Pronunciation of Slender
/slˈɛndə/, /slˈɛndə/, /s_l_ˈɛ_n_d_ə/

Antonyms for slender

before tax, unbreakable, un wieldier, voluminous, more oversize, un feeling, out-size, overfed, most thick-bodied, dumpy, ponderous, in-sensitive, un-wieldy, most thickbodied, more upholstered, most outsize, having a bay window, jelly belly, most whalelike, lavish, out size, thick bodied, gross, jelly-belly, over-blown, over-size, dis-tended, swarming, coarse, more overstuffed, un couth, round, thickbodied, splayer, most jelly-belly, undiscriminating, jellybelly, proliferative, more thickbodied, surplus, paunchier, weighty, un wieldy, zaftig, most butterball, luxuriant, wide, having bay window, whalelike, stouter, bullest, soft, blooming, blunt, bursting, strong, plenteous, more thick bodied, blimpest, whole ball of wax, most l, un-mitigated, in elegant, most undiscriminating, plentiful, out and out, most oversize, most avoirdupois, huge, un sophisticated, potbellied, over stuffed, flabby, adequate, most jelly belly, more jelly-belly, dis tended, out righter, most potbellied, fruitful, more barnyard, rude, thick-bodied, most lead-footed, more butterball, oversize, outsize, flourishing, in delicate, un-wieldiest, over weight, out rightest, out right, more fatlike, more whalelike, plump, embonpoint, fecund, whole ball wax, fat, fertile, great, in-decent, most well padded, un cultured, most overstuffed, more swinish, buller, un discriminating, suetiest, un refined, overstuffed, over-weight, whole nine yards, generous, more lead-footed, blimper, co-pious, bountiful, more embonpoint, butterball, un wieldiest, in sensitive, thriving, well padded, more l, more potbellied, in-delicate, more bovine, most fatlike, roly poly, most leadfooted, liberal, more lead footed, suety, paunchy, copious, un-seemlier, more avoirdupois, overweight, most lead footed, whole enchilada, lardest, most overfed, husky, un-cultured, more well-padded, un seemlier, teeming, un-wieldier, fatter, L, most well-padded, having spare tire, most thick bodied, enough, co pious, rich, wellpadded, whole schmear, squat, well-padded, more jellybelly, over blown, most bovine, paunchiest, most wellpadded, rolypoly, tolerable, corpulent, prolific, immense, awkward, splayest, hippy, before deductions, heavy, un seemly, Widish, massive, extra, over size, un-qualified, most jellybelly, out-righter, splay, un-couth, whole shebang, over-stuffed, un seemliest, out-right, excess, un qualified, more jelly belly, more thick-bodied, in gutter, un mitigated, un-discriminating, more overfed, most upholstered, more undiscriminating, chubby, fatlike, up holstered, suetier, portly, fleshed out, satisfactory, more wellpadded, big, swinish, most embonpoint, sufficient, in-elegant, more well padded, un-seemliest, most swinish, un-refined, clumsy, baby elephant, in-ordinate, having a spare tire, large, in the gutter, in decent, thick, Thickish, firm, buxom.