Pronunciation of Skinny
/skˈɪni/, /skˈɪni/, /s_k_ˈɪ_n_i/

Antonyms for skinny

hardy, most fullfigured, hulkest, built, paunchier, most embonpoint, more jellybelly, portly, more wellproportioned, co pious, most twoton, embonpoint, more bruising, Muscled, podgy, un-wieldy, paunchy, Sarcous, more two-ton, more butterball, more wellbuilt, in-decent, robust, in sensitive, most wellbuilt, overstuffed, suety, more outsize, most sarcous, whole shebang, husky, heavy, ox, well built, well made, swinish, most muscled, well rounded, blimpest, more zaftig, more thick-bodied, in gutter, most leadfooted, un sophisticated, alive and kicking, most bovine, sturdy, over-blown, most well-conditioned, outsize, splayest, powerhouse, zaftig, most consolidated, most bruising, most ripped, most thick bodied, more constructed, hippy, before deductions, more whalelike, ropiest, most overstuffed, splay, most avoirdupois, bearish, un feeling, un daunted, plump, fatlike, most full-figured, in delicate, more weighted, jelly-belly, more tiger, before tax, most jelly-belly, more consolidated, most lead-footed, having a spare tire, generous, more lead-footed, hunkest, massive, most wellpadded, full figured, alive kicking, stout, more well-conditioned, most well conditioned, most tiger, dis tended, well-built, more strong-arm, sinewy, more jelly-belly, over size, bustier, ropy, more undiscriminating, in the pink, wellconditioned, dis-tended, flabby, more created, fatter, more upholstered, co-pious, more wellpadded, re solute, powerful, out and out, more l, having spare tire, in vincible, most two-ton, more overstuffed, muscular, roly-poly, more strong arm, un-wieldier, un cultured, having bay window, obese, voluminous, most thickbodied, more lead footed, more barnyard, well-conditioned, hulker, more oversize, potbellied, most well-proportioned, gorillalike, paunchiest, most wellconditioned, most two ton, suetiest, most whalelike, chubby, scrubbest, most undiscriminating, stocky, most outsize, jellybelly, most fatlike, strong arm, pleasingly plump, more bearish, un qualified, oxest, squat, ropier, gross, un-discriminating, built last, most bearish, pumped up, most well-padded, buller, in pink, more beefcake, more swinish, ablebodied, Thewy, more well padded, most full figured, un-manageable, bullest, weighty, more blubbery, two-ton, blubbery, most wellproportioned, most l, ponderous, more strongarm, more bovine, weighted, out size, oversize, most strongarm, most powerhouse, un-mitigated, bulky, more twoton, in elegant, wellmade, burly, wellproportioned, thickbodied, most overfed, most upholstered, in-vincible, more well conditioned, bustiest, most swinish, most zaftig, well padded, more well-padded, most fabricated, overfed, busty, well proportioned, chunky, in fine fettle, most jelly belly, un refined, top heavy, over-size, out-size, jelly belly, corpulent, more overfed, un-refined, un seemly, whole nine yards, large, un manageable, un seemlier, out righter, wellrounded, whalelike, most well built, more well-proportioned, out rightest, wellbuilt, more muscled, over-weight, well-padded, suetier, un seemliest, un-cultured, more potbellied, loose, full-figured, more full figured, most well-built, lardest, more thick bodied, most oversize, in the gutter, un yielding, brawny, rolypoly, more full-figured, scrubber, butterball, strapping, most created, un couth, stalwart, round, in-elegant, most butterball, in-sensitive, L, whole enchilada, thewiest, over stuffed, more well-built, well conditioned, wiry, un-seemliest, whole ball wax, un-couth, whole schmear, most well padded, thick, fit as fiddle, buxom, over blown, in decent, Widish, out-right, oxer, undiscriminating, fleshed out, most lead footed, splayer, roly poly, thewier, re-solute, beefy, un-yielding, more well proportioned, wellpadded, podgiest, stouter, more two ton, having a bay window, un-daunted, most potbellied, more thickbodied, more wellconditioned, un wieldy, un wieldiest, more well built, fullfigured, beefcake, strongarm, shapely, most jellybelly, un mitigated, Thickish, pudgy, more ripped, out right, able bodied, more embonpoint, more fullfigured, un-seemlier, twoton, out-righter, more fatlike, overweight, well-proportioned, topheavy, fat, blimper, most well proportioned, most gorillalike, over-stuffed, more gorillalike, more avoirdupois, most thick-bodied, un wieldier, more jelly belly, more sarcous, most strong arm, whole ball of wax, thick-bodied, in-ordinate, built to last, most constructed, fit as a fiddle, un-qualified, un discriminating, fleshy, podgier, over weight, baby elephant, un-wieldiest, in-delicate, dumpy, up holstered, soft, thick bodied, more powerhouse.