Pronunciation of Serve
/sˈɜːv/, /sˈɜːv/, /s_ˈɜː_v/

Antonyms for serve

neglect, put across, quarterbacks, take, de camping, gives the once over, keeps under one's thumb, re solve, being in charge, pre disposes, Overpassing, be driver's seat, refused obey, over look, shag, exercising authority, Fluxing, setting at, turns head, dis pose, over-saw, have a prospect of, am current, went like lightning, pre-dominates, am drivers seat, sat top of, am supreme, pull the strings, went soft, looking after, wast current, taking reins, art supreme, kick over, politicks, was in charge, ex-tends, being in authority, de-parted, twisting ones arm, cares for, pre-ceding, taking over, sur-mounts, wert in driver seat, looked after, in the drivers seat, wert in charge, command a view, live with, is the driver's seat, made a break, be on duty, shakes hands, shook hands, am candidate, take care of, am the drivers seat, makes a break, rises up, ex tends, am head of, calling the play, takes care of, over-looks, being the driver's seat, de camped, was power, put with, are authority, be first, didst the honors, go like lightning, sits top of, be duty, trues, out-shine, over ridden, survey, is in driver seat, was the driver seat, gat upper hand, in driver's seat, dis-obeying, called the play, ex-tending, pulled things together, hold reins, holding office, being in the driver seat, sets at, am in driver seat, in-spired, am driver seat, moving past, swam with tide, shake hands, am on duty, over-rules, wert candidate, haddest prospect of, held the reins, turns to liquid, sitting on top of, slipped up, sucking in, dis burse, affords view, failing notice, leads by the nose, dogging it, are in the driver's seat, dis obeys, impede, slipt up, are drivers seat, had say, de camps, am authority, art in charge, plays first fiddle, taking flight, turns blind eye to, am in charge, looks after, co aching, de-parting, has upper hand, serving the people, impact on, pass up on, re presses, pre sided, over-look, blinks at, is power, takes over, looking down, reign, superintendencies, put up with, over-ruling, reigned supreme, over rides, wert supreme, take reins, pull strings, give upon, dis solves, passing upon, grinning bear it, wert a candidate, over-rule, overborne, over riding, pre-sided, look down, giving on, keeps under one thumb, pre dominating, dis-regard, dis-solve, art a candidate, pre ceded, impacted on, wert the drivers seat, go first, payed no attention, made light of, art in saddle, be supreme, was candidate, dis-posing, inning driver's seat, slipping up, dis posing, smoking, leaving out, having upper hand, preside over, pulled the strings, sub jugate, lay down the law, takes helm, am in drivers seat, co-ordinate, is driver seat, in tendance, had ones way, dis-obeyed, affording view, art at head of, is at the head of, inning the drivers seat, re-questing, are first, ex tend, had prospect of, being in driver's seat, out-shines, do the honors, being the driver seat, pushes buttons, be in authority, hadst the say, be at head of, hitting campaign trail, are in drivers seat, calling the tune, pulls strings, sucked in, in drivers seat, grin bear it, keeps eye on, cut run, diffused, dis obeying, shagging, giving once over, call tune, kicks over, does the honors, failed notice, lead by the nose, insurrecting, were driver's seat, having authority, Regimenting, wert in the drivers seat, are head of, intendances, over-shadowing, turning head, was in saddle, were insubordinate, roll with punches, control, turning ones head, de duce, are a candidate, is in saddle, being driver seat, putting across, holds sway, dis solve, throws weight around, over-sights, over-rides, captaining, dis counted, grinning and bear it, served the people, controls affairs of, rising up, dis solved, call the signals, sur-mounted, win over, wiped slate clean, tested waters, wast authority, rules over, were duty, shags, de-cree, leaved undone, looking over, held sway, ex act, twisted one's arm, wore the crown, being in the driver's seat, in spect, art the saddle, turned head, rang doorbells, have upper hand, Lasted, leaves out, preponderate, super-vising, co-ached, wear crown, controls the affairs of, occupying throne, destroy, re searching, out weighing, dis burses, be in the drivers seat, grinned bear it, exercised power, pays no attention, being power, ex-acting, checks over, call the play, being insubordinate, super-vised, had upper hand, dis-posed, pro spects, ringed doorbells, are in saddle, hath one way, re search, being responsible for, be head of, quarterbacking, trans ported, over-rode, de parts, wears the crown, leading way, over ruling, makes tracks, doeth honors, made tracks, am responsible for, are current, be driver seat, calls signals, were the head of, pre-scribed, going soft, goes around, hit campaign trail, goes soft, ran things, make break, swam with the tide, in the driver seat, being on duty, held dominion, art responsible for, were head of, re-adjusts, keep under one's thumb, super intend, cracking whip, was head of, gives once over, inned the driver's seat, going like lightning, stakes out, dis-burses, dis obeyed, is duty, dis-regards, trailblaze, wast in saddle, took the reins, re searched, pre scribing, Disciplining, refuse, going first, blinked at, timed, being driver's seat, were on duty, engaged in, run the show, barreled, leading by the nose, wrought on, out weigh, are charge, re press, art the head of, de-crees, twist arm, super-intended, was drivers seat, miss, haddest authority, leaving undone, supervision, was the driver's seat, re ached, let fall between the cracks, receive, hurt, leave undone, holds down, wert head of, lets fall between the cracks, hath way, Co-ordinates, dis-solves, tested the waters, co-unselling, rule over, doing the honors, doest the honors, wert current, takes charge, super-abounding, checked up, be authority, co-aching, art in the saddle, letted fall between the cracks, wert in the driver seat, getting upper hand, am at the head of, ex-tended, looks the other way, wert the driver's seat, took over, run things, exercises authority, passed upon, over shadows, dis charged, kicks around, dis solving, give once over, being drivers seat, over bearing, get upper hand, Chairing, re-strained, are the head of, out shined, letted bygones be bygones, tune out, had the say, is charge, play first fiddle, re solves, de-camped, over seen, wast the driver's seat, set at, overlook, re-adjusted, be power, tests the waters, check over, hold sway over, over-sees, gives upon, was saddle, engage in, was insubordinate, affords a view, goes like lightning, overtop, keeps an eye on, serve the people, wert the saddle, wield baton, wast drivers seat, serve people, over-born, holds purse strings, is the driver seat, was duty, letting go, calls upon, re strain, pulling the strings, checks up, went first, calling tune, have ones way, sub-dues, have one's way, kisses babies, dis obey, trueing, mutiny, holds the reins, being head of, are in the drivers seat, super visions, be in drivers seat, in spired, art in the drivers seat, go along with, being at head of, is saddle, keeps under ones thumb, displease, were candidate, be charge, art in drivers seat, doth the honors, legged it, looks upon, prevailing over, wert driver's seat, is drivers seat, re quested, look upon, keep, having the say, halt, calls the play, dis-regarding, front on, puts across, gave the once over, dog it, re questing, holding down, kicking around, throw weight around, cutting and run, scoped, lays down, winking at, straightening up, hadst authority, towered over, cracked whip, wast the head of, reign supreme, regulate, wast duty, super intending, de creed, hold, were in driver seat, paid no mind, being in saddle, over shadow, sit on top of, make a break, kept under ones thumb, wert insubordinate, looked other way, was in power, has say, call upon, fails to notice, Helmed, fails notice, am driver's seat, rises against, is the head of, tuning out, re-strains, over looked, takes the reins, call up on, are the driver seat, keeping under thumb, re-strain, gotten the upper hand, in duces, dissatisfy, called the tune, shaking hands, turns ones head, re views, turn to liquid, wast in the saddle, over looks, over-pass, stop, reigning supreme, wert charge, being supreme, were the driver's seat, puts order, super intends, super-intend, was in the drivers seat, running the show, was in the driver's seat, wert duty, disregard, am in driver's seat, checked over, super-abounds, haddest one's way, dis counting, in cline, making tracks, super intended, over tops, staking out, hath say, are at head of, whistlestops, dis posed, dis-obey, over shadowing, detracted from, over-bear, going around, rolls with punches, suck in, over-bears, had a prospect of, is on duty, was first, got upper hand, in duce, look up on, hold purse strings, art the driver seat, wast at the head of, Fluxed, pre-disposes, de-parts, pre vailed, wast in driver's seat, were drivers seat, hath prospect of, tare out, looked out on, reigning over, controlling affairs of, called tune, hold the reins, turns liquid, over ride, making break, super vising, captained, hadst upper hand, calls up on, was authority, running show, hath ones way, detract from, leading the way, is in drivers seat, be in the driver seat, exercising power, in driver seat, was responsible for, has the say, turning one's head, fail to notice, is in the saddle, disciplined, rule roost, were in the driver's seat, having a prospect of, Over-bearing, has ones way, paying no mind, did honors, am the saddle, re pressed, kissing babies, assumed command, checking up, wast the driver seat, super abounded, ex tending, has prospect of, legs it, being current, wert power, over-ruled, pre-dominate, testing waters, be responsible for, threw weight around, am power, Concerting, impacting on, commands a view, re aching, trued, are in the saddle, was charge, gave on, wert at the head of, hast authority, be in the saddle, was in the saddle, wast in charge, pre-scribing, in-duce, wert responsible for, direct, ex acts, is a candidate, pre-vails, keep under ones thumb, having ones way, prevail over, over-ridden, Re-search, in spiring, calling the signals, re searches, wears crown, wert the driver seat, took the helm, pre-disposed, blinking at, were first, re-searched, dis regarding, holds reins, be drivers seat, Valuing, be current, pre sides, are on duty, make tracks, be at the head of, re adjust, Chaired, called signals, over-sight, wast responsible for, were current, pre dominate, was at the head of, inned the driver seat, over bear, wert driver seat, gotten upper hand, insurrected, holding power, wast charge, keeping eye on, heading up, haddest ones way, in-spect, held sway over, had authority, anger, wear the crown, withhold, dis-solving, super abounds, played past, ignore, over-bore, pre-vailed, superabounding, wast head of, tests waters, be insubordinate, is the drivers seat, over born, crack the whip, over topping, running, is in the driver's seat, let pass, quarterback, is the saddle, art at the head of, hast way, re-aching, ex tended, looking up on, letted go, wast first, torn out, over-topping, quarterbacked, pre-cedes, ring doorbells, being in drivers seat, didst honors, over passed, diffuses, rolling with punches, lived with, turned blind eye to, overbears, being a candidate, pre-sides, have say, co ordinates, out-weigh, re-solved, wast driver's seat, am the driver's seat, took helm, swimming with tide, ex acting, was supreme, hit the campaign trail, assume command, out weighed, Overtopped, super abound, commanding a view, work on, was in driver's seat, tore out, were in saddle, wast saddle, kept under one's thumb, de-creed, de-camps, call shots, inning the driver seat, twists one arm, in-spects, in-spiring, whistlestop, lay down, hath one's way, be the drivers seat, led the way, overbear, wert authority, cared for, over bore, over saw, working on, is supreme, heads up, give the once over, dogs it, haddest say, hast ones way, dogged it, leave out, art insubordinate, being in driver seat, super-vise, runs the show, am at head of, pushes the buttons, detracting from, over see, held down, overborn, re-quests, head, wore crown, having one way, hadst prospect of, out-weighs, being saddle, call play, over seeing, is in the drivers seat, hold office, art first, predominate, take the helm, over-borne, afforded view, engaging in, was current, run show, looking the other way, over-passes, pre-dominated, were in the driver seat, wast on duty, playing past, over sees, gave upon, pre vail, checking over, leading by nose, soar above, art saddle, wast in driver seat, are in charge, hinder, art current, over pass, were in authority, afflict, has one way, dost the honors, re strains, is candidate, sur mounts, super intendencies, playing first fiddle, wert in power, sur mounting, blink at, works on, dis charges, fronted on, twist one arm, re-solve, am the driver seat, over passing, turning blind eye to, were a candidate, over sight, be candidate, sit top of, are in the driver seat, putting with, art in the driver seat, over looking, wast in authority, are power, controlled the affairs of, dis-solved, takes flight, sizes up, over-ride, pre-side, pre-vail, over-looking, legging it, take flight, super-abound, pulls things together, reigns supreme, being at the head of, overbore, presided over, Shepherded, Piloted, rose against, held reins, de cree, re-views, taking the helm, looking other way, softening up, refused to obey, calling upon, goes first, play past, super vision, is responsible for, gets upper hand, rose up, superabounds, left undone, dis charging, prevailed over, were the driver seat, are at the head of, re-solving, turns one head, wast at head of, wast driver seat, is in authority, passes up on, hits the campaign trail, cracks whip, size up, ins the drivers seat, re strained, serves people, command, holding the reins, being charge, dis-counting, were the drivers seat, super-intending, re-straining, turn liquid, run, soaring above, push the buttons, was in driver seat, hast one's way, commanded view, makes light of, lays down law, are the drivers seat, wert in driver's seat, taking care of, wast in power, kept under one thumb, twisted one arm, take charge, pre-siding, watching over, be the saddle, calls tune, reigns over, turned to liquid, hast the say, passing up on, were in driver's seat, afford a view, re-presses, was driver's seat, re adjusted, am in authority, called up on, fronts on, haddest a prospect of, refuses obey, art in driver seat, running things, move past, over ruled, were in the drivers seat, pre side, wearing the crown, rolled with punches, wast insubordinate, pro-spects, kept an eye on, over-tops, are the saddle, co ached, calling play, gives up on, diffusing, super abounding, softens up, letting bygones be bygones, piloting, making a break, is head of, hath a prospect of, was in drivers seat, pre scribe, control the affairs of, wert in the driver's seat, exercised authority, serving people, turned liquid, do honors, swims with the tide, pre cedes, keeps under thumb, presides over, re-ached, get the upper hand, call the tune, is in power, watched over, looking out on, is first, are in power, in-tendance, dis-charge, de duces, super-vision, refuse obey, govern, are in authority, are driver seat, pre-dominating, is driver's seat, is insubordinate, were driver seat, shapes up, headed up, refusing obey, cuts and run, leads by nose, taking the reins, looked the other way, ins the driver seat, passes upon, doth honors, supervise, out shine, politick, holding dominion, take over, deny, commanded a view, re viewing, looks over, sur mounted, letting pass, hadst a prospect of, laid down, over topped, were in drivers seat, turn blind eye to, pulling strings, assuming command, super-intendencies, Careered, idle, super-abounded, dis-counts, over shadowed, keeping under ones thumb, art head of, wert at head of, was the saddle, art candidate, over-passing, in-spire, holding reins, pulls the strings, are supreme, super vise, be in power, hast prospect of, lead by nose, laze, cracked the whip, hast a prospect of, holding sway, re-solves, prevails over, Careering, taking helm, art in authority, haddest upper hand, Mutinied, de-duce, over-riding, refusing to obey, is in driver's seat, are driver's seat, keep an eye on, re pressing, haddest one way, in-cline, over-seen, lets bygones be bygones, dost honors, crack whip, being in the drivers seat, tuned out, manage, calling up on, laying down, lets pass, wert the head of, give up on, failing to notice, art in driver's seat, was the drivers seat, dis-charged, presiding over, letting slide, sur-mounting, calls the signals, in clines, is in charge, in-spires, pre dominates, looked up on, domineer, over-passed, moved past, inned drivers seat, keep eye on, wast in the driver seat, be in driver seat, wast in the drivers seat, preside, wink at, Overpassed, in spire, sate top of, was at head of, shape up, twisting one arm, art in the driver's seat, art the drivers seat, am saddle, sized up, pre-scribe, hitting the campaign trail, holds power, hold sway, barrelled, pro spect, controlled affairs of, twists ones arm, impacts on, pulling things together, damage, out-shining, commands view, haddest the say, out shone, leaves undone, is authority, takes the helm, pre-cede, sat on top of, was driver seat, command view, were at the head of, co unselling, ran the show, make light of, laying down law, putting order, played first fiddle, tunes out, am the head of, deal with, slips up, twists arm, de part, have way, be the head of, re-view, turn one head, hold down, was in authority, re straining, re-adjust, turned one head, afforded a view, plays past, serves the people, sur-mount, winks at, called play, ex-acted, keeping under one's thumb, de camp, calls play, refuses to obey, injure, Overtopping, dis-counted, check up, kicked over, dis-charges, de-camping, being in the saddle, got the upper hand, inned driver's seat, kicking over, ran show, are duty, being candidate, over passes, holds sway over, moves past, Subjecting, wast in the driver's seat, twist ones arm, am charge, looks up on, be in charge, sur mount, re quests, art authority, is current, living with, Barreling, in-duces, tears out, wast the drivers seat, testing the waters, rule, led by the nose, let slide, holds dominion, twists one's arm, in spires, controlling the affairs of, Superabound, call signals, occupied throne, leads way, over-shadows, were power, take helm, giving the once over, soars above, dis regard, grin and bear it, de parted, giving up on, pre cede, was on duty, wert in drivers seat, be in driver's seat, turn ones head, sub-due, swim with tide, swimming with the tide, pre dominated, were the saddle, wast supreme, look over, art power, leg it, affording a view, art in power, runs show, wert in authority, looks down, detracts from, letted fall between cracks, over rules, cracking the whip, are saddle, overtops, doest honors, intendance, shaping up, in-clines, wearing crown, be in saddle, looked upon, giving upon, paid no attention, looked down, trailblazes, straightened up, lose, Subjected, dis-obeys, getting the upper hand, wert saddle, looking upon, pre disposing, rising against, dis regards, trailblazed, having say, keeping an eye on, were in power, dis-pose, wast power, inning driver seat, wast candidate, twisted ones arm, dis charge, Barrelling, gets the upper hand, put order, dis-regarded, wert drivers seat, wast a candidate, fail notice, de-camp, is at head of, control affairs of, were responsible for, were in the saddle, were in charge, reigned over, be in the driver's seat, ruling over, hits campaign trail, soared above, occupy throne, co ordinate, de parting, keep under thumb, hast one way, super-intends, letted slide, wert on duty, go soft, upset, insurrects, kicked around, be a candidate, took care of, out-shined, was the head of, refrain, turn one's head, am duty, worked on, cuts run, soften up, in spects, are responsible for, re-pressing, made break, pay no mind, be the driver seat, are the driver's seat, have one way, timing, having way, called the signals, puts in order, sate on top of, super intendency, sizing, wert in saddle, out-weighing, look other way, dis-charging, over rode, inned the drivers seat, putting in order, gave up on, harm, having prospect of, wert in the saddle, have authority, called upon, were charge, kick around, sitting top of, did the honors, hadst ones way, ex-tend, lets go, cut and run, pre siding, superabounded, held power, were supreme, re view, are in driver's seat, being authority, assumes command, held office, are in driver seat, in tendances, doing honors, pre vails, Shepherding, impair, held purse strings, softened up, insurrect, throwing weight around, were saddle, have prospect of, twisted arm, art the driver's seat, takes reins, wast in drivers seat, pre vailing, dis regarded, dis-burse, super-visions, slip up, ex-act, grinned and bear it, be the driver's seat, being the head of, kept under thumb, fail, re-viewed, re adjusting, turning one head, in-tendances, was in the driver seat, out weighs, sucks in, de crees, hold power, laid down the law, sized, politicking, over sights, swims with tide, pre-scribes, twisting one's arm, afford view, are insubordinate, hadst say, laid down law, caring for, ins driver's seat, being duty, over bears, wast the saddle, kiss babies, pre-dispose, looked over, wipes slate clean, being first, let bygones be bygones, ruled over, super-intendency, sits on top of, be saddle, being in power, Helming, putting up with, re viewed, kept eye on, cracks the whip, dis counts, lead the way, twist one's arm, pre dispose, distress, care for, look after, sway, watch over, calling signals, hath upper hand, overpast, making light of, being the saddle, art charge, lay down law, doeth the honors, wielded baton, is in the driver seat, de-part, are candidate, holds office, rise against, being the drivers seat, hath the say, was a candidate, fronting on, towering over, gives on, cutting run, pre ceding, super vised, does honors, look out on, sub due, were authority, calls the tune, refuse to obey, wiping slate clean, head up, boss, turning to liquid, hadst one way, towers over, whistlestopping, ringing doorbells, has a prospect of, de-duces, laying down the law, grins bear it, am a candidate, commanding view, sub dues, reign over, were at head of, wert first, truing.