Pronunciation of Source
/sˈɔːs/, /sˈɔːs/, /s_ˈɔː_s/

Antonyms for source

followup, up-shot, mimeograph, the nod, dis-continuations, sub-altern, journey ends, up-shots, offspring, counter-part, derivative, omega, re-print, re flections, bushleague, microfiche, de-notation, inescapablenesses, re-nown, sub divisions, resting place, most subaltern, signoff, goingson, pre arrangements, deflection, fruitages, secondary, Subalternate, corollary, finishings, pro-ducts, begottens, most reserve, mid-points, re production, pro duces, de-liberations, ensual, goingsons, can worms, most adjuvant, causatum, in direct, descendant, in-direct, ensuals, de-livery, re-plications, inferrings, illations, Eventuation, outturn, kissoff, harvesttimes, upshot, fruition, second hand, ex planations, under standings, kissoffs, second-fiddle, Progeniture, in tent, bi furcation, sub division, bifurcations, chip old blocks, childrens, sub altern, pup, trans actions, sub stance, more subnormal, eventuality, in-gatherings, branchlet, mis takes, symbolization, in gathering, nature of beast, pre arrangement, up shots, more underaverage, re percussions, in considerable, numeration, re-turns, event, most second-fiddle, heiresses, Substract, in novation, re presentations, meat potatoes, after-maths, after math, de-liveries, second-hand, wrap-up, departure from the norm, re presentation, re-lief, prearrangements, mullings, more second hand, mid point, development, re-plication, Artifacts, sub-division, micro-fiches, sign offs, heiress, outgrowth, micro fiche, juniors, godown, branchings, bi-furcations, rubbings, aftermath, out-come, mis-take, follow-ups, turn of events, de-sign, more backup, shooter, tossup, sub sequent, ponderings, spin off, resting-places, fall outs, chip old block, ballgame, sequel, After-math, under-standings, Re-turn, in-considerable, ersatzes, kiss-offs, under standing, de-notations, more derivate, re productions, sub ordinate, ex-planations, most resultant, landing-place, finises, by product, byproduct, more reserve, reprint, matter contention, dis parity, grantings, dis-continuances, photo copy, sub-divisions, out-turn, turnovers, name game, small time, issuings, sink, terminus, dis-placement, pro-geniture, mid points, handwriting wall, de-flections, yieldings, dis similitude, chip off old blocks, residua, re solutions, more smallfry, sub stances, harvest-time, in take, branch, ending, re turns, weightiness, pro-genitures, pre-dominance, tracings, un-conformity, goings-on, Unconformity, more second-hand, dis-similarity, staples, micro fiches, reapings, de-signs, trans-actions, materialization, dis semination, resultant, mid-point, kiss offs, resting places, residuals, wind-ups, un-important, bifurcation, in-equalities, pursuance, de rived, more resulting, part two, dis-similitude, in-equality, sending outs, dis similarities, Re-presentation, re-flex, re prints, ex planation, divine wills, pro genitures, ex tension, bi furcations, more substract, most secondfiddle, signification, re gards, end results, nuts bolts, more satellite, dis-parities, goings ons, un conformity, up shot, follow throughs, eventuations, counter part, more small fry, sequitur, unconformities, restingplace, re-solutions, out-comes, de tour, nittygritty, de sign, photo copies, ex-tensions, pro fits, de tours, journeys ends, effect, garnerings, issuance, numberings, final reckonings, finis, pro fit, chip off old block, by-product, forkings, offshoot, de flection, more second-string, turnover, expiry, counter parts, de-pendent, goings-ons, de notation, dis placements, INS, destination, dis seminations, mis fortune, pre destinations, outcome, out growth, deduction, out-put, in-gathering, go-down, blowoff, out come, Ectype, de signs, pro-fits, small fry, most subalternate, in tents, de-liberation, end, restingplaces, ramification, most second-string, purpose, re-flections, more subaltern, out-growths, desistances, re-flexes, out cropping, journey's ends, de terminations, wind-up, resting-place, go downs, dis-similitudes, mis-fortunes, mis fortunes, out put, wrapup, in equalities, most underaverage, quicks, sign off, more second-fiddle, more small-fry, dis continuance, progenitures, be gotten, weightinesses, in gatherings, journeys end, payoff, most smallfry, mimeographs, re flection, mis-takes, de notations, cutoff, matter of contention, harvest times, conclusion, any cases, outturns, counter-parts, more resultant, transpiration, in novations, smallfry, co-incidence, most substract, out-growth, after maths, conjuncture, re-aping, branchlets, handwriting the wall, pro-duces, re-presentations, dis continuations, harvesttime, deflections, trans action, end line, de liveries, re-action, reliefest, de-tours, in-take, dis continuances, microfiches, de-terminations, departure from norm, terminal, follow ups, windup, pre-destination, sub dividing, most resulting, moirais, blowoffs, fate, under-standing, re-percussion, journey end, re-conciliations, harvest, dis-seminations, de-flection, dis parities, ingatherings, sub-normal, part twos, re-prints, re-gard, synthetics, most derivate, out puts, dis continuation, de livery, micro-fiche, follow-up, core, wrapups, dis-continuance, sub-dividing, wrap-ups, any case, divine will, decision, re plications, stop, most second-hand, sub alternate, branching, after effect, out-puts, landingplace, the calls, name the game, sub-ordinate, pro duct, photo-copies, more second string, most under, re action, out turns, re serve, turnout, out-cropping, Adjudicature, re turn, in-takes, end result, Effigies, most second string, photo-copy, more adjuvant, main ideas, re-liefest, co-incidences, de pendent, trans-action, de termination, under-average, pro geniture, sign-off, toss up, reflexes, prearrangement, in takes, out comes, pursuances, end the line, adjuvant, landing places, inescapableness, de-tour, Photostats, sub-stance, sub best, sub-alternate, most second hand, subordinate, re-solution, wheel fortune, most small fry, re print, re flexes, minorleague, issuances, subber, Desistance, re nown, the call, sub-sequent, mark, in significant, PUPS, dis-continuation, in-novation, co incidences, adjudicatures, sub normal, finish, un-equal, sending out, nature beast, ex-tension, day reckoning, termination, re actions, shootest, out growths, handwriting on wall, re conciliation, sub-stances, un equal, symbolizations, un conformities, pro duce, re-flection, dis similarity, reliefer, de liberation, secondfiddle, re-plica, scion, renowns, re-actions, re-production, result, issue, dis placement, more under, ballgames, de-rived, residuum, signoffs, pro ducts, re liefer, pre dominance, small-fry, end of line, transcriptions, causatums, main idea, decoctions, most accessory, un-conformities, omegas, offprints, landingplaces, co incidence, point of departure, wrap ups, landing-places, mis take, journey's end, pro-duct, under average, conjunctures, sequiturs, dis-similarities, croppings, re lief, offprint, underaverage, re-productions, product, variation, name of game, most small-fry, turn events, de-termination, re plica, turn of event, de flections, de liberations, storings, pre-arrangement, more secondfiddle, ectypes, dis-parity, copy, re percussion, decoction, more feeding, dis-placements, re-percussions, Derivate, pre destination, artifact, re flex, more secondstring, fall-out, nitty gritty, aftereffect, re-conciliation, fruitage, fall-outs, concludings, completion, final reckoning, consequence, transcription, in equality, impression, pre-destinations, flak, subbest, outcroppings, be-gotten, expiries, sub-best, re-serve, pre dominances, second-string, sign-offs, out-turns, windups, out turn, dis-semination, outcropping, tributary, wind ups, most satellite, dis similitudes, influence, subdividings, follow up, fruit, sub missive, turn event, bi-furcation, re-liefer, most feeding, twig, illation.