Pronunciation of Satisfied
/sˈatɪsfˌa͡ɪd/, /sˈatɪsfˌa‍ɪd/, /s_ˈa_t_ɪ_s_f_ˌaɪ_d/

Antonyms for satisfied

most daunted, most dog-hungry, unrewarding, dis-quieted, dis content, Slivered, un-satisfied, un submissive, un profitable, more cast down, most foiled, dolorous, at beck and call, in need repair, gloomy, most deathdefying, at end one's rope, more revolted, more putout, sick, downtrodden, nochance, de-pressed, bent up on, most hungered, peakier, re-cessed, grousing, dis-satisfied, bone tired, in-active, out gas, un easier, in-effectual, de signing, at end of one rope, most perishing, un intelligent, in-temperate, mournful, dead tired, weary, hungry, inappreciative, heartsick, insatiate, de-signing, in-cautious, more dismembered, peckish, greeneyed, most power-loving, un inhabited, down in dumps, in-sincere, at one's mercy, most objecting, rarin go, at one feet, more disquieted, most griping, back wall, torn up, no way, under ones thumb, conscience stricken, most maltreated, in-tense, hot trot, re-sourceful, more suffering, most slivered, head-strong, unsatisfied, dis-honored, desperate, at ones beck and call, de stroyed, at end rope, un-gratified, all in, more ungratified, most sniveling, in blue funk, Noway, more vexed, unreturned, dejected, unsated, un-friendly, dog tired, fagged, at ones feet, dis-appointed, cast down, dis-illusioned, quenchless, dis appointed, attritional, dis gusted, more desponding, goal oriented, most kvetching, miserable, more foiled, most famishing, most lowdown, up-set, more busted, ghostest, most rattleboned, starving, more chapfallen, more fed up, more unappeased, piggier, most peckish, more eager, most bleeding, joyless, famished, in sincerest, most disintegrated, unrecognized, disheartened, re-gular, most unsatisfiable, most unreturned, castdown, most crabbing, rapacious, droughtier, selfcentered, un content, in-tensest, more dogtired, in effectual, most goal-oriented, most vanquished, most nowin, harassed, inhumane, more castdown, un quenchable, in-satiate, Fretting, more fedup, on a downer, power loving, most bonetired, more vanquished, no-way, dis eased, dis-agreeable, faultfinding, risky, downcast, ready willing, dis-loyal, dis-enchanted, un happier, more demolished, in-coherent, self starting, up set, over worked, discouraged, dis concerted, more ripped, most bone-tired, partial to, more marauding, most pinched, more underdog, un comfortable, got the munchies, most fractured, most treasured, most unappeased, most persecuted, more grousing, down in the dumps, in temperate, anguished, un-controlled, ferocious, could eat a horse, dis agreeable, in-disposed, most pukish, blue, more tyrannized, more deathdefying, more insatiate, unfurnished, more peckish, illtempered, have not, most quenchless, un-sated, more muttered, dis enchanted, dark, more persecuted, more self starting, at one beck and call, de-moralized, doleful, dis mayed, in poor health, more juiceless, get up go, more crabbing, most desponding, un-substantial, most burst, most vacated, uncomfortable, dead duck, more pukish, most goner, woeful, more exasperated, wolfish, unhappy, uncontent, un-friendliest, most hurting, most subjugated, more brutish, dis-pleased, un occupied, unpleased, down-in-the-mouth, most shredded, most put out, un-compliant, highreaching, sorrowful, scandalous, gone to pieces, more inoperable, in-complete, most grousing, nowin, itching for, shot down, goal-oriented, un-recognized, un-happy, most transgressed, Hungered, most unfurnished, most ennuied, most busted, ungrateful, dis ordered, most dismayed, mis-treated, dis-tressed, sickest, at end of ones rope, dull, most bellyaching, in-valid, low down, in one's clutches, down dumps, in the shop, most ravening, un-healthiest, waterless, more no-way, disagreeable, gone pot, unfed, most mangled, most spastic, bad, led by the nose, most ungratified, most muttered, dis-honest, down in mouth, in valid, more noway, dis-mayed, more striving, more severed, most death defying, up the creek, most low-down, in toilet, consciencestricken, in tenser, underfoot, in ones clutches, dis-tasteful, starved to death, more maltreated, most monopolizing, most cast-down, no-win, unfulfilled, dis-connected, more sating, more hospitalized, having munchies, in-sincerer, in curable, most appetent, fedup, most brutish, more hankering, melancholy, most hospitalized, back to wall, hot to trot, un-appeasable, aggrieved, at end of rope, more go getter, un-quenchable, more death-defying, dog-hungry, abject, in firm, more suppressed, in dented, lowdown, hard ball, come strong, more hurting, more no way, can't win, in-expressive, dis-obeyed, un-assuaged, chapfallen, un filled, more recessed, more have-not, more unfed, out of kilter, in one power, unappeased, in the pits, discontent, most down in the mouth, more dog hungry, glum, un compliant, more mistreated, under thumb, most tamed, de-voted, most demolished, ball fire, in expressive, head strong, most inappreciative, most envying, bothered, fallen apart, broken, headstrong, Famishing, most powerloving, most balked, get and go, un-rewarding, most brooding, un responsive, Possessory, sick as dog, in the dumps, at end of one's rope, up creek, in-firmer, most malcontented, most underdog, more hungered, most mistreated, more pining, discontented, un rewarding, in sensible, most fretting, at ones beck call, dis jointed, more devalued, not worth it, most bone tired, un-tamed, wastest, piggiest, most self starting, asked for, ready drop, un easy, warmblooded, in complete, most pining, up against it, dreary, be-reft, most questioning, de-hydrated, in sincere, dry as dust, dis-ordered, more bone tired, more shattered, most dismembered, worsted, more irrecoverable, death defying, more perishing, satiated, un-exciting, most shivered, more bonetired, in one clutches, more no-win, more infected, at end ones rope, in ones power, more cottonmouthed, more unrewarding, more declining, most have not, un-satisfiable, more gorging, de valued, more goal-oriented, headlong, out commission, doghungry, dis tressed, in tolerant, more retracted, not so hot, more grudging, most malnourished, in-consolable, more traduced, dis-content, in the toilet, more low down, more rattleboned, more dehydrated, dis regarded, most disheartened, most high reaching, more ruptured, importunate, gone to pot, more begrudging, thankless, de-stroyed, more pinched, led by nose, more bone-tired, most recessed, most fed up, under-nourished, more unsubmissive, more lowdown, Hungering, un-fulfilled, plaintive, most chapfallen, un happiest, more qualmish, gray, disgruntled, more ignored, more goner, more highreaching, in-sensible, most cast down, down and out, out of whack, mis treated, most hungering, most collapsed, most wracked, more brooding, under one's thumb, most severed, most wolfish, in pieces, un-inhabited, devil may care, in-satiable, more unrecognized, most disquieted, dog-tired, more unsatisfiable, most power loving, more nowin, sorry, in-firmest, cast-down, rarin to go, bonedry, very grave, pukish, unquenchable, most waterless, on downer, more dog-hungry, in-tent, un sympathetic, most bilious, power-loving, dis contented, more balked, more crushed, in pocket, more kvetching, dis illusioned, dis obeyed, more sapless, under nourished, more dog-tired, povertystricken, more low-down, in clutches, not functioning, in human, most sating, un satisfiable, un-friendlier, more have not, un pleasant, deathdefying, bad tempered, unsatisfiable, most exasperated, down, more bellyaching, in-appreciative, in disposed, un-returned, more slivered, in sincerer, more power loving, more mumbled, un requited, more warmblooded, more starved, most shot, in-sipid, selfstarting, malnourished, down mouth, distressed, starved death, de-sert, most underfoot, un-happier, more havenot, in power, most depreciated, un satisfied, dying to, ex asperated, brokenhearted, most gorging, goner, down the dumps, more treasured, more disobeyed, de voted, re cessed, most grudging, out of gas, in-tolerant, de moralized, most juiceless, un-comfortable, most go getter, in operable, in fringed, more monopolizing, most marauding, most rent, self centered, more dismayed, High-reaching, more goaloriented, more quenchless, most unassuaged, mopier, most no chance, more bilious, be-grudging, undernourished, un happy, most lusting, more unfurnished, more harassed, on shelf, bilious, despondent, un gracious, more fagged, un-real, dis tasteful, more kicking, un furnished, un-healthy, over powered, most despoiled, more questioning, most dragged, dis satisfied, more disregarded, most unrewarding, gotta have, not satisfied, rattleboned, in satiable, over-powered, un-appeased, most dog-tired, most precipitate, mis-trustful, more put out, lowspirited, more vacated, come on strong, more fed-up, under privileged, more satiated, more transgressed, more underfoot, bonetired, coming unstuck, mopiest, un-occupied, at end one rope, most attritional, more power-loving, in-tenser, dis-contented, most doghungry, get go, more tamed, low-down, under-foot, most riven, back to the wall, most no-chance, at one's beck call, had it, most appreciated, lachrymose, re sourceful, most tigerish, in tent, un healthiest, dis-regarded, at beck call, most no-win, most unfulfilled, most insatiate, dis heartened, helpless, dis-eased, most overpowered, in-dented, most mumbled, in-operable, more bleeding, more gogetter, in a blue funk, more irked, irretrievable, de-siring, un controlled, most ignored, un substantial, most qualmish, in-humane, on fritz, tigerish, singing blues, be grudging, dis-gusted, in tense, Droughty, more down in the mouth, more famishing, most warmblooded, un appeasable, at ones mercy, more dragged, un exciting, more shivered, more envying, un-intelligent, poverty stricken, dis honest, more sunk, dis membered, in-different, most havenot, more esurient, more depreciated, most disregarded, mopey, more unsated, downhearted, shantiest, most selfstarting, in one pocket, most discontented, sick and tired, most hankering, singing the blues, un gratified, thirsty, in spired, most suppressed, under foot, un-happiest, un returned, more stammering, most dog hungry, most possessory, down the mouth, ambitious, in firmer, most infringed, at one's beck and call, most inoperable, de hydrated, dogtired, most split, more shot, under-privileged, in bad way, could eat horse, more waterless, get up and go, dis pleased, most bugged, most fed-up, more no-chance, un-intelligible, most no win, more put-out, re quested, sick as a dog, most unfed, more disheartened, more rent, more no win, hopeless, un-pleasant, crazy for, most vexed, powerloving, most thwarted, death-defying, more ennuied, at one mercy, under one thumb, in-spired, most down-in-the-mouth, more cast-down, un healthy, more high reaching, jealous, un-filled, out kilter, most unrecognized, dissatisfied, un satisfactory, more high-reaching, insatiable, un-submissive, most dogtired, sad, head-long, under dog, de-solate, dis-concerted, un-responsive, most uncontent, dis loyal, most browbeaten, more doghungry, malcontent, dis-membered, de sert, disappointed, bone-tired, heinous, un-satisfactory, unsubmissive, most go-getter, ready to drop, in-sincerest, dis-heartened, more sniveling, most tyrannized, ravenous, most no-way, dis quieted, most cottonmouthed, ravening, dis-jointed, voracious, most castdown, dis honored, putout, un easiest, in pain, most putout, more nochance, in dumps, black, fellest, more malnourished, un-mindful, irrecoverable, more fragmented, dispirited, un healthier, re gular, on empty stomach, de void, most highreaching, un-furnished, more lusting, in-fringed, un recognized, most crumbled, in-curable, head long, esurient, bummed out, brutish, more unreturned, woebegone, more malcontented, up here with, more unfulfilled, un sated, at mercy, most challenging, in disrepair, unfilled, most death-defying, cheerless, droughtiest, more evacuated, un-restrained, most fedup, more objecting, flying light, down out, eager, dis connected, no chance, over-worked, in one's pocket, more death defying, de pressed, more wracked, more uncontent, under-dog, heartbroken, green around gills, more thwarted, most dog tired, most harassed, most unsated, more infringed, wanting, more overpowered, havenot, most undernourished, in ones pocket, dis-affected, cottonmouthed, more unassuaged, ennuied, in sipid, up to here with, most ruptured, more goal oriented, most sapless, un friendlier, queasy, in appreciative, hospitalized, more hungering, most yearning, de spoiled, Qualmish, more crumbled, most pulverized, dis affected, vehement, more humbled, morose, disaffected, most low down, forlorn, most noway, running out of time, most begrudging, un-grateful, un assuaged, most humbled, Gorging, more subjugated, most crushed, un friendliest, fireball, more go-getter, desolate, at one's feet, wild for, more fretting, more craving, more bugged, more collapsed, more daunted, more spastic, more attritional, more powerloving, out order, dis integrated, wanted, more selfstarting, most irrecoverable, de solate, Malcontented, got munchies, shantier, un grateful, most stammering, most unsubmissive, more self-starting, most sunk, ill ease, most climbing, un-thankful, ex-acting, more tigerish, more irretrievable, most infected, monstrous, kvetching, juiceless, self-starting, in pits, taken down, sapless, ball of fire, un-content, bone dry, having the munchies, most ripped, over come, more bitching, most fireball, un fulfilled, bent upon, most gogetter, regretful, be reft, de-spoiled, in one's power, fractured, most irked, peaky, goaloriented, Unassuaged, inoperable, dis-integrated, put-out, more yearning, more cheapened, more inappreciative, more no chance, most high-reaching, under weather, wretched, un-easier, most striving, laidup, most kicking, most no way, more griping, most craving, ex acting, more possessory, most revolted, most retracted, rarin' to go, fed-up, most fragmented, more appetent, grouchy, mis trustful, in different, gogetter, more undernourished, in a bad way, most have-not, un tamed, low spirited, de-valued, in cautious, in soup, in-human, more climbing, most esurient, most declining, dog hungry, spastic, broken down, most goal oriented, dying for, at one beck call, more despoiled, most bitching, empty, most put-out, un-gracious, a slave to, most evacuated, more fireball, more down-in-the-mouth, in shop, ungratified, un appeased, fidgety, depressed, most devalued, de-void, most dehydrated, back the wall, most self-starting, de siring, ex-asperated, rarin' go, more shredded, un-easiest, displeased, more ravening, most fagged, in satiate, at feet, more browbeaten, more wolfish, in the soup, cant win, most satiated, most goaloriented, in firmest, unmitigated, disconsolate.