Pronunciation of Sane
/sˈe͡ɪn/, /sˈe‍ɪn/, /s_ˈeɪ_n/

Antonyms for sane

in credible, unhinged, un-connected, in-judicious, un-completed, in a tizzy, most manic depressive, more overboard, mad, schitzy, bundle of nerves, un disciplined, most crackbrained, out of question, washed up, schitzier, mad-dog, most tortured, more zonkers, most whacko, un cannier, turned by, up-beat, un earthlier, un thinkable, mental, most chagrined, over edge, bananas, most ravished, more choked, de-railed, paranoids, un-restricted, un-fettered, un-clasped, most subliminal, un-likelier, most schizoid, in temperate, in stew, dis connected, Intellective, mixed-up, most hare-brained, more schizzo, in-secure, dis-tressed, in-congruous, birdbrained, ex-asperated, scatterbrains, most schizophrenic, rabid, be set, un-zipped, seeing red, affected, dis-ordered, un easy, tickled death, in-securer, more unclasped, un reliable, most unzipped, re-leased, in trouble, schizophrenics, weirded out, most manic-depressive, nervous wreck, turned on by, most disquieted, more unsecured, un pinned, not all there, round the bend, more harassed, most athrill, neurotics, more flipped-out, dis eased, most clutched, psychoneurotic, more unfastened, most intellective, wild, dis concerted, more unpinned, most cockamamy, dis-placed, unreasoning, nutty as a fruitcake, bonkers, batty, over whelmed, most flipped-out, un backed, unwise, un-reasoning, more beset, de railed, un-balanced, more plagued, illconceived, illconsidered, un-thinking, unshackled, most ultraist, half cracked, more outre, most nonplussed, out one head, in censed, more crackbrained, out of gourd, most extremist, of unsound mind, more schizophrenic, unpinned, most unconcluded, more athrill, most unsecured, un common, more flipped, out sight, un-locked, oddball, more killed, delirious, nutsy, un screwed, bats in the belfry, more convulsive, un commoner, un-safest, most sunk, idiotic, despondent, dis oriented, topheavy, bats belfry, more loosened, extra-ordinary, squirrelly, athrill, most unshackled, out to lunch, un-attached, up-tight, un-governable, out one's tree, most enraptured, un confined, crazy as loon, un-screwed, preposterous, un sounder, more maddened, most turned out, most schizo, demented, dis composed, nutsiest, psycho-neurotic, most harrowed, in-saner, out of one tree, un manageable, schizophrenic, more phantasmagorical, un-healthiest, un reasoning, out one mind, out the question, depressed, more ill-conceived, in correct, amuck, turned-out, obsessed, at wits' end, spazzed out, ballistic, more manic-depressive, most demoniac, more whacko, telepathic, more unbolted, in fit, more aggravated, manicdepressive, more summerlike, like chicken with its head cut off, de-stroyed, more maniacal, un usual, paranoid, pottiest, more exacerbated, more subliminal, more extremist, out of one mind, un-natural, un-buttoned, dis quieted, un-performed, more entranced, in a fit, in sane, un restricted, nerdy, out of reason, trans ported, insane, fantastic, unreasonable, mad as a hatter, un-latched, more maddog, ex acerbated, un likelier, in judicious, more squirrelly, most up, un nerved, most half cracked, more ideological, in appropriate, unbacked, hysterical, out all reason, more half-cracked, more pestered, hopped up, more deviate, dis placed, more uncaged, over joyed, emptyheaded, more psychoneurotic, in firm, in seventh heaven, psycho-logical, steamed up, empty headed, more enamoured, euphoric, not there, un steadier, certifiable, more hare-brained, un hinged, aper, most half-cracked, more schizoid, over-joyed, more rattled, schizo, most harassed, most phrenic, un-hallowed, more apart, most rattled, very upset, more bedlamite, most exacerbated, delusionary, balmy, un-done, most summerlike, de lighted, aberrant, beyond all reason, cuckoos, most unclasped, in-coherent, out of one gourd, in a panic, buggy, up-set, psycho logical, de stroyed, more mad-dog, out mind, un-settled, off rocker, in a stew, out one's skull, most asunder, up set, nutty, unstable, most obsessive, un glued, out of ones mind, more flipped out, out one gourd, out head, ditziest, most overboard, schitziest, more grabbed, un commonest, unperformed, ex-cited, more unlatched, in tizzy, un conventional, in firmest, more intellective, more tortured, out in left field, derisory, at large, more corybantic, ex-acerbated, more off the wall, un easier, psychos, self willed, bats in belfry, paranoiac, be-set, more manic depressive, in-appropriate, batser, most derailed, un-thinkable, Birdy, ditzier, thick witted, in-valid, most reasoning, out of one's tree, unconcluded, most exasperated, halfwitted, off one head, uncompleted, goofy, most screwball, more hare brained, fruitcakes, un caged, most psychiatric, crazy as a loon, un steady, foolish, de-ranged, dis jointed, dis-proportionate, un earthliest, un-safer, worried stiff, fixated, beyond reason, more halfcracked, phantasmagorical, convulsive, monomaniacal, un earthly, strange, un believable, turned to, out skull, un-secured, un bridled, more demoniacal, hysteric, keyed up, more hysteric, ill-conceived, anguished, most mad dog, un workable, dis-connected, out control, more unsymmetrical, bugged out, batsest, off one rocker, bats the belfry, most slackened, panicstricken, off-the-wall, un thinking, thickwitted, most deviate, apest, un-conventional, un-earthly, more ravished, schizoid, out left field, un-sound, most unperformed, demoniacs, most enamoured, odd, most cockamamie, more unhooked, un substantial, more self-willed, un likely, un-cannier, psychotics, out ones mind, zonkers, birdiest, off ones rocker, panic stricken, crackers, most turned-out, out of head, un healthy, in-sane, most unreasoning, most maddog, in-complete, most choked, most euphoric, be mused, carried away, most unbacked, delusional, out lunch, un settled, more inconvenienced, in saner, sub-liminal, un canny, most irked, in-substantial, off ones head, most off the wall, more up, ex cited, most apart, most vexed, un shackled, in-firmest, sociopathics, in tolerant, bundle nerves, more fanatic, most zonkers, more unshackled, distraught, more self willed, most stirred, off balance, more psychiatric, de ranged, more unreasoning, out of one's gourd, over excited, irrational, most unhooked, be-mused, un-real, Unhooked, de voted, un finished, more derailed, reasonless, un symmetrical, most fanatic, more schizo, sub conscious, un-earthliest, more anguished, frantic, dis pleased, nutsier, ditzy, de-voted, senseless, out ones head, more derisory, troubled, lunatic, disturbed, dis-arranged, most hare brained, nobody home, narrow minded, un-glued, most derisory, unbalanced, off center, hare brained, more unbound, dis-eased, in congruous, more smoking, most halfcracked, cockamamie, oddest, out ones gourd, flawed, un-usual, dis-concerted, sick head, most corybantic, more certifiable, un intelligent, potty, un-safe, un hooked, scatterbrain, un stable, unsound, nerdier, un-pinned, farout, psychotic, more phrenic, more turned-out, more maniac, most unbound, un hallowed, far fetched, unlatched, most off-the-wall, un-finished, schizo phrenic, most telepathic, un safer, most unsymmetrical, be wildered, unsecured, out tree, birdier, un stabler, unbolted, unrealistic, un-stabler, out of tree, most flipped out, more swayed, Corybantic, in ozone, most ill conceived, most unbuttoned, more nonplussed, phrenic, freakest, in-firmer, out gourd, most certifiable, psycho neurotic, more liberated, un-common, more unconcluded, crazed, in complete, un canniest, un-reasonable, disordered, most aggravated, self-willed, mad dog, most pestered, most mortified, un healthiest, more reasonless, un-caged, mad as march hare, sick in the head, amok, un-steadiest, in accurate, illadvised, in poor health, manic-depressive, in securest, over-wrought, un-wisest, raving, un soundest, most unscrewed, mentally incompetent, mis-leading, un tied, out of ones skull, out one's head, out of one skull, un done, un wise, extra ordinary, halfcracked, in-sanest, obsessive-compulsive, most flipped, un-reliable, un-accomplished, more cockamamy, mis leading, up beat, loco, un wiser, berserk, most liberated, more unaccomplished, most aroused, bedlamite, maniac, un controlled, un performed, more discomposed, ideological, most hysteric, out one tree, most turnedout, more unnerved, dis trait, pottier, out of ones head, most fuming, psyched out, out of ones tree, mindless, un reasonable, Unaccomplished, un equal, dis tressed, unscrewed, out of skull, more unscrewed, unglued, un-substantial, un balanced, more turnedout, smoking, more turned out, at wits end, most schizzo, be-wildered, un steadiest, crazy, more fuming, most killed, un-healthy, uncaged, un safe, hot under collar, over board, out of one head, loose, un-sounder, in-discreet, out ones skull, nutty as fruitcake, un even, mad as hatter, de-lighted, more mortified, nerdiest, dis arranged, un likeliest, off one's rocker, in-cautious, queer, schizo-phrenic, demoniac, like a chicken with its head cut off, more ultraist, in sanest, more uncompleted, un bolted, more chagrined, more disquieted, most mad-dog, whacko, most unglued, in securer, nuts, most disarranged, ecstatic, freaker, turnedout, sociopathic, most swayed, un bound, most plagued, most unpinned, overboard, turned on to, un-backed, touched, most tormented, more half cracked, dis-quieting, un locked, un-steadier, crackbrained, un-soundest, in substantial, most softened, most inconvenienced, most manic, tickled to death, unintelligent, un zipped, out of one's skull, un-easier, deranged, more unbacked, un fettered, out of all reason, un-symmetrical, more stirred, un-believable, un fastened, most reasonless, most selfwilled, un-earthlier, round bend, un easiest, top heavy, most unlatched, more obsessive, more illconceived, more riled, un-likely, more hyper, dis-oriented, undone, in-spired, in the ozone, un-intelligent, schizzo, off head, out one's mind, off one's head, most unbolted, more vexed, half witted, more off-the-wall, subliminal, un sound, un predictable, not balanced, un-fastened, screw loose, un-confined, in cautious, dis quieting, un-wiser, un-hinged, un-manageable, stark raving mad, most maddened, most ruffled, monomaniac, un-workable, un-commoner, most riled, un-bound, un-equal, un-even, cockamamy, taking the cake, loopy, out ones tree, most maniac, de monic, un-predictable, more telepathic, most smoking, more harrowed, tomfool, more reasoning, demoniacal, un-tied, un-concluded, most convulsive, un-stablest, flippedout, dis proportionate, not fitting, over the edge, dis-trait, dis ordered, un wisest, more cockamamie, not right, ill conceived, Ultraist, more unglued, un buttoned, stupid, more aroused, sub-conscious, in-censed, wacky, most uncaged, madcap, most psychoneurotic, out one's gourd, hot bothered, un safest, in-temperate, out of ones gourd, un-controllable, un-easiest, over-whelmed, more asunder, ill advised, distracted, washedup, un stablest, off wall, in-securest, most anguished, most outre, offcenter, flying high, ape, un healthier, out of mind, un clasped, psychiatric, un controllable, more clutched, more screwball, more euphoric, most self-willed, out question, gaga, most ill-conceived, in valid, manic, nuclear, most seething, most unnerved, un-hooked, in firmer, up tight, more disarranged, eccentric, neurotic, in discreet, out one skull, sub liminal, more tormented, demonic, dis-pleased, most entranced, un-canniest, un secured, dis-jointed, un-controlled, more enraptured, un-bridled, more unzipped, in secure, lamebrain, de-monic, more ruffled, most bedlamite, most loosened, in spired, un-restrained, in-credible, un-stable, most self willed, out of one's head, taking cake, most unfastened, pixilated, most uncompleted, dis-quieted, relaxed, zany, off, dis-composed, in coherent.