Pronunciation of Reward
/ɹɪwˈɔːd/, /ɹɪwˈɔːd/, /ɹ_ɪ_w_ˈɔː_d/

Antonyms for reward

punitive measure, re strain, de terminations, castigate, Illtreat, raps knuckles, piece mind, drag over the coals, being on one's case, drag over coals, ex torts, de frauds, de-bars, hast the carpet, be devils, tonguelashes, have on the carpet, in-junction, telling-offs, putting disadvantage, are on one case, de-barred, raggings, piece one's mind, Lessoned, shrift, inveigles against, art one's case, what fors, is one case, casts out, being case, de crees, be-rates, justice, giving works, de-barring, out raged, Caned, wert on case, wast ones case, Martyring, mis treat, rap knuckles, fine, re-dresses, defrock, ex act, haddest on the carpet, self government, re vile, de frocking, drive up the wall, dratted, giving piece one mind, were one's case, call the carpet, inveigling against, has the carpet, torment, gives hard time, rapping knuckles, Dragooned, leaned on, ex-tort, jumps down ones throat, lower boom, reprimand, are case, self flagellation, being on one case, sends up the river, mis-treat, de-voted, ex communicate, slight, wast on ones case, ex acting, lowers the boom, ex acts, gives a hard time, telling-off, gives piece of one mind, send to prison, calls the carpet, legalizations, be-deviled, pays through nose, in junctions, lean on, taking to task, cracked down on, re-morses, talking to, hadst carpet, impose penalty, teaches a lesson, overlook, mis fortune, re pressed, rapped knuckles, drives bananas, dragging over coals, ex-torts, lowering the boom, gives the works, am on case, jumped down throat, talkingtos, judicatory, pardon, takes fall, selfmastery, de barring, ex-acted, self masteries, drave bananas, drives up the wall, attends to, mis treating, lighting in to, send up the river, defrocks, chidings, lighted into, ex communicated, self mastery, sent to prison, give hard time, cast out, de fraud, had the carpet, de-vote, be rating, calls on carpet, dis-advantages, jumped down ones throat, sending the river, dressingdown, de-crees, giving piece of ones mind, bottom, tellingoff, lower the boom, expiations, gives piece of one's mind, paying through nose, up braid, expiation, drave up wall, de frock, threw the book at, played cat mouse, hell to pay, re proves, up braids, ex-probates, disciplinary action, called on the carpet, giving a going over, dis-tress, be rate, penalize, up-braid, art ones case, de voting, un happinesses, pre cept, am on one's case, talkingto, thundered against, gives piece of ones mind, selfcommands, am one's case, drove the wall, rubbing salt wound, inveigled against, inflict handicap, send the river, in junction, self command, self flagellations, being one's case, rubbed salt in wound, re views, makes pay, due processes, self control, domestication, be rated, called the carpet, Denunciate, paid through nose, noble actions, call carpet, be-devils, sending prison, domestications, ex probates, re-pressing, considered opinion, am on ones case, gives piece mind, coercive measures, Boning, de votes, seal of approval, tongue lashes, punish, be rates, lowered the boom, puts on ice, slapped with, are ones case, wert case, ticking off, rake over coals, taught a lesson, hard times, re-vile, inflicts handicap, gave piece one's mind, damn, give piece of ones mind, judicature, dis tress, reading riot act, de-votes, driving up wall, gave the works, dis advantages, gave going over, pro-scribe, be-devil, taught lesson, selfcontrol, be one's case, constitutionalities, has on the carpet, attending to, ex-acting, rubs salt wound, calling downs, rough treatments, slap wrist, gave piece one mind, de-frocked, un-happinesses, inflicted handicap, payed through nose, telling offs, calling on carpet, lighted in to, square deal, forget, give piece of mind, are one's case, give dickens, hast carpet, damage(s), read the riot act, dis-missing, complains of, dis-tresses, gives the dickens, tonguelashing, took task, haddest on carpet, takes task, wert on one case, hadst on the carpet, monishes, giving piece ones mind, be on case, Ragging, absolve, Martyred, gave dickens, drove up the wall, dis missing, drags over the coals, de-frauds, talking-to, helpful words, driving the wall, mis-treats, sackcloth ashes, up braided, re dress, has on carpet, wast on one's case, Sconced, complain of, was one case, de-bar, were on case, de termination, driving bananas, sends to prison, throw the book at, hit with, tongue-lash, sanction, be-devilled, ex-probated, drive up wall, re press, boned, gave works, took fall, mulct, hadst the carpet, mis used, cracking down on, re straining, gives a going over, sconces, up-braids, calls down, due process, ex-communicated, wert ones case, played cat and mouse, making pay, am ones case, wert one case, send prison, re-dress, de privations, attend to, hast on the carpet, be ones case, groomings, de voted, judicatories, call down, pass judgment, pro scribed, were on one's case, goahead, put through wringer, dratting, reasonablenesses, be on one's case, gave a hard time, correct, self-mastery, ex-probating, fair plays, putting at disadvantage, cry down, punitions, dragged over the coals, lowers boom, being on case, jumps down one throat, re-view, sentence, give piece one's mind, penalty, imposes penalty, slaps wrist, sends the river, re-strain, mis-using, cries down, were on one case, piece one mind, tellingoffs, lights into, slapping with, Dragooning, ex-act, is ones case, called on carpet, rough treatment, just dessert, out-rage, give piece of one's mind, gives piece one's mind, be on one case, put disadvantage, drive wall, piece of ones mind, de bars, tick off, drove up wall, make pay, reading the riot act, sub dues, putting on ice, rubbed salt wound, be-deviling, DRAT, are on ones case, lit into, had on carpet, calls carpet, square deals, de-terminations, de-frocks, ex probate, take fall, imposed penalty, giving hard time, re-strains, giving piece of mind, loss, scourge, was on one case, forfeit, pay through nose, chasten, were on ones case, excuse, is on case, railroaded, dis missed, send river, wast one case, re-views, call on carpet, drave the wall, dis-tressed, sent up the river, throw book at, tongue-lashes, sending up the river, giving the works, being ones case, re presses, took to task, re-proved, ex-communicating, jumps down throat, co-wing, hath on the carpet, drillings, giving piece of one mind, gives piece of mind, mis-used, legal processes, jumping down one throat, disciplinary actions, drive bananas, leans on, tongue lashed, wert one's case, co wed, jump down throat, sub ordination, is on one's case, take away, driving up the wall, seal approval, inveigle against, be one case, lowering boom, put at disadvantage, hits with, lights in to, meting out, give piece of one mind, de privation, giving piece one's mind, re-presses, calls on the carpet, pre-cept, pay through the nose, dis tressed, ex communicating, bawling outs, lowered boom, discipline, was case, sending river, is one's case, called carpet, hard time, Punition, de-termination, stamp of approval, was one's case, gave a going over, gives piece ones mind, sub due, self-masteries, am on one case, penance, taking the fall, give piece mind, gives works, denunciating, give piece ones mind, self-commands, piece ones mind, de frocked, pro scribe, dis advantage, having the carpet, ex tort, give piece one mind, re-proves, sends prison, give a going over, acquit, give going over, calling on the carpet, jumps down one's throat, passed judgment, mis-fortunes, ex probated, be-devilling, sent prison, Devilled, re commendation, hath carpet, selfmasteries, slapping wrist, take task, playing cat and mouse, teaches lesson, casting out, thunder against, inculcation, defrocked, drags over coals, calling the carpet, inflicting handicap, re-commendations, cried down, judicatures, neglect, mis using, fulminated against, mis fortunes, fair treatments, Constitutionality, are on case, drats, sufferance, slaps with, ex communicates, re-morse, hast on carpet, reasonableness, jumping down throat, thundering against, exprobating, giving going over, put ice, out rages, gives dickens, playing cat mouse, object to, takes the fall, monished, sends up river, de-privations, sufferances, be deviled, drives up wall, giving piece mind, out-raging, be devil, drave wall, mis treats, drove wall, de-cree, re view, dragoons, putting ice, puts at disadvantage, pro scribes, piece of one's mind, de vote, de cree, just desserts, ex-probate, gave piece of one's mind, reads riot act, re-commendation, de-frocking, re prove, co wing, haddest carpet, gave piece of one mind, pro scribing, rubbing salt in wound, pays through the nose, sends river, selfflagellations, taking fall, tonguelashed, de-privation, wert on ones case, lit in to, play cat and mouse, forgive, paid through the nose, sub-ordinations, jump down one throat, shrifts, jumped down one's throat, hath the carpet, Lessoning, slap with, call on the carpet, co-wed, branch knowledge, punishment, send up river, throws book at, re morses, re dresses, legalization, dragoon, slapped wrist, being one case, giving the dickens, re strains, take the fall, fulminating against, wast on one case, denunciated, having on carpet, was ones case, piece of one mind, de-frock, paying through the nose, throwing book at, drave up the wall, be deviling, Sconcing, leaning on, takes to task, imposing penalty, attaint, gave piece ones mind, payed through the nose, thunders against, dragging over the coals, mis treated, un-happiness, passing judgment, plays cat and mouse, taking task, lighting into, is on one case, Reamed, teach a lesson, objecting to, gave piece mind, leant on, exprobate, complained of, branch of knowledge, deprive, selfflagellation, am case, persecute, re-strained, sackcloth and ashes, are one case, objects to, considered opinions, sconce, sub-due, gave piece of ones mind, ex-communicate, re-prove, complaining of, sub-dues, light in to, meted out, Dooming, castigation, giving dickens, fair play, self-command, hath on carpet, wert on one's case, ex cruciate, dis-advantage, were ones case, re-prehension, give the dickens, throws the book at, sub ordinations, is on ones case, driving wall, be on ones case, re proved, put on ice, re-straining, up-braiding, is case, getting your, going overs, were one case, tongue lashing, selfgovernment, railroading, pro-scribed, tongue lash, rub salt wound, exprobated, play cat mouse, drives the wall, jump down one's throat, re-proving, teaching a lesson, be devilling, take to task, calling down, gave piece of mind, have on carpet, are on one's case, ex-communicates, hell pay, was on case, puts disadvantage, out-raged, am one case, sent up river, disciplined, de-fraud, talking tos, selfcommand, pass over, re commendations, hitting with, attended to, chewing outs, Levied, objected to, dis-missed, called down, fair treatment, was on one's case, noble action, blistered, what for, getting yours, dis tresses, coercive measure, caning, drove bananas, up-braided, ex probating, stamp approval, Deviled, monishing, cracks down on, denunciates, wast case, re strained, mis-treated, drives wall, being on ones case, be devilled, giving piece of one's mind, tongue-lashed, be-rating, gives going over, throwing the book at, jumping down ones throat, re pressing, threw book at, crying down, chastisement, give the works, give works, de frocks, dragged over coals, hadst on carpet, teaching lesson, passes judgment, wast on case, out-rages, Devilling, was on ones case, gives piece one mind, monish, calling carpet, gave the dickens, sackcloth and ash, re morse, rapt knuckles, be-rate, made pay, drive the wall, plays cat mouse, in-junctions, de bar, de barred, ticked off, rap, self restraint, ex-cruciate, sent river, be case, read riot act, ticks off, were case, tonguelash, had carpet, be-rated, art case, defrocking, sending up river, slap on wrist, rubs salt in wound, exprobates, puts ice, re prehensions, Deviling, wast one's case, teach lesson, sackcloth ash, punitive measures, haddest the carpet, crack down on, de-voting.