Pronunciation of Slow
/slˈə͡ʊ/, /slˈə‍ʊ/, /s_l_ˈəʊ/

Antonyms for slow

more hairsplitting, going like bat out of hell, more attached, gallop, un-tightens, to turn, bull-eye, anesthetizing, taking a hop, in duces, most sailing, attends to, opening the door, most worldweary, feeds the fire, going like wind, off top head, most racking, dis composed, course, Acuminous, runs like wind, wellestablished, head-strong, more demoniac, in-duce, over pressed, gets going, deft, pronged, soon, got a move on, re adies, put up to, paved the way, un settle, sharp as a tack, pouring it on, hand carried, gone halfcocked, in-forms, runs interference, beelining, expand, most alate, dis locate, bull'seye, most double-time, eager, assist, most tiffany, fed fire, Posthaste, re-locates, spry, on-the-spot, handled personally, step it, re vitalizes, most assertory, getting going, pave way, switch on, proceed, most barreling, more hovering, dis-posing, more allconsuming, whooshing, fast track, un-heralded, prepped, pre-pare, race, in-duces, calls up, in creases, soonest, more high-speed, un duest, Muscled, being conscientious, Astucious, in-spirits, in-cite, de-camps, be labor, sharpsighted, peppers, getting moving, wild, pre maturest, making way, livens, makes waves, speed up, took care of, give rise to, skipped out, re-doubtable, hammer on, Subito, dragoons, sells on, shoot out, anesthetize, laying patch, lay on, strong smelling, most demiurgic, high-speed, set in motion, pelt, marking up, shot through, dis burdened, sold on, lets up on, andantino, more speedball, be conscientious, un-scrupulous, in decent, out rightest, tore out, cut along, more well established, fleet footed, quick trigger, anesthetizes, rapid fire, de-livered, in creasing, in know, dis-compose, ex acerbates, un predictable, most double-edged, turn on steam, most oversoon, come, wise up, re quired, on dot, more streaming, well-read, vivace, worldly wise, more screaming, more easy moving, in-nerved, deadon, been around, clean cut, ex tend, go after, having know how, most razor sharp, key up, sets afoot, most tipped, pushed forward, take care of, un relenting, in cautious, fires up, fire, dis-composed, all consuming, wake up, hustle, steamed up, on lookout, step on gas, scurry, most tightened, be laboring, making one way, dispatch, un timeliest, redblooded, catapulting, laid rubber, half-cocked, lays rubber, Disporting, most screaming, quicktempered, catalyzes, makes ones way, in place, cutting the red tape, hand-walk, gotten set, quickly, tare along, rushing headlong, agile, runs with, zipping, most close-fitting, stir embers, got ready, psychs, suspenseful, slip away, on the qui vive, un-wavering, shoot up, dis concerts, Danced, more smooth-spoken, most adjusted, on the go, in-creases, clearcut, go like the wind, whirlwind, dis-engaging, offload, too soon, pre maturer, enlarge, walking through, ex pose, exacerbate, with-it, gone off half cocked, most pennate, at beck and call, letting in on, stirring up, in-clement, realizable, more self gratifying, put on to, dis-lodges, made snappy, dis-patches, out-righter, screaming, rouse, give incentive, Lickety Split, flit, being quick, ex-cites, most constricted, playing on, lay a patch, Bandied, stepped along, pro posing, Assertory, walked it through, put in motion, went to town on, be stir, de-pressing, rest on, asked for it, jets out, gets set, most fleet footed, hand carry, psyching up, rousing, greased wheels, acted upon, hurried, Spright, dis-agreeable, un-contaminated, most shooting, play on, over bearing, made ready, re-commend, calling up, dextrous, re-quires, over hasty, whippest, Needle-pointed, dis-composing, dis-lodge, jets over, wrought in to lather, more waving, un-tried, hand-walks, hair-raising, turned on steam, flathatting, more arranged, re generates, sets off, letting upon, trigger, more quick fire, readies, scuttering, pre-determining, on the button, flies the coop, walked through, in spires, dis burdens, open up, lends a hand, gets moving, ex-cited, more uncontaminated, Phosphoresced, easy-moving, hightail it, hie, be quick, leg it, hightailed it, smart as a whip, most world-weary, fit out, gat away, more doubletime, ex cite, spellbinding, quick on draw, flung off, goosed, dis engaged, make haste, hairtrigger, close to hand, clears way, steam up, dis burdening, whirling, adjy, running with ball, most razor-sharp, most abreast, catalyzed, flew coop, astir, more payback, tare out, over turns, in forming, most piked, got on it, jollying, more darting, re-stores, gat moving, hand-walking, in readiness, de-camp, dis-engaged, laying rubber, puts forward, runs interference for, art conscientious, most double-quick, be-dazzles, be stirred, in nerve, more sharp sighted, dis-concerting, in tensive, bend the throttle, up-set, quick the trigger, presses on, quick the draw, chop chop, mondaine, all ears, de livers, be-wilders, work for, un adulterated, stimulate, more hurricane, putting arm on, un-gracious, un chaster, ex-acting, gone half-cocked, acting up on, poignant, Waltzed, more keenedged, making scarce, long-haired, couth, de-vising, in clines, made one's way, lied on, more barrelling, take by storm, over works, vitalize, most acuminous, foxy, trans posed, on cue, whipt around, un settling, walking it through, barrelled, up-setting, in tense, more fine spun, steps along, Bestirred, tight, velocious, wise to, be-wildered, most hard-working, most on the spot, un guarded, go to town on, inclined, make ready, be wildering, more close fitting, un-predicted, more reeking, dis-missing, in-forming, Bandying, pro-nest, switches on, re-vivifying, most apical, push, more overnight, with-draw, get move on, over-turn, ease, awesome, over-early, most all consuming, hyper sonic, heat up, dead on, breaking new ground, Oversoon, tear, Hurries, hastily, more in thing, faddish, un steadier, de liberate, re locate, more edged, handles personally, innervating, pressing on, like a bat out hell, in style, feeds fire, needle shaped, greasing wheels, more splitsecond, help, take hop, gets move on, first class, Innerving, more doubleedged, lies on, more razor-sharp, fleet-footed, adds fuel to fire, pre-paring, jetted over, more with it, hand-carried, cutting red tape, most vinegary, let in on, pre pared, re-quire, going away, more oversoon, zip, get cracking, scholarly, quick-fire, ex-tends, most causal, sur-prising, on toes, PREPS, scooting, lapidated, in-spired, more half-cocked, not stale, invigorate, adept, supersonic, devil may care, in spired, un gracious, encourage, goes like bat out hell, gets away, chopchop, took hop, over come, make easier, Sinewed, de liver, cannonball, most witting, unlooked for, ex tends, cuts run, well informed, un-conscionable, went like bat out of hell, puts pedal metal, give boost to, skyed out, lending hand, most payback, hurried up, a bit previous, bulls-eye, most knifeedged, pre-sent, energize, most chop chop, under standing, well bred, in-spires, tunedin, most easy moving, un scrupulous, stirring embers, hops along, illconsidered, in cline, on move, more penetrative, re commending, more adherent, intensify, pushed around, world-weary, glinting, all set, un tighten, skirred, captivating, de-livering, prevail up on, letting go, dis patches, dis posing, more half cocked, ex cites, vivify, pro vide, most doubleedged, Sideling, in-exorable, gets under way, activate, pushing around, multi faceted, ram, get up go, makes one way, in considerate, warmed up, un hesitating, over-powering, dis-solute, swiftly, dis-porting, be-stirs, apace, innerves, get on it, lets go, un controlled, stepping it, strengthen, more needlelike, like a flash, fast-paced, at beck call, valid, dis-charges, in-nerve, having smarts, bend throttle, dis-burdened, more double edged, dis charged, at ready, smart, more on-the-spot, most innovational, with draw, more highspeed, applying oneself, knows what's what, most directly, twinkle toes, most needlelike, dis-patching, dis burden, most selfgratifying, more unfledged, pro-pose, makes ready, most predeveloped, quick draw, bent the throttle, nailing it, fast on draw, most subitaneous, de press, more witting, slapping on, smart as whip, more overhasty, fleetfooted, most enlivened, heads up, selling on, sharp-sighted, off-loads, making run for it, more abreast, be-dazzling, most unalloyed, Skirr, more needleshaped, get moving, hand walks, most chopchop, de pressed, go out, highpitched, get under way, running its course, over soon, move it, dis-charged, Jollies, strong-smelling, acts up on, ill advised, getting under way, nimble-witted, in opportune, re vivify, run like the wind, whipped around, skip out, pro founder, on hand, dis composes, re moving, glued, most allconsuming, more alacritous, under hand, most volar, brieriest, high pressured, shagging, un-chaste, rev, most mondaine, dis tract, run with, knowing, de-part, stagiest, fed the fire, pro pose, tugged at, on the spot, act upon, more unpolluted, pro-vide, with draws, de light, more hard-working, most knife edged, go like bat out of hell, runs with the ball, more apical, dis concerting, barreled, like bat out of hell, premature, dis-illusioned, Phosphorescing, acute, dis-charging, like house fire, took a hop, flat-hatting, re vitalized, in suppressible, adds fuel, ballyhooing, keen edged, uncontaminated, dis-engages, pro-moting, most ultrasonic, most suffocating, dis-quieted, heats up, more horned, most reeking, pennate, handwalked, fixed for, on button, most apprised, sub lime, hightailing it, hasty, un-developed, quick on trigger, de parts, be dazzle, makes time, opens up, logical, more lightfooted, in-vulnerable, enchanting, most splitsecond, ex acerbating, unpolluted, dis porting, un foreseen, more nimblewitted, gives incentive, stir, up set, more constricted, pro-long, well established, ex-cite, rested on, swishes, over worked, shortlived, more all-consuming, sprightly, smoking, trans pose, twist arm, in-spire, get up and go, puts pedal to metal, more efficient, all systems go, sharp as tack, more barreling, most arranged, runs its course, more enlivened, more fleet-footed, most smoothspoken, most nimble-footed, re-move, over burden, de pressing, quick the uptake, drive, de vising, put on afterburners, most quick fire, most subito, trans parent, cutting along, dis charge, puts in motion, opens the door, trans-pose, seagull, marks up, brisk, making tracks, make it snappy, shag, tugs at, re doubled, quickwitted, with style, pre-mature, jump-start, most unlooked for, most fireball, hand walk, locomoting, went like lightning, un ripe, more tearing, more needle-shaped, dragoon, re locates, taking care of, more slambang, highly developed, lapidating, more fleet footed, ground fine, be labored, un-due, clearing way, dis locates, running interference, in-flames, motivate, pepper, get along, be-stirred, un-ripest, re stores, touched off, overnight, take wing, went like the wind, ball fire, erudite, fore sighted, more curtailed, most easy-moving, firstclass, wily, nimble footed, liquid, re vivifies, un-riper, dis illusioned, fleet, called up, precipitate, tear along, meteoric, opens door, Shepherding, over early, more on the spot, in flamed, more splintery, lapidates, kept posted, out strips, handwalk, most redblooded, be labors, flurry, co-uther, without warning, overpressing, more quick-fire, un-bending, re-generated, snapper, most volitant, wakes up, spike, pre pares, stiff, more intensified, touch off, animating, dis composing, jetting out, de parted, de-signing, skedaddle, in-nerving, vivificated, hyper-sonic, re vitalizing, voguish, more feathered, dis pose, put to, in dividual, moves fast, fleet of foot, dis posed, dis missed, cognizant, intense, double-time, firing up, stirs up, strongarm, dis engaging, dis-tended, in full swing, plunges ahead, un-chastest, enthusing, nobody fool, highspeed, bending throttle, sound, geared up, un-premeditated, more whizzing, presentday, most contracted, most hovering, Toning, more rapidfire, revving, over whelmed, bulls eye, careen, equal to, ex-posing, in order, call arms, invigorating, dis-tracts, more plotting, de camped, gat it, hotshot, clears the way, heads for, Shying, more jetset, keep posted, crushes against, de lighted, ex acting, getting it, Shepherded, more jet set, steps it, pre disposing, not lose a minuting, de camps, put motion, bolt, aero-nautical, most hastening, bulleted, de-camped, re freshes, most skintight, sprighter, be-dazzle, more quickened, paving the way, more waiting, accelerate, in-judicious, Volleying, cut the red tape, gets ready, intro duces, most needle shaped, more trendsetting, most red-blooded, on ones toes, Fussed, gat going, engrossing, un polluted, hare, cyclonic, on brink, quick, more tightened, flies coop, ex-posed, most slambang, stimulating, ran its course, most chiffon, most streetwise, nimble witted, speeded up, works in to lather, co uther, dis-patch, making break, pressure, most posted, clear the way, a turn, got going, more percipient, re-vivify, be-wilder, head-long, feeding fire, vivificating, throw, flathat, flat-hats, dis ported, flat-hatted, apply oneself, unexpected, un steadiest, re double, crushed against, whipping around, played on, walk it through, letted up on, re locating, intoxicates, volitant, fireball, puts afterburners, setting motion, going like the wind, more conceiving, needle-shaped, slapped on, more easymoving, split second, de-parting, torn out, most adherent, most double time, get a move on, dis tracts, more overearly, paves way, more lightning, predeveloped, screamin', ex-act, rushed headlong, more realizable, wastes no time, more volitant, super-sonic, spikier, most gadabout, festinate, got under way, dis-locate, enlivening, running interference for, putting forward, more chop chop, most rapid fire, locomoted, easymoving, most tuned-in, fore-sighted, un wavering, ran interference for, close fitting, scutters, most high-speed, more supersonic, re move, harum scarum, to t, more airborne, more chiffon, dis-burdening, phosphoresces, greases wheels, most highspeed, let fly, skies out, most in thing, gone half cocked, more paralyzing, catapulted, more swooping, un yielding, de-light, most red blooded, peel rubber, switching on, lapidate, wrought on, ex tended, takes wing, high speed, re generated, making ready, more light-footed, most drilling, more halfcocked, nowest, allow, humming, Dragooning, loses no time, long haired, be-wildering, boogied, a t, psych up, stepping along, lead out, dis solute, strong arm, steaming up, un-duer, handling personally, ripe, bright, re vivifying, in jiffy, most tined, un-conditional, more unmixed, go like bat out hell, in to, makes haste, sharkest, most doublequick, most hairtrigger, complex, hairline, made time, pre sent, leant on, un-steadier, in fashion, makes snappy, shies, most intensified, going like bat out hell, make waves, dis-lodged, run with the ball, most realizable, most withit, nailed it, more expressed, taking flight, lays patch, tearing along, most lightfooted, uses elbow grease, pro-tracts, un tightened, gat ready, working on, more knifeedged, Careering, Barrelling, most overhasty, excite, go with, gather momentum, more jet-set, using elbow grease, bestirs, de finite, facilitates, quickened, flourishing, ex-tending, bent throttle, wideawake, setting astir, unanticipated, over night, two faced, more flashing, flat-hat, skying out, lengthen, gave boost to, more needle-pointed, uptown, sharp edged, legs it, lose no time, revs up, more light footed, making easier, lets fly, hurtle, Sophic, more in-thing, more drilling, un-thinking, plays on, Subitaneous, leans on, surprising, turns on steam, knowledgeable, chiffon, most cobwebby, short term, quick-witted, un heralded, most streaming, volant, most nimble footed, dis concerted, more chopchop, quickest, all there, prep, more racking, in spiring, putting screws to, with drawn, more designful, astounding, in-cline, astonishing, went like a bat out hell, in-temperate, run, most unlookedfor, like wildfire, railroaded, spiky, remain aloft, dis-burdens, pre-disposes, switched on, Bestirring, most designful, cuts along, get ready, most tunedin, the lead out, in form, brilliant, whoosh, hand-walked, more tined, most halfcocked, not lose a minuted, most schooled, leaning on, peels rubber, pressed on, more hairtrigger, un wariest, pre-determines, making short work of, un-adulterated, unalloyed, de livered, sophisticated, ex-pose, slap on, most airborne, un seating, forcible, alluring, crush against, go fast, tuned in, non stop, re aching, red hot, putting up to, hand walked, most speeded, ex acerbated, over-coming, insightful, in haste, with-drawn, dis tend, buzzing, more vinegary, dis-engage, hightail, running with, running like the wind, more unanticipated, like crazy, re quiring, quick fire, Fussing, all-consuming, percipient, causative, dis missing, hurriedly, most with it, overflowing, savvy, waking up, Fleeted, got set, fine spun, flat hat, more whetted, in flame, go all out, handcarried, revving up, multi plying, dis-locates, hand-carrying, impel, in nerving, more honed, re fined, sub-lime, step on it, un-tightened, Innerved, harefooted, acuate, dis tended, heated up, marvelous, applied oneself, moving quickly, un-considered, most percipient, pre mature, toned up, re-ached, over comes, flathatted, making one's way, pre meditated, set motion, like a house on fire, press on, de-liver, letted fly, pro tracts, fly the coop, high spirited, more pennate, most velocious, more subito, Vivificate, hammering on, JS, pre-dispose, makes firm, hurry, arresting, goes like wind, hasten, on top of, rush off, re generate, more speeded, more sharp-sighted, BLUE STREAK, wing in, un-alloyed, galvanizing, thriving, go like lightning, re-locating, re solute, most well-established, most unmixed, Intensated, tripling, over burdens, more innovational, un horsed, most hairsplitting, not lose minute, on wing, most needlepointed, short lived, re doubtable, offloads, perspicacious, more contracted, informed, gets on it, out blue, warms up, made haste, more nimblefooted, boogies, facilitate, un tightens, more in to, un qualified, avant garde, racing, gotten cracking, more needle pointed, goes away, doubletime, be wilders, goes like the wind, over whelm, speeding, gotten away, speeds up, getting on it, handcarrying, dash, more wedged, gotten under way, most sharpedged, make alive, are conscientious, Jed, with drew, made it snappy, fly coop, fire up, de lighting, letting fly, jumping conclusions, cobwebby, move quickly, more hastening, take a hop, dis-quiet, re-lax, fitting out, more subitaneous, most sharp edged, un seated, put the screws to, on money, most supersonic, literate, most sharp-sighted, dancing, mark up, more diligent, de-parted, un ripest, stirred up, making haste, fast the draw, more selfgratifying, putting on to, liven, bulleye, quick on the trigger, treble, nower, like all get out, re ached, in the know, most fleetfooted, push around, making waves, in-tensive, ballyhooed, most double edged, acting upon, pro-found, liberate, Intensate, ex tending, Clear-headed, over-comes, un tried, Waltzing, out-right, clear decks, most unpredicted, over-night, fast, most sharp sighted, most wellestablished, spikiest, smartsest, un expected, more double-edged, knows what what, most nimblefooted, took wing, more tiffany, most clear-headed, most tapered, securely, un triedest, head long, dis-locating, more hypersonic, most jet set, opening up throttle, re-vitalized, more keen edged, bended the throttle, more daredevil, pre-maturest, worked on, generative, whip around, opens doors, sensible, gat cracking, out-strips, dis-tend, ask for it, re-freshes, more red-blooded, lent hand, step up, getting set, in extricable, provocative, catalyzing, giving boost to, whish, all the rage, needleshaped, makes scarce, in duce, scamper, pro tract, un conditional, penetrative, be wildered, flying, lending a hand, splitsecond, alert, setting in motion, red blooded, like flash, most plumed, goes like bat out of hell, made oneself scarce, most sideling, more sailing, Careered, crazy like fox, intro duce, more longhaired, un-horsing, taking by storm, allegretto, gotten ready, most nimblewitted, in tensest, quick on uptake, turning on steam, un flagging, fast tracked, more faddish, push forward, shooting through, dis-concerted, making it snappy, puts the arm on, more strong-smelling, steps on gas, faddy, dressed kill, split-second, un-trieder, twists arm, resting on, laidback, be-stir, bending the throttle, more jazzed, most devising, dis-missed, spectacular, gunned, ex-tend, wonderful, de livering, cut and run, ex-tended, Worldlywise, out right, dis-composes, grease wheels, make break, most nimble-witted, lent a hand, out-stripped, makes short work of, Winging, fascinating, most expeditive, violent, de-parts, un due, release, close-fitting, wide awake, trans-parent, over turning, most envisioning, powering, cuts and run, work into lather, quick witted, sped away, most in-thing, most clear headed, most attached, most drifting, easy moving, pro-longing, off the top of head, un mixed, cleancut, dis-enchanted, more gadabout, made alive, inspiring, not lose minuted, re commends, over-pressed, went fast, shakes a leg, accelerated, leaned on, toned, more astucious, cleared the way, most light-footed, ear to the ground, more argute, legged it, runs with ball, more anticipating, un trieder, pre-determine, un-ceremonious, barraged, under-hand, Piked, headlong, more flapping, illadvised, bended throttle, re-commended, tuned-in, un anticipated, Hasted, pre-maturer, clearing the way, more world weary, tightly, more hotshot, briskly, dis located, gave a boost to, Demiurgic, most well established, most hard working, hopping along, over-hasty, multi-plied, most trendsetting, more velocious, sur prising, keys up, knows whats what, high pressuring, winged, un-tighten, more altogether, dogs it, ran with, fast tracking, impelled, trained, a move on, lean on, gives rise to, at the ready, more cyclonic, most hypersonic, hand-carry, windy, withit, make scarce, prestissimo, extend, going like a bat out hell, DO, in flexible, de-camping, more smooth spoken, knife-edged, most chop-chop, act up on, wondrous, fresh, enthuses, re quires, innervates, acts upon, re-quired, aeronautical, most strong-smelling, un mitigated, un seat, fleet foot, sky out, more devising, giving incentive, multi-plying, alar, shooting from the hip, most light footed, tooled, tooling, trans-posing, be dazzles, hopped along, Rocketing, pave the way, rush headlong, not lose a minute, most into, in-tended, most wedged, more rocking, in tended, quick on the uptake, de-lights, tugging at, pre dispose, de-presses, re-fresh, in-spiring, rustle, seagulling, over whelming, set astir, more fleetfooted, were conscientious, high pitched, exerting influence, entrancing, in short order, streetsmart, un-mitigated, be-labors, re sourceful, over-press, foment, un settled, made scarce, makes tracks, shake leg, made run for it, poured on, amusing, skuller, de-liberate, stepping on it, out and out, goes fast, re-vitalizes, in-crease, most split second, most voguish, stepping gas, more inthing, gathers momentum, takes hop, over-presses, hypersonic, psyching, politick, more plumed, most close fitting, spirited up, eye opening, over-burdened, more tuned in, un-hinges, slipt away, send forth, made short work of, pelleting, more double-time, more fine-spun, takes a hop, shoots through, most faddish, get away, most soprano, out strip, breathtaking, re-commends, dis-lodging, sharp sighted, more streetwise, prompt, in spire, not bargained for, sage, setting afoot, let upon, bull's eye, more world-weary, jollied, most splintery, re stored, most plotting, gat under way, flippest, active, self gratifying, greased the wheels, pronto, more wizard, re vitalize, most world weary, hightails it, going to town on, pre-disposed, hop along, off the hip, ex-press, de-lighted, un-hinged, more tapered, witting, up setting, re-leases, needlepointed, most quickfire, half cocked, most fleet-footed, vinegary, flying the coop, in discreet, hurries up, razor-sharp, un-yielding, un pleasant, touches off, speeds away, off loads, most needle-shaped, applies oneself, re-lease, more suffocating, move fast, original, able, opening throttle, open the door, more quickfire, stirring, well turned out, dis concert, ultrasonic, most tearing, making time, sell on, Dizzying, pre determine, makes oneself scarce, interesting, pro-tract, getting away, more aeronautical, amazing, dis charging, engaging, whishes, with-drawing, stepping on gas, works over, re-doubled, off the top head, double-edged, in flaming, most barrelling, spirit up, Intensating, laid back, skirrs, more split-second, most fine-spun, over-burdening, pro-founder, most argute, pre developed, slick, re news, slips away, most jetset, more eye opening, more eggheaded, mesmerizing, un horsing, speedy, non-stop, wasted no time, shrewd, rushed at, prolong, up speed, Rapid-fire, more worldweary, wert quick, over burdening, de lights, out righter, in-complete, Whirred, eye-opening, not in cards, chop-chop, most self gratifying, more gelid, sharp witted, whooshes, out of blue, over burdened, most precipitate, pro-vided, torn along, peeling rubber, rev up, bewitching, with drawing, setting off, alate, more sideling, unfledged, goes like lightning, over-turning, over-pressing, unlooked-for, most pronged, not cards, make ones way, agitate, on the inside, smooth-spoken, handwalks, more unblunted, Insuppressible, dogged it, amp, intoxicate, Tripled, mercurial, waked up, dis patched, nimblefooted, be stirs, opened throttle, re doubling, works into lather, up sets, entertaining, ultra sonic, under-standing, hotfoot, on time, un-foreseen, ex-acerbating, over-wrought, more avian, eggheaded, post haste, expedite, intelligent, flatout, off hip, lying on, Overpress, most harefooted, sent forth, most expressed, opens throttle, dis patch, most alar, go along, smoothspoken, steamrolls, be dazzling, dis engages, up-hold, ear the ground, mobilize, in vulnerable, clear cut, jetted out, puts on afterburners, dis-posed, more voguish, couther, pro longing, most anticipating, most tornado, hammered on, make tracks, most rapid-fire, pro-posing, off-loaded, shook a leg, un steady, trans-lucent, enliven, doublequick, are quick, pro-vides, most tuned in, strong, Piloted, most alacritous, handwalking, un conventional, un chastest, flew the coop, spiriting up, ex pressed, Sallied, poured it on, over coming, Volleyed, lets in on, more galloping, needlelike, un-horsed, pro-motes, more cracking, un-seat, more sharpened, speeding away, worked in to lather, use elbow grease, keen-edged, skilled, gooses, most fainting, more rapid fire, resourceful, most sharpened, piloting, Unblunted, make firm, jet out, in-dividual, get it, keen, most keen edged, winging in, un-tiring, boogieing, make one way, keenedged, more strong smelling, most half cocked, un-controlled, off loaded, inthing, un-settle, un-seated, walks it through, in-spirited, plunge ahead, re-double, running with the ball, twisted arm, dis agreeable, asking for it, on one toes, re-aching, faddiest, more stretched, dis quieted, hurry up, open up throttle, on the lookout, most crackerjack, intriguing, get going, make one's way, speedball, turning steam, most needle-pointed, over-whelmed, couthest, flyest, dogging it, re-eking, re moved, fly, doubleedged, gear up, most double quick, puts screws to, more knife edged, adds fuel fire, wellbred, feathered, dis-tract, in the saddle, on the wing, fleetly, most uncontaminated, puts to, charming, with-drew, most eye-opening, getting cracking, shoots up, took by storm, heading for, more long-haired, stepped it, increase, work in to lather, swished, re-generate, escalate, in-spiriting, gears up, dis-patched, more envisioning, crafty, dis quieting, bulleting, strenuous, in-flexible, allconsuming, more genius, gotten moving, extra-ordinary, most easymoving, more all consuming, pro-longs, gathered momentum, apical, quick as wink, intro-duce, moving, most jazzed, lively, stalwart, dis criminating, complicated, be-labored, makes a break, having know-how, most high speed, dis-located, snappily, most eyeopening, most hairline, takes care of, psychs up, re-stored, Scutter, up hold, dis tending, most doubletime, getting a move on, in-considerate, re commend, stoning, bends throttle, more razor sharp, in spirits, un-pleasant, make run for it, absorbing, in-creased, pro long, dis engage, aggressive, un-qualified, dis compose, in temperate, seagulls, open to, in nervate, making a break, wellfounded, dis quiet, more fluttering, make time, made one way, not lose minuting, ran with ball, running like wind, bestir, attended to, raise, animate, most einstein, dis-pose, in nothing flat, smart alecky, steps gas, letted in on, actuate, dis enchanted, flat hatting, self indulgent, laid a patch, selfindulgent, most split-second, re-sourceful, be-laboring, sane, stepped on it, un erring, shaking leg, made ones way, most waiting, slipped away, willing, un-expected, on the dot, dis locating, whished, re vivified, opening up, un hinges, re storing, pro-viding, more apprised, fast tracks, sends forth, over-whelming, flat hatted, Peppered, over whelms, more whisking, attractive, making alive, in-nerves, went like a bat out of hell, to a turn, fine, stirred embers, most long haired, more electrifying, turns steam, off load, attend to, pre-determined, off-loading, wising up, turned steam, most sharp-edged, over turn, piping, most whetted, wrought into lather, most overearly, puts arm on, in-continent, innervated, legging it, up-sets, un thinking, presto, in tenser, dis-charge, getting ready, most keen-edged, over-burden, career, bullseye, most electrifying, prepping, more eyeopening, tone up, un chaste, lend hand, gone off halfcocked, more harefooted, sheer, skirring, shooting up, Dragooned, dis-criminating, steps on it, cutting and run, sprightest, most edged, in continent, dart, more causal, rip-roaring, call up, is conscientious, pre-meditated, feed fire, most citified, re-news, Expeditive, most glued, headed for, touching off, gives a boost to, un timelier, in-cautious, re-leased, put pedal metal, un-blunted, putting to, re generating, makes one's way, cut run, quick on the draw, slambang, sapient, un-mixed, makes it snappy, more knife-edged, opening doors, got it, good hands, sharp, Fine-spun, got cracking, sets astir, most sharpsighted, gifted, multi-faceted, made tracks, skullest, more bustling, dressed to kill, in forms, plunged ahead, in-opportune, in-suppressible, exciting, learned, energizing, de-press, Hasting, put arm on, pour on, stepped on gas, barraging, aero nautical, most whizzing, Vegetated, re-generating, made easier, on the move, smooth spoken, riveting, de signing, flying coop, un tiring, opens up throttle, dis tends, dis-ported, brief, wises up, more unlooked for, grow, more fainting, in position, on double, shot out, nails it, overpresses, steamrolling, letted upon, tacks on, germinate, having knowhow, skied out, highbrow, more alate, gripping, in flames, breeze, lithe, like a house fire, pre paring, gotten it, most darting, catalyze, goes town on, flathats, most with-it, tiffany, quick as a wink, rests on, ultra-sonic, skipping out, skips out, wast quick, shakes leg, de camp, whiz, most cyclonic, taking wing, rush at, went all out, lie on, tore along, tears out, more alar, whizest, un-flagging, more high speed, made break, dis-tending, double-quick, re-doubling, on one's toes, more close-fitting, most lightning, ready, dis lodge, letting up on, un-triedest, putting the screws to, re-quiring, more into, nobodys fool, pro vided, more chop-chop, fabulous, got move on, more insuppressible, briery, in-discreet, most overnight, walks through, present day, most cracking, paves the way, ex pressing, most unlooked-for, re lease, tacking on, swarming, ex posed, lickety-split, knife edged, keeping posted, adjying, attending to, livening, tacked on, gone off half-cocked, most flashing, shaking a leg, smartser, on go, handcarries, not the cards, in nerves, juice up, like bat out hell, were quick, snappy, nimble, rushing, skintight, art quick, shooting from hip, losing no time, off top of head, most horned, Innerve, in-tense, more double-quick, most hurricane, more hairline, educated, shark, pours on, post-haste, more doublequick, up holds, expeditiously, screamin, putting pedal to metal, moved quickly, more split second, sending forth, head for, in complete, flash, most aeronautical, bends the throttle, run interference, re new, got moving, most fine spun, un-hinge, walk through, like a bat out of hell, most stretched, abounding, streetwise, more needle shaped, more unalloyed, un-timelier, speed away, dis-concerts, more dextrous, most gelid, opened up throttle, innervate, going like a bat out of hell, in spiriting, more nimble-footed, un hinge, gat a move on, pro moting, goes to town on, more sharpsighted, speeding up, get on, soundly, up holding, develop, shake a leg, ex-acerbate, laying a patch, more gliding, un-guarded, un mistakable, up to speed, vivificates, most generative, scudding, more withit, more tornado, working into lather, schooled, having good hands, made a break, up-town, un-settling, shoots out, facetious, rushing at, step gas, up to the minute, most honed, well turnedout, bustle, most speedball, more unlooked-for, work on, take flight, un contaminated, trendsetting, overpressed, ran like the wind, pushing forward, re store, un-timeliest, smart as a tack, heating up, set off, puts the screws to, dappest, be dazzled, flipper, observant, end owed, most conceiving, keyed up, electrifying, went like wind, hand carries, quick uptake, dis-quiets, most on-the-spot, making snappy, energetic, grease the wheels, un-diluted, taking hop, wert conscientious, Designful, more nimble witted, work over, over-works, de-finite, going fast, rush, gotten going, most galloping, going town on, ran with the ball, more expeditive, spirits up, most demoniac, intro-duces, put forward, dog it, clear headed, re eking, ex act, on inside, dis lodged, jet-set, seagulled, be-stirring, un settles, overhasty, going all out, really rolling, crushing against, not in the cards, un-fledged, nail it, dis-concert, un warier, most gliding, dis-tends, most longhaired, most whisking, chill, Glinted, most rocking, in-tenser, marked up, making easy, go town on, rushes off, was quick, ran like wind, Disported, un fledged, steadfastly, most altogether, super sonic, takes flight, more crackerjack, putting afterburners, quicken, more sharp-edged, re-vivified, pro-longed, over-whelm, Sallying, offloaded, ex-acerbated, in-flamed, hurrying, on the job, was conscientious, teeming, un ethical, clear way, livened, worked over, hand-carries, stirs embers, there, un-horse, in thing, most fluttering, pre disposes, warm up, de presses, whishing, on qui vive, ex acerbate, ex-acerbates, rushes at, favorable, horned, un-duest, more eye-opening, anesthetized, rocket, gat set, re-new, more schooled, in crease, like a shot, making firm, pro viding, un-hinging, make easy, most unanticipated, hectic, un-settled, be wilder, gave incentive, pro-mote, hand walking, puts up to, waste no time, stepped gas, most unblunted, puts on to, dis charges, pouring on, paved way, de camping, opened up, most originative, ear ground, in line, is quick, putting in motion, am quick, un-usual, originative, most wizard, handcarry, re lax, enthralling, greasing the wheels, full tilt, in-nervate, most half-cocked, exhilarating, un-timely, in-clines, more red blooded, dis quiets, causal, whooshed, gets it, used elbow grease, express, adjies, working for, more piked, locomotes, un-predictable, like shot, fast draw, smart as tack, makes easier, instantaneous, un-polluted, intricate, gat move on, well rounded, hard working, makes way, most eggheaded, more double time, re-located, world weary, needle pointed, faddier, lets upon, demoniac, highpowered, more tunedin, un diluted, more einstein, Over-bearing, gearing up, dis lodging, lost no time, knifeedged, exert influence, snappest, un blunted, cuts the red tape, un hinged, quiter, vibrant, turn steam, Halfcocked, hand carrying, in a jiffy, up held, most inthing, most efficient, pro vides, giving rise to, chic, un ambiguous, pro longs, most keenedged, ex-pressing, end-owed, scuttered, swishing, most quickie, putting the arm on, re-solute, asks for it, politicks, most uptown, nimble-footed, light footed, in spirit, whisk, in nerved, putting on afterburners, Peppering, fits out, in-spirit, ear to ground, in-extricable, eyeopening, spanking, de parting, fast on the draw, up-held, scuttle, un-horses, ran interference, J, most rapidfire, double quick, alacritous, railroading, deep, un-wary, most astucious, pro found, unpredicted, stagier, more cobwebby, pre-pared, tantalizing, un considered, un-ripe, sensational, un bending, allegro, whipper, all rage, most curtailed, un predicted, therest, worldweary, wellrounded, un-conventional, moving fast, cleared way, diverting, alive, re-generates, shags, keying up, extra ordinary, like greased lightning, un-wariest, letted go, most strong smelling, over-whelms, in-thing, whips around, Barreling, more nimble-witted, brierier, pro posed, advance, get and go, un-tightening, re quire, paving way, tack on, sped up, lends hand, un-anticipated, go like a bat out of hell, ex press, de-pressed, more acute, more uptown, un hinging, thrilling, move, phosphoresce, like house on fire, re-doubles, like get out, pre determined, un wary, lay rubber, jump gun, cut red tape, run its course, expeditious, trans ported, pre-developed, remained aloft, Succoring, goes out, went town on, goes all out, go like wind, dis lodges, speeded away, over-soon, beguiling, unmixed, disposed, up-holds, in flash, remains aloft, out-stripping, re doubles, in cite, hip, make snappy, hard-working, rapidfire, pushes forward, more sharp edged, running, re-commending, run with ball, teachable, un-ethical, in spirited, handle personally, dis-quieting, pour it on, steamrolled, zoom, woke up, sets in motion, hurrying up, busy, over working, from left field, up town, overearly, be stirring, hardy, straightaway, Gunning, most nimble witted, no dummy, puts motion, whizer, more demiurgic, cuts red tape, un usual, more wellestablished, un conscionable, more sophic, adjied, un-hesitating, runs like the wind, cunning, let up on, in judicious, in good taste, like mad, most quickened, make way, most insuppressible, intensates, close hand, over powering, aid, worked into lather, tined, de-livers, run interference for, boogie, re located, shoot through, works on, un-mistakable, speed, ball of fire, most bustling, out-strip, putting pedal metal, in-flame, de part, made easy, more citified, un timely, jet over, in-tensest, got away, in-decent, judicious, psyched up, over-worked, most volant, up on, forward, more nimble footed, un-seating, making a run for it, more unlookedfor, more keen-edged, over pressing, more clear-headed, more bewildering, lightfooted, double edged, re commended, more hyper, full of pep, dis patching, in-cited, on target, be-labor, politicking, airborne, gets cracking, more zooming, know stuff, in side, further, pre pare, more glued, wrought for, sets motion, most smooth spoken, re-moving, goosing, more drifting, wast conscientious, Make short work of, beelined, more double quick, stagy, fling off, put screws to, more tipped, pre determines, cutting run, red-blooded, open throttle, gotten a move on, desirous, feeding the fire, twofaced, touching, winged in, at fingertips, un-steadiest, stir up, be-dazzled, opening door, flinging off, sharpwitted, ex cited, flashest, trans lucent, acted up on, re-vivifies, more razorsharp, most zooming, makes a run for it, bull eye, more quickie, most acuate, JETSET, get set, enthusiastic, am conscientious, re-storing, waiting, solidly, light-footed, Jing, opened doors, in-ordinate, most needleshaped, re-locate, most textbook, re leases, de-lighting, keeps posted, dis-burden, more adjusted, goes like a bat out of hell, going like lightning, well turned-out, gets a move on, swift, make a break, ex citing, re-moves, making ones way, more predeveloped, full pep, re-adies, sudden, up-holding, more fireball, powered, steamroll, wrought over, more redblooded, rapid, scoot, in cites, un-chaster, re-vitalizing, more acuminous, nimblewitted.