy, rescindments, de-terminations, dis-missing, dis engagement, dis missal, impeachment, getaway, disbarment, re-leases, dedomiciling, re leases, heaveho, de-nomination, de-gradations, enfranchisement, heave hos, Freedoms, coordinations, apportionings, re-versal, the door, de domiciling, dis-cardings, intrustings, de-nominations, in-trusting, the sacks, dis charge, pro rating, partitionings, barterings, placings, de-livery, un burdening, codification, dis lodgments, disburdenings, loss right, desertion, dislodgment, self government, co ordination, proratings, re calls, re legation, de-positions, pro-rating, re-lief, re versal, over throw, scrappings, orderings, dis-missings, auctioning, acquittings, in flections, throwing outs, parcel post, de terminations, communique, pro vision, re tractions, promptitudes, over throws, freedom, de-mobilizations, ex plosion, distribution, re-leasings, re legations, lam, conges, de gradation, break, spreadings, giving over, transference, re-peal, dis-positions, un-ladings, collocations, dis-engagements, dis-engagement, vitiation, co ordinations, dissipatings, acquittal, jettisonings, un doings, re scission, relief froms, citizenship, countermandings, re-scission, launching, sending shipment, delivery, forgetfulness, re-vocation, pro visions, de-gradation, dis-semination, old heaveho, dis-patching, sur-renders, representative governments, re lease, re-scissions, dis-possession, dis-position, dis solutions, dischargings, dis possessions, shipment, firings, pro cessions, coordination, un-frocking, housecleanings, distributings, brushoff, re-plica, re plica, de-mobilization, Remittances, split ups, castings, dis-carding, exudations, Cataloguing, abolitionism, communiques, vitiations, old heavehos, cartings, fulfillings, sur renders, hurlings, abolition, exudation, disimprisonment, re-lease, be-quest, dedomicilings, de-domiciling, pro-cession, the boots, brush-off, dis lodgment, ex-patriation, junkings, retraction, dis-solution, nuts bolts, dis-solutions, parcel posts, demobilization, deposition, alignings, thrustings, in validations, dis possession, unfrocking, de-liveries, dis missals, chuckings, selfgovernment, Freighting, dis patches, the heave-ho, lyingin, consignment, dereliction, Geniture, the heaveho.