Pronunciation of Shy
/ʃˈa͡ɪ/, /ʃˈa‍ɪ/, /ʃ_ˈaɪ/

Antonyms for shy

in-corrigible, high mighty, most l, desperate, coming strong, unashamed, more unselfconscious, more loudvoiced, un-flinching, Spoony, bigtime, most chin up, para-mount, more self-concerned, pre-maturer, biggety, offhand, more seton, two-fisted, gallest, more individualist, more know-it-all, in-tense, most gingery, pre maturest, dis graceful, more no-win, forter, more boasting, pumped up, selfreliant, spirited, jumping conclusions, pushy, in discreet, more liberated, most upstage, more rocking, death-defying, audacious, un warier, most mondo, most powerhouse, re-probate, most pealing, more fireeating, personal, more bragging, more free-spoken, more red blooded, more profitless, over-weening, more zoetic, top-lofty, reputed, un-shakable, most unrepressed, more innerdirected, out righter, un restricted, most ex, more forwardlooking, more herolike, outward-bound, most smoothspoken, more come-on, inner-directed, noble, flagitous, adventurous, well built, in efficacious, grown up, Stout-hearted, more caveman, un-important, fancy free, authorized, self serving, more resolved, zesty, nuzzle, Assertory, more facial, well-developed, most whopper, determined, selfadmiring, most bare faced, mis-leading, more outward bound, guttiest, social, stout, generous, esteemed, locked in, more self concerned, more selfconcerned, most unnotable, more scouting, off cuff, singleminded, most venting, most generative, most activated, most poised, most ex-, legal, self asserting, hunkest, most self concerned, indecent, studdest, over-assertive, more redblooded, ex, more biggety, most well-planned, fore most, permissible, commendable, more deathdefying, get up go, phonic, more selfadmiring, self indulgent, most resolved, more megalomaniac, most two-fisted, more two-fisted, unworried, chockfull, over-zealous, un-notable, pretentious, more chin up, in trepid, unflinching, loud, powerhouse, most overventuresome, full hot air, megalomaniac, swollen headed, un blenching, most well laid, eager, most well-laid, un bridled, most racked, re-served, vain, Undauntable, more cold shoulder, more come on, more red-blooded, more smoothspoken, in vicious circle, more inner-directed, in-cautious, most ventral, self concerned, more tuna, most vocalic, extroverted, most fire eating, most flat-out, self interested, high spirited, Impavid, wrapped in oneself, brickwall, self assured, over bold, un thinking, most chinup, more undisguised, conceited, caveman, forceful, stuck on oneself, Self-interested, satisfactory, flagrant, more conceity, with-drawing, frank, on a treadmill, self-admiring, single minded, overzealous, hotdogger, get and go, good, guiltless, apest, lofty, vocalic, overweening, playing with fire, most death defying, un inhibited, hubristic, self-loving, fire eating, flipper, innerdirected, wakes the dead, laying it on the line, most cold shoulder, go for broke, un ashamed, hoitytoity, most tilted, call a spade spade, more fire eating, in-solent, heading for fall, big-headed, most forwardlooking, anti pathetic, herolike, un-selfconscious, dis-graceful, plentiful, most hotdogger, most vowel, swollenheaded, more hyper, selfabsorbed, more upstage, more brick wall, fortest, most redblooded, jumbo, in-tensest, ventral, Ear-splitting, Shucker, in-flexible, gregarious, two fisted, most aweless, most tuna, un wary, more ear-splitting, anti-pathetic, out-goingest, lay it on the line, forward-looking, Insuppressible, careless, undeterred, most protruding, un-afraid, most biggety, galler, more withdrawing, more comeon, chock full, precipitant, more smartass, most timewasting, abounding, most prognathous, most crackerjack, super, boldfaced, unself conscious, hot shot, on high horse, pleased with oneself, most profitless, immodest, overassertive, know it all, in-decent, more self interested, de-parting, more racked, high sounding, more vowel, high handed, grodier, assured, un-principled, haughty, over blown, not a prayer, fancyfree, pre-sumptuous, ex tensive, more articulated, bound determined, chirpiest, overbold, more welldeveloped, devil may care, re-tiring, loud-voiced, un-selfish, swollen-headed, more operatic, most toplofty, opprobrious, most outward-bound, most flat out, more fulminating, more fire-eating, cavalier, most come on, propulsive, more nowin, most steamroller, blameless, a whale of a, unafraid, most overbold, pre sumptuous, highflown, un-tactful, bigger than life, most coldshoulder, more two fisted, firm, oversize, more unrepressed, more derisory, more unself conscious, time wasting, most contemning, most lion hearted, high hat, more swaggering, more big-headed, inner directed, studder, insolent, most monster, head-strong, buller, ex pressed, more l, time-wasting, brash, un chastest, more choral, self sufficient, more ultramasculine, call a spade a spade, timewasting, more swollenheaded, smooth-spoken, un bending, coming on strong, call spade spade, most earpiercing, un hesitating, selfindulgent, come hither, more repudiating, most comeon, zoetic, dis respectful, operatic, most well planned, un wavering, enlarged, brave, more uncareful, stouter, fullgrown, death defying, more self-admiring, spunky, most know-it-all, more cracking, un fearful, endorsed, most heavy-duty, high-and-mighty, most ahead, un-chaste, hard-nosed, most outbound, most streetwise, un-self-conscious, creditable, selfcentered, more selfinterested, vocal, respected, laying it the line, un-suppressed, strong willed, smart, guttier, un-flagging, in-efficacious, more singing, proud, out right, more heavyduty, out-bound, more flagitous, more ex-, resolute, un-considered, flatout, most energized, tumultous tumultuous, like is, more brick-wall, most outward bound, un-bridled, luxuriant, more full-mouthed, forwardlooking, out and out, bounteous, more earpiercing, Gutty, most selfasserting, more self-interested, uncurbed, most thundering, positive, un repressed, un-daunted, most self admiring, full-mouthed, self-concerned, bare-faced, confident, more brickwall, more self asserting, ex-, unsuppressed, fire-eating, in-different, Over-bearing, most self loving, most stallion, more expressed, outward bound, flippest, more time wasting, most operatic, more undismayed, most plain-spoken, hard line, jockest, most smartass, conceity, more dallying, un-shaken, un constrained, choral, un-faltering, just, foolhardy, over-size, full mouthed, more activated, self confident, more loudmouth, dis solute, de parting, hot stuff, ample, prognathous, more flat out, most full mouthed, full of oneself, more persisting, more heart to heart, ear splitting, re solute, most well expressed, most herolike, more well-expressed, sociable, re tiring, sniffy, most rocking, most stout-hearted, un-thinking, most meddling, un-inhibited, hardnosed, flirtatious, gingery, free-spoken, more wellplanned, undisguised, over bearing, most swollen-headed, more well-developed, unswerving, most smooth-spoken, most overzealous, tumultous-tumultuous, more self-loving, most come-on, most high and mighty, more swollen-headed, illconsidered, laying line, more aweless, aggressive, selfserving, more overventuresome, teeming, un careful, plucky, un checked, most nowin, cunning, more loud-voiced, most boasting, one sided, outspoken, more death defying, protuberant, a whale a, not prayer, sniffier, laying it on line, more streetwise, egocentric, decorous, more termagant, de finite, more hubristic, set-on, re-doubtable, head long, decent, most wellexpressed, fore-most, more extrovert, head-long, more full mouthed, expanded, set stone, un availing, un hampered, un-dismayed, bountiful, un suppressed, un concealed, highhanded, more gingery, courageous, well expressed, most outwardbound, set in stone, most unsuppressed, lay it on line, hamest, most well developed, most impavid, most selfloving, permitted, clubbable, more smooth spoken, more unashamed, more stallion, more prognathous, tawdry, un-restricted, un-wariest, self reliant, smartsest, full of hot air, lay it the line, more self-asserting, un wariest, in flexible, more revealing, in tenser, more unsuppressed, Slighty, selfassured, un-governed, most free spoken, more ventral, more stout hearted, aper, more time-wasting, most phonic, more pealing, most protuberant, heart-to-heart, un reticent, more stout-hearted, most oversize, opinionated, most articulated, licensed, smartiest, streetsmart, in formal, un-controlled, over zealous, go after, sure of oneself, out-right, nervy, more uncurbed, overconfident, more selfloving, un-guarded, most insuppressible, most flagitous, most self-concerned, most unself conscious, most fire-eating, self-assured, over venturesome, principled, chirpy, re sonant, most no win, stick out like sore thumb, more ahead, most derisory, companionable, more set-on, approved, considerable, bullest, smoothspoken, un-reserved, stalwart, off deep end, un-curbed, most brick wall, over-hasty, helterskelter, self admiring, saying what thinks, red blooded, wellbuilt, highsounding, most lion-hearted, plenteous, unshy, over weening, selfassertive, onesided, chestier, out-going, in solent, over-bold, more selfasserting, tolerable, most self-asserting, more unblenching, most fullmouthed, more smart-ass, un selfish, smartser, most ear piercing, un profitable, sportive, plain spoken, most forward looking, up-pity, most unreticent, most flatout, wrapped oneself, forward, un-ceremonious, forer, reckless, temperamental, contemptuous, most certain, re-solute, more progressing, most individualist, most megalomaniac, more toplofty, more unhampered, un-disguised, willing, more ear splitting, more well expressed, most unself-conscious, Lion-hearted, pre mature, most pushful, zappy, more obsessive, rash, more protuberant, self important, more wellbuilt, chestiest, macho, large, stallion, re sounding, most wellplanned, in-attentive, smart alecky, most set-on, spooniest, self loving, most repudiating, most unblenching, most heart-to-heart, assertive, more sung, most know it all, more inner directed, in judicious, un compromising, more contemning, un-hesitating, superior, more bare-faced, illadvised, on treadmill, zingiest, more hotdogger, more bodacious, clean, most inner-directed, lay on the line, most ear-piercing, facial, vowel, unrepressed, most big-headed, animate, top lofty, un abashed, most loudmouth, chirpier, pointblank, un-yielding, trans parent, un-bending, out goinger, weighted, outgoing, copious, heavy-duty, most set on, boon, arrogant, grownup, more timewasting, most swollenheaded, more cold-shoulder, nestle, overhasty, un curbed, ultra-masculine, most unfearful, bent, unabashed, un tactful, more epic, more whopper, out limb, wakes dead, more no win, most heart to heart, un considered, more weighted, most freespoken, most termagant, brazen, largish, out goingest, sniffiest, hoity toity, in significant, stuck up, seton, more poised, most inner directed, most plain spoken, mis leading, smart ass, more know it all, redblooded, well developed, more hard nosed, stuckup, more big headed, more positive, wide open, more unnotable, helter skelter, well-planned, incautious, righteous, over-confident, trans-parent, most cracking, super colossal, upstanding, most bare-faced, most self-interested, aweless, most free-spoken, coldshoulder, un faltering, gallant, more heavy-duty, zestier, most well-built, more humongous, un-chastest, eloquent, most uncurbed, most time-wasting, most despising, zingy, most smart ass, earpiercing, on ego trip, most selfadmiring, more blustering, un guarded, most self asserting, unselfconscious, most swaggering, generative, fullmouthed, L, cold-shoulder, highspirited, more energized, un notable, saying what one thinks, sufficient, in famous, most sung, most two fisted, most vocalized, re probate, more propulsive, nowin, more forth, more smooth-spoken, out a limb, lion hearted, laying on line, most time wasting, more overassertive, most big headed, lay on line, more self admiring, self centered, prestigious, unreticent, smartalecky, moral, most loud voiced, re served, indiscreet, heedless, well planned, calling spade spade, most overassertive, eye catching, un-wavering, most selfconcerned, un-abashed, seemly, most high-and-mighty, most singing, crazy like fox, de-finite, more well-built, more self loving, most cold-shoulder, most smooth spoken, most well built, more unself-conscious, officious, selfconcerned, most fulminating, mondo, more crackerjack, smooth spoken, honest, un chaste, full life, un-concealed, wrapped up oneself, unself-conscious, cocky, most welllaid, most windbag, un shaken, laying on the line, most stout hearted, with drawing, proper, more heavy duty, more steamroller, correct, smartier, out spoken, beefcake, un sympathetic, hard nosed, most no-win, up-stage, most selfinterested, red-blooded, laying it line, most self-loving, sure oneself, convivial, meddlesome, un-checked, more undauntable, out rightest, toplofty, chinup, over confident, un-restrained, most sportive, abundant, most self interested, most heavyduty, mettlesome, more overbold, most revealing, grody, call spade a spade, up-beat, bare faced, un flinching, comeon, obtrusive, fearless, out-righter, ultramasculine, para mount, matter of fact, more welllaid, more unfearful, in-tenser, stuck oneself, more high-and-mighty, more modulated, most self-admiring, hefty, set on, laying the line, big, put in to words, in-suppressible, loudvoiced, most hotshot, more wellexpressed, fireeating, most unhampered, more forward looking, no-win, shuckest, most assertory, most death-defying, honorable, most obsessive, in suppressible, fancy footwork, deathdefying, liberal, wellplanned, most intonated, up stage, wrapped up in oneself, more insuppressible, in-trepid, most extrovert, reputable, unnotable, un-fearful, slick, most smart-ass, selfsufficient, silvertongued, most caveman, silver tongued, zappier, put into words, in different, most undismayed, self-centered, more thundering, most epic, most unselfconscious, dead set on, more well built, intent up on, Intonated, most wellbuilt, over-venturesome, hamer, more well developed, un principled, most humongous, un-equivocal, point blank, more high and mighty, enough, more powerhouse, more lion hearted, un selfconscious, re-solved, full oneself, more well-laid, shameless, ethical, re-sounding, zestiest, over assertive, more smart ass, most progressing, more coldshoulder, more beefcake, on an ego trip, most full-mouthed, un-repressed, Unblenching, calm, pre maturer, un changing, more freespoken, freespoken, more hotshot, sanctioned, most daredevil, self-asserting, re doubtable, more loud voiced, more vocalized, more ex, inclined, un-wary, most unashamed, cool hand, harum scarum, most swollen headed, ear-piercing, more venting, most bragging, un-blenching, chin up, un afraid, heroic, self absorbed, selfloving, more chin-up, more swollen headed, co pious, unhampered, more trojan, spoonier, most intrepid, chesty, most red-blooded, more monster, most twofisted, calling spade a spade, lay line, lavish, un yielding, having faith in, chin-up, loud voiced, brick wall, gutsy, out-goinger, tumultoustumultuous, twofisted, un-productive, more heart-to-heart, un-reticent, eyecatching, un-diplomatic, well laid, in-discreet, in advance, most trojan, strongwilled, selfpossessed, most hubristic, dog it, re-sonant, hotshot, un daunted, most deathdefying, free spoken, rambunctious, most zoetic, most red blooded, un flappable, most uncareful, more intonated, un-changing, over hasty, more despising, most dallying, big headed, most blustering, up pity, smart guy, more windbag, un-availing, more impavid, hardy, shooting from the hip, temerarious, Unfearful, more death-defying, out-spoken, selfconfident, adequate, unreserved, get up and go, well-expressed, high flown, un self-conscious, sizable, sly boots, upright, un-compromising, substantial, most undauntable, un controlled, un-blushing, more tilted, co-pious, daring, dis-respectful, more unreticent, more twofisted, more daredevil, more bare faced, un-ashamed, more flat-out, brick-wall, most liberated, out going, more forward-looking, most chin-up, disposed, smartass, overflowing, over-blown, selfinterested, undismayed, most well-developed, most ultramasculine, game, more overzealous, egotistical, smart-ass, most fireeating, greathearted, shooting from hip, up beat, salty, in corrigible, streetwise, most undisguised, well-built, welllaid, most choral, ultra masculine, comehither, most innerdirected, from the hip, out bound, derisory, bet on, most conceity, termagant, in-formal, uncareful, big talking, un equivocal, more set on, un-hampered, out on limb, in cautious, slightier, more free spoken, in tense, intent upon, pushful, bodacious, dis-solute, in-judicious, loudmouth, most bodacious, stand tall, uninhibited, most welldeveloped, bold, un disguised, exemplary, respectable, more well-planned, more pushful, un dismayed, un-chaster, most expressed, more chinup, un productive, more flatout, in decent, disdainful, king-size, rich, un chaster.