Pronunciation of Spread
/spɹˈɛd/, /spɹˈɛd/, /s_p_ɹ_ˈɛ_d/

Antonyms for spread

shrivel, filled up, put order, drew together, flocks together, pacting, unextended, jampack, be-sieged, condensings, warehousing, become indebted, de range, pile up, Parcelled, it's a deals, forgathers, am alive, fell away, get the meat, re capitulate, huddle, sign up, ex-tract, gives ones word, concentrate, marked down, most economized, draw in, most abbreviated, firmed a deal, thronged, under stands, signing for, in-volute, got to meat, deflation, more decreased, more spiraled, fore gathered, dis tributes, dis ordering, restrict, was alive, get meat, up set, palletizing, rolling up, tensing, gets to meat, Warehoused, grouped, more wound, de-creases, gat ready, in-creased, put by, in-crease, moved a crowd, heap, pressed close, dis posed, tensings, moving a crowd, syncopate, ex press, band together, forgathered, with-drawing, drawing together, make snug, de-rive, making acquaintance, go down with, became smaller, joins up, flocked together, gets to know, most folded, Mounding, most evened, most lessened, be alive, hammering out deal, lower, dis-till, chocks, de riving, made snug, meet behind closed doors, re-serving, spiraled, is presented, put writing, Justling, re-unites, in duces, giving ones word, piles up, de-rived, taking ones death, squirrel, sardined, re-aping, overcrowd, rolled up, anthologized, being present, rolls up, shorten, stowing away, pour in, are reunited, initialling, up rooted, come around, buys up, lining up, dis posing, pile, Conglomerated, gave one's word, Initialing, ganged up, it's dealt, re cede, suppression, stored up, get know, signed up, recede, were alive, make acquaintance, focalizes, de-creasing, Chocking, was ill with, lays away, signing papers, be sieges, ink, becoming smaller, take one death, indisposes, de ranges, Mounded, reveal, are present, growing less, stores up, dis order, got hold of, Hilled, zero in, meeting privately, deflations, ganging up, in creases, came together, putting in order, colligate, pressing close, squeezes in, more contracted, get to the meat, ex-acting, it a deals, evaporatings, wast introduced, de-posited, packing 'em in, with draw, curl up, ex-acted, Trooping, in-disposes, were closeted, Hived, foregathers, shaking hands on it, de positing, de-luge, in disposes, in crease, packaged, gotten ready, de-ploy, gave word, re cession, colligates, in-curring, de duce, most shrunk, ruckle, de-clines, going down with, reduced, ganged around, am closeted, re aped, firming a deal, scared up, becomes smaller, rendezvous, sur mise, meet privately, pull together, under takes, Focalizing, became indebted, dis-counted, art afflicted with, inks, gang up, stow away, Trooped, more subtracted, gotten the meat, more abridged, weeds out, group, gather like bees, closing with, re-duces, most miniaturized, de clines, de luged, most abridged, re late, seamed, more systematized, more economized, art introduced, took one death, fell victim to, was numerous, congressed, succumbing to, under took, with-drawn, de rive, ingathered, Parleying, gathers like bees, be afflicted with, in duce, confuse, with-draw, sur-mise, poured in, dis-tributes, dis-tribute, in-corporate, de ploy, re-lated, re cessions, most formulated, Shepherded, de ranged, more shortened, gives word, diminish, comes around, ingather, make terms, be present, lessen, banded together, coming around, scraping together, siphoning, fill up, scare up, de ploying, sign for, siphoned, lose, take ones death, became infected with, gotten know, filling up, shaking hands it, close with, are closeted, pack em in, rucked up, sur-mises, de creasing, bunch up, rucking up, re-duce, be presented, art ill with, lays in, catheterizes, being reunited, pack, be-siege, move crowd, entered in, unprepared, met up, making scene, art alive, most humbled, gets the meat, cluster, shook hands it, gangs around, met behind closed doors, becomes infected with, over-run, move in a crowd, de-posits, dis-ordered, dis-tilled, sardines, in dispose, mix up, close, are afflicted with, be-sieging, dis-tills, re-capitulated, draws in, Thronging, de ployed, Parleyed, more folded, syncopates, flocking together, stagnation, gotten to meat, takes one death, abridge, wert alive, gets ready, in-sert, lay away, in corporate, more abated, its dealing, are alive, take death, wast reunited, being numerous, accepting offer, making snug, Waned, pro mise, de-posit, makes the scene, becomes indebted, art present, gangs up, wert presented, in corporates, being introduced, took one's death, enters in, is ill with, put aside for rainy day, ruckled, buy up, ex torts, sur mises, is numerous, with drawn, taking death, more furled, Hiving, unite, grow less, drawing togethers, re uniting, puts writing, de-luges, gat hold of, de-ranges, putting in, packed 'em in, compile, fore-gathered, Inking, is closeted, banding together, block, sub-side, re unites, heaping up, grew less, make scene, ex pressing, it a dealing, were introduced, up setting, Chocked, move a crowd, de crease, coming together, recedings, end, piled up, getting the meat, pacted, garner, closes with, over runs, palletized, firm deal, dis-posed, de-positing, in-disposing, were afflicted with, accepts offer, stacked up, weeding out, most leveled, unify, re serving, are ill with, rucks up, dis till, compression, catheterize, ex tract, bunch, ex pressed, be introduced, got the meat, over-crowd, gat to know, come together, press close, contraction, scaring up, wert closeted, dis-order, overcrowding, de-riving, it a dealt, accepted offer, under stand, more evened, dis-ordering, with drawing, calls together, de rives, taking one's death, wert reunited, laid in, in gathered, be ill with, in-duces, gang around, most wound, in gather, give ones word, putting writing, enter in to, dis-orders, move in crowd, ex tort, getting meat, wert introduced, gathering like bees, sardine, moved crowd, collect, lines up, gotten to know, de-ranged, most sunk, moving in crowd, evulsed, de luge, line up, curtailings, squeezed in, were present, bunches up, call together, disorganize, de cline, give one's word, puts aside for rainy day, succumbs to, re duce, in gathering, dis-pose, suppress, Agglomerating, moved in a crowd, elisions, polarize, spacing, was afflicted with, re-cession, are introduced, laid away, tuck, most curled, voluted, putting order, is introduced, dis counted, gat know, in-gather, gather, glean, be sieging, in-gathered, de-ploys, most voluted, more miniaturized, most subtracted, joining up, fills up, in-creases, most lowered, in-disposed, rolled, ingathers, forgathering, paper over, sub sides, become smaller, centralize, reduce, its deal, being ill with, in disposing, closed with, de duces, initialled, re-ceded, wast afflicted with, re ceding, fore gathering, shake hands on it, up-root, de posit, sub side, foregathering, its a dealt, moving crowd, it deals, swarm, Parceled, packing like sardines, gat to meat, hammers out deal, with-drawings, falling away, Cockling, more diminished, were ill with, Baled, turn up, evulses, up sets, de-rives, firmed deal, ruckling, takes ones death, Catheterizing, wast numerous, hunch up, meeting up, was closeted, makes snug, evulse, took death, Shepherding, heaped up, fore-gather, rushed together, took ones death, de-ployed, become infected with, over crowding, dis tilling, was reunited, parcelling, most spiraled, pro-mise, ex acting, re-serves, topping off, shakes hands on it, with drawings, congregate, cumulate, foregathered, swearing to, gets know, indispose, dis ordered, weed out, sub-siding, rush together, most compressed, fold, is reunited, more abbreviated, re-capitulates, fore-gathering, am ill with, up-sets, falls away, Bracketing, getting hold of, Trussing, pours in, palletizes, firms a deal, de-cline, crowded around, under-taken, in-duce, Bracketed, puts in order, ex acts, packed like sardines, dis tribute, was present, over-crowds, bunching up, trussed, swear to, went down with, moving in a crowd, firming deal, giving one's word, most demoted, over-runs, got know, it's dealing, being closeted, ex-act, make the scene, de-duce, succumb to, ex act, rushing together, Colligated, over-crowded, puts order, marshal, most shortened, Inked, re-cede, be closeted, pleated, dwindlings, accept offer, converge, give one word, Seaming, gotten meat, it's deal, sware to, stack up, compress, sub-sided, calling together, stowed away, art presented, give word, Furrowing, over crowds, extreme, work out details, getting to the meat, it's deals, withdrawings, de rived, swore to, more cheapened, collate, most abated, made terms, pouring in, foregather, streamlining, loppings, pucker, presses close, wrinkle, press out, over crowded, up-set, shrinkings, re-capitulate, art reunited, am introduced, packs like sardines, dis pose, up-setting, evulsing, gave ones word, join up, anthologizes, grows less, be reunited, more voluted, batching, de creased, curling up, enter in, fall victim to, its a dealing, hide, get hold of, am presented, belie, flock, is afflicted with, straighten, got to the meat, gathered like bees, signed for, re-united, Catheterized, chock, hunched up, re-serve, under taking, re united, in curred, becoming indebted, am reunited, concentrated, deflatings, de posited, meeting behind closed doors, under-stood, Massing, de-ranging, becoming infected with, stop, ex-pressing, getting ready, de posits, packing em in, re-uniting, abbreviatings, fold up, draw together, contract, get ready, giving word, firms deal, scaled down, re capitulating, furrowed, under stood, re-ceding, getting to meat, be-sieges, swears to, most diminished, squeezing in, most downsized, shake hands it, signs papers, re-aped, re ceded, agglomerated, storing up, was introduced, gotten hold of, laying away, tops off, packaging, re serve, de ploys, wert afflicted with, putting aside for rainy day, forgather, gets hold of, ex-torts, Cockled, de-luged, wrought out details, de-duces, hammer out deal, draws together, re-cessions, squeeze in, it dealing, hoard, scrape together, in volute, dis-tilling, drawing in, am present, Justle, de creases, put in, more humbled, dis tills, under-takes, ex-tracts, meets behind closed doors, signs up, fore-gathers, are presented, it a deal, more lowered, be numerous, brought together, gets to the meat, am afflicted with, roll up, de-crease, up root, reduction, dis tilled, cutting downs, decrease, signing up, ex-press, gives one word, under standing, conceal, enshroud, consolidate, parceling, curls up, takes death, sign papers, sub-sides, pleating, scraped together, more lessened, more leveled, stacking up, zeroing in, Justled, with drew, falls victim to, up rooting, being alive, over-crowding, flock together, up-rooting, in disposed, be siege, more downsized, most decreased, it deal, under-standing, meets up, get to know, in-corporates, re cedes, stacks up, de graded, ruck up, wert present, de ranging, batched, more shrunk, most systematized, bunched up, with-drew, under-stands, most furled, packed em in, bringing together, re-unite, Hilling, stows away, makes scene, Conglomerating, most discounted, takes one's death, re duces, de-ploying, bring together, in creasing, works out details, Focalized, shrivellings, miniaturized, crowd, go along with, re capitulated, abridgment, concenters, palletize, moves in crowd, dis-posing, shrink, am numerous, under-taking, got meat, sub siding, pro-mises, comes together, halt, scares up, buying up, re-served, it's a dealing, re capitulates, streamlines, crowds around, Concentered, de-luging, assemble, take one's death, with draws, focalize, taking one death, fall away, zeroed in, in sert, hunching up, re unite, de-creased, de-graded, decreasings, gets meat, crowd around, meet, drew in, wast alive, made scene, moves crowd, entering in, ganging around, wast present, justles, pro mises, bands together, be sieged, anthologize, more compressed, were numerous, curled up, elision, being afflicted with, in-gathering, puts in, bundle, de luges, gat to the meat, most contracted, Concentering, made the scene, under take, making terms, congressing, concenter, its a deals, laying in, putting in writing, got ready, was presented, over running, it dealt, anthologizing, diminishings, art numerous, more curled, heap up, de luging, syncopated, shrinking, brings together, bought up, tightenings, piling up, fore gathers, lay in, meets privately, Baling, Indisposing, more formulated, re-cedes, dis orders, getting know, came around, wert ill with, making the scene, moved in crowd, de-range, streamline, in-curred, ex-tort, Colligating, pressing out, under taken, extract, scrapes together, called together, sub sided, art closeted, being presented, topped off, jam pack, rushes together, hang out, Syncopating, crowding around, signs for, narrow, shook hands on it, re served, over crowd.