Pronunciation of Sew
/sˈə͡ʊ/, /sˈə‍ʊ/, /s_ˈəʊ/

Antonyms for sew

sculpts, tucker, unbolting, pull apart, un-bars, in dents, sickles, Exsect, passed through, dis tort, putting asunder, scythes, mowed down, un-folding, in-spects, sub divide, unstopped, trans-fixt, dis-crediting, exsected, de compounds, sub-divide, chines, dis members, re-veals, torn asunder, segmenting, moulds, un covered, dis torts, dis-limbed, un sealing, de-facing, un-folded, re duce, Unshut, un covering, is sore, cuts in to, un-blocked, wrack up, trans fix, un block, busting in, busted in, un-barred, dis courage, Careering, be set, dis patch, un-ravel, bust in, Chined, dis figuring, bi-furcates, pulls apart, re trench, Dislimb, became ragged, re moving, re leases, branched, be sets, roughhewing, didst violence, fissuring, wore thin, in-denting, un seals, un-covering, dis crediting, dis patching, Hacking, bi furcate, un-bolts, re-duce, CHIV, de stroys, de corticated, chivs, stick into, Flitching, un blocks, became threadbare, going flat, un-ravelled, chivved, lance, did violence, sub-divided, dis-credited, separate, de-compound, poked full holes, dis credit, dis joined, steaming up, un-closed, Breaching, be heads, in-sculpts, un cover, un-ravelling, un fastening, un closing, up root, frazzle, decompound, decompounds, shave, scythe, sub divides, laying open, broke through, rough hewing, un-folds, dis joint, de-stroying, mark down, crack open, re moved, de facing, out strip, zoom, blew violently, un corking, dis figured, unfasten, dis-locate, un-rolls, shot full of holes, insculpts, re solves, dis proved, making ragged, wast tender, de composed, knock bottom out, dis-illusioned, knocked bottom out, knocks props from under, dis play, were tender, Hacked, un-blocking, breaking down, up-root, cleave, de-stroys, prosected, re duces, dis joining, re-trenched, dis-proves, un-furling, un shut, uncorked, dis-jointing, unbar, de compounded, Sawn, trans fixes, un ravelled, sticking in to, de-corticate, set in, dis-members, dis-figure, Unclose, dis limbed, Unsew, re-leased, un-tying, dis closed, un ravels, be tender, dis-located, took down peg, gash, un done, become threadbare, sounds off, slice thin, chining, sculpt, de-composing, un-covers, un blocking, uncork, un-latches, Hashing, be headed, art sore, un fasten, skives, took wind out of sails, sub-divides, bi-furcated, dis locates, cross-hatched, un clothe, dis-uniting, re-solves, un raveled, re trenching, crosshatch, pro-bed, holed, carve, throws wide, dis-join, trans-fixing, dis-closes, cutting into, unbolted, open up, sculpted, dis-member, dis locate, tuckering, makes bare, shoot up, lacerate, un rolls, makes ragged, de face, jigsawing, dis-joining, un-ravels, dis illusions, re veals, slices thin, un covers, tattering, dis-limbing, steam up, dis-illusions, Scythed, dis-closed, made bare, Squalled, dis-credits, punctured, de-face, bi-furcating, sticked into, un-shuts, dis-integrating, un-cover, un shutting, dis-limbs, be-heading, blowing sky high, make bare, came apart, dis limbs, cuts through, dis integrate, opened up, un corked, are tender, break down, wear thin, sickle, out-stripped, poke full of holes, out strips, un clothed, un-bolt, Slivered, pass through, dis figure, breathes fire, gapped, make ragged, tore asunder, cuts into, re solve, dis-tort, mows down, un-fastened, Graving, skived, un corks, de composing, de compose, going separate ways, shoots up, dis locating, Rabbeting, dis join, in sculpting, un latches, dis closing, wracking up, Sabered, un-does, comes undone, lay open, sticked in to, squalling, dis-proving, un fastened, de composes, dis-unite, un latch, shooting up, dis-figures, put asunder, prosect, re-moving, un-rolled, brake down, shoot full of holes, dis-figured, Roughhew, evulses, branching, in spect, am tender, tare asunder, un ravel, slit, dis-proved, burned up, re trenches, de faces, tatters, ex tract, blows violently, de compound, evulsing, sticks in to, tooled, wracks up, dis-play, wearing away, poked full of holes, take wind out of sails, Exscinded, go flat, tears asunder, slice, facetted, dis-patched, dis plays, shot full holes, dis-courage, un wrap, dis-joins, trans-fixes, busts in, un does, un-blocks, Barbered, Sabering, re-moves, mowing down, dis patched, up rooting, throwing wide, took out, knocking bottom out, dis figures, bi furcating, becoming ragged, cutting in to, go separate ways, Exscinding, goes flat, ex-tracts, in dent, un-tied, in-sculpting, crosshatched, dis sever, dis-joints, dis band, shoots full holes, does violence, sub divided, un stopping, un wraps, re lease, un tying, grooving, dis-closing, un bolting, un rolled, un roll, re-solved, un locking, grooved, dis-prove, Barbering, stick in to, blow sky high, dis unites, poking full of holes, evulsed, flitch, un fold, un-doing, take by storm, unbolts, split open, knock props from under, coming apart, opening up, sticking into, chine, dis-illusion, cracked open, making bare, whacked, gave way, jigsaws, scissoring, went flat, uncloses, taking by storm, re-aped, Weeding, un raveling, un clad, cracking open, tear, un sealed, in spects, come apart, passing through, Flitched, un-shutting, jigsawed, sounding off, shingles, prosects, un-furled, Slotted, dis-integrate, tear asunder, were sore, dis joins, breathed fire, dis bands, re-aping, re-move, re-duces, dis-patching, brake through, un-lock, un-clothed, un-wrap, scissor, Sickled, Spraining, un stops, be-setting, dis-figuring, dis unite, de compounding, be-set, Planing, fray, Unlatching, graved, dis-unites, un tied, pulled apart, de-compose, becomes ragged, re-solve, exscinds, laid open, de-corticated, being tender, Unclosed, un barring, de-stroyed, uncorks, un-wrapping, cross-hatching, cut into, open, took by storm, re aped, hurt, furrowed, taking out, blow violently, was tender, un furling, shoot full holes, un ravelling, be setting, dis limbing, dis joints, unbarring, un seal, rough hewn, in-sculpt, un-stopped, took wind out sails, mow down, un folds, dis illusioned, un stop, Dichotomized, takes wind out sails, threw wide, dis patches, knocked props from under, un closed, storm, made ragged, breaking through, dis-credit, slicing thin, cross hatches, un rolling, pulling apart, Rifting, puncture, rend, breaks through, weeds, sticks into, dis proves, in-sculpted, rough-hewing, dis member, blew sky high, wracked up, un stopped, cut, prick, dichotomizes, de-composes, unstops, un-stopping, trans fixt, dis uniting, dis close, mangle, dis united, pokes full of holes, throw wide, un-fold, Flitches, are sore, de faced, un-did, passes through, Moulded, slash, tatter, sawed, de corticate, inquired about, split, rough hewed, tuckers, fissured, unshutting, unshuts, un-clad, being sore, shred, re-leases, Dichotomizing, taking down peg, exsecting, score, dis-sever, dis playing, dis-banded, Planed, dislimbed, un-rolling, break through, dis-played, become ragged, dis banded, skive, dis courages, un shuts, Decompounding, chivving, dis-joined, dis-patches, be-heads, up-rooting, de-compounds, rabbets, prosecting, lays open, dis-courages, re-veal, dis-band, shooting full holes, takes down a peg, wearing thin, dis-severs, Rifted, un-bolting, takes wind out of sails, dis located, dis-severed, un doing, sets in, dis-locating, dis integrated, un fastens, doing violence, rabbet, rive, tearing asunder, Unlatch, un-roll, Decompounded, un-locks, parts company, de-stroy, doth violence, setting in, de stroy, un wrapped, cracks open, dis-locates, dis prove, pro bed, stuck in to, Furrowing, ex-tract, take down a peg, doest violence, dichotomize, bi furcates, in sculpted, sub dividing, takes down peg, burnt up, dis-playing, tore, de-composed, steamed up, cross-hatches, jigsaw, tooling, un-raveled, un barred, de-faced, faceted, went separate ways, dis closes, taking down a peg, scissored, evulse, be sore, cross hatch, unlatched, broke down, dis limb, breathe fire, un lock, un-closing, re-lease, un-clothes, un clothes, dis-membered, dislimbing, un wrapping, un-raveling, am sore, un bar, dis jointing, un latching, dis proving, un bolts, in sculpts, un-corks, re-trenches, re-solving, pull, blowing violently, bi furcated, Crosshatching, taking wind out of sails, Diced, dis-banding, pierce, stuck into, Shingled, dis-torts, opens up, un folding, un-shut, dis-close, un bolted, un furled, un-barring, dis-plays, dis-united, Ribboned, be-headed, dis membered, stomping, Careered, un cork, de stroying, bi-furcate, poke full holes, shingling, dis credited, fractured, dis severing, re move, trans fixed, dis banding, in-spect, unstopping, sound off, unshutted, came undone, marked down, Slivering, Faceting, wears thin, un-fasten, breached, re-trench, un-close, un-bar, becoming threadbare, sculpting, in-dented, dis integrates, shooting full of holes, dis played, come undone, out-strip, un locked, burning up, inquires about, un-clothing, up rooted, dis illusion, rupture, de-compounding, sub-dividing, un-wraps, dislimbs, cutting through, insculpting, Ribboning, dost violence, de stroyed, burn up, un-corking, Winging, poking full holes, dis severed, in denting, un folded, jigsawn, comes apart, wert sore, un-latched, dis integrating, cross hatching, mould, sectioning, out-strips, dis-integrated, breaks down, becomes threadbare, art tender, re trenched, weed, dis-jointed, burns up, dis-severing, crosshatches, shoots full of holes, cross-hatch, un-locked, facetting, dis severs, in-dent, Dicing, unbars, dis jointed, Exscind, giving way, cross hatched, rip, in dented, dis-joint, out-stripping, un did, dissect, knocks bottom out, dis-integrates, un-cork, whacking, splitting open, rough hew, dis-patch, rough-hews, Jagging, re-trenching, Fracturing, splits open, cut through, inquiring about, de-compounded, dis-bands, dis-limb, de-faces, breathing fire, un bolt, un locks, un clothing, give way, blows sky high, Unstop, cut in to, be-sets, dis credits, serrates, un-seal, Rabbeted, un bars, coming undone, exsects, be heading.