Pronunciation of Sharpen
/ʃˈɑːpən/, /ʃˈɑːpən/, /ʃ_ˈɑː_p_ə_n/

Antonyms for sharpen

slacking off, muddies, de colorize, melted away, wasted away, be numb, melts away, de-cline, dis appears, dis-colors, de-sensitizing, fagged out, grow dim, dieing away, dying away, evanished, dis solve, de-sensitizes, disco loring, die on vine, waste away, losing brightness, became colorless, lost brightness, melt away, obtund, fag out, de-colorize, dis-appear, aways, de-colorizes, loses luster, becomes colorless, achromatize, dis solving, buff, burnish, dis-solve, tuckers out, under mined, dis solves, under-mining, dieing vine, slacks off, washing out, evanishes, slacked off, took edge off, gloss, dis appearing, decolorize, loses brightness, under-mined, dis colored, de sensitize, de colorizing, disco-loring, dying on vine, dis colors, losing luster, be numbed, de clines, died vine, be-numbs, de colorizes, de-sensitize, dis-appeared, Dulling, dieing on vine, under mining, dies on vine, die vine, be-numbing, de-adens, take edge off, de colorized, dis solved, dis-perse, be numbing, dis-solved, takes edge off, de sensitizes, taking edge off, dis appeared, washes out, de aden, grows dim, de sensitizing, decolorizes, takes the edge off, Obtunded, smooth, dis color, be numbs, dis coloring, Achromatized, dulls, de-colorized, fagging out, be-numb, decolorizing, blunt, wash out, lost luster, died on vine, round, dis-solves, growing dim, wastes away, tuckering out, took the edge off, dull, dis-coloring, muddied, grew dim, achromatizes, Evanish, becoming colorless, Obtunding, lose brightness, die away, dying vine, taking the edge off, dis-color, dis-appearing, numbing, tucker out, soften, dies away, become colorless, decolorized, awaying, be-numbed, dis-colored, dis appear, de adens, dies vine, take the edge off, on vine, washed out, de sensitized, dis-appears, dis-solving, obtunds, de-aden, wasting away, fade, Muddying, de-clines, de cline, polish, dis perse, fags out, flatten, melting away, de-colorizing, de-sensitized, died away, evanishing, lose luster.