Pronunciation of Reveal
/ɹɪvˈiːl/, /ɹɪvˈiːl/, /ɹ_ɪ_v_ˈiː_l/

Antonyms for reveal

fuzzing, jive, palms, out fit, re fusing, de-fends, set off, doth sly, sweeping under rug, slipt on, inter-fere, Dizening, be-fog, stays out sight, in tern, out lining, re tires, Bulwarked, Apparelling, Blarneyed, keep distance, lets go, gave the runaround, hold in, holding last rites for, Occulted, over-looking, doublecross, kept quiet, re-decorating, repel danger, Begilded, slathers, locked away, layered, throws makeup, set out, presents false front, put on band aid, be-clouding, dis-allowing, mixt with, dis allow, Enamelling, roofing, livery, up-held, disguise, trumping up, be wildered, be smeared, setting off, dispensing from, Hazing, with-hold, put out the way, am deceitful, mis represent, Palmed, tinsels, dissemble, was deceitful, stopping oneself, out-fit, Snowing, ex tending, whacked, lock in, in earths, doctoring up, de lude, boxed up, are hypocritical, Illuded, Patting, mixes with, pro fess, pre tend, be guile, kept out, re-plicated, got the way, costuming, be-clouded, re plicated, togging, de-frauds, screen, doest the sly, de-posit, closeted, veneer, de-signed, ex-tract, get in the way, keeping dark, consigns grave, dis charge, Enswathe, un furling, pass up, super-imposes, re-serves, doest a take off, double talking, un coiled, beating around bush, in crusts, glooming, fights for, make like, ex plains, puts a hole, kept under hat, drape, was enough, puts a band aid, took over, de positing, de-creases, dis guised, super-impose, cloud over, doing a take off, Inearth, ex tended, dost takeoff, de-based, are overcast, corked, present a false front, consign grave, Lustering, was distributed, do a take-off, up-holding, double talked, re-decorate, journeyed over, be dizened, over-spreading, hanged up, makes lustrous, blinded, shuck and jive, Sprucing, vitrify, make light of, steer clear of, reject, let fall, pro cessed, be dizening, cooped up, putting on band aid, aurified, be-dizens, dissimulate, refinishes, ensepulchered, overdraws, co-oped, claims falsely, in-vested, gat in the way, deck out, doth takeoff, doeth a take off, plaster, Girdled, make believed, over looks, re modelled, Caparisoning, slipped out, veil, stands in for, smoothing over, Pirating, Gloze, claiming falsely, lays claim, counter balancing, brought to naught, Victualing, gets around, Forbore, mothballed, dost sly, stopped oneself, muddied the waters, clouds up, Glassing, journey over, counter balance, present false front, acted like, hem in, be-drapes, over-spread, does take-off, throwing up smoke screen, clouded over, Illuding, makes vitreous, dis allowed, in vent, art overcast, de-sign, making good, clouding issue, took under wing, crusted, dost take-off, in stalled, eclipse, trans plants, stashes away, re plicates, un folded, shotgun, de-ducting, uncoiling, overcasting, store, doeth a take-off, de tail, graying, bring to naught, falsify, wink at, led a merry chase, puts up smoke screen, out stretches, simulate, Snowed, Cinched, re decorate, put on band-aid, fit out, take the rap for, with holds, being displayed, over-spreads, in crease, over clouds, be wilders, cover all bases, dis-plays, shade, kept in reserve, letting fall, threw oneself into, performs magic, didst take-off, de-tailing, burke, putting on a false front, pre-text, tampered with, in corporates, shield, clouded issue, puts on front, in vents, slipt into, guising, de-lude, catch a likeness, dandify, four-flushes, doing the sly, Burkes, in corporate, begging question, in-vented, rigs out, dis-guised, in-creased, laying claim, in-terns, un-folds, takes the rap for, clouding up, doeth a takeoff, aureated, picking out, re-produces, re tire, de-crease, carpeting, sets on, didst a take-off, prestidigitates, masked, pre vent, dis play, consigned grave, begild, enisles, pleading ignorance, pre pares, mixing with, did takeoff, threw up smoke screen, am distributed, inter feres, gloss, doing sly, Muddying, mis lead, de-lineated, held in, covering up, holding out on, re served, mis-reported, doeth like, excuse, glassed, take care of, rolls up, keep under one hat, Riveted, packaging, shutting in, dis-simulates, sur rounding, sub merging, beat around bush, deal with, dummied up, quick fixt, mis states, dizens, are distributed, doubled for, led on a merry chase, pre-tends, habilitate, Tinselling, sandbagging, cheese, out-lines, putting coats, Gluing, doest takeoff, puts on false front, cooping up, Bunking, setting on, safeguard, keeps to oneself, cloak, not give awaying, putting on front, beat off, provide for, in folding, inearthing, smoothed over, is displayed, apologizes for, in-corporate, aurifies, repelling danger, holds bay, shingling, overclouding, be deceitful, befog, begging the question, present a false face, lay claim, told of, refer to, counter balanced, re-presents, Hazed, care for, keeping in reserve, Shrouded, be daubs, doped up, am hypocritical, is deceitful, over-drawing, guarded against, Misreport, re-ached, inumbrating, by-passing, re-finish, aureates, held out on, in-stall, pro-moting, put out of way, pro moting, quick fixed, over-draws, de-pict, re-counts, provides for, exempted from, not give aways, be daubed, sur-faces, pro-cessed, trans-lated, put storage, pre-serves, cladding, up holding, mis-states, presents a false front, be-dizen, re-straining, raimented, pre text, dandifies, sur-rounded, ex-plaining, sur mount, be daub, whacking, Cheeses, threw smoke screen, sits on, un-twisting, out fitted, obscure, dragged ones feet, keep secret, be gild, pre-vents, bottle up, clouds over, cloud the issue, went in to hiding, sur faces, casting a shadow, tinsel, refinish, Jacketed, did on the sly, curled up, provided for, dis torts, set on, ex-cretes, Enisle, bunco, garmenting, ex tract, re pressed, pleads ignorance, trans-plant, roofed, de-lay, box up, Overdrawn, phonied, Diced, took under one wing, getting in the way, wast deceitful, be-fuddles, misreporting, dispensed from, decks out, leaned over, Shying, over-lay, habilitated, are enough, fuddle, de ducted, re produces, over stating, mothballs, am overcast, pre served, Shingled, de creased, de-creased, closed off, be dizen, in vest, holds down, putting out the way, re producing, went underground, closing off, putting a band aid, re-leases, make for, in-earth, weighting, pre pare, laid low, co oping, provides refuge, make good, de-posits, shucked and jive, bringing naught, tuck away, snuggling up, beats off, blockaded, be-gilds, un wound, re fuses, lied low, over drawing, drag one feet, inter ring, de-base, do a take off, re strains, diffusing, Sepulchering, suited up, drag feet, doping up, be hypocritical, staid out of sight, puts on bandaid, harbor, re tains, Dulling, un twisting, keep oneself, bringing to naught, refinishing, blanket, Superposed, wert deceitful, gave shelter, plant, be-fogging, re tain, un-rolls, fake out, with draws, throw up smoke screen, do like, re modelling, curls up, wrap, be-daubing, re-modeling, caught likeness, distort, in ducts, de ducting, closes off, prestidigitated, does takeoff, with stands, keeps under wraps, keep under one's hat, bury, doeth sly, doing on the sly, misreports, held down, write up, be smearing, mis-reporting, re lease, de-fended, fuzzed, puts in the hole, beating off, seeded down, didst sly, does on sly, un rolling, monkeys with, sur facing, de pict, un fold, keep feeling inside oneself, sneaks away, be wilder, smooths over, rivetting, take cover, keeps out, didst takeoff, pro-mote, re porting, ex-tracts, be drape, catching likeness, brings naught, in-crusts, giftwraps, boarded up, puts out of the way, re-strains, bedraping, brought naught, psychs out, masquerade, in-venting, mis reporting, giving lie to, mis-representing, over spread, dost on the sly, fuddled, being enough, in earthed, beats around bush, letted fall, put false front, dissent, consign to grave, gloss over, taking under wing, super impose, close off, begged question, keep, double-talking, be-wilder, shotgunning, didst on the sly, over-drew, be fogging, giftwrap, be dizens, sur-face, Overdrawing, art deceitful, drags one feet, re leases, end owed, take over, Humbugged, carpeted, keeping out, be-trays, presented a false front, casts a shadow, fuddles, uncoil, rolled out, tells of, be-draping, out-lined, stayed out sight, wert enough, psyched out, mew, beg the question, doeth take off, making for, holding down, glozes, re-did, give absolution, multi plying, pre-venting, spreading over, by passing, puts out way, re-lated, Tombed, sweeps under rug, going in to hiding, de fend, clamming up, de posit, giving runaround, dragging one feet, kept safe, out-fitted, enameled, misreported, be-tray, be fuddling, doublespeak, with held, Embargoing, be-cloud, put on a bandaid, perform magic, muddies the waters, provided refuge, sur-faced, makes for, be fuddle, doth take-off, super posed, miscoloring, providing sanctuary, doest on sly, gat the way, kept dark, de adens, putting a bandaid, keeping distance, throwing smoke screen, pass off as, taking under ones wing, be dimmed, gives lie to, in-ducted, guarding against, occlude, am displayed, be-daubed, un furled, dis-charging, closed in, bundling up, Cribbed, de fending, dis tort, make up for, mantled, ex-plain, de lay, de signs, out-line, post pone, de base, putting out of the way, slipping in to, panoplied, holds services for, putting on false front, be-dimmed, tampers with, re-ported, dispenses from, passed up, holding bay, winking at, togged, be guiles, rig up, setting apart, habilitates, blots out, de-tain, hang up, muddies, put a band-aid, in-crust, with-drawing, hided out, dis simulating, pre texts, be-gilding, over-look, being deceitful, swept under rug, mince, locks in, antiqued, locked up, be cloud, de tain, cared for, Garrisoned, puts on a false front, be displayed, un winds, be fog, puts front, un folds, didst the sly, be fogged, super-posing, cheesed, locked in, un twists, over-clouds, bush up, apologize for, re-producing, re-presses, gift-wrap, re-plicating, covering all bases, in sure, over casts, dope up, cloud up, Hived, re aching, spreadeagle, bear hugging, keeping oneself, provide refuge, muddy the waters, mis colored, pre-texts, leading on a merry chase, un-coiled, putting up front, prettifies, dummy up, re-fused, lean over, over laid, dis-perse, curl up, sur mounting, ex plained, de-tailed, dulls, re presents, diffused, un coiling, put up a smoke screen, re late, out-fitting, walls off, pro duce, didst on sly, rigged out, begilding, mis-colors, refers to, throwing makeup, takes under one's wing, doublespeaking, holds out on, covered bases, kept back, setting out, by pass, de-ducts, doing a takeoff, put front, muffle, decked out, be-fogged, mis interprets, mis-state, lays low, do take-off, stows away, staying out sight, over casting, dis charging, referring to, murked, does on the sly, making light of, doing take off, packs away, in vesting, threw in to, de basing, warehousing, evened out, Tombing, bedizen, be enough, in venting, pre-tend, uncoils, doeth take-off, prestidigitate, passing oneself off as, engild, did the sly, doubletalk, un-twisted, go bat for, keeps under one hat, fourflushed, re-served, mis report, taking care of, takes cover, Enameling, did like, over look, Blarneying, shucks jive, juggle, mis-represents, blinding, re-plicates, dispute, put the hole, phonies, prettify, referred to, fighting for, be-decked, encase, locks away, over clouded, untwisted, end owing, un rolled, passes oneself as, putting up smoke screen, begilds, holds off, mis colors, putting out of way, ex plain, keeps under ones hat, end-owing, dis-simulate, cares for, Enisled, be gilding, paint, in-earthing, murking, putting band aid, not tell, sneaking away, be overcast, did a take-off, be-drape, walled in, dis-allowed, giving the runaround, doth a takeoff, Frescoed, did take off, dis charged, sitting down on, un-coils, putting lid on, puts in hole, seed down, pre serves, fight for, doubles for, over laying, made vitreous, lock up, boxes up, lead a merry chase, stand in for, dis charges, putting the hole, evens out, hold out on, de-laying, acts like, dis-played, took account of, put lid on, provide sanctuary, becloud, de laying, keeps oneself, un winding, buncoed, sandbag, Miscolor, stowed away, present false face, pro fesses, cast shadow, bear hugged, re modeled, de based, was hypocritical, puts six feet under, getting way, de-aden, re straining, over states, keeping to oneself, be smears, fitting out, provided sanctuary, did a take off, re-strain, puts on band aid, passed through, sets apart, put in a hole, does a takeoff, do the sly, four flush, ex crete, be-dizened, spoofed, counterfeit, vitrified, laying away, over cloud, cache, spoofing, Cloistering, re-doing, not give awayed, be-lied, un rolls, put on front, watched over, put up a front, guards against, do on sly, gets in the way, mis reports, counter-balance, drove in, in-corporates, over hangs, go into hiding, un-twist, re counts, canopied, doth the sly, goes underground, enisling, re-lease, de lays, claim falsely, Robing, wears cheaters, puts band-aid, wrote up, hold down, super-imposed, Potting, in-fold, doeth takeoff, Inumbrate, mis leading, letted go, doing takeoff, contradict, took under ones wing, slipt in to, puts bandaid, doth on the sly, threw oneself in to, pre tending, overspreading, wast overcast, phony up, sit on, mis-interpreted, take account of, in-hume, in-folded, putting on coats, camouflage, mis interpreted, de-fend, mis leads, re finished, de crease, trump up, engilded, pro-fess, inumbrates, de-fraud, shut in, passing through, obstruct, over cast, cheesing, with-held, holds back, be-dimming, befogs, in stalling, over drew, in-crusted, out lines, trumps up, out-fits, mis-stated, presented false face, doth on sly, mothball, Mures, un-folding, sieved, trans-planted, dost like, in hume, re finishing, cast a shadow, dis-guising, holding in, in earth, grant amnesty, puts out of way, put the lid on, un-wound, enfold, sur faced, be-decks, interned, glosses over, keep under ones hat, slipping on, gave the lie to, went into hiding, does sly, kept feeling inside oneself, de-signing, be-smear, is enough, saved for rainy day, overspreads, Layering, give shelter, mis interpreting, pass as, doest a takeoff, up-holds, with-drawn, leans over, giftwrapped, go in to hiding, do on the sly, Housed, Befogging, de picts, getting around, secure, out stretching, phonying up, pro duces, deaconed, sub due, put act, breeches, gift-wrapt, Garrisoning, shroud, casts shadow, jiving, doubletalking, re counted, throws in to, buncos, rig out, Enamelled, keeps feeling inside oneself, with holding, clouding the issue, puts a band-aid, journeys over, in-ducting, re-plicate, makes light of, wast displayed, lies low, sepultured, am enough, interning, keeping under one's hat, clouds the issue, de-tains, Glozing, Dandifying, out fitting, seclude, re-produce, over-cast, granting amnesty, bedizened, catch likeness, rivetted, presents false face, put on act, block off, were overcast, un-coil, dis-simulated, untwists, puts band aid, put on coats, be dimming, mis-lead, superpose, Lacquering, pre serving, with-standing, got in the way, dis perse, in-creases, re-press, with standing, catches likeness, be decked, un-winding, re does, breech, over-hanging, stashing away, enshroud, over-clouded, in sert, were displayed, pre-vented, puts up a smoke screen, in-stalled, tucked away, ensepulchering, overcast, were enough, picks out, ex-tend, re did, blot out, were distributed, ensepulchers, led merry chase, sat on, over-shadowing, over-cloud, over shadowing, hold off, lead on a merry chase, Whites, saves for rainy day, doest sly, in vested, re strained, keep in reserve, re-serving, doest on the sly, pretend, wast distributed, palliate, enswathing, drag one's feet, psyching out, slowing down, de-positing, be-daubs, put on a front, blocking off, dummying up, super-pose, sur-mount, takes care of, gotten in way, hid out, shuttered, put a smoke screen, in-tern, coat, keep from, garmented, multi-plied, packing away, befogged, four flushed, pro-duces, in terns, un coils, blotted out, repudiate, habilitating, Domiciled, in vests, de creasing, de fended, wert overcast, trans-planting, over-casts, counter-balancing, not telling, held services for, de frauds, be-decking, re-does, trans-plants, putting a band-aid, faked out, slathered, dis-simulating, shrouding, make-believing, Incrusting, muddies waters, re-serve, Bunked, dragging one's feet, overcloud, put band aid, de cline, leant over, de-lineate, clam up, doing take-off, putting up a front, keep under wraps, fakes out, re-tiring, in-duct, set apart, re-done, four-flushing, in-crusting, enswathed, slips in to, putting on band-aid, counter balances, mis-report, making allowances for, palm, mis-leading, in crusted, clouds issue, gives the lie to, in vented, dis-charges, sub dues, conceal, laying low, makes good, goes in to hiding, counter-balanced, puts storage, out-lining, ex-tending, multi-plying, drags one's feet, prettifying, keeps safe, putting up a smoke screen, gild, coop up, re ported, lied, sur-facing, de signed, mis represented, are deceitful, be-draped, kept under wraps, out-stretched, Appareling, does like, wert hypocritical, hide, lay away, re ached, slows down, over-laying, keeping feeling inside oneself, over-laid, walling off, doest take off, pick out, shucked jive, gift wrapping, Liveries, passes for, umbraged, taking the rap for, de signing, puts a false front, giftwrapt, mis-leads, sandbagged, co oped, puts out the way, dis simulated, aureating, in crust, throws smoke screen, four flushing, look after, de sign, pre vents, dis playing, ex-crete, do sly, tucks away, re tiring, clams up, post-pone, disavow, kept secret, miscolors, sub-due, slip into, dragging ones feet, sets off, pre-served, rolling out, be-fogs, Sepulchered, putting on a bandaid, passes up, re-finishes, de-cline, in-vests, with drawing, staid out sight, dragged feet, clothe, glued, re-models, re-decorates, deaconing, watch over, makes allowances for, leads on a merry chase, Sided, pass oneself as, cover, gotten around, cloud, put six feet under, over-draw, re presses, mis-stating, Dicing, be deck, un-rolling, re-aching, doest a take-off, Havened, throw smoke screen, leads merry chase, in-vest, passing off as, didst like, pre paring, put on a false front, consigned to grave, costumed, in-crease, be draped, sneaked away, super posing, de-tails, sub-merging, shies, even out, dizen, close in, Suckering, throws oneself in to, re present, by-passes, pre pared, super imposes, sur mounts, taking rap for, held at bay, in duct, overspread, stashed away, illudes, keeps under one's hat, took rap for, put in the hole, passes as, victual, deny, Closeting, wert distributed, pre-pared, re models, pass oneself off as, repelled danger, lock away, acting like, over clouding, putting a smoke screen, leading a merry chase, engilding, covers up, put an act, re-porting, super pose, be-fuddled, board up, Walling, be-fuddling, post pones, put a band aid, keeping safe, re-model, be-wildered, Overdrew, bring naught, fourflushes, dis-guise, gat around, encases, hush, Curtaining, de posits, mis-represented, be decks, be-lying, doest take-off, over looked, be clouded, over spreads, monkeying with, in fold, kept from, gift-wrapped, plead ignorance, bedrapes, bushing up, passed as, bedizening, did a takeoff, dis plays, ex-plained, liveried, weighted, puts on band-aid, untwisting, stowing away, ex tend, claimed falsely, put a front, stop oneself, re serve, stay out sight, Lacquered, gift wrapped, in crusting, tampering with, keep quiet, miscolored, alibiing, re-tain, got way, softpedal, keeping secret, throwing on makeup, re-leased, watching over, seeding down, face, gets way, un-folded, Cribbing, de lineated, held last rites for, sandbags, with drawn, be-guiles, re strain, out stretch, guard against, shuttering, put up front, Domiciling, up-hold, whiting, de-lays, belie, with-stand, seeds down, shingles, hide out, Victualed, dis allowing, re presented, re produced, takes under ones wing, ex plaining, with-stands, Inurning, de-posited, chambered, passing for, dis allows, fits out, bushes up, going into hiding, liverying, keeps under hat, Seeding, dis-allows, dis-tort, dis guise, are displayed, gift-wrapping, four flushes, tamper with, diffuses, pleaded ignorance, Jacketing, put on bandaid, boarding up, garb, kept reserve, prestidigitating, gives the runaround, faking out, saving for rainy day, in-folds, casting shadow, end-owed, Chambering, fences off, goes into hiding, Frescos, inurns, did take-off, un-rolled, drave in, repels danger, snuggles up, ensconce, puts a front, umbraging, re finish, whitewashed, drags ones feet, Whited, keeping under hat, Hacking, ex-tended, be-deck, Suppressing, blocks off, over draws, with drew, Islanded, get around, passed for, secrete, snuck away, apologizing for, made like, Hutching, slips on, slapping on, slow down, looked after, writing up, uncoiled, slipping out, puts up front, ensepulcher, taking account of, winks at, re-modeled, Hashing, throwing oneself into, catching a likeness, Inurn, inearthed, dost the sly, dispense from, de-ludes, slapped on, sur rounded, doctor, in-sure, sate down on, stay out of sight, de duct, grayed, locking up, sub-merges, be fogs, un-twists, be-smeared, encasing, presented a false face, taking cover, pre-paring, closing in, aurify, doublespeaks, blows smoke, boxing up, blotting out, in creases, presented false front, sur mounted, Cresting, made light of, taking under one wing, sub-merge, over draw, four-flush, raimenting, wall off, re tired, re press, dis-allow, puts a bandaid, re-presented, does the sly, dopes up, super imposed, super-imposing, habited, laid away, un-furling, fend, muddying the waters, wert displayed, hanging up, engilds, suits up, be fuddled, putting smoke screen, spreads over, up hold, get the way, sashayed, sub-dues, be-wildering, holding services for, psych out, over shadows, Binned, defend, keep reserve, re-tains, dis-charged, sur-mounts, sur face, be wildering, kept under ones hat, throws on makeup, takes rap for, re-tire, inter fere, double for, evening out, Warehoused, makebelieving, be clouding, keeping under wraps, sneak away, kept under one's hat, re strict, putting on a band-aid, playact, apologized for, pro-cess, catches a likeness, rolling up, Occulting, be trays, stood in for, be drapes, presents a false face, took care of, trans planted, covers bases, out-stretches, enclose, not told, pretexting, getting in way, leading on merry chase, sub merges, doth like, presenting false face, Shotguns, taking under one's wing, Superposing, in-vents, art hypocritical, super imposing, incrusts, CLADS, keep to oneself, did sly, dost a take off, Palming, fake, packed away, crested, slather, be smear, un twist, puts coats, jazzing, Bitted, refuse, be-dizening, mis stated, lays away, put a false front, Bitting, be daubing, sequestrate, corking, Muddy Waters, re finishes, Hooding, takes under wing, be-wilders, Incrusted, By-pass, gives shelter, keeps dark, kept distance, lying low, gave runaround, be-gilded, dis-charge, re model, be lying, doctor up, Bottled, gave absolution, getting the way, panoplying, bushed up, coops up, in-sert, blockading, over shadowed, keeps from, keep out, doublespeaked, trans late, passed oneself as, slip in to, giving absolution, fools, clouding over, un-roll, occults, sur-mounted, de-basing, re-produced, drives in, un-furled, sat down on, be distributed, de creases, robed, snuggle up, packaged, does a take off, put out way, re fused, un-coiling, spread over, jives, re-strict, putting in the hole, overcasts, Illude, wall in, untwist, be decking, hush up, piggybacking, slips out, is distributed, takes under one wing, puts false front, put hole, hiding out, hold bay, dost take off, doth a take-off, re plicating, drags feet, decking out, muddied waters, re counting, dress, Patted, lustered, clammed up, counter-balances, with-draw, bedraped, prettified, re-decorated, throws up smoke screen, spread, de-picts, be gilds, mask, doubletalked, make allowances for, be clouds, re-presenting, pre-pare, steers clear of, de tains, takes account of, keeping from, kept to oneself, steering clear of, de-adens, rigging out, gowned, sweep under rug, dis-guises, doctored up, gotten the way, fresco, Hutched, muddying waters, sur-rounding, throws oneself into, breeched, mothballing, exempts from, re-fuse, glossing over, in-vesting, Cinching, didst a take off, pre-tended, out line, keeps secret, fence off, being hypocritical, by-passed, puts in a hole, re fuse, de fends, be-smearing, ex-plains, wore cheaters, spruces, passes through, by passed, covered up, mis-coloring, Bottling, be draping, passes off as, envelop, re decorated, doth a take off, tucking away, lead merry chase, dragged one feet, with stood, re presenting, pre serve, throws into, shuts in, pre-tending, slips into, puts on a bandaid, un coil, in creasing, puts smoke screen, in-stalling, begged the question, Crusting, be-clouds, dragged one's feet, de-duct, over lays, sieving, put coats, pass through, pro cess, blow smoke, slipped into, glossed over, un-fold, four-flushed, make vitreous, beg question, clouded the issue, bundles up, consigning grave, presenting a false front, with hold, Hiving, does a take-off, Re-present, blowing smoke, putting a hole, de-tail, sequester, take under one's wing, stow away, pack away, presenting a false face, put on a band aid, bedrape, un wind, shelter, doctors up, withhold, inter-ring, pro-fesses, pretexted, shotgunned, keeps back, throw oneself in to, sashaying, burked, throw into, Victualled, bundled up, covered all bases, be tray, over-stated, smooth over, shucking jive, in-vent, pro cessing, save for rainy day, overclouded, putting on a front, picked out, sub-merged, be-smears, puts on a band-aid, de tailed, dis guises, inumbrated, un folding, puts in storage, took cover, made lustrous, monkey with, Dizened, leads a merry chase, go underground, do takeoff, fenced off, sitting on, caught a likeness, looks after, Bulwarking, be lied, standing in for, throw on makeup, Hacked, giving cover, putting in storage, keeping back, re serving, give the lie to, made allowances for, out-stretching, overdraw, dis simulates, muring, suiting up, passing as, dis simulate, shadow, act like, Mured, journeying over, holds last rites for, over-drawn, putting on a band aid, keeps reserve, shucking and jive, de aden, in-ducts, put a bandaid, holds at bay, dudded, looking after, phonies up, Breeching, put up smoke screen, Stoppering, dragging feet, out-stretch, be-fuddle, with stand, threw makeup, passed off as, over-looks, de-ducted, begs question, stays out of sight, be-guile, wearing cheaters, de lineate, put out of the way, keeps quiet, takes over, holding at bay, did on sly, evade, threw on makeup, dis-play, with draw, rigs up, antiquing, co-oping, stops oneself, up held, de tailing, passes oneself off as, in ducted, cloud issue, put a hole, keep dark, drive in, gives runaround, in folds, performed magic, pre-vent, de clines, Apparelled, in-folding, dis guising, were hypocritical, Burking, providing for, gotten in the way, pro-motes, with-holds, re-pressing, post-pones, closes in, gowning, by passes, give cover, not tells, boards up, ex-tends, was displayed, mis-interprets, Entrapped, tell of, over-stating, cover bases, Mantling, Pirated, curling up, out fits, begs the question, doing on sly, Binning, roll out, slap on, incrust, pre venting, over-casting, fool, being overcast, locking in, get in way, put bandaid, brings to naught, stoppered, dandified, Humbugging, mis representing, un roll, be-daub, passing oneself as, dost a takeoff, sur-mounting, slipped on, de fraud, caparisoned, keeping quiet, be-gild, gat way, holds in, guised, stayed out of sight, clouded up, piggybacked, letting go, staying out of sight, Tinseling, de-clines, keeps in reserve, took the rap for, made up for, varnish, bundle up, covering bases, putting in a hole, re pressing, Vitrifying, suppress, mis represents, putting storage, over-shadows, Habiting, Embargoed, quick fixing, keep back, lay low, rub, got in way, putting bandaid, roll up, de-fending, keeping under one hat, ex tends, makes up for, over shadow, aurifying, over-clouding, re done, consigning to grave, do a takeoff, twist, sets out, bedizens, be gilded, sate on, doubling for, re-modelled, de ludes, out lined, lie low, dis-playing, mis-colored, ex cretes, taking over, was overcast, wear cheaters, drag ones feet, passing up, gat in way, throw makeup, top, putting on bandaid, being distributed, overclouds, GRAYS, covers all bases, blocked off, de posited, phonied up, inter-feres, doeth the sly, super-posed, consigns to grave, mixed with, didst take off, cover up, dost on sly, muddied, re-strained, not give away, ward off, over-lays, gift-wraps, giving shelter, makebelieve, puts the lid on, puts on a front, co loring, re-counted, gave cover, with-drew, appareled, walling in, fourflush, vitrifies, putting false front, doeth on the sly, un-winds, Fuddling, pro-cesses, Canopying, walled off, is hypocritical, dudding, mis-color, pass for, Secreted, snuggled up, took under one's wing, dis played, wast hypocritical, over state, glaze, buncoing, put on false front, de tails, double-talked, misrepresent, doth take off, put by, alibied, going underground, kept oneself, mis-represent, fourflushing, de-creasing, curtained, caring for, slowed down, slip on, blew smoke, up holds, Frescoing, doeth on sly, whitewash, pre-serving, hides out, Glozed, dummies up, telling of, Spruced, Gloomed, de-signs, be fuddles, dis-torts, doing like, putting out way, keeping under ones hat, makebelieved, superposes, de ducts, garble, make-believed, gets in way, putting a false front, didst a takeoff, rolls out, bluff, leaning over, double cross, co-loring, keep safe, pre tends, re-counting.